Overview: Built in the late 1940s and early 1950s, the Cliffhaven neighborhood is an old fashion area with wonderful single-family homes, schooling options, dining places, shopping stores, and entertainment centers. This high-desirable area is surrounded by large trees, walking trails, and beautiful grassland, which is great for fresh air and opportunities to take walks around the neighborhood. Although it is not guard gated, Cliffhaven is still very high-class and well-sought out. There are 344 single-family homes in Cliffhaven all ranging from bungalow to traditional with a mixture of contemporary architecture. This neighborhood has a couple of park in the middle of the area for families, which is perfect for people who enjoy being active outdoors. Toward the edge of the community, there are various casual and and upscale restaurants for when you just want to grab a bite to eat. Cliffhaven is near the coast, so the people have easier access to the beach.

Location: The Cliffhaven neighborhood is located near the Newport Heights area off of the Pacific Ocean coast. This area is minutes away and north of Bayshores, a coastal and guard gated community in Newport Beach. Cliffhaven is also located north of artificially-made, residential island, Lido Isle. The community is less than a mile away and southwest of the Castaways area. About two miles north of Cliffhaven is Costa Mesa, a edge city located next to Newport Beach in Orange County. The Cliffhaven area considered near the southern part of Newport Beach. Corona del Mar is three miles southeast of the neighborhood.

Commutes: This community is around various major and minor roads, which make it possible for residents and visitors to access other neighborhoods in Newport Beach and other cities in California. Cliffhaven is bordered from 16th Street to Pacific Coast Highway and from Irvine Avenue to Dover Drive. Within the area, the streets of Cliffhaven are St. Andrews Road, Pirate Road, Sung Harbor Road, Signal Road, Kings Place, St. James Road, and St. James Place. The Pacific Coast Highway is a north-south major highway that runs along the coast. It runs from San Francisco to San Diego and areas in Orange County.

Culture: Because this neighborhood is not guard gated, restaurants and stores are within and surrounding the area. The residents enjoy going to the beach frequently since it is only a mile away. They are outdoors most of the time not only because their community is near the beach; residents love being outside because there are several recreational parks in the area with playgrounds and sports fields. The culture of Cliffhaven is centered around family fun and outdoor activities. This area only has single-family homes. People move to the community if they desire to raise their families in a safe environment.


Overview: Students who live in the Cliffhaven community are zoned to attend a school within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District if they are not already enrolled in a private school. Newport-Mesa has more than 22,000 students and 32 schools total. It has many elementary, middle/junior high, and high schools for families to choose from. Along with these choices, this school district also has an adult education center that helps adults who want to earn their high school diploma. Newport-Mesa even has alternative education centers for high students who have been referred because they are struggling with their studies and need help getting back on track. These schools help students improve their grades and get their high school diploma. While many families can enroll their students in public schools in the area, others prefer to enroll their students in private schools. These schools have smaller classrooms and course options and activities.


Elementary Schools

Newport Heights Elementary at 300 East 15th Street.

Newport Heights Elementary School is a public school that accepts students up to sixth grade. The school has several extracurricular programs and activities for the students. It has teachers and faculty members that are fully qualified and dedicated to making sure that each student understands the curriculum and has a fair chance of succeeding. The teachers create a safe and understanding environment so students feel comfortable enough to confide in their teachers or ask for help. Newport Heights has a “no bully policy” and does not tolerate any sort of violence. Students are taught to respect and encourage one another.

Mariners Elementary School at 2100 Mariners Drive.

The school officials of Mariners Elementary value teaching the students the curriculum using traditional teaching techniques and methods that will help them understand the material as best as they possibly can. Students have the opportunity to participate in the after school programs. Mariners Elementary School has a popular performing arts department that many parents want their students a part of. The school values teaching the students about music of different genres and from different parts of the world. The Pacific Chorale Chorus is just one of the music clubs that this school offers. It teaches basic music theory and vocal techniques.

Middle Schools

Corona del Mar Middle School at 2985 Bear Street.

