Balboa Peninsula


Overview: Named after the famous Vasco Nunez de Balboa, a Spanish explorer, Balboa Peninsula is one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods in all of Orange County. This stretch of land is home to the original ’40s diner, Ruby’s dinner, as well as different quick food stops, perfect for spending the day on the shoreline. Balboa Peninsula has the historical Balboa Pavilion, a marine recreational facility and the Lovell Beach House. This community has plenty of activities and fun things to do. Take your family to the Balboa Fun Zone for some family-friendly fun entertainment or embark on a quick and lovely trip on the Balboa Island Ferry to spend some time on Balboa Island. Retail therapy is never a problem in Balboa Peninsula with the many boutiques and specialty shops such as The Pier Shop, Main Street Surf Shop, Balboa Candy, and Heavenly Couture. Coastal living has never been this fun!

Location: Balboa Peninsula is located on the lower western part of Newport Beach, which is still considered Orange County. The Peninsula and the Balboa Pier are south of Balboa Island and south of Costa Mesa, which is a large suburban area and edge city, also in Orange County. North of this community is the lovely Lido Isle, an artificially-made island in the harbor of Newport Beach. Balboa Boulevard is the second largest road that runs through the area and provides access to many restaurants within Balboa Peninsula. Also, the community is southwest of Irvine, a large city with over 250,000 people.

Commutes: Although this community is on the outskirts of the Newport Beach area, it still provides accessibility to other parts of the city and other cities in California. Balboa Boulevard not only runs right through Balboa Peninsula but also connects to the mainland and reaches to Costa Mesa. Also, the road crosses the Pacific Coast Highway. The Pacific Coast Highway is a highway that serves all of Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Big Sur region. Newport Boulevard, one of the largest roads in Balboa Peninsula, connects the mainland of Newport Beach and to Via Lido, which reaches Lido Isle.

Culture: Balboa Peninsula is primarily a residential area although this area has many coastal commercial businesses. Because of this, more single families occupy this community. Family and friendly fun are easily accessible, and the area has affordable seaside activities. The beautiful shoreline and overall coastal living allow everyone to enjoy more of the sandy beaches. Outdoor activities are very popular in Balboa Peninsula, and because of this, people take advantage of the fishing, whale watching, weather, island takeout, and beach games as much as they possibly can. This neighborhood is very tight knit as there are only over 25,000 people living here.


Overview: Within Newport Beach, the closest school district to Balboa Peninsula is Newport-Mesa Unified School District. This public school district serves both Newport Beach and Costa Mesa students in grades kindergarten through twelfth. This large district with 32 schools has over 22,000 students enrolled. Newport-Mesa Unified School District has schools that range in different methods of instruction, as well as courses, programs, and extracurricular activities. Students are set up for success as school district administrators strive to prepare them for the world outside of academics. Through the many clubs and programs available, students within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District are able to cultivate hobbies and explore new interests. For families who opt out of enrolling their students in public school, students have the option to attend a private school. While there are no private schools in the neighborhood, students living in Balboa Peninsula can easily attend private schools on the mainland.


Elementary Schools

Harbor View Elementary School at 900 Goldenrod Avenue.

Kindergarten through fifth grade students are eligible to attend Harbor View Elementary School. This public school allows students to focus on standard curriculum such as reading, technology, art, math, history, and writing. Harbor View students are welcomed to be creative while striving in academics. This elementary school has a athletic department as well as after-school clubs. These activities include student government, choir, painting, orchestra, and drama club. For students who are in grades fifth and sixth, they have the opportunity to participate in the school’s play that happens once a year. Harbor View gives its students the tools to succeed.

Newport Elementary School at 1327 W Balboa Blvd.

In the heart of Balboa Peninsula, one of the best elementary schools in the area provides quality education. Newport Elementary School enrolls students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. The school offers exciting extracurricular activities as well as a top-notch core curriculum to challenge their students to excel. It has a Gifted and Talented Education Program for grades fourth through sixth for those who have high abilities and exhibit exceptional intelligence. These students can receive catered instruction based on their academic needs. Also, Newport Elementary School administers STAR tests, which are reading computer-adaptive tests that help students improve in comprehension.

Middle Schools

Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive.

