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ABOUT Cherry Lake

Known as Newport Beach’s best kept secret, Cherry Lake is a very small and charming community neighborhood. There is a lake in the middle of community. The lake is spring fed and has lily pads floating near the edges. Although the neighborhood only has 19 homes on the lake, the areas surrounding Cherry Lake that all the city amenities that residents need.

There are so many recreational parks, art galleries, lakes, public and private schools, restaurants, beaches, movie theaters, and shopping centers that are just minutes away from Cherry Lake. People can still enjoy living in a quaint community, while still having access to the big city sights. Those who live in Cherry Lake can shop at different centers such as Triangle Cinemas or The Lot. You can easily go hiking or walking in the many trails in the neighborhood. Also, finding the perfect dining spot will be a breeze.

Although Cherry Lake is within the lively coastal city of Newport Beach, this neighborhood is a great escape from all of the hustle and bustle. The area is quite quaint and perfect for families who want to raise a family and live in a safe and tranquil environment. Most of the people in Cherry Lake are interested in enjoying the outdoors whether they go for a hike, bike, do water sports, or play recreational sports at the park with their friends and family. Because this area is small, the neighbors know one another very well and consider themselves a tight-knit community.


Waterfront neighborhood
Relaxed and peaceful atmosphere
Largely suburban area
Attractive real estate market
Great for families
Well-rated local amenities
Diverse housing options

Natural Disasters

Because Cherry Lake’s earthquake index is one the highest earthquake indexes in the state, residents are all but certain to experience some level of seismic activity. For context, the area’s index of 32.53 is around 25% greater than the state’s.

Because this neighborhood is in close proximity to water, it’s no show that Cherry Lake experiences regular flooding. Other weather like thunderstorms and hail storms can also heavily impact the neighborhood.

Although Cherry Lake has a low tornado index compared to the U.S. index of 136.45, tornado events have occurred over twice as frequently in this area of the state than is average for Californian neighborhoods.


Traveling to other areas in Newport Beach as well as other cities is not a problem if you live in Cherry Lake. The neighborhood is bordered by Tustin Avenue, Lake Park Lane, Heather Lane, and 23rd Street. To the left of Cherry Lake is the California State Route 55, or the Costa Mesa Freeway.

The Costa Mesa Freeway is a north-south 18-mile route that starts in Costa Mesa, intersecting with Newport Boulevard and ends in Santa Ana, merging with east-west freeway, State Route 91. This freeway is all within Orange County and allows people to travel to their different destinations.

Crime Rate

Cherry Lake can be considered more secure than about 20% of residential areas in the country.

The local violent crime rate per 1,000 residents is 1.45, while California’s same rate is 4.47. The estimated chances of experiencing a violent crime in Cherry Lake are 1 in 688.

The area’s property crime rate per 1,000 residents is 24.37. This tracks slightly over California’s same rate of 23.8 and the national average of 24. The chances of being the target of a property crime are 1 in 41, which is roughly average with estimated statewide odds.


SCHOOLS IN Cherry Lake

The Cherry Lake neighborhood has various public school and private school options for students in all grades. Newport-Mesa Unified School District serves students living in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. This school district has more than 30 schools and over 22,000 students enrolled. It has teachers and faculty members ready and prepared to instruct and nurture students so that they can grow academically and personally.

Students are taught about the world around them and how to positively impact their communities. Many of the public schools in Cherry Lake have after school programs. Although students living in Cherry Lake are zoned to attend the schools within this district, parents have the option to opt out and enroll their students in private schools in the area. These schools provide quality educational instruction and additional extracurricular activities and programs to advance learning experiences. There are both faith-based and secular ones in Cherry Lake.


