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ABOUT Crestwood

Crestwood is a small community that offers residents short commutes, fast access to Houston attractions, and great local schools.

This western Houston neighborhood is favorably located just west of Downtown Houston, so naturally this area includes many parks, bars, restaurants, museums, and more highly rated venues.

Property values in this part of Houston are notably affordable, and rent trends are also well within national averages. There’s a balanced mix of rental housing options and owner-occupied residences, so the housing market in this neighborhood is notably diverse.

As a part of Houston, students in the neighborhood are directed to public schools within the Houston Independent School District. Many young professionals, retirees, and young families find Crestwood to be an attractive neighborhood due to the neighborhood’s multiple amenities and convenience.

Crestwood is home to around 14,000 residents, and a large portion of the population has a college education. The community leans conservative, and the neighborhood overall has a distinct urban atmosphere.

Of around 14,000 residents, 51% are female and 48% are male.

17% of Crestwood residents have some college education or an associate’s degree, and 37% of residents hold a bachelor’s degree. From there, 38% of Crestwood residents have a master’s degree or a higher degree.

Roughly 73% of residents are White, and 11% of the neighborhood’s population identifies as Hispanic. Another 11% of residents are of Asian descent, and 2% of residents are African American. Another 2% of residents are biracial or multiracial.

The median household income sits just under $160K. 43% of households make over $150K annually, 27% make between $75K-$149K, and 15% earn between $45K-$74K.


Good local schools
Varied housing options
Multiple museums and galleries
Popular among families
Well-educated population
Favorable location
Short commutes
Beautiful local parks

Natural Disasters

There are no reports of major extensive damage to Crestwood following a number of severe storms, heavy rains, and hurricanes that have hit Houston in recent years.

Most of the homes in this affluent neighborhood have no history of flooding.

There are also no recurring serious natural disasters specific to Crestwood.


About 40% of Crestwood residents report average daily commute times between 20-25 minutes. From there, over 20% of residents have shorter commute times of 15 minutes or less.

Interstate 10 and Katy Freeway run directly north of the neighborhood’s borders, and Interstate 610 can be accessed a short drive west of Crestwood. Interstate 69 also runs south of the neighborhood.

Memorial Drive, Washington Avenue, Shepherd Drive, Kirby Drive, and Westcott Street are several frequented local roadways.

It takes 12 minutes to reach Downtown Houston by car from Crestwood. The drive to Sugar Land from Crestwood is about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, The Woodlands is a 35 minute commute from the neighborhood.

Crime Rate

Crestwood is among the cities in Texas with crime rates that are significantly lower than the national averages.

Overall, the crime rate in the area is 1,5261 per 100,000 residents. This crime rate is about 41% lower than the national average. Crestwood is safer than about 64% of communities in the U.S.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 126 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 67% lower than the national average.

Property crime happens more often at a rate of about 1,399 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 36% lower than the national average.

One’s chances of becoming a victim of crime in the area is 1 in 66.

neighborhood Limits


SCHOOLS IN Crestwood

Students in Crestwood are commonly directed to attend Houston Independent School District, which contains more than 100 campuses in the city and is classified as the largest school district across the state. With that said, private schools in the surrounding areas are also options for Crestwood students.

The Texas Educational Agency rated the school system as “met standards.” The district’s campuses are commonly known for having diverse student bodies, outstanding athletics programming, and a wide range of student clubs and extracurriculars. Many of the district’s campuses emphasize college preparatory programs, and teachers and administrators commonly receive favorable reviews.

The bulk of students in the neighborhood are zoned to Memorial Elementary School for grades pre-kindergarten-5, and students in grades 6-8 are directed to attend Hogg Middle School. High school aged students commonly attend Lamar High School which is located in Upper Kirby.

There are also multiple Catholic institutions, Christian campuses, Montessori schools, and other private educational facilities in nearby Houston neighborhoods.


