What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?

The modern farmhouse has become a popular style of home in recent years. This style of home’s incorporates many characteristics of its original inspiration – the traditional farmhouse. While the classic farmhouse is rooted in functionality and practicality, today’s modern farmhouse is more about aesthetic than function.

What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?

The modern farmhouse seemed to gain popularity after viewers watched Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer-Upper transform and design homes with modern-day farmhouse vibes. Like the traditional farmhouse, the modern farmhouse is about simplicity.

While the traditional farmhouse focused on function and practicality, the modern farmhouse is more about style elements over function. The modern farmhouse takes the comfort and simplicity of the traditional farmhouse and modernizes it.

This style attracts people because it has a modern or contemporary feel without losing its comfortability and coziness. Many of the traditional characteristics of this style home are also incorporated its modern version, such as:

  • Farmhouse sink – Homes will use stainless steel in addition to the traditional porcelain.
  • Wood beams – Adding wood beams being the outdoors in as was done traditionally.
  • Barn doors – Used for design and aesthetic not function.
  • Horizontal siding – The placement and design of the siding easily helps make the style of home identifiable.
  • Large porches – On these porches you will often see large swings or hanging seating to add to the traditional feel.
  • Organic materials – Use of organic materials to stay connected to the outdoors.
  • Mud rooms – These area of the home serves the same purpose as it did in the traditional farmhouse – to create an area for people to come in from the outdoors and settle in.
  • Hardwood flooring – Modern hardwood flooring is elegant and helps to tie in the natural materials throughout the home.

However, it is modernized by adding some of the following characteristics:

  • Straight lines – Using straight lines immediately modernizes the home.
  • Mixing vintage & modern furnishings – By mixing the style of furnishing updates the home without losing the comfortability of the traditional home.
  • Neutral-tone color scheme – Warm or cool neutrals used throughout the home help highlight the natural materials used as accents and keeps the style of the home very simple.
  • Minimalistic spaces – The goal is to keep things simple and not have areas that are cluttered with furnishings.
  • Modern lighting – In lieu of vintage lighting, modern lights are a great way to mix the styles of the home.
  • Materials/Fabrics – Mixing material types and fabrics for textural elements. For instance, you can mix metals and woods or different types of fabrics to help create an inviting space.
  • Greenery – By strategically placing plants and greenery in the home, it will help to bring the feel of the outdoors in.

Modern Farmhouse Style Exterior Examples

Modern Farmhouse Style Exterior

Modern Farmhouse Style Interior Examples

Modern Farmhouse Style Interior

Is Modern Farmhouse Going Out of Style?

For me, the answer is no. The modern farmhouse is timeless because of the way it incorporates so many elements that make the home an inviting space for people. From its neutral palette to its simplicity of design, this style of home will continue to be popular.

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