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Beachwood City Limits


Overview: With premier shopping attractions, delicious restaurants, and intriguing museums, Beachwood, Ohio offers both urban and rural comforts just southeast of Cleveland, Ohio.

The city totals as consisting of 5.34 square miles, which breaks down into 5.33 square miles of land and 0.01 square miles of water, and the neighborhoods within these borders are bursting with culture and community life.

Comprised of around 12,000 residents, the majority of Beachwood’s community holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher, making the city broadly educated. Almost a quarter of current households consist of families, while another quarter is made up of senior citizens.

All ages are proud of Beachwood’s reputation for safety. The crime rate in Beachwood is a small fraction of that to that in western cities towards Cleveland, Ohio, and the communities that immediately surround Beachwood have low crime rates as well.

Beachwood, Ohio is a charming city with a lot to offer visitors and residents alike.

History: Before Beachwood, Ohio came into being, the land was a part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, then made a part of the Warrensville Township before seceding in 1915.

After the organization of a petition, Beachwood became an independent village on June 26, 1915. By 1960, the area achieved city status after reaching the designated number of residents.

The city being named for the local Beech trees that can be found throughout the area led to a heated debate on how the city’s name was originally spelled. A popular idea is that a village hall clerk actually misspelled the city’s name on official documents, which led to the current spelling of Beachwood.

In the city’s first census in 1920, the population was only 225. When compared to 2018’s estimate of 11,658, one can be impressed with Beachwood’s growth over the 100 year span.

Top City Highlights

  • Golf course
  • High-tech schools
  • Great retail opportunities
  • Family friendly
  • Safe crime statistics
  • Beautiful outdoor parks

Location: Being surrounded by other safe and vibrant communities, Beachwood is in good company.

Shaker Heights makes up the western border, and University Heights lies to the northwest. Notre Dame College is north of Beachwood, while Pepper Pike can be found to the east on the other side of Interstate 271. Highland Hills and the Highland Park Golf Course outline the southern and southwestern edges.

Cleveland, Ohio is only a thirty minute commute by car away from Beachwood. With Cuyahoga Valley National Park only 20 minutes away to the south, Beachwood’s community can enjoy both the city’s and Ohio’s major attractions with ease.

Commutes: Beachwood enjoys ready access to popular roads and interstate highways that make commutes across the area of Ohio southeast of Lake Erie convenient and efficient.

Beachwood is located 10 miles southeast of Cleveland, Ohio. Bisected by Richmond Road, the city’s eastern border is made up of Interstate 271, which makes travel north and south of the city simple.

Chagrin Boulevard, which leads straight to Lake Erie to the west, cuts across Beachwood’s southern section.

The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is 21.5 miles to the west, which means that travel throughout the United States and other countries is also made easier with a fast commute.

Culture: Out of nearly 12,000 residents, 77.3% are white, 13.7% are African American, 7.4% are Asian, 1.9% are Hispanic or Latino, and 0.4% are of other ethnic backgrounds. As for gender, 44.3% are male, while 55.7% are female.

With 24.9% of households having children under the age of 18 living in the residence, there are a good portion of young families. Additionally, 23.9% of households consist of senior citizens, which explains the median age in the city being over 50 years.

The estimated median household income nears $90K, and 56.9% of residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Local Government

City Council

Beachwood’s City Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month within the Council Chambers found at Beachwood City Hall. The council is comprised of 10 city-elected members, including the council president and vice president. Each focuses on serving Beachwood on individual subcommittees and boards.

Address: 25325 Fairmount Boulevard, Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: 216-595-5462

Mayor’s Office

As the chief executive officer, the mayor is both the ceremonial and official head of Beachwood. Serving a four-year term in office, the mayor ensures the city stays fiscally healthy, supervises all government operations, oversees city affairs administration, and acts as the public safety director.

Address: 25325 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44122
Phone: 216-292-1901

Chamber of Commerce

Comprised of over 350 members, the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce connects businesses to the city’s community. The chamber works to contribute as a leading voice for Beachwood businesses by organizing seminars, luncheons, business shows, and other attractions that are all intended to help businesses prosper.

