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Avon City Limits


History: Before Avon became what it is today, the area was once a territory of Native American tribes including the Erie, Ottawas, and Wyandots.

Led by Wilbur Cahoon, the first American settlers to stay in the area arrived in 1814 from Montgomery County, New York. First called Township Number 7, Dover township administered this residential area that was then included in Cuyahoga County.

By 1818, Township Number 7 was renamed and reorganized under Xeuma, but the name was later changed again to Troy Township. When Lorain County was formed in 1824, the name changed once again to Avon Township.

The township was upgraded to a village in 1917, when the population was under 1,400. As was common at the time, a population boom followed World War II. In 1961, Avon became a city of over 6,000 residents.

The city has maintained a positive population growth over the years, and the current population of Avon is around 23,200.

Top City Highlights

  • Multiple golf courses
  • Short mean commute
  • Educated population
  • Top ranked schools
  • Good diversity
  • Family-friendly community
  • Newly constructed homes
  • Great safety statistics

Location: Avon, Ohio is located in northern Ohio about 5 miles south of Lake Erie’s southeastern shore. The city is also situated 20 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio. Known for its green surroundings, Avon is a part of Lorain County’s western section.

Bisected by Avon Belden Road and Center Road, Avon is bordered to the north by Avon Lake. Bay Village is situated to the northeast, and Westlake is east of Avon. North Olmsted is southeast of the city, as is Bradley Woods Reservation. North Ridgeville is south of Avon, and Sheffield makes up the city’s western border.

Commutes: Since the mean commute lasts only 23.4 minute for those 25 years and over in Avon, traveling to and from work is largely convenient for residents.

Avon is a 30 minute drive from Cleveland, Ohio by way of Interstate 90, and similarly, the city is about 25 minutes away from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It takes roughly 15 minutes to reach Lake Erie’s shore from Avon as well.

Center Road runs north and south through Avon, and Interstate 90 runs throughout the city’s eastern and western sections. Additionally, Detroit Road snakes through Avon, and Stoney Ridge Road is another convenient roadway.

Culture: In Avon, the median resident age is 40.6 years. Out of over 23,000 residents, 49.6% are male, while 50.4% are female. Additionally, the estimated median household income is $92K.

The city’s population is made up of 85.2% white residents and 8.7% black residents. 3.2% of the population is Hispanic, and 1.5% are Asian. 0.8% are biracial or multiracial, and 0.4% are of Native American descent.

47.2% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, while 18.2% have a professional or graduate degree. 97.9% of residents over the age of 25 are employed.

Local Government

City Council

Avon’s city council is comprised of 4 ward representatives, and 3 members of the council are elected at-large. The council president is elected by the 7 council members out of the members who are at-large representatives.

Avon’s city council holds meetings on the second and fourth Monday of each month. A term as a council member lasts 2 years.

Address: 36080 Chester Road, Avon, OH 44011
Phone: (440)-937-7821

Mayor’s Office

The mayor of Avon is elected at-large to serve for a 4 year term of office. Thought of as the CEO of the city, the mayor acts as both the ceremonial and administrative head of Avon.

The mayor focuses on directing the growth of commercial and residential areas, in addition to overseeing municipal maintenance and budgets.

Address: 36080 Chester Road, Avon, OH 44011
Phone: (440)-937-7803

Chamber of Commerce

North Coast Chamber of Commerce is located in nearby Avon Lake and services businesses in the surrounding areas.

This chamber has a “members first” mentality and showcases what they call the Power of More, which emphasizes the positive outcomes members can gain from networking, promotional opportunities, and educational events.

Address: P.O. Box 275, Avon Lake, OH 44012
Phone: (440) 933-9311


Overview: Avon Local School District is ranked as #2 by out of all districts within Lorain County based on academic records, college preparatory programs, extracurricular activities, teacher qualifications, health and safety statistics, and other important factors that indicate overall quality.