Memorial Elementary School: Memorial Elementary School is a local pre-kindergarten-5 campus within short commuting distance for Crestwood residents. This elementary school has an average student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, and around 350 students attend this campus. State test results show that 72% of students are at least proficient in math and reading, and 74% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches. River Oaks Elementary School: River Oaks Elementary School is a highly rated K-5 campus located a short distance south of the neighborhood. The average student-teacher ratio is 17 to 1, so class sizes are slightly larger than average. This campus is known for having excellent student academic achievement levels. State tests show 97% of students are at least proficient in both math and reading.
Lanier Middle School: Lanier Middle School is a nearby 6-8 middle school. This campus reports an average student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1, and the school educates around 1,500 students. State test scores show that around 95% of students are at least proficient in math and reading. This campus has one of the most diverse student bodies in the state. Woodrow Wilson Montessori School: Woodrow Wilson Montessori School is a sizable campus within Houston ISD that includes grades pre-kindergarten-8. This campus educates around 600 students across its grade levels and reports an average student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1, which indicates that class sizes are larger than average. This campus has gifted and talented programming, effective curriculum, and high reviews from parents. Hogg Middle School: Hogg Middle School is a local 6-8 campus that many students in Crestwood are directed to attend. This campus includes around 900 students across its grade levels and reports an average student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1. To give an idea of academic standing, state tests show over 75% of students are at least proficient in math and reading.
Lamar High School: Lamar High School is a standout 9-12 campus within Houston ISD. This school educates 3,400 students and reports an average student-teacher ratio of 23 to 1. State tests show that 79% of students are proficient in math, and 72% are proficient in reading. This student body is especially diverse and has access to well-rated college prep programs and extracurricular activities. Carnegie Vanguard High School: Carnegie Vanguard High School is commonly rated among the top high schools in Houston. This outstanding 9-12 campus educates around 630 students and has an average graduation rate of 95%. Over 90% of students at this school are enrolled in AP programs. The average student SAT score here is 1370, while the average student ACT score is 30. High School for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice: High School for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice, commonly shortened to HSLECJ, is considered one of the best magnet high schools in Houston. This established and respected campus reports outstanding health and safety records, impressive college preparatory programs, and small class sizes. The school’s average graduation rate is 95%, while the AP enrollment rate is 76%.
River Oaks Baptist School: River Oaks Baptist School is located about 4 miles southwest of Crestwood. This private Baptist institution includes grades pre-kindergarten-8 and reports a low student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1. Around 850 students are enrolled in this educational institution. Notably, this campus is highly rated for having great teachers, challenging curriculum, and multiple recreational opportunities. St. Anne Catholic School: St. Anne Catholic School is located about 3 miles south of Crestwood. This Catholic school includes over 500 students across grades pre-kindergarten-8. This private campus has an average student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, and the student population is ethnically and economically diverse. This school seeks to create beneficial learning environments for each student. First Steps Montessori School: First Steps Montessori School is an Episcopal Montessori campus that provides around 120 students with welcoming learning environments, hands-on curriculum, and individual attention. It takes about 10 minutes to reach this campus from Crestwood by car. This early childhood education campus includes grades pre-kindergarten-kindergarten and has a notably low average student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1.

Real Estate

Crestwood Housing 2020

The estimated median real estate price of this Houston neighborhood is $510K. This number tracks as more expensive than about 94% of other Texas neighborhoods and also ranks as being more costly than 83.2% of all neighborhoods in the U.S.

Although the median real estate price is higher than national averages, there are many more affordable Crestwood properties. Around 500 pieces of real estate are worth under $50K. Another 220 properties range between $50K-$100K. Additionally, 340 pieces of real estate vary between $100K-$200K, and 330 properties range between $200K-$300K.

There are 160 properties in Crestwood that are worth even higher sums, specifically between $300K-$400K. Another 200 properties vary between $400K-$750K, while hundreds of other properties range between $750K-$1 million. Another 1,660 properties in Crestwood are worth over the $1 million mark.

Overall, Houston is seen as a buyer’s market, so there may be more properties listed for sale than active buyers.

Crestwood Homes for Sale

Out of all housing options in Crestwood, 63% of residences are owner-occupied, and 37% are rented. The neighborhood’s estimated vacancy rate is about 12%, which tracks as higher than about 64% of neighborhoods across the country.

The majority of Crestwood’s housing options are of 3-4 bedroom residential properties, with 1-2 bedroom family homes being the second most common. From there, apartment complexes and smaller apartment buildings make up the third most prevalent residential property type.

Although condominiums are not as popular in Crestwood as other Houston areas, this neighborhood does include lots of land available for purchase, which is a pretty common occurrence for Texas.

Many housing options in this neighborhood were built in or following the turn of the 21st century. Properties built between 1970-1999 make up the second most prevalent subsection of housing options in Crestwood. Older properties tend to be demolished to make room for newer residences, though other older residential properties may also be renovated.