Woodland Elementary School at 2025 Garden Lane: Woodland Elementary School is school that serves students in grades kindergarten through sixth. It follows the state of California's curriculum standards. Woodland values teaching students about technology as it is the future and aids in students' academic developments. Each classroom has a minimum of two iMac computers with internet access so that students can do research and do educational exploration under staff supervision. These computers have educational games and programs on them that help students with their class subjects. Woodland Elementary School also has different music programs that teach students how to sing, play instruments, and work together as a team. Kaiser Elementary School at 2130 Santa Ana Avenue: Following the motto, "Common sense, Accountability, Respect, and that Everyone matters (C.A.R.E.)", Kaiser Elementary School officials hold their students accountable and responsible for their actions. This elementary school has plenty of different programs available. They have off-campus after school programs such as Boys and Girls Club, St. Andrew’s Watch Program, and Woodland Child Development Center. On site, Woodland offers GATE or Gifted and Talented Education testing for students in grades third through fifth and help accommodate students who require accelerated instruction and classes. Also, students who attend this school can sign up for clubs such as student council and music.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: The main middle school/junior high school in the Cherry Lake area is Ensign Intermediate School. This school enrolls seventh and eighth graders. Students learn a rigorous curriculum that challenges them. Teachers are determined to prepare their students for high school and put them on the college track in order to set them up for success. Ensign has a athletic department that offers competitive sports teams. This department has a mission of teaching students about the importance of physical education, fitness, discipline, and teamwork. Some of the sports teams offered include volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and field, and soccer.
Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Avenue: Newport Harbor High School is a great high school that cultivates and nurtures students, so they can excel at their absolute best. Cherry Lake students in grades ninth through twelfth can enroll in their school and expect to be challenged and mature as individuals. Along with Advanced Placement classes for college preparation, Newport Harbor offers Career Technology Education, which prepares students who for careers in fields such as marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Also, students in the tenth grade are able to apply for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Outside of the academics, students can participate in athletics, theater, and music. Back Bay High School at 390 Monte Vista Avenue: High school students in the Cherry Lake area are able to enroll in Back Bay High School. This school is an alternative education center for high schoolers that need more accommodations in order to excel in their classwork. Many of the students are referred to Back Bay if they once were homeschool students and need additional academic support in order to get back on track. Student are able to start over at Back Bay. This school involves teachers, staff, parents, and the community all in different school events in order to support the students and their academic and individual growth.
Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: For over 50 years, Carden Hall has been striving for academic excellence and nurturing the growth of each student. Cherry Lake family favor enrolling their students in this stellar private school because students are able to learn more about themselves, excel in their strengths, and improve their weaknesses. Carden Hall is a faith-based institution as Judeo-Christian virtues are taught and implemented by teachers and staff members. Parents who have students in elementary and junior high school are eligible to apply. Carden Hall nine sports teams such as basketball, volleyball, football, and soccer. Additional courses include music, theater, and physical education. International Montessori Academy of Newport at 2591 Irvine Avenue: International Christian Montessori Academy of Newport is a private school that accepts students from 18 months up to six years old. School officials strive to provide a well-rounded education to create well-rounded individuals. Students have the opportunities to participate in different extracurricular programs including gymnastics, world languages, dance, swimming, and Tae Kwon Do. International Christian Montessori Academy of Newport has smaller classrooms so students do not feel like just a number. Students are able to connect with their teachers and their fellow peers and work together. At a young age, students are building friendships and healthy academic relationships with their teachers.

Real Estate

Cherry Lake Housing 2020

Within the Cherry Lake community, the real estate is only single-family homes. These homes are priced no lower than one million because of the location, exclusivity, community amenities, and the spectacular scenic views. Cherry Lake residents have the pleasure of enjoying the private lake, whether they go rowing or paddle boating. This neighborhood is on the grid while still being Newport Beach’s most tranquil and private community in the entire city.

It allows residents and visitors to feel safe and protected. The homes in Cherry Lake are priced as high as $3.1 million and as low as $1.2 million. Most of the homes in the high price range are located near the coast and overlooking the water. Families love homes that are closer to the water because of the wonderful ocean views and the easier access to the water. The lower priced single-family homes are further away from the water and have few bedrooms and bathrooms.

Cherry Lake Homes for Sale

Known as the only lakeside neighborhood in Newport Beach, Cherry Lake is a hidden beauty in southern California. This community is very unique with a spring fed lake right in the middle of the area and only 19 single-family homes in the entire neighborhood. Although this area is not guard gated, Cherry Lake is still very much private and exclusive.

