Crystal Cove Newport Beach California Neighborhood Guide

Crystal Cove Neighborhood Guide

Researching Crystal Cove neighborhood in Newport Beach California? Here is a complete guide with the most up to date information about Crystal Cove neighborhood!

Crystal Cove Neighborhood Limits


Overview: Combining the aesthetics of nature with the modern and contemporary style of architecture, Crystal Cove is considered an attractive and scenic area of Newport Beach. The neighborhood has so many views, new urban developments, world-class restaurants, and activities to choose from. If you love some all-American diner food, head to Crystal Cove Shake Shack. Or if you’re in the mood for some Mexican cuisine, take a trip to Javier’s Restaurant. People in the neighborhood love to go to the famous Crystal Cove State Park to camp, have picnics, ride bikes and horses, run, and hike. Shopping in Crystal Cove is easy. The area has Crystal Cove Shopping Center with a wide range of different upscale retail stores and shops to accommodate your fashion style. If you don’t want to do anything in particular, you can just spend your time on Crystal Cove Beach and enjoy the coastal and wildlife scenery.

Location: Crystal Cove is located at the southern tip of the city of Newport Beach within Orange County. This neighborhood is located across from the Pacific Ocean, which is perfect for skimboarding, surfing, and other fun water sports activities. It sits right on the coast, north of Laguna Beach. The area is also south of the neighborhoods Newport Coast and Corona del Mar. About 8 to 15 miles away, depending on the road you take, Crystal Cove is also south of Balboa Peninsula. Crystal Cove is west of Lake Forest, a city in Orange County with a population of over 78,000 residents.

Commutes: As this neighborhood is close to the Pacific Coast, there is better accessibility in traveling from Crystal Cove to the Pacific Coast Highway and the California State Route 73 (CA-73). The Pacific Coast Highway is a part of California State Route 1 (SR) that runs mostly on the Pacific coastline. CA-73 is also a state highway that runs from Costa Mesa all the way through San Joaquin Hills and San Juan Capistrano. From Crystal Cove, it is easier to drive to restaurants and shops on the coast, different cities in Orange County, and even other cities outside of that county.

Culture: The culture and lifestyles of residents in Crystal Cove are mainly centered around outdoor activities and the aesthetically pleasing scenery of the beach and parks. This community breeds people who enjoy going on outdoor adventures through hiking, biking, camping, and trail blazers. The Crystal Cove Historic District is perfect for those who love view architecture and coastal development. Crystal Cove is a preserved beauty with picturesque areas that add tranquil and relaxing vibes to the neighborhood. It is hard to complain when you are surrounded by a stunning oceanfront view, top-notch dining, fashion-forward shopping plazas, and a pristine coastal park.


Overview: As Crystal Cove is between both Laguna Beach and Newport Coast, families have the options as to where they can enroll their students. In terms of public schools, students can either attend schools within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District or the Laguna Beach Unified School District. They can also enroll in one of the many private schools surrounding the area. The Newport-Mesa Unified School District has 32 schools and over 22,000 students enrolled in the schools. This school districts has schools that provide exceptional curriculum as well as many different clubs and sports teams. Laguna Beach Unified School District is readily known as an outstanding school district because of its dedication to student success. It is also well-known for its acceptance of diversity and culture within the student body and faculty. The private school near the Crystal Cove area have incredible extracurricular activities and high-quality education that does not waver.

Elementary Schools

El Morro Elementary School at 8681 North Coast Highway.

Known as a two-time award-winner of the Distinguished School Award, El Morro Elementary School emphasizes a strong commitment to combine core curriculum with enrichment programs. Teachers and school officials want their students to be well-rounded individuals and build meaningful relationships. This elementary school teachers instruct students on core subjects such as art, world language, mathematics science, reading and writing, and social studies. El Morro Elementary offers different fun and educational field trips throughout the school year. Also, it has the Positive Behavior Intervention & Support program, which ensures that students have support in learning how to conduct themselves around others.

Lincoln Elementary School at 3101 Pacific View Drive.

Students living in Crystal Cove can attend Lincoln Elementary School, which is within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. This school has won different awards for its success in improving its students academic performance. Lincoln Elementary has won awards such as the National Gold Ribbon and the Exemplary Arts Education awards. It is known for its stellar arts program. Not only does this school care about extracurricular activities, but also it leads its students into better understanding of the curriculum. School officials at Lincoln Elementary School value critical thinking and the exploration of curiosity. This school is popular in Newport Beach.

Middle Schools

Thurston Middle School

Within the Laguna Beach Unified School District, Thurston Middle School is a public school that serves students in grades sixth through eighth grade. It was established in 1968 and has been providing quality instruction ever since. The school has over 780 students enrolled and happens to be the only middle school in the school district. Thurston has established over 20 student clubs and extracurricular activities. This list includes Model United Nations, Ecology club, Spanish Club, and more. Students can even be rewarded for good behavior during club meetings with Thurston’s SMART card. They have the opportunity to win cool prizes.

Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive.

Ensign Intermediate School is a middle school that serves students in seventh and eighth grade. This school is within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and holds its students to a high standard of learning and behavior. Students at Ensign are ready and prepared to achieve goals. They have the opportunity to positively engage one another, their teachers, and the community through clubs and curriculum. Ensign has electives available such as choir, orchestra, French, Spanish, art, and robotics club. When it comes to athletics, this middle school offers a wide range of sports including volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, and cross county.

High Schools

Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave.