Address: 23355 Mercantile Road, Suite 3, Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: 216-831-0003


Overview: Beachwood, Ohio is serviced by Beachwood City Schools, a public school district that is made up of around 1,500 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

Being an innovative and forward-thinking school district, Beachwood City Schools feature a gifted program called Horizons and provide full accommodations for students who are differently abled. Beachwood Middle School showcases a 1-to-1 laptop policy, and elementary students and up can enjoy band classes. Middle school children and up can add choir to their list of stellar extracurriculars.

Beachwood schools are also recognized on a statewide and national level for excellence and academic achievement. For example, Beachwood High School has been awarded Blue Ribbons of Excellence, and Beachwood Middle School’s laptop program led to it being titled an Apple “Success Story.”

Beachwood residents attend the public schools, while private campuses such as Fuchs Mizrachi, Beatrice J. Stone Yavne High School, and Mandel Jewish Day School are open to all students in the surrounding areas.

Elementary Schools

Bryden Elementary School services students from grades K-2, while Hilltop Elementary School oversees the education of students from 3rd through 5th grade.

Both elementary schools take pride in their efforts to meet each individual student’s educational needs to encourage teamwork and cooperation.

Middle Schools

Beachwood Middle School offers top quality education to students from 6th grade through 8th grade. The school’s 1-to-1 laptop policy earned the school the title of an Apple “Success Story.”

To the south, Highland Hills Middle School has great reviews and acclaimed staff, and the campus similarly provides students with iPad access.

High Schools

Serving grades 9-12, Beachwood High School has earned 3 Blue Ribbon Awards and has won a National 21st Century School of Distinction Award for Technology Excellence.

A bit of a ways southwest of Beachwood lies Warrensville Heights High School, where about 550 students engage in promoting critical thinking, curiosity, collaboration, and community.

Private Schools

Much like the public schools in Beachwood, the private schools also strive for excellence.

Fuchs Mizrachi is an Orthodox Jewish school that educates grades Pre-K-12th grade, while Mandel Jewish Day School services students from kindergarten through 8th grade.

Additionally, Beatrice J. Stone Yavne High School is an all-girls Orthodox Jewish school that educates grades 7th through 12th.


Overview: With quality schools and convenient commutes throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area, in addition to its close proximity to Notre Dame, Beachwood’s housing options are in high demand.

Available housing options throughout the city include attractive apartments, a range of houses, and select condominiums. Several properties have fast access to the Canterbury Golf Club, and other nearby residences have views of Highland Park Golf Course.

Typically, prices for homes fluctuate between $200K to below $600K, and more expensive residences can be found on the south side of Beachwood that are valued around $1,200,000.

New construction projects have been a 21st century trend in Beachwood. Since 2010 alone, there have been 50 new single-family construction building permits issued.

Considering the attractive housing options available to would-be residents, combined with the appeal to the local area, it’s no wonder that Beachwood’s population is continuously on the rise.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes

Beachwood homes come in a wide variety to meet the needs of both families and single residents.

The average price for a 1 bedroom home is $30K, while 3 bedrooms can go for $247K.

Larger properties of 4 or more bedrooms average around $334K, with properties ranging from $200K to $899K and up.

New Construction

New construction routinely breaks ground within Beachwood’s borders. Between 2010-2015, 26 family-sized homes were built with an average value of $393K.

In an impressive uptick in construction, 2016 and 2017 also saw the construction of 24 new buildings. The average cost of these buildings is $457K.


Classically styled, modern apartments, and everything in between can be found in Beachwood.

1 bedroom apartments can be available for as low as $995 per month, and others range at an upwards of $1,200.

2-3 bedroom apartments can be priced above the $3K mark, though bargains can be found for as low as $1,200 in select neighborhoods.


On average, 1 bedroom condominiums in Beachwood go for $30K, while 2 bedroom properties jump to $242K. Additionally, 3-4 bedroom apartments fluctuate depending on square footage between $247K-$334K.

Typically, these condominiums are modern in layout and feature high quality amenities.

Golf Course

Apartments and homes on the southern side of Beachwood typically run on the more expensive side and feature fast access to local golf greens.

