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ABOUT Corona del Mar

Also known as the “Crown of the Sea,” Corona del Mar, CA is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and has become a great community to reside in. This community can be lively and quiet, perfect for those who value both. It has classic cottage homes as well as new breathtaking contemporary houses, surrounded by incredible flower landscapes.

Corona del Mar offers some of the best restaurants, nightlife spots, and popular pubs in town, giving residents and visitors opportunities to have some evening fun. People can enjoy the beach area, participate in community 5k runs, concerts at the Newport Beach Civic Center, check out the Sherman Library and Gardens and much more.

This Newport Beach area has great shopping centers like the Corona del Mar Plaza along with high-end boutiques for exquisite tastes and styles. It has two beaches where visitors and residents surf, swim, play summer sports, and climb cliffs.

The Corona del Mar community has a chic and sophisticated vibe that breeds class and high-quality living. From contemporary beach houses to extravagant townhomes, the neighborhood has a variety of different housing architecture. It has country clubs, resorts, classic inns, stylish shopping centers, and many entertainment options for residents and visitors.

Mainly single-families live in Corona del Mar because of the many one-to-two story homes. This quaint neighborhood is a peaceful paradise in Newport, perfect for families who want a slower pace of living. This is the perfect place to build a family because this community has much to offer.


Diverse architecture
Excellent schools
Pristine beaches
Quaint parks
Popular golf courses
Great shopping
Good dining options
Affluent community amenities

Natural Disasters

The most common types of natural disasters that threaten Corona Del Mar include earthquakes, flooding, wildfires, landslides, and strong winds. The neighborhood is located in Newport Beach, an area that is prone to geologic hazards that are related to tectonic movement along the San Andreas Fault.

Corona Del Mar is among those located in the hazard zone for earthquakes and tsunamis. It has a very high earthquake risk, with a total of about 3,911 earthquakes that have occurred in the area since 1931. According to the USGS, there is a 91.81% chance of a major earthquake within 50km of Corona Del Mar within the next 50 years.

The neighborhood is at low risk of tornadoes, with an average of only 1 tornado every year. Only 41 tornadoes have occurred in the area since 1950.


The neighborhood is near the Pacific Coast Highway, which is a major state highway along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Also known State Route 1 (SR 1), this state highway runs from north to south and has turnoffs, making it easier for residents and visitors to access places such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and local parts of Corona del Mar.

This Newport area is just about four miles away from Newport Beach if you are traveling southeast. It is near the California State Route 73, which stretches from Interstate 405 in Costa Mesa to the San Joaquin Hills.

Crime Rate

The crime rate in Corona Del Mar is relatively low compared to other neighborhoods in Newport Beach, CA.

Overall, the total crime rate is about 2,546 per 100, 000 people. This is about 37.8% lower than the national average, and about 11% lower than the state average.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 144 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 56.15% lower than the national average. Property crimes, meanwhile, happen more often in the neighborhood at a rate of about 2,403 per 100,000 people. This is about 4.97% higher than the national average.

One’s chances of becoming a victim of crime in the area is 1 in 40.


SCHOOLS IN Corona del Mar

Families who live in Corona del Mar mainly enroll their students at a public school in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District or to a private school. The Newport Mesa Unified School District covers overs almost 60 square miles of the Orange County and includes Newport Beach, Costa, Mesa and Corona del Mar.

The school district has 22,000 students enrolled in 32 schools. It values student academics, behavior, and community, preparing its students for life beyond graduation. The district is continuously adjusting the core curriculum to ensure that the standards align with well-rounded and comprehensive material. While there are only a few private schools in Corona del Mar, these schools provide quality education.

Classes are smaller in size in order to cater to students more and make sure no student is overlooked. Private schools such as Harbor Day School and Sage Hill School strive to increase the potential of their students.


Harbor View Elementary School: Harbor View Elementary School serves students in grades kindergarten through fifth. This public school focuses on science, technology, art, reading, writing, history, and math. School administrators want their students to become high-achieving citizens who continue to grow in creativity and critical thinking. Along with the core subjects, Harbor View commits to providing extracurricular activities and elective programs. These programs include art, choir, orchestra, student government, and much more. Fifth and sixth-grade Harbor View students have the opportunity to participate in the annual school play. For a small fee, students can do after school programs to add to their academic experiences. Lincoln Elementary School: Corona del Mar students in kindergarten through fifth grade can attend Lincoln Elementary School. This school has won the 1999 National Gold Ribbon, 2014 Exemplary Arts Education, and a California Distinguished School in 1997, 2004 and 2016. It is located in the center of Corona del Mar. Its prestigious awards exemplify its success in challenging its students to be committed to excellence. This school has a science and technology stations for critical thinkers. Lincoln Elementary offers GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program and testing for students in third through sixth grade. Teachers are looking for students that possess gifted characteristics.
Corona del Mar Middle School: For students in grades seventh through eighth, Corona del Mar Middle School is the main middle school in the area. It offers both academic and extracurricular programs for all. To ensure that the students are taking their academics seriously, they have put in place GPA requirements for those who want to participate in extracurricular activities. The school has sports teams available such as soccer, cheerleading, track, basketball, and volleyball. For middle school, students have the opportunity to learn the Spanish, Mandarin, French or American Sign Language. Students can either take a language course for one quarter or enroll in technology.
Corona del Mar High School: High school students in the Corona del Mar neighborhood are zoned to enroll in Corona del Mar, which is connected with Corona del Mar Middle School. Students have the opportunity to take advantage of Advanced Placement (AP) classes, which offer college-level content for high schoolers. This prepares them for college and can earn them credit towards course credits at universities. The high school has Orchesis Dance Company, which is an elite dance program that has formal auditions. Students can perform at different events in the community. Athletic programs offered at this school include football, golf, cross country, tennis, and volleyball.
Harbor Day School: Harbor Day School is a prestigious private school that creates a student-centered atmosphere so that students are safe to learn and grown. The school is six acres in size, perfect for adequate room for student activities. For over 60 years, this school has been providing a wide range of courses such as extensive technology, woodshop, world languages (Spanish, Chinese, and Latin), and fine arts. Harbor Day has 408 students in grades kindergarten through eighth. The teacher-to-student ratio is 1-to-11 for elementary and 1-to-16 for middle school. Harbor Day School staff are able to connect with their students much easier.