It is located right next to the Bayview Trails, trees, and picturesque grassland. Many of these are waterfront contemporary homes. Unfortunately, there are no apartments, condominiums, or townhomes in Cherry Lake. Also, there are no new constructions as this community is very small and only less than 20 homes. Most of these single-family homes were beach houses that were reconstructed to be two-story homes. There were first built in the mid 1950s. The Cherry Lake homes have can have between three to five bedrooms with a variety of different floor plans.

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Things to do

Despite the small size of this hidden community, Cherry Lakes is near so many city amenities, activities, and shops for residents and visitors to enjoy. Living in this neighborhood is a perk because residents have the option to stay in the comfort of their homes and neighborhood to enjoy the tranquility and then travel out to other areas of Newport Beach to do lively exciting activities. It is only a short drive or walk to some of Newport Beach's hot spots and go-to places. Since Costa Mesa is so close to this neighborhood, residents and visitors can enjoy the different restaurants from Cafe Rio Mexican Grill to Flame Broiler to Yard House. Many people who like watching the newest releases can go to Triangle Cinemas for a great time. The OC Fair & Event Center has so many concerts, stand-up comedy shows, and even school tours more throughout the year.
Cherry Lakes neighborhood is near restaurants that are both casual and high-end, accommodating your dining needs. The Counter Custom Burgers allows you to build the perfect burger. Cafe Rio Mexican Grill serves delicious Mexican classics. If you are in the mood for Asian, Flame Broiler has tasty, mouth-watering Korean cuisine.
Performing Arts
The OC Fair & Event Center is only a couple of miles away from Cherry Lakes. Not only does this center host the Orange County fair with food and amusement rides, but also it hosts different concerts and performances from well-known and local musicians, comedians, and actors for your enjoyment.
Fine Arts & Culture
The neighborhood is surrounded by several art galleries. Vallejo Gallery has 18th through 20th century art pieces and artifacts, focusing on maritime history. Susan Spiritus Gallery showcases captivating photographs and pieces from contemporary artists and photographers. This place has arts from different genres and categories from abstract to alternative processes.
For those who do not want to drive south to the Newport Beach on the coast, they can stay in the Cherry Lake neighborhood and enjoy the lake. Residents and visitors can go canoeing, kayaking, row boating, paddle boating, and peddle boating. Also, people can go to the back bay.
Recreational Fishing
People who live in Cherry Lake love going recreational fishing in the area. They can either rent a small boat or take their own on the lake water to enjoy the weather and catch some fish. It is a great hobby because it is soothing and can be done with or without company.
Movie Theater
Triangle Cinemas is a go-to movie theater for people living in Cherry Lakes as well as those living in Costa Mesa. This stadium-style theater always shows the exciting new releases. Not only does this movie theater show new movies, but it also shows some classics on certain days.
Parks & Recreation
There are various parks with recreational amenities including Heller Park, Mariner Park, and Newport Harbor Park. Woodland Park is where some families go to pay different sports such as soccer and catch. Also, Families can go to Lindbergh Park to walk their dogs or allow their children to play on the playground.
If you want to sign up for a luxurious cruise international or just around the Newport Beach area, you have plenty of options. Newport has some of the best cruise and traveling agencies. These agencies include Watts on the Harbor Cruises, Cruise Newport Beach, and Hornblower Cruises & Events (South Location).
Shopping near Cherry Lakes areas is so exciting because there are several shopping centers and retail stores to choose from. You can go to 17th Street Promenade or Westport Square Shopping Center to shop at different upscale local boutiques. Also, Lido Marina Village is less than four miles away and has name brand clothing stores.
Nightlife Spots
The Cherry Lake neighborhood is near some of the most social and fun nightlife spots in Newport Beach. While some are more quiet, others are more lively. There are spots like Pie Society Bar, Tiki Bar, The Alley Restaurant & Bar, 3 Thirty 3 Waterfront, and The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar.


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