This popular middle school never fails at supplying its students with great courses and engaging after-school activities. Ensign Intermediate School allows for development of stronger teacher and student communication as well as better and long-lasting relationships among the students. Ensign offers different world languages to learn such as Spanish and French. For athletic students, this middle school also has great sports teams to participate it. Ensign has basketball, track, soccer, volleyball, and cross country. If your student is not an athlete or interested in recreational sports, he or she can participate in activities like art, robotics, choir, and even orchestra.

High Schools

Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave.

Newport Harbor High School is an outstanding International Baccalaureate School and known for providing quality subject courses and extracurricular activities for students. Students who attend this school excel in academics when they enroll in four-year colleges and universities. In grades ninth through twelfth, students take courses such as world language, physical science, English and composition, mathematics, and art. Also, they have the option to take a career technician education course, which is perfect for individuals who are interested in trade school. The school offers a wide range of athletic teams including lacrosse, cross country, field hockey, water polo, and more.

Corona del Mar High School at 2985 Bear Street.

Although this high school is in the Corona del Mar neighborhood, students living in Balboa Peninsula can still commute to Corona del Mar High School. School administrators always strive to nurture the young minds and prepare its students for college and life after high school. This high school is known as one of the best secondary schools in Newport Beach. For students who want to be ready for higher education, they can opt to enroll in Advanced Placement courses if they want to earn college credit. Also, students who enjoy sports can play basketball, water polo, football, lacrosse, and soccer.

Private Schools

Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue.

Carden Hall school administrators believe in allowing students to explore and inquire about the world around them. This private institution has more than 400 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Not only does Carden Hall teach faith-based curriculum, but also the school provides the core curriculum so that students can receive a full educational experience. Besides academics, the school offers many sports teams within their athletic department. Soccer, basketball, and football are just a few of the many teams Carden Hall has. Within academics, students can express themselves and their ideas through different course projects, group oral presentations, and art.


Overview: Single-family, oceanfront, beach homes are very gorgeous and populous in Balboa Peninsula. Many of these homes are two-to-three stories high and have the stylistic architecture of cape cod, contemporary and even cottage. This really adds to the wonderful coastal vibe that the Balboa Peninsula possesses. These types of homes are great for families living close to the beach and desire more natural sunlight in their homes. The neighborhood does not have many apartments available, if at all. Even so, Balboa Peninsula has smaller houses for rent. The majority of these oceanfront rentals reflect mid-century modern architecture with front decks and back decks, so families have the outdoor space to entertain guests. While many are quaint, the exterior details are still beautiful and the views of the Balboa Pier are breathtaking. Along with the rentals, Balboa Peninsula has quite a few newly-constructed homes for single families who want contemporary-style homes.

Housing options

Single-family Homes

The Balboa Peninsula neighborhood has numerous single-family homes. Although some are one-story high, many of them are two and three-stories high. The cape cod-type homes in the neighborhood are often New England-style, one story houses with a chimney, a steep, triangular roof. These are for smaller families who want the cozy feeling. Single-family homes with more of a contemporary vibe have a modern look to them. Homes like this in Balboa Peninsula are two or three story buildings with wider windows to let in natural sunlight. They more glass, steel, and other sleek materials as opposed to wood and brick.

High Rises and Condominiums

Living in a high rise condominium in Balboa Peninsula puts the luxe back in luxurious. The most popular high rises in the area are the ones that are closest to the pier. They often have multiple bedrooms and full baths with a powder room. These places even have countless amenities. The floor plans leave options for people to turn a bedroom into a functioning home office. High-quality materials are used to build these places. Materials and hardware such as granite kitchen countertops and mirrored glass for walls in the living room add an elegant and upscale vibe to the condos.

New Construction

In Balboa Peninsula, there is an increase of newly-constructed homes in the area. Most of them have a contemporary beach style to them. More modern amenities and designs are being introduced, making these new waterfront beach homes even more exquisite. New houses in Balboa Peninsula often have larger outdoor living space, perfect for hosting events and larger families. The mixture of stainless kitchen appliances, satin brass, classic oak flooring, and marble countertops adds chic and upscale style to these amazing homes. New homes like these usually are built with private roof decks with chic cabanas and even centered outdoor fireplaces.

If you’re interested in buying a home in this area, check out currently available Balboa Peninsula homes for sale. You can also browse through the entire database of all the available Newport Beach homes for sale.