Real Estate

Corona del Mar Housing 2020

The majority of Corona del Mar real estate is single-family homes and condominiums. This neighborhood not only ranges widely in the architecture and structure of homes, but also in the buying prices. Many of these places have houses that are priced as high as $14 million.

Homes in this price range are in the more upscale part of the neighborhood, south of the Pacific Coast Highway. Also, they are much larger in size, larger in lot square footage, and have more high-end amenities and more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious.

On the other side, Corona del Mar houses can be priced as low as $730,000 and even lower for the condominiums. Quite a few homes that are on the market because of foreclosure, which means their prices will be more affordable. While many on the market possess the vintage cottage style, there is an influx of homes that are more modern.

Corona del Mar Homes for Sale

The Corona del Mar neighborhood has mainly one-to-two story new cottage-style houses, townhomes, and condominiums. These contemporary twists on cottage-style homes adds both a vintage and modernism feel to them. Townhomes and condos are a very popular in Corona del Mar because they fit the beachside and coastal feel of the neighborhood.

Beautiful porches that wrap around the back with a plush lawn that stretches all around the house makes outdoor events so much easier to host. More upscale homes are three stories and have balconies of different sizes and structures that face the beach, oceanfront, and Catalina of Corona del Mar.

The variety in the different house architecture give families opportunities to pick the home that best suites what they’re looking for. These high-end homes tend to be within a gated communities in order to control entrances and minimize unwanted activities. It makes residents feel more safe and secure.

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Things to do

From surfing to The Gardens to brisk walks in the Crystal Cove State Park, Corona del Mar has tons of fun activities available for visitors and residents. Whether is is for family fun or a night out on the town, this area has things to do to keep you occupied. One of the many things people enjoy in the area is spending some time at the Corona del Mar State Beach, Big Corona, and Little Corona Beaches. Summer activities at the beach are a great way to wind down. The neighborhood is especially known for its many retail stores within one shopping center. Corona del Mar Plaza offers the most quality of selections with the best clothing and accessories. The restaurant cuisines that Corona del Mar has to offer is endless. Bandera, Pirozzi, and the Bamboo Bistro are just a few of the many places to enjoy some quality meals.
Botanical Gardens
For those who love the aesthetics of horticulture, the Sherman Library & Gardens, also known as The Gardens, is a sight to see. This horticultural retreat has breathtaking views of living plants, displayed on patios, conservatories, and gardens. And with the combination of the brick walkways, the experience is spectacular.
Offering one of the best selections of retail shops in the Newport area, Corona del Mar Plaza has a large selection of high-end shops and boutiques. Stores like J.McLaughlin, Mi Place, and Marmi Shoes carry fine clothing and accessories. This center even has upscale grocery stores such as Bristol Farms.
The Corona del Mar neighborhood has a wide variety of restaurant options for both casual and fine dining. Bandera has delicious American-style food with healthier options. Head over to El Cholo for some Mexican cuisine. For more upscale options, places like Five Crowns and Pelican Grill serve meals with elegance.
Whether you're at the "Big Corona" or "Little Corona," the neighborhood has beach areas, perfect for family and friend hangouts. You can play beach volleyball, surfing, ocean swimming, and more on Big Corona. Little Corona has a more quiet environment, and you can see more sea life in the water.
The Southern California Art Projects and Exhibitions (SCAPE) never disappoints. SCAPE always features quality art pieces from talented individuals. Also it has art advisory services for professionals and first-time buyers who want to maintain art collections. They even offer advice on how to care for the art that is purchased.
.During the summer months, the Corona del Mar are has "Concerts on the Green" at the Civic Center. They are free to the public and offer shows with talented musicians, both mainstream and independent. You can either bring your own food or purchase your food from gourmet food trucks available.
Interested in watching a new-released film, the New Port Theater in Corona del Mar has it all. It is one of Newport Beach's most luxurious theaters. Not only can you watch cinema, but also you can see live performances too. There is even a dining area for patrons to eat.
Fitness Centers
Whether you want to stay active or you have decided to get in shape, Corona del Mar has plenty of fitness centers and gyms. The Shape-Up Health Club, Orangetheory Fitness, and Defy Gravity are just a few of the many fitness centers that offer quality fitness instruction and gym equipment.
Corona del Mar State Park
Taking a walk or spending time with you family in the great outdoors is no problem when you are surrounded by recreational parks. The Corona del Mar State Park has the perfect trail for biking, jogging, and relaxing strolls. Filled with beautiful grassland, the park is very open and spacious.
For a night out on the town, Corona del Mar has quite a few nightlife spots and bars in the area. The Quiet Woman is a famous spot that offers handcrafted drinks in a cozy setting. SideDoor has a European vibe to it and serves delicious appetizers and craft beers.


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