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O'Connell College#1 O’Connell College

What is Tradition? At O’Connell College Preparatory School, tradition is more than a word. Here tradition is a legacy of excellence in academics, it is a pride in Buccaneer athletics, and it is a commitment to the success of our students that is as time-honored as Galveston itself. Through the years, O’Connell has weathered its share of challenges but has always risen to the occasion with an indomitable spirit. We have been blessed as a community to trace our educational heritage back to 1847 as Ursuline Academy, then Dominican High School and Kirwin High School.

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Henry-Bauerschlag-Elementary-School#2 Henry Bauerschlag Elementary School

The mission of Henry Bauerschlag Elementary School, the leader of self-directed learning, is to empower each student to have confidence in determining his or her own path and to experience personal growth and success through the investment in meaningful relationships and the cultivation of each student’s unique strengths and talents to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Satori School#3 Satori School

Satori School serves children in Pre-K through seventh grade, in small multi-age classes. Each class has a two-grade level and a maximum of fourteen students with a credentialed teacher. The multi-age classroom creates a supportive learning environment for all students. The nurturing school environment is fostered by daily direct experience in learning communication skills and practicing problem solving.

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Clear-Falls-High-School#4 Clear Falls High School

The mission of Clear Falls High School, the model of innovation and the hub of Education Village collaboration, is to empower each student to attain individual success through meaningful relationships, unique opportunities, and dynamic learning, while fostering our ongoing commitment to courage, integrity, respect, citizenship, loyalty, and excellence.

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Austin Middle School#5 Austin Middle School

Galveston ISD offers charter schools, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) programs, magnet schools, and a Mega-Magnet High School with four smaller learning communities. Students are aided by open enrollment as well as the absence of school zones throughout the district.

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