Real Estate

Overview: The real estate in Balboa Peninsula is mostly single-family beach houses. Ones that are ocean fronts and closer to the coast tend to be more expensive because of the access to the beach. People want to be able to easily go to the beach in Balboa Peninsula. Being near the ocean adds to the coastal living, especially if you own boats or spend more of your leisure time on the sand. In terms of pricing, larger estates on the waterfront in Balboa Peninsula can be as priced as high as $2.9 million. These types of upscale refined homes in the neighborhood have large living spaces, antique elements, and sometimes even European exterior and interior architecture. Homes in Balboa Peninsula can be as priced as low as $1.4 million. These Balboa Peninsula homes tend to have more of the cape cod style, and of course, still luxurious and close to the oceanfront.

Things to Do

Overview: Consisting of over five miles of sandy beach, Balboa Peninsula has plenty of activities for people to enjoy. On the beach, people sunbathe, surf, bike, whale watch, build sandcastles, fish, go on cruises, and so much more. The neighborhood has delicious restaurants and quick food stops for when people are out on the town but want to grab a bite to eat. Crab Cooker, Ruby’s Diner, and Woody’s Wharf are just a few of the locals’ favorite places to eat yummy seafood and American cuisine. The fun and casual atmosphere of these places make Balboa Peninsula feel even more like home sweet home. Also, if you want to buy great-quality clothing, accessories, or even gear for fishing, the neighborhood stores have you covered. West Marine specializes in selling fishing apparel and accessories. Stores like Castaway’s Casuals, Bohemia, and Heavenly Couture have both casual as well as elegant styles of clothing.

Retail & Entertainment

Balboa Fun Zone

The Balboa Fun Zone is a great place to take your family and friends for all-around fun and games. This area has many types of arcade games, tours around the pier, and interesting booths with refreshments. Many people go to the Balboa Fun Zone to ride the Balboa Ferris Wheel.


Because the area is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, people in Balboa Peninsula have access to fishing. It is free to fish on the public docks. Also, you never know what type of you will catch. This is the perfect coastal pastime as fishing can be both exciting and relaxing.

Surfing The Wedge Newport Beach

On the eastern side of Balboa Peninsula is The Wedge Newport Beach. It is a spot where large waves occur and make for perfect opportunities to surf. These shore-breaking waves are both exciting to watch and to surf. Both bodysurfers and body boarders enjoy the waves at this incredible beach.


Great for quality time and fun for families, loved ones, and friends, Balboa Peninsula has cruises that travel around Newport Beach. The best one is Cruise Newport Beach. It offers romantic cruises, party cruises, wedding cruises, and holiday cruises. You also have the option to rent different-sized yachts and boats.

Lovell Beach House

For a Balboa Peninsula history lesson, head to the lovely Lovell Beach House. It was made in 1926 by famous modern Austrian-American architect Rudolf Schindler. The inspiration for this building was healthy living from diet and exercise. It is both an oceanfront home as well as close to The Wedge.


If you want more than just food, head to a Balboa Peninsula restaurant for an experience. Woody’s Wharf offers American meals for every occasion and high-quality seafood. Rudy’s Diner is perfect for those who want American comfort food, diner style. Balboa Barbie Q does yummy barbecue quick and easy.

Retail Shopping

The Balboa Peninsula area has great retail stores for casual and elegant wear. Go to Heavenly Couture for fashion-forward apparel and accessories for women. Castaway’s Casuals has amazing casual and beach clothing for all. If you are looking for a great women’s boutique, Bohemia has chic styles for the sophisticated.

Nightlife Spots

The area has quite a few nightlife spots where people can enjoy their evening with friends. Class of 47 has pool tables, televisions, a jukebox, and offers great drinks. Beach Ball is known for its famous Bloody Marys and jukebox tunes. Malarky’s Irish Pub serves great beers and dive food.

Balboa Pavilion

This historical landmark was built in 1906. It is known as one of California’s longest-standing waterfront pavilions since the 1900s. It is also the most famous landmark in Newport Beach. This marine recreational building is used for wedding receptions, conferences, banquets, a restaurant, small boat rentals, sunset cruises, and more.


One of Balboa Peninsula’s most popular tours is Davey’s Locker Whale Watching & Sportfishing Tours. These tours are affordable and fun. People ride on a large cruise ship around the Pacific Ocean and explore the wonderful marine life. This tour serves Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Dana Point.