Single Family Homes
Small 1-2 bedroom family homes in Crestwood are generally listed over the $350K mark. Detached properties in the neighborhood with 3 bedroom layouts are also largely listed around $500K and up. The most expensive detached properties in this area of Houston are multimillion dollar expansive estates with sizable acreage and around 6 bedrooms.
New Construction
Newly built properties in Crestwood are generally 3-4 bedroom properties with sleek layouts and designs that offer the best of modern living. These recently built detached properties can start around $1.7 million and stretch to over $2.4 million, depending on factors like the property’s size and location. Impressively, more high-end homes in the area reach even larger sums.
Studio apartments in this part of Houston come with an average monthly rent of $1,340 and consist of around 600 square feet. 1 bedroom apartments average at $1,750 per month. Meanwhile, 2 bedroom properties average around 1,200 square feet and cost an average of $2,600 per month. 3 bedroom layouts average at $5,500 per month.
1-2 bedroom condominiums in western Houston neighborhoods like Crestwood generally start at lows of $100K and can stretch to around $300K. 3 bedroom condominiums generally start at $435K and can easily stretch to list prices over $1 million. The most luxurious condominiums can reach highs of $8 million.
The lowest cost of a piece of land is commonly $245K. However, 1,800-4,000 square foot lots are generally priced around the $665K ballpark range. It’s also expected that larger lots come with list prices over $850K. More expensive lots in this area of the city can reach highs of $8.9 million for 100,000 square feet.

Things to do

Crestwood is a neighborhood that provides residents with a wide range of activities, highly rated venues, and many options to make any day or night memorable. Located within easy driving distance of Downtown Houston, Crestwood is less than 30 minutes away from many iconic shopping destinations in the city. For example, The Galleria Mall is about 12 minutes southwest of Crestwood, and River Oaks Shopping Center is about 7 minutes away. Many other retail spots like hidden gem boutiques, thrift stores, and consignment shops are also available to residents. Anyone looking to enjoy fresh air has multiple incredible options to choose from. Notable locations include venues like Memorial Park, which consists of 1,500 acres of wooded land and recreational areas, and Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. Plus, Buffalo Bayou is also a short commute away. Crestwood residents can also easily visit venues like the Houston Zoo, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston’s Downtown Aquarium, and many other locations.
Visit Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens
The Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens is an American art museum located just outside of Crestwood’s borders. This scenic, impeccably landscaped location provides an excellent retreat from urban living and offers visitors a peaceful atmosphere to take in the beauty of a 14-acre garden. This venue also features live performances, decorative paintings and displays, and more.
Stop by Beer Can House
Beer Can House is a local folk art structure built gradually between 1968-1988 out of over 50,000 recycled beer cans. Guided tours are routinely given for this venue, which is featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. This eclectic venue makes for a memorable outing. Notably, the structure is highly detailed, includes intriguing landscaping, and is also eco friendly.
Explore Memorial Park
Memorial Park defines Crestwood’s western border, so of course residents frequent this giant city park. Memorial Park features lush natural landscaping and has a sizable running trail. The heavily-forested park also includes a golf course, multiple sports fields, and the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. Birdwatching, picnicking, and enjoying fresh air are all options at this highly recommended park.
Make a drive to the Holocaust Museum of Houston
The Holocaust Museum of Houston is one of the top museums of its kind in the United States and is considered a hub for Holocaust education, social justice, and human rights. This somber venue features a memorial room, a family welcome center, and an engaging remembrance gallery.
Bring the family to the Children’s Museum of Houston
Considering that the Children’s Museum of Houston is only 15 minutes away from Crestwood, it would be a shame not to visit this mainstay museum. Located right next to the Houston Zoo, the Children’s Museum of Houston is a colorful and engaging venue for all ages, including toddlers. There are multiple play areas and tactile exhibits waiting to be explored.
Check out Houston’s Downtown Aquarium
The Downtown Aquarium is a sprawling venue located a short distance east of Crestwood. This famous venue’s exterior is as intriguing as its interior. This incredible aquarium includes touch pools for up-close-and-personal marine life encounters and scheduled educational tours. There is also a sizable shark tank, and the venue also includes a wide range of aquatic ecosystems.
See the Waugh Drive Bat Colony
The Waugh Drive Bat Colony is an off-the-beaten-path tourist attraction located next to Buffalo Bayou east of Crestwood. At sunset, visitors frequent this well-rated location in order to see the spectacular display of thousands of bats flying from under Waugh Drive’s bridge. At any hour, this location is a scenic destination worth visiting.
Appreciate Buffalo Bayou Park
Buffalo Bayou Park is less than a 10 minute drive away from Crestwood. This expansive 160-acre park is known for having iconic views of Houston’s skyline, so the location offers beautiful sightseeing and photographic opportunities. Additionally, the park features a fountain, a skate park, and instant access to Buffalo Bayou, so fishing fanatics can also feel at home here.


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