With great views, these properties can be valued anywhere from $800K to $1.2 million, while apartments can go for $3,750 per month.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Beachwood Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Beachwood Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: With 51.6% of real estate in Beachwood consisting of single-family homes, a large percentage of the market is dedicated to properties with multiple bedrooms. Considering 47.8% of homes were built between 1940-1969, 40% were built between 1970-1999, and only 8.7% of homes were built in 2000 or later, many properties have histories and updated amenities.

From January 2015 to January 2019, the median list price has shown an increase from $259K to $414K. The highest fluctuation between January 2018 and October 2019 was a high of $500K in April 2018 and a low of $350K in July 2019, which demonstrates the maximum variation between the list prices.

As for the median price per square foot, prices show an overall upward trend from January 2016 to January 2019, seeing as the low point was $93 in February 2016 and the price in January 2019 was $147.

Things to Do

Overview: Expansive outdoor parks, shopping centers, art showcases, enriching museums, entertaining nightlife, and delectable restaurants can all be found within Beachwood’s borders.

The city’s attractions cater to a range of tastes. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the Canterbury Golf Club. For family fun, Preston’s H.O.P.E can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their abilities. Additionally, the Pavilion Mall is a great outdoor shopping experience.

Indoor retreats include Beachwood Place, a can’t-miss shopping experience, and educational cultural opportunities such as the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage and Beachwood Art Gallery.

Beachwood also has an assortment of restaurants and bars that wait to be enjoyed. Food offerings include Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, and American menus to name only a few, and nearby bars provide comfortable atmospheres for enjoying the later hours of the evening.

However you prefer to enjoy your days or nights, Beachwood has many available options fit for residents both young and old.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Beachwood residents love the city’s outdoor retreats and recreational opportunities.

For example, Preston’s H.O.P.E, the largest fully accessible playground throughout Northeast Ohio that totals at 60,000 square feet, can be enjoyed by all ages and all individuals.

Additionally, the Canterbury Golf Club has high quality staff and a number of holes to enjoy.


Beachwood Place is the city’s top shopping destination with over 120 specialty stores that include names like Coach, Microsoft, Vera Bradley, LUSH, and The LEGO Store to name a few. Beachwood Place also offers seasonal events.

For an outdoor shopping experience, you can find retail, grocery, specialty, arts-and-crafts, and more stores at the Pavilion Mall.

Art & Culture

Beachwood has a number of attractive locations to visit for an enriching day.

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage contributes to Jewish immigrant history and culture. Additionally, the David Berger National Museum honors Jewish-Clevelander Olympian David Mark Berger and holds the record for being the smallest National Memorial.

Meanwhile, Beachwood Art Gallery showcases rotating painting exhibits, sculptures, and more.

Night Life

Beachwood’s nightlife scene is quality over quantity. Many restaurants include a bar and drink selection, but select venues are solely meant for late nights.

Just over Beachwood’s southern border, Slyman’s Tavern offers modern-rustic surroundings and tap beer.

Right at the northwestern tip of Beachwood, BarNone Wine-Beer-Spirits offers happy hour drinks and a mellow atmosphere to chat with old and new friends.


Beachwood’s restaurant scene is as vibrant and highly-rated as it is varied.

For Mexican cuisine and a south-of-the-border flare, check out Winking Lizard Tavern or Tres Potrillos Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar.

Choolaah Indian BBQ and Shushei offer authentic menu options that taste as delicious as the plates look.

For a special outing, reserve a table at Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse.


Overview: Beachwood can be divided into 3 sections of neighborhoods, organized from most to least expensive in terms of property values.

The most costly neighborhood is City Center, defined to the east by Interstate 271, to the south by Harvard Road, to the west by Warrensville Center Road, and to the north by Shaker Boulevard. The median real estate price is $371K, which is higher than the median price of 95.2% of Ohio neighborhoods.

The second most expensive neighborhood in Beachwood is the northeast quadrant that stretches from Shaker Boulevard to Cedar Road, to the west of Richmond Road. With a median real estate price just over $362K, this neighborhood is similarly more expensive than 93.3% of Ohio neighborhoods.

Lastly, the most affordable area lies east of Richmond Road, north of Shaker Boulevard, to the west of Interstate 271 with a median real estate price of $316K.

List of Beachwood Neighborhoods

Local Pros

List of Beachwood Local Pros