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ABOUT Balboa Village

As one of the most lively coastal neighborhoods in Newport Beach, Balboa Village has it all. Whether you are shopping, going to art galleries, whale watching, or fishing at one of its beaches, it has so many fun options for all. You can enjoy some delicious seafood at the waterfront restaurant Newport Landing or a slice of pizza at Pizza Pete’s.

If you’re craving sweets, grab soft-serve ice cream at the Balboa Village amusement center or a delectable donut at Balboa Bakery & Donuts. Besides its yummy food options, Balboa Village has fun places where you can explore this coastal neighborhood. The Balboa Fun Zone is an all-time favorite in Newport Beach.

This area has treats, harbor cruises, amusement rides, bike rentals, and more. For families who are looking for the best educational institutions for their students, the neighborhood has the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and private schools in the area.

This small neighborhood has a mixture of both a residential and commercial business area. Single families populate Balboa Village the most. There are so many fun coastal activities for families and friends. Since this neighborhood is so close to the ocean and sand, most of the activities surround the beaches and pier.

This means that outdoor activities are a favorite here. One must really take pleasure in warm weather, sand, and the overall coastal life in order to appreciate the area. People enjoy hobbies such as whale watching, fishing, beach games, and so much more. The area offers culturally-diverse cuisine.


Beautiful waterfront views
Vintage beach vibes
Art galleries
Water sports and adventures
World-class restaurants
Great shopping
Balboa Fun Zone
Exciting nightlife

Natural Disasters

There are no significant records of any serious and recurring natural hazards specific to Balboa Village, Newport Beach, CA.

Newport Beach, however, is an area that is at high risk of various natural disasters that include severe flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes, and wildfires.


While Balboa Village is on the coast of the Newport Beach area, people can still travel to other neighborhoods in Newport Beach and other parts of California. East Bay Avenue intersects with Balboa Avenue, which leads into Balboa Peninsula.

This road connects to the mainland and eventually reaches the city of Costa Mesa. Balboa Avenue turns into Newport Boulevard and connects with smaller streets and roads to get to Lido Isle and Lido Peninsula. In terms of major California highways, people traveling out of Balboa Village would have to travel through the Peninsula to get on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Crime Rate

Balboa Village is among the neighborhoods in Newport Beach, CA, with relatively low crime rates. Overall, the total crime rate in the area is about 1,700 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 58.8% lower than the national average.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 120 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 64.2% lower than the national average. Property crime is more prevalent in the area at a rate of about 1,580 per 100,000 residents. This rate, however, is still about 28% lower than the national average.

Balboa Village is safer than about 70% of communities in California. One’s chances of being a victim of crime in the neighborhood is 1 in 40.


SCHOOLS IN Balboa Village

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District serves all students in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. Since Balboa Village is within Newport Beach, students living here have the option to attend one of the amazing schools within the district. With over 22,000 students in grades kindergarten through twelfth, this school district is able to accommodate its students academic and extracurricular needs.

Newport-Mesa Unified School District has 32 schools within the two cities. Students attending one of these schools learn how to serve their communities as well as challenge themselves academically. School officials in the district see the value of offering sport teams and clubs for their students because it gets students excited about education.

This will create balanced young adults. Families who want an alternative to the public school system can enroll their students in private schools near the Balboa Village area. Smaller classrooms and specialized courses and clubs breed exceptional students.


Newport Elementary School at 1327 W Balboa Blvd: The closest elementary schools within Balboa Village is Newport Elementary School. This school accepts students in grade levels up to sixth grade. It is known for its forward-thinking curriculum and quality instruction. Combined with extensive elementary courses and fun after-school programs, Newport Elementary School makes learning tons of fun for its students. For students in grades fourth through sixth, the Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE) is available. Teachers tests students who exhibits high abilities and shows exceptional critical and comprehensive thinking in their classes. Non-GATE students still have the opportunity to get quality instruction based on their academic needs. Harbor View Elementary School at 900 Goldenrod Avenue: Harbor View Elementary School offers a typical curriculum for elementary school students. The standard courses include social studies, composition, reading, art, mathematics, and technology. This public school allows students to channel their creativity and engage their teachers and fellow peers in learning enrichment. Kindergarten through fifth grade students at Harbor View Elementary School have the opportunity to participate in sports teams and clubs. Students can play soccer, baseball, and track. Even in elementary grades, the school offers Spanish courses to teach students the basics of the world language. Some extracurricular activities offered include theater, painting, yoga, choir, and student government.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: Ensign Intermediate School is a middle school is only three miles away from Balboa Village. It serves students living in Newport Beach and offers amazing after-school programs and core curriculum. This middle school builds on teacher and student relationships in order to have more open communication. Ensign requires students to take a world language course. They can either learn Spanish or French. For those who enjoy sports, Ensign Intermediate School has it covered. The school has sports teams like soccer, cross country, volleyball, and basketball. Students who are more artistic can participate in one of the school's performing arts clubs. Corona del Mar Middle School at 2985 Bear Street: Within a seven miles, Corona del Mar Middle School is a great school for middle school students in Balboa Village to attend. This middle school has standards and requirements set in place to ensure that students who participate in after-school programs are maintaining exceptional grades. It challenges each Corona del Mar students to stay accountable for their actions and classwork. Corona del Mar offers an amazing selection of sports teams. Students interested in the athletic department can participate in track team, soccer, cheerleading, football, and more. They can even enroll in courses like Spanish, Mandarin, French, or American Sign Language.
Corona del Mar High School at 2985 Bear Street: This high school is located in the Corona del Mar neighborhood, southeast of Balboa Village. Even so, it is still an easy and quick commute. Corona del Mar High School administrators have a mission to make sure the students' minds are being nurtured. They want their students to be challenged and prepared for college and careers after high school. As a popular and high-quality high school in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar High offers courses that set their students up for future success. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered as opportunities for students to earn college credit and course experience.
Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: Only about four miles away, Carden Hall School is one of the most prestigious private schools near Balboa Village. It only has 400 students in elementary and middle school grades. This means that the classroom size is smaller than those in public schools, making teacher-student engagement even more successful. Students are able to get their academic needs met. This school also provides the core curriculum along with Judeo-Christian values. Carden Hall offers a wide variety of sports teams such as basketball, soccer, and football. Also, students are welcomed to engagement their classmates and teachers through oral presentations and class projects.