This school district serves over 4,300 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The district’s average student-teacher ratio sits at 22 to 1. Avon Local School District is also in the top 30 out of 608 school districts across Ohio, and this school system is also rated as one of the best places to teach in the state.

Avon Local School District consists of 5 well-rated public school campuses, which are Avon Heritage Elementary, Avon Early Learning Center, Avon East Elementary, Avon Middle School, and Avon High School.

On top of great local public school campuses, there are also reputable nearby private schools available for Avon’s younger residents.

Elementary Schools

Avon Heritage Elementary School is #4 out of Lorain County’s public elementary schools. This 3-5 campus has 1,000 students and a solid academic record.

Avon Early Learning Center focuses on educating 346 students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. The student-teacher ratio is 25 to 1.

Avon East Elementary School is a K-3 campus with 635 students and qualified staff members.

Middle Schools

Avon Middle School is ranked #2 out of Lorain County’s public middle schools. This 6-8 campus consists of over 1,100 students and has a high standard for academic success.

North of Avon is Learwood Middle School, the 3rd best public middle school in Lorain County. Overall, 622 students in 7-8th grade rank well on state test scores.

High Schools

Avon High School is the top public high school in Lorain County. With 1,220 students, the student-teacher ratio is 22 to 1. This campus emphasizes academic success and college preparation.

South of the city is Avon Lake High School, #2 out of public high schools in the county. Similarly, this school has high achievement records and great pre-college programs.

Private Schools

Holy Trinity School and St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception School are local Catholic campuses that both serve grades pre-kindergarten through 8th.

Avon Montessori Academy is a pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade campus that has a student-teacher ratio of 4 to 1.

Le Chaperon Rouge-Avon Lake is a small, pre-kindergarten through kindergarten campus with a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1.


Overview: There are about 7,866 residential options in Avon, and 80.4% of housing options are owner-occupied, while 19.6% are rented. Just 2.7% of properties are vacant.

76.4% of housing options are single family homes. Meanwhile, 12.1% of residences are condominiums. Small apartment buildings make up 5.7% of housing options, while larger apartment complexes comprise 5.8% of properties.

An impressive 51.8% of housing options were built in 2000 or later years, which is very unique for Ohio. 30.9% of homes were built between 1970 and 1999. As for older properties, 11.3% of housing options were built between 1940-1969, and 6% of residences were constructed in or before 1939.

Only 5.6% of residences have 1 bedroom, while 18.7% of properties have 2 bedrooms. 31% of housing options have 3 bedrooms, and 41.2% have 4 bedrooms. Larger properties with 5 or more bedrooms only account for 3.3% of options.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes

The median list price for a home in Avon is about $325K.

1-2 bedroom properties can be priced around $212K, and 3 bedroom homes can go for around $265K. Meanwhile, larger 4 bedroom properties have an average list price of $389K.

New Construction

Impressively, Avon’s amount of new homes is among the highest in the United States.

In 2010 alone, 146 new buildings were constructed with an average cost of $222K. Between 2011 and 2012, 204 homes were constructed with an average cost of $261K.

Between 2015 and 2017, 330 new residential properties were built with average costs ranging between $388K to $422K.


Condominiums in Avon vary in terms of size, but generally consist of 2-3 bedrooms and around 1,000- 2,000 square feet. The majority are newer properties.

2 bedroom, 2 bath condominiums are typically priced between $82K-$160K. Meanwhile, larger 3 bedroom condos can vary between $260K-$300K.


While apartments are more scarce than houses, a range of apartment options can still be found.

On average, residents who rent apartments in Avon pay $1,083 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment. Meanwhile, 2 bedroom apartments are priced on average around $1,350 per month. Larger 3 bedroom layouts are typically found for around $1,615 per month.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Avon Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Avon Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: Although Avon real estate doesn’t stack up among the most expensive in the United States, the city’s real estate market is among some of the most expensive in Ohio.

