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ABOUT Clark Fulton

Clark-Fulton is a western neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio that has a rich history and all the benefits that come with modern, urban living.

Clark-Fulton has a population of a little over 11,000 residents, and this neighborhood’s residents come from a wide variety of walks of life. The neighborhood attracts many young families, and reports that Clark-Fulton is one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Cleveland.

Additionally, rates Clark-Fulton as one of Cleveland’s most diverse neighborhoods and also cites the neighborhood’s low cost of living as being an attractive factor.

Clark-Fulton has a low median home value compared with national averages, though housing prices in the neighborhood are typically about average for Cleveland. As for rental properties, this neighborhood’s average rent tracks lower than national averages.

Clark-Fulton has a suburban atmosphere, and residents are within short distance of multiple great restaurants, bars, parks, and other attractions that make living in Cleveland a great experience.

Clark-Fulton includes around 11,000 residents. 49% are female, and 51% are male.

22% of residents have some college education or an associate’s degree, and 6% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree. 2% of residents hold a master’s degree or higher.

51% of the neighborhood’s population identifies as Hispanic, and 32% of residents are White. 15% of the population is African American, and 1% of Clark-Fulton residents are biracial or multiracial.

The neighborhood’s reported median household income is $25K. 52% of residents make under $25K annually, while 22% make between $25K-$44K and 14% of residents make between $45K-$74K. From there, 12% of residents make over $75K annually.


Diverse population
Easy commutes
Low cost of living
Good for young professionals
Multiple local schools
Various nearby attractions
Diverse housing options

Natural Disasters

Clark-Fulton is more prone to flooding than other neighborhoods that aren’t located as close to the Cuyahoga River. When the river floods, the neighborhood can also experience flooding. Some residents experience property damage as a result of the floods.

Tornadoes are another type of natural disaster that can affect the neighborhood. While most of the 19 tornadoes that Ohio experiences every year avoid Cleveland, there are a few that can hit the city. However, tornadoes are not a major concern in the neighborhood.

Besides extreme thunderstorms, blizzards and extreme snow storms cause the most problems for the residents of Clark-Fulton.


According to, roughly 50% of Clark-Fulton residents have estimated daily commute times of 20 minutes or less, which tracks as pretty convenient based on Ohio’s standards.

Interstate 90 and Interstate 490 can both be accessed just north of Clark-Fulton’s borders, and Interstate 71 curves around the neighborhood’s eastern and southern border as well. Interstate 77 can be found further south and east of the neighborhood.

It takes about 13 minutes to reach Lakewood by car from Clark-Fulton, and Downtown Cleveland is also a little over 10 minutes away from the neighborhood. It takes roughly the same amount of time to reach Burke Lakefront Airport from Clark-Fulton as well.

Crime Rate

Residents of Clark-Fulton experience more crime per 100,000 people than other nearby Cleveland neighborhoods. The neighborhood has a high average crime rate by Cleveland’s standards, and a much higher rate than in Ohio or in the US.

The majority of crimes are property crimes. The national average for property crimes is 2,200 per 100,000 while the average is 2,177 in Ohio and 4,412 in Cleveland. Clark-Fulton, on the other hand, has an average of 6,409. Most of these crimes are made up of burglary and theft.


SCHOOLS IN Clark Fulton

As a neighborhood of Cleveland, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District sees to the educational needs of students in Clark-Fulton. Additionally, this neighborhood’s residents have the option to attend multiple acclaimed private campuses both in Clark-Fulton and in nearby areas.

Considering that Cleveland is home to people of a wide range of socioeconomic statuses and ethnic backgrounds, it’s no surprise that this school district’s campuses are widely known for their diversity. The district’s average student-teacher ratio is 14 to 1, which is notably low and even more impressive considering that this district educates 40,000 students.

Cleveland MSD has about 70 campuses that educate grades K-8, and roughly 40 other campuses serve grades 9-12. reports that this school district’s campuses have excellent athletic programming, and schools typically have a range of student activities and extracurricular options.