Less than four minutes away from the Cliffhaven neighborhood is Corona del Mar Middle School. Serving seventh and eighth graders, Corona del Mar is a well-known middle school in Newport Beach because of the many student development opportunities it offers. Students not only learn the core curriculum, but also they can sign up for different after school clubs. School officials ensure that students’ grades do not suffer when they decide to participate in extracurricular activities. Corona del Mar Middle School has a great athletic department with a variety of sports teams, including volleyball, track and field, soccer, cheerleading, and basketball.

Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive.

This stellar middle/junior high public school is within Cliffhaven and offers so many opportunities for students to flourish and grow into scholars. Students can learn different world languages like Spanish and French. Those from all over the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa areas enroll in this school because of the great instruction and exciting extracurricular programs available. Ensign Intermediate School has enrichment programs that assist students that either need additional help with their classes or those who are considered gifted and talented and need accelerated classes. The after school activities offered at Ensign include choir, art classes, orchestra, and dance.

High Schools

Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave.

Newport Harbor High School is a prestigious high school in the Cliffhaven neighborhood. This high school encourages its students to participate in different after school clubs, college preparatory classes, and other enrichment programs because it will add to the students’ learning experiences. Teachers encourage students to work together among their peers but to also develop a sense of self and individuality. Newport Harbor has so much to offer. Students have different options regarding enrolling in additional courses outside of their core classes. These classes include fine arts, performing arts, computer technology, and more. The Associates Student Body is a popular club at Newport Harbor High School.

Corona del Mar High School at 2985 Bear Street.

Since the Corona del Mar Middle School and High School are in the same building, students who live in Cliffhaven have the option enrolling in the high school. It is another popular high school within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Corona del Mar High School provides the courses and tools needed to be successful after graduation. Students are challenged to set their own goals to achieve. Ninth through twelfth graders come in as students and leave as scholars who are ready to take on the world. This school has college preparatory and career technology courses that helps students figure out what career path they want

Private Schools

Newport Christian School at 1000 Bison Avenue.

This faith-based accepts students in kindergarten through eleventh grade. Newport Christian School was established in 1980. It has been expanding ever since, adding more and more classes and grade levels. Eventually, school officials plan on introducing the twelfth grade so that elementary, middle, junior high, and high school students can enroll. Although this school teaches Christian values, Newport Christian School also teaches cores courses and electives that students can receive a well-rounded education. The core academics offered at this school include reading, math, language/phonics, history, penmanship, science, and world languages. Students can enjoy after school clubs in performing arts, fine arts, and sports.


Overview: Cliffhaven is known for being an old fashioned community with condominiums and single-family homes with either bungalow-style or traditional and contemporary homes. This neighborhoods is near the coast and has over 300 homes. There are plenty of homes in Cliffhaven that have been renovated or rebuilt within the last 15 years. The neighborhood has several recreational parks and grassland, making it a great area for you to go biking or taking your dogs out for a walk. Some of the homes are facing the ocean and the parks, while the others are facing other homes or other parts of the neighborhood. Since this community is filled with just condos and single-family homes, Cliffhaven does not have any apartments or townhomes available. There are currently no new homes being built in the area. These wonderful homes are spacious and luxurious. Cliffhaven single-family homes can have between three to six bedrooms and two to seven bathrooms.

Housing options

Single-family Homes

Some of these single-family homes in the Cliffhaven neighborhood have a swimming pool and spa in the backyard. The majority of them have features and amenities such as a two-car garage, vaulted ceilings, French doors that lead to the backyard, finished hardwood flooring, and a spacious outdoor living area to host parties and cater to a larger group of guests. These single-family homes can also have upstair areas for a children’s playroom, library, home office, or an upper entertainment room. The lot sizes for the Cliffhaven real estate ranges from 7,000-11,000 square feet. These lovely homes are great for larger families.


The Cliffhaven community has a few condominiums in the area. These are attached condos with upper and lower units. They can have as many as three bedrooms and two bathrooms and no less than two bedrooms. Many of the condominiums in Cliffhaven were built in the early 1960s but were remodeled recently with new appliances, cabinets, and countertops. These comfortable residential places have amenities and features such as a community swimming pool, vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring, attached garage, dual pane windows, a balcony for the master bedroom, and much more. The Cliffhaven condos are near Newport Heights and street shopping.

If you’re interested in buying a home in this area, check out currently available Cliffhaven homes for sale. You can also browse through the entire database of all the available Newport Beach homes for sale.

