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ABOUT Cannery Village

Cannery Village was once known as a popular place where fishermen swapped stories with one another and compared what they’ve caught. Now, this coastal neighborhood is a hot spot for all things seafood, gorgeous views of the harbor, watersports, and art activities. Cannery Village has fine waterfront restaurants like the famous Cannery Seafood of the Pacific.

If you desire to dine at a more casual restaurant, you can eat at The Original Mama D’s Italian Kitchen or Newport Beach Brewing Company. If you love to boat, you can even have your food delivered if you are parked near the dock at The Dock restaurant. For sailor enthusiasts, the exclusive Windward Sailing Club could be the perfect club to be a part of. Also, less than a mile away from Cannery Village is the Regency Lido Theater. People in the area love to watch both commercial and independent films in style.

This area has mostly single-family homes, businesses, shops, and restaurants. There are so many outdoor activities and great go-to places where everyone can make long-lasting memories. People in Cannery Village is surrounded by fun opportunities. Those who enjoy being in the great outdoors will definitely love this neighborhood because of the coastal tours and activities available.

Cannery Village has a very easygoing and relaxing vibe because the area is practically ‘fishing country.’ The neighborhood is small, which means the businesses around the area are small. This creates a tight-knit environment and makes it easier for neighbors to know one another.

TOP Cannery Village HIGHLIGHTS

Al fresco shopping
Charming waterfront restaurants
Stunning harbor views
Exciting nightlife
Art and culture
Luxurious community amenities
High value cozy homes
Trendy coastal boutiques

Natural Disasters

There are no significant records of any major and serious recurring natural hazards specific to Cannery Village, Newport Beach, CA.

Newport Beach, however, is generally highly vulnerable to a number of natural disasters that include severe flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, and tsunamis.


As Cannery Village is close to the north end of Balboa Peninsula, it has easy access to major highways and roads, especially the Pacific Coast Highway. The mainland is made more accessible so that you can travel to different parts of the county.

Newport Boulevard runs north and south through the area. Traveling north on this road can connect you to the highway, which allows you to drive to different neighborhoods in Newport Beach. It also can connect you to cities in Orange County and even ones outside of the country such as Los Angeles County and Big Sur region.

Crime Rate

Cannery Village is among the neighborhoods in Newport Beach, CA, with relatively high crime rates. Overall, the total crime rate in the area is about 25 per 1,000 residents. This rate is still about 30% below the national average.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 1.44 per 1,000 residents. This rate is about 68% lower than the national average. Property crimes happen more often in the neighborhood at a rate of about 23.9 per 1,000 residents. This rate is about 7% higher than the national average.

One has a 1 in 39 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Cannery Village.


SCHOOLS IN Cannery Village

In the areas surrounding Cannery Village, there are different schools and educational options for elementary, middle, and secondary school students. Many students who live in the neighborhood attend a school under the Newport-Mesa Unified School District or enroll in a private school in Newport Beach. Families who choose to enroll their students in private seek more competitive extracurricular activities, challenging curriculum, and smaller classrooms.

They want their students to not be just a number; they want them to have an important part to play in school. On the other hand, public schools within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District go above and beyond to make sure that all students have the best educational experiences. These quality schools have great after-school clubs and programs because school administrators value the minds of the youth. Serving both Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, the school district has 32 schools with more than 22,000 students enrolled.


Harbor View Elementary School at 900 Goldenrod Avenue: This elementary school gives its students an all-around learning experience. Harbor View Elementary School has courses such as art, mathematics, writing, and technology. Students are able to grow in their creativity and engage their classwork and peers. Serving grades kindergarten through fifth, Harbor View Elementary School officials always create opportunities for its students to experience learning enrichment and team activities. This builds community within the school and teaches students how to prioritize their time wisely. Along with the standard core curriculum, the elementary school offers extracurricular activities such as soccer, baseball, choir, art, student government, drama, world language, and track. Newport Elementary School at 1327 W Balboa Blvd: Although this school is along the Balboa Peninsula, driving to Newport Elementary School is still an easy commute with only being less than one mile away from Cannery Village. Being the closest elementary school to the neighborhood, many students living in the area enroll there. Newport Elementary School enrolls up to sixth grade. While the school values extracurricular activities, it is mainly known for its curriculum and programs that set its students up for success. School officials have put in place programs such as the Gifted and Talented Education Program to ensure those who have high abilities are being accommodated.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: Within a two mile radius, Ensign Intermediate School is the only middle school available for students in Cannery Village who want a shorter travel to school. This middle school serves students in Newport Beach and strives to give its students the best academic and activities possible. Teacher and student relationships are seen as opportunities for teachers to effectively communicate with their students. Faculty and staff members want to create a safe environment for all. Along with building character, Ensign Intermediate School has a great and competitive athletic department. The school includes sports such as volleyball, cross country, soccer, and basketball.
Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave: Newport Harbor High School is about three miles away and the closest secondary school to Cannery Village. The large school has over 2,300 students enrolled. Newport Harbor was named California Distinguished School and Baccalaureate World School. It is because of its stellar curriculum and increased student academic progress that many families want to enroll their students. Newport Harbor offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses such as Biology, Calculus, English Literature and Composition, and many more. Also, this accelerated high school has a competitive athletic department with sports including lacrosse, water polo, football, soccer, softball, and even more.
Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: Less than four miles away, Carden Hall School is one of the best private schools in Newport Beach. Families who live in Cannery Village and want their students to attend a stellar private school pick Carden Hall. The school officials are fully dedicated to student success and learning enrichment. With about 400 students in attendance, the school deliberately offers smaller classrooms and a smaller teacher-to-student ratio. This is to make sure that no student is left behind and all students are engaged in instruction. Carden Hall School is a faith-based institution that combines Christian values with the standard core curriculum. Pacifica Christian High School at 883 West 15th Street: Pacifica Christian High School provides a liberal arts education to students of different backgrounds and cultures. Known as a college-preparatory institution, Pacifica strives to teach its student the importance of living prosperously and critical thinking. Along with liberal arts courses, the high school has faith-based and secular texts that students engage. This is to allow student to make their own assumptions and opinions about the world around them. Its athletic department is full of competitive sports teams. Students can participate in teams such as golf, soccer, volleyball, track and field, rowing, and basketball. Pacifica also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Real Estate