Clark-Fulton students are also within short driving distance of religious campuses that rank well on a statewide level and other established private schools.


Walton School: Walton School is a pre-kindergarten-9 campus in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District located just north of Clark-Fulton’s borders. reports this school’s student diversity is exemplary, and the campus has an average student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1. 22% of students rank as proficient in reading and 12% rank as proficient in math according to state test scores. Lincoln Park Academy: Lincoln Park Academy is a charter school located within a short distance of Clark-Fulton. This kindergarten-8 campus educates around 200 students, so the school’s atmosphere is more close-knit than larger campuses, and teachers work to make lasting impacts on students. 98% of this school’s student population qualifies for free or reduced lunches, and many students come from different ethnic backgrounds.
Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy: Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy is a pre-kindergarten-12 campus in Cleveland MSD within easy commuting distance of Clark-Fulton. To give an idea of class sizes, the average student-teacher ratio is 17 to 1. This campus is especially notable based on its student diversity, emphasis on college prep, health and safety records, and diverse clubs and activities according to’s findings. Horizon Science Academy Denison School: Horizon Science Academy Denison School is a public charter school located near Clark-Fulton that educates around 270 students throughout grades kindergarten-8. This conveniently located charter school has a reported average student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1, and reports this campus is one of the most diverse middle schools in not just the Cleveland area, but the state.
Lincoln-West High School: Lincoln-West High School is a local campus with 340 students. This campus is known for having small class sizes, a wide range of student clubs and extracurricular activities, and an ethnically and economically diverse student population. In fact, reports that this campus is #37 out of 917 other public high schools in the state in terms of diversity. John Marshall School of Engineering: John Marshall School of Engineering is located about 10 minutes west of Clark-Fulton. This Cleveland MSD school has an excellent health and safety track record, and students, teachers, and parents agree that the school’s extracurricular activities are excellent. This campus has an average student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, which is notably below the average national ratio.
The Bridge Avenue School: The Bridge Avenue School is a Christian 5-8 campus within the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. This private campus has a reported 7 to 1 student-teacher ratio and notably small class sizes. This private school has a religious-based curriculum and a personalized approach to education. Saint Michael Catholic School: Saint Michael Catholic School emphasizes faith-based curriculum and encourages high standards for academic success and acts of service. This Catholic school educates grades 2-8 and is located just northeast of Clark-Fulton’s borders. With small class sizes, the school emphasizes safety, individual student attention, character formation, positive peer encouragement, and Catholic principals. Saint Ignatius High School: reports Saint Ignatius High School, an all-boys campus, is the best Catholic 9-12 school in Cleveland due to the school’s outstanding academic record, excellent clubs and activities, effective college preparatory programs, and more impressive factors. This campus also has a 100% graduation rate, an average student SAT score of 1300, and an average student ACT score of 29.

Real Estate

Clark Fulton Housing 2020 reports that the average real estate price in Clark-Fulton is $65K. That said, the price points of real estate in this neighborhood can widely vary. It typically takes about 40 days for a property to sell in this market.

To give an idea of the neighborhood’s real estate market, reports that about 1,200 properties in the neighborhood are valued under $50K. Another 1,230 pieces of real estate are priced between $50K-$100K, and 170 Clark-Fulton properties range between $100K-$150K.

From there, about 240 properties vary between $150K-$200K. More than 80 other properties in Clark-Fulton range between $200K-$250K. 120 other pieces of real estate are priced between $250K-$300K, and about 70 Clark-Fulton properties are worth between $500K-$750K.

Clark-Fulton is considered a seller’s market, seeing as more buyers are looking to make offers on properties in the neighborhood than there are homes listed for sale, so sellers can expect multiple offers.

Clark Fulton Homes for Sale reports that 63% of housing options in Clark-Fulton are rented residences, which means 37% of properties in the neighborhood are owner-occupied properties. Clark-Fulton’s vacancy rate is notably high and tracks around 19.7%. This number is notably higher than about 85% of other neighborhoods in the country.

