5 Best Ice Cream Places in Cleveland, Ohio 2022

We all know the inevitable. . . summertime is coming to an end. Summer in Cleveland is magical. Everyone is out and about, people are friendly and all the parks and beaches are packed. Clevelanders truly know how to take advantage of the months with no snow. Since the end of summer is approaching check out these last stop shops for the best ice cream in Cleveland!


Mitchell's Ice Cream

Mitchell's Ice Cream

At Mitchell’s the first thing that you notice is the depth of flavor! They really do have something for everyone’s taste buds including our vegan and dairy-free friends. Ingredients are at the forefront of what they do. On their website they share all the local farms that they source from so you know exactly where your food is coming from!

The ice cream is unbelievably delicious. I got two scoops butter pecan and rocky road together and it was awww so good. I had to come back and do it again the next day. (source)


Honey Hut

honey hut ice cream

Honey Hut is a Cleveland staple and has been thriving in our community since 1974. It has been family owned and operated even since. What makes this place so special is the family environment and, of course, that their ice cream is naturally sweetened with honey!

Quality ice cream. Absolutely love the seasonal fall flavor called Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap! (source)


Malley's Chocolates

Malley's Chocolates ice cream

Malley’s is much better known in Cleveland for their decadent chocolates but they also have an ice cream parlor as well. This is a great place to go not only for some yummy ice cream but for the environment. They have a vintage pink and green theme that takes you right back to when the store first opened!

The ice cream is delicious the ambience is better and I highly recommend to belly up to the bar for an ice cream sundae. (source)


Mason's Creamery

Mason's Creamery ice cream

Mason’s Creamery is a very unique spot in Cleveland owned by a couple from Los Angeles. They have very different and quirky twists on classic ice cream that everyone loves. Not only do they have killer ice cream flavors but in the winter it turns into a ramen joint!

This was one of my favorite ice cream experiences. I tried the egg waffle with the oatmeal cream cookie ice cream and regular whipped cream. (source)


Ice Cream Joy

Ice Cream Joy ice cream

And for my dairy free and vegan friends we have Ice Cream Joy! They have small batch ice cream that skips the preservatives and only uses real ingredients which you can taste in every bite. This is not just for the non-dairy and vegan folks but for everyone who loves a tasty sweet treat!

Great Ice cream!! Wow my husband and I love the vegan ice cream, chocolate chocolatey chip ,and chocolate mocha. (source)

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