33.6% of real estate in Avon is valued between $228K-$342K. 24.5% of properties are worth between $114K-$228K. 22.9% are between $455K-$569K. From there, 12.1% range from $455K-$569K, and 2% of properties range between $569K-$854K. Just 4.9% of properties are valued at or under $114K.

The city’s real estate appreciation rates came in around the national average between October 2009 and October 2019. During this time, the average annual appreciation rate was 1.39%.

Between roughly October 2018 and October 2019, Avon’s appreciation rates were around 1.80%, which factors out to being lower than the majority of residential areas across the United States. However, if current appreciation rates continue, the annual appreciation rate may rise to 10.38%.

Things to Do

Overview: Avon, Ohio has a friendly atmosphere, scenic surroundings, and small-town appeal with all the benefits that come with city living.

For those who like shopping, there are a range of modern and antique options within Avon. The Avon Commons Shopping Center is quickly accessed by residents, and the downtown area features beautiful buildings and local boutiques. Additionally, nearby historic locations make for great outings.

If you’re hungry, then you can satisfy your sweet tooth, savor a fine-dining experience, or hang out at one of Avon’s many highly-rated eateries. If the day is almost at a close, there are also more than a few local bars to explore.

On the whole, parks make up 315 acres of land in Avon. Miller Nature Preserve and 3 local golf courses, in addition to nearby Lake Erie and the Black River, mean that there are multiple great locations for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Veterans Memorial Park, Little League Park, Northgate Park, and Schwartz Road Park are city parks with fitness trails, play areas, and sports fields. Local parks are dog-friendly and also feature seasonal activities like sledding and ice skating.

Of course, Miller Nature Preserve, Avon Oaks Country Club, and Hilliard Lakes Golf Club are other great locations to visit.


The Avon Commons Shopping Center and the Olde Avon Village are two popular local mall areas that include many stores perfect for browsing.

Country Store is a great antiques store, and Avon Boot Store is a family-owned location with a variety of options. Additionally, Vintage Love has retro clothing and a unique selection of consignment items.

Art & Culture

The Avon Historical Society is located on the west side of town, and the 103rd OVI Civil War Museum is north of Avon, next to Lake Erie’s shore.

As for art galleries, Kinley Studio is east of Avon, and Creative Space Avon & The Glass Studio is northeast. Additionally, Olde Towne Hall Theatre is a performing arts theater south of the city.

Night Life

Because the city is family-friendly, the majority of bars in Avon are attached to restaurants. However, stand-alone venues can also be found.

Avon Brewing Company focuses on great local beer, while Cork & Barrel Wine Bar welcomes wine aficionados. Additionally, Bar Nova and Frank & Ellie’s Place are two popular local bars with casual atmospheres.


Cafe Piccolo serves Italian fair food, and Nemo Grille has American classics. Istanbul Mediterranean Grill is highly-rated and known for authentic dishes.

Meanwhile, Heck’s Cafe Avon has one of the best burgers in Ohio, and Strip Steakhouse is a haven for carnivores.

With such a rich and varied dining scene, there are many other great restaurants in Avon worth visiting.


Overview: Avon can be divided up into 27 different neighborhoods, some of which include Amberwood, Camelot Estates, Creekside, Fairway Estates, Garden Grove, Meadow Lane, Red Tail, Summer Hill, The Vineyards, and Woodmore Estates.

When it comes to cost of living, the more expensive side of Avon is found east of Center Road. The neighborhoods within this eastern portion of Avon have a median real estate price of $305K. This number is higher than 92.8% of other Ohio neighborhoods and more costly than 66.5% of other residential neighborhoods across the United States.

On the other hand, the more affordable neighborhoods in Avon are located west of Center Road. The neighborhoods that are included in this part of town have a lower median real estate price of $281K. While still more expensive than 83.7% of Ohio neighborhoods, real estate in this area is more affordable than 40.6% of neighborhoods on a national level.

List of Avon Neighborhoods

Local Pros

List of Avon Local Pros