Real Estate

Overview: The majority of the real estate in the Cliffhaven community is single-family homes. The closer the homes are to the Pacific Coast Highway, the more expensive they are. This is because the Pacific Coast Highway is a major highway that is great for commuting to different parts of Newport Beach as well as other cities in California. Also, homes near this highway are also near the Bayshores neighborhood, coast, and the beaches. Families in Cliffhaven want to live as close to the bay as possible because it is a quicker commute. Although homes further away from the coast is cheaper, they are close to different restaurants and other fun places Cliffhaven has to offer. The more expensive single-family homes are as high as $6.6 million. Many people love coastal living in California. The homes that are lower-priced cost as low as $2 million and are further away from the beach.

Things to Do

Overview: You will not get bored living in Cliffhaven because there are so many things to do. Whether you go to the beach for watersports, grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant, check out some art exhibits, or go to the movies with your friends, you are bound to have a great time. Cliffhaven is only minutes away from the beach, which mean swimming and other activities in the water are popular. It has different companies such as Sun Country Marine that specializes in boats and yachts. This neighborhood also has delicious dining options such as Mozza Newport, Xanadu Cafe, Rustic Pelican, and plenty more. It offers different boat touring options that even residents who have lived in Cliffhaven for years can enjoy. Those who love artistic expression and appreciate contemporary paintings and sculptures can go to the art galleries and exhibits in the area. The possibilities are endless!

Retail & Entertainment


Cliffhaven has many dining options for almost all occasions. Whether you are going out on a fancy date or want to grab some food at a casual restaurant, you will find what you’re looking for. The restaurants nearby include Mozza Newport, Xanadu Cafe, SOL Mexican Cocina, Pizza Nova, and more.


When it comes to shopping, Cliffhaven is close to some great shopping areas with a variety of different high-end styles and price ranges. Lido Marina Village is an open air mall that is just under three miles away. It offer stores like Bailey44, Alchemy Works Harbor House, Faherty, Marine Layer, and Planet Blue.

Water Tours

The Cliffhaven neighborhood is not too far away from some of the best cruise and events companies in Newport Beach. The most popular company is Newport Fun Tours. They offer great deals on water tours in the city. You get to enjoy the views and see marine life in the ocean.


If you are in the mood to go canoeing, kayaking, surfing, or some other watersport, you can take a quick trip to the beach. Even if you need some equipment, Wayward Captain Watersports and Newport Paddle Company has what you need. These companies have watersports equipment to rent or buy at reasonable prices.


Cruise companies such as Electra Cruises and Hornblower Cruises & Events. These companies offer everything from private boats to host events, live performances, great music, delicious food, and a great time. Many people even book cruises for private events and celebrations such as wedding receptions, business meetings, and birthday parties.

Fine Arts

Cliffhaven is just a few miles away from the Newport Theater Arts Center (NTAC). This center was founded in 1979 and has been providing amazing shows ever since. NTAC puts on five different plays from the months of September to July. Also, it has a youth community center for young actors.

Parks & Recreation

Because Cliffhaven has several parks and parks near the neighborhood, many of the residents in the area love to enjoy the outdoors. These parks include Horace Ensign Park near Ensign Intermediate School, Wyatt Park, John Wayne Park, Kings Road Park, Cliff Drive Park, and Castaways Park. They are family-friendly parks.

Recreational Fishing

Since Cliffhaven is near the coast, many residents and visitor like to go down to the public docks and fish for fun or for dinner. The coastal waters have a variety of fish. Newport Beach has fish like halibut, sand bass, whitefish, tuna, yellowfin tuna, white sea bass, and much more.


If you need a moment of relaxation, massages, and peace, you can go to one of Cliffhaven’s spas. Esthetique Arts LLC is a upscale has facials, body therapy, and head-to-toe therapeutic messages. BeeSugared and Serenity Skin Spa also offer these treatments as well as skin treatments such as exfoliation and waxing.


Newport Peach, Ekam Yoga, and Newport Beach Fit Body Boot Camp are some of the places where people who live in Cliffhaven can go to to get fit. Whether you are already athletic, wanting to get more in shape, or just want stretching exercises, these places have options for everyone.