The majority of housing options in the neighborhood are 1-2 bedroom apartments and 3-4 bedroom detached family homes. Actually, an estimated 50.7% of housing options in this neighborhood are apartment buildings, which is a higher percentage than 98.3% of residential areas across the country.

With this information in mind, finding attached residences and condominiums in Clark-Fulton can prove to be a difficult undertaking.

To give an idea of property age ranges, reports that the bulk of properties in Clark-Fulton were built after 1939, and specifically many properties were constructed between 1940-1969, as is expected with Cleveland neighborhoods.

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Things to do

Located next to three major interstates, it’s no wonder that Clark-Fulton residents have fast access to Cleveland’s expansive and entertaining selection of recreational activities and highly rated venues. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Cleveland State University Art Gallery are only a handful of the many iconic venues located roughly within a 15 minute driving distance of Clark-Fulton. With Lake Erie just a short commute away from the neighborhood, lakeside activities like boating, swimming, and picnicking are also great options for residents. More close-to-home venues include locations like the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, A Christmas Story House, and a range of scenic parks. As for local nightlife, Cleveland is home to a wide variety of bars, clubs, and lounges with 5 star ratings and loyal customers. Restaurants situated around Clark-Fulton are as diverse as the neighborhood’s residents, and there are also many venues like Memphis Kiddie Park that are family-friendly.
Check out Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Seeing as the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is less than 2 miles away from the center of Clark-Fulton, it’s impossible to overlook this expansive, animal-centric Cleveland attraction. This entertaining venue can make for an excellent outing whether the whole family is coming along, a few friends are looking to hang out, or a special someone would enjoy some fun quality time.
Visit A Christmas Story House
The house featured in the famous film A Christmas Story currently is open for visitors as a quirky museum located just west of Clark-Fulton next to Tremont Park. This themed venue features a replicated interior of the film and also houses interesting exhibits and memorabilia from the classic 1980s movie following the adventures of Ralphie Parker.
Bring the Family to Memphis Kiddie Park
Memphis Kiddie Park is a local seasonal amusement park geared towards children that local guides rate highly and families in the area frequent. This venue is found right next to Big Creek Reservation and includes live performances, snack stations, picnic areas, a train, and multiple rides and roller coasters that are sure to entertain.
Enjoy Washington Learning Center Golf Course
This golf course is located about 10 minutes away from Clark-Fulton by way of Interstate 490 and found in the beautiful Washington Park. Washington Learning Center Golf Course is well-rated among local golfers, routinely maintained, and offers visitors a bang for their buck. At this course, improving golf skills while enjoying scenic, green surroundings is all too easy.
Get spooky at Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick
Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick is an interesting private museum that is less than 10 minutes away from Clark-Fulton. This venue houses an eclectic and intriguing selection of Wiccan-related items that Raymond Buckland began collecting during 1966. Locals praise the museum’s friendly and knowledgeable staff members and routinely find viewing the museum’s artifacts to be an educational and enriching experience.
Take a Boxing class at Old Angle Boxing Gym
Like the fitness center’s self-explanatory name suggests, Old Angle Boxing Gym is a boxing gym based in Clark-Fulton that offers space and mentorship opportunities to visitors looking to work on improving their boxing and kickboxing skills. This gym offers multileveled classes to visitors, and the fitness center’s coaches, competitions, and classes are highly recommended by regulars.
Take a Yoga Class With She Collective
Geared towards women empowerment, relaxation, and self-realization, this zen local venue offers a range of classes and opportunities for visitors to use yoga as both a physical and mental exercise. Praised for its involved, welcoming, and supportive staff, this venue also conveniently has a fun and safe childcare space on location.
See What’s Showing at the Cleveland Public Theatre
The Cleveland Public Theatre is a highly-rated performing arts venue located within convenient driving distance for Clark-Fulton residents. This historic venue has been revamped for modern productions of unconventional and unique stage shows that leave audiences wowed. Visitors are welcome to enjoy musical ensembles, comedy specials, eclectic plays, and more live events in a classic theatrical atmosphere.


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