Real Estate

Balboa Village Housing 2020

Within the Balboa Village area, single-family homes make up the majority of the real estate. As you move closer and closer to the shoreline and beaches, the price of these homes increase. Many people desire to live near the beach because the have easier access to the sand, retail shops, and coastal activities.

If you spend most of your time outdoor or simply enjoy the view from your living room, these homes are perfect. Larger waterfront estates in Balboa Village are priced as high as $3 million because of their proximity to the beaches as well as the quality of the interior and exterior architecture. Homes in the lower price range are as low as $1.2 million, depending on the style of the home. Single-family houses in this price range are often in a cape cod or even beach cottage style. They are mainly one-story high, but are still upscale.

Balboa Village Homes for Sale

Within this small community, single-family beach houses are the majority in Balboa Village. Contemporary and cape cod-style homes are the two main types of architecture these places have. While some are one-story high, many of them are two and three-stories high. The neighborhood possesses a coastal vibe, which is wonderful for families who love spending their time outdoors on the beach.

Many houses in Balboa Village facing the oceanfront have more natural sunlight because of their orientation toward the sun. This along with open floor plans makes these homes more spacious. Unfortunately, Balboa Village does not have any apartments available. However, the neighborhood does have smaller beach homes for rent.

Their smaller sizes do not affect their upscale exterior and architectural details. Views of the shoreline and sunset make these homes even more desirable. Also, Balboa Village has multiple newly-constructed homes available for single families who want beautiful modern-style homes.

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Things to do

Although this neighborhood is quite small, there are still plenty of fun things to do in Balboa Village and the surrounding areas. The people in the area are all about watersports, shopping, sportfishing, whale watching, biking, enjoying the beaches, and dining at the best restaurants. There's never a dull moment in Balboa Village. Close to the area is the Balboa Fun Zone, which is full of amazing family fun. Sport fishing is made easier with Davey's Locker and Catalina Flyer. People in Balboa Village always dine in style at places like San Shi Go, Woody's Wharf, and Newport Landing. Rent a bike from Seaside Bike Rentals or use your own to ride along the boardwalk. If you want to participate in some fun water sports, you can rent kayaks, jet skis, sailboats, and more from places like Balboa Water Sports and Boat Rentals of America- Balboa Boat Rentals.
Balboa Fun Zone
Everyone loves to go to the Balboa Fun Zone when in the Balboa Village area. There are so many arcade games, food, and water sport activities. People enjoy participating in tours such as Segway and boat tours around the pier. This amusement area is known for its famous Balboa Ferris Wheel.
Balboa Village offers cruises around Newport Beach for all. The most popular cruise companies is the Cruise Newport Beach. The company allow its customers to book events. People have hosted weddings, birthday parties, romantic dates, and more on their cruise boats. There are so many luxe boats to choose from.
The Balboa Village neighborhood has some spectacular dining options available. If you want upscale seafood and Japanese cuisine, San Shi Go is a favorite. Woody's Wharf has great American food and delicious seafood dishes. Plus, Newport Landing has a sophisticated menu of fresh seafood and classy entrees for formal dinners.
Sweets and bikes
If you want affordable bike rentals and delicious ice cream and treats, head to Corner of Paradise. This shop in Balboa Village has a wide variety of ice cream flavors and candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. Traveling along the boardwalk is made easy with the great bike rental options.
Water Tours
Balboa Village has great water tours available daily. People who enjoy whale and dolphin watching or sportfishing can sign up for Davey's Locker. These tours are worth your time. There is a guarantee that you will see whales and dolphins in the ocean. Exploring marine life just got more fun!
One of the perks of living or visiting Balboa Village is that you can fish at any time. People can fish for free since they have access to the different public docks. Families and friends love to spend time together catching fish whether it is for sport or for food.
People in Balboa Village who are active in watersports have so many options at their fingertips. They can go jet skiing, kayaking, sail boating, and surfing all in one area. Companies such as Boat Rentals of America- Balboa Boat Rentals and Balboa Water Sports sell and rent quality equipment for watersports.
Along with quaint gift shops, Balboa Village has many retail stores that sell clothing and beach gear. The Main Street Surf Shop has quality colorful surfboards, shirts, footwear, and accessories. Half-Moon Fashion sells summer-style clothing and jewelry, perfect for the coastal area. For contemporary fashion, head to Kathryn Aileen's Boutique.
Nightlife Spots
Within this small community, Balboa Village has some nightlife spots where people can enjoy their evenings and relax. Malarky's Irish Pub is known for its quality beers and food. Beach Ball and Class of 47 have jukeboxes that plays some of the best tunes and televisions to watch sports games.
Balboa Pavilion
On the coast of Balboa Village, the historical Balboa Pavilion offers different recreational activities such as boat rentals, cruises, and banquets. People have even hosted wedding receptions and parties at this pavilion. Designed by architect Fred R. Dorn, the landmark has been a part of Newport Beach history and culture.


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