Cannery Village Housing 2020

The majority of Cannery Village is single-family mobile homes and one and two-story condominiums. The mobile homes can be priced as high as $550,000 because of the amount of amenities available to the residents. People living in Cannery Village Mobile Park are paying for the luxury, high-quality materials of the housing appliances and amenities, and close proximity to the oceanfront.

They are also living walking distance from shopping stores, biking rentals, public fishing decks, and delicious restaurant options. Not to mention, the classy Japanese rock landscape design around each unit, making the community look more lively and sophisticated. The mobile homes are priced as low as a little over $400,000, depending on the size of lot and location. On the other hand, the condominiums in Cannery Village are currently priced twice as high as the mobile homes. This is because many of these condos have three bedrooms and three baths.

Cannery Village Homes for Sale

With more affordable homes in this small community, Cannery Village has mainly has luxurious mobile houses for single families and condominiums. Affordability meets posh and elegance with these homes. The neighborhood has two sections called Cannery Village Mobile Park and Cannery Village Condos. The mobile homes are mostly two-stories high with multiple bathrooms.

Residents even have access to a communal spa, a great place for them to unwind and relax. Also, this section of Cannery Village has a guarded gate to keep unwanted traffic out of the community. It is to create a safe environment for families to live and enjoy this quaint community. The condominiums in the area are also gated community.

They have panoramic beach and ocean views and a community swimming pool, perfect for families who love spending time together outdoors. Both residential sections of Cannery Village are in walking distance from the beach, shopping, and restaurants.

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Things to do

Despite the size and small population in this area, Cannery Village has a bunch of activities, restaurants, and shopping places. The Newport Beach neighborhood is full of fun, whether you are doing watersports in the ocean, sightseeing of the beautiful harbor, or grabbing a bite to eat at Newport Beach Brewing Company. Restaurants in the area range from upscale to casual, depending on the occasion. You can even rent an electric speedboat, sailboat, or a yacht at the famous Windward Sailing Club. If you don't want to drive a boat, you can go on an enjoyable cruise around Newport Beach and other areas in California. People in Cannery Village love to whale watching, fish, swim, surf, and sunbathe on the beach. They also take advantage of the many specialty shops and local stores in the neighborhood. Even renting a bike to ride around the boardwalk is super easy and affordable.
The Cannery Village neighborhood has amazing dining options. The Dock has delicious and fresh seafood entrees. The Original Mama D's Italian Kitchen was rated on Yelp as 2016's "Best Italian Restaurant in America." Newport Beach Brewing Company has crafted brews, pizzas and entrees, and a beautiful and spacious outdoor patio.
The area has cruises available all season. Cruise Newport Beach is one of the most popular cruise companies in Newport Beach. Customers have the option to book events and parties on these cruises, depending on availability. People have hosted wedding receptions, birthday parties, and company retreats on these luxurious boats.
Recreational Fishing
You don’t have to be a professional sports fisher who has been fishing for years in order to enjoy the activity. Families and friends spend time on the public docks near the harbor. Fishing is a great opportunity to come together and enjoy the scenery Cannery Village has to offer.
Regency Lido Theater
Less than a mile away, the Regency Lido Theater features both mainstream and independent films. It is known for its premiering skateboarding, skimboarding, and skating films. Built in 1938, the Lido Theater continues to be a welcoming environment. The theater always has yummy movie refreshments available at the concessions booth.
Cannery Village Casegoods
If you are looking for quality and custom-made furniture and interiors, head over to Cannery Village Casegoods. They are known for their spectacular cabinets, wooden-finished sinks, marble countertops, and so much more. Decorating the perfect home just got easier with Cannery Village Casegoods. They even deliver items local and overseas.
Retail Shopping
If you're in the mood for retail therapy, make sure you check out the Lido Marina Village Mall. This mall is less than half a mile away from Cannery Village. It has many different upscale retail stores including Bailey44, Aesop, Charlie & Me, Eberjey, Planet Blue, Warby Parker, and more.
Cannery Village residents and visitors love to partake in watersports activities on a sunny day. There are so many options to choose from. Many enjoy kayaking, surfing, skimboarding, and even jet skiing on the ocean. Balboa Water Sports is a great company that rents and sells watersports equipment and gear.
Newport Beach Film Festival
For those who love to absolutely love films from all over the world, the Newport Beach Film Festival is the perfect event. Each year, hundreds of films are shown, including animation, documentaries, culinary films, music films, shorts, and more. This prestigious event brings people from all over to one place.
Water Tours
Water tours are available daily in the Cannery Village area. Residents and visitors are able to ride on boats and watch whales and dolphins interact with other marine life creatures in the ocean. Davey's Locker is one of the most popular sportfishing and whale-watching company in all of Newport Beach.
Nightlife Spots
One of the most popular places to relax and enjoy wine and spirits is at The Cannery Seafood of the Pacific. The places has The Snug Bar. This lounge within the restaurant always makes yummy cocktails, draft beers, and wine. It is the perfect place to end a busy day.


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