This popular high school near Crystal Cove has over 107 staff and faculty and over 2,300 students enrolled. Newport Harbor High School is known as a Baccalaureate World School and won a California Distinguished School award. Its push for stellar student academic performance is one of the reasons why so many families choose Newport Harbor for their high school students. Along with the core subject courses, this high school offers many Advanced Placement (AP) courses including Calculus, English Literature and Composition, Chemistry, and much more. Its competitive sports teams attract many young and talented athletes in the Newport Beach area.

Laguna Beach High School at 625 Park Ave.

Laguna Beach High School has been in operation since 1934. This four-year high school has thousands of students in attendance. Being the only secondary school in the Laguna Beach Unified School District, this school has become very popular to those in and outside of Laguna Beach. Also, it is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Laguna Beach High. Plus, students have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and exams as well as earn college credit. This school strives to offer an outstanding college-preparatory program and has over 60 different clubs and extracurricular activities available.

Private Schools

Harbor Day School at 3443 Pacific View Drive.

This private school is located about three miles away from Crystal Cove, making it an easy and quick commute to school. Established in 1952, Harbor Day School is a co-educational school that is independent from any school district and serves students in elementary and middle school. The school has about six acres of space around the school, perfect for outdoor after-school activities such as sports practices, sports games, and active club meetings. Student get to experience world languages such as Chinese, Latin, and Spanish. Computer technology and fine arts are two of the most popular courses Harbor Day School offers.

Sage Hill School at 20402 Newport Coast Drive.

Known as one of the most free-thinking and superb private schools near Crystal Cove, Sage Hill School celebrates cultural diversity. It also embraces how each student engages their coursework. Sage Hill provides chances for students to participate in internships for experiences in the workforce. Students can learn responsibility and accountability for their work and behavior. Student leadership is cultivated at Sage Hill because teachers and staff want their students to be pioneers of the future. This school offers academic clubs such as junior classical league, debate team, and academic decathlon. It also has theater, visual art, and instrumental music courses.


Overview: The majority of the Crystal Cove area has single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments. These high-quality residential places have amazing amenities and state-of-the-art materials that were used to build exterior and interior parts of these homes. These single-family homes are luxurious with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall living spaces. They have a combination of contemporary and traditional-style architecture. Homes like these have one-to-two garages, central air, three or more bedrooms, master suites, fireplaces, high ceilings, and so many more amenities. Luxurious single-family homes allow families to live in comfort and in style. Many apartment complexes and condominiums in Crystal Cove are guarded by gates all the time to make residents feel safe and at easy in their homes. These upscale condos have gorgeous views of sunsets, Catalina Island, and the Pacific Ocean. Open floor plans are perfects for condo residents who love to customize their living spaces to fit them perfectly.

Housing options

Single-family Homes

Crystal Cove has many luxury homes for single families who want to live with class and sophistication. These homes fit the descriptions of upscale, modern-rustic in style, and contemporary with the essence of beach house vibes. The views of the sunsets and the oceanfront adds luxury to the homes. These extravagant single-family homes often have deluxe patios and big balconies to host family functions and parties. Also, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms allow larger families to accommodate more children and family members. Marble and granite countertops, brass cabinet and sink hardware, dual sinks, and master suites make these homes very popular.


Apartments in the Crystal Cove neighborhood have open floor plans. This gives residents the option to organize their living space and customize each room as they please. These places have high-quality materials and appliances that make residents feel luxurious. Stainless steel appliances, full-sized refrigerators, tile showers, and washers and dryers are a few of the amenities that make these apartments special. The apartments in the area are close to Crystal Cove’s best shopping stores and restaurants, making life more convenient. You can’t beat the amazing amenities or the short walking distance to all the places you need to go to.


Crystal Cove has incredible, spacious condominiums with countless amenities for its residents. You might even forget that this is your home and not a hotel. Along with wide patios, these sophisticated condos have outdoor fireplaces and fountains, wooden dining decks, and some even have outdoor televisions and heaters. French doors from the living room out to the patio add to the luxurious vibes of these residential places. If you are desiring a fancy bathroom, some condominium in Crystal Cove have jacuzzi tubs, dual vanities, and a walk-in closet for the master suites. Crystal Cove residents value living in posh style.

New Construction

Most of Crystal Cove’s newly constructed homes are estates and mansions. While some have Northern Italian exterior architecture, other have a Mediterranean style to them. They are all luxurious and have more than four bedrooms and bathrooms. Some have laundry rooms for each master suite, adding more convenience to each resident’s life. The amenities for these estates are top-notch and high-class. Some have interior and exterior fireplaces, multiple water fountains, multiple garages, and a balcony for each master suite. These amazing homes can even have two-sided elevators that start in the garage and travel up to the master suites floor.

Homes for Sale

If you’re interested in buying a home in this neighborhood, we invite you to search homes for sale on our website. You are also welcome to check out the following resources listed below. If you would rather speak directly to a professional and licensed Realtor, feel free to contact Morales Team.

List of Crystal Cove Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of Crystal Cove Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

If you’re interested in selling your own property located in Crystal Cove neighborhood, contact Morales Team, your go-to local real estate company, by clicking the link below:

Real Estate

Overview: Most of the real estate in Crystal Cove is single-family homes. The neighborhood ranges in styles of architecture and structure as well as selling prices. Single-family luxury homes can be priced as high as $35 million. These types of homes are mansions with six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms both full and half. They have mirrored stairs and often times have European style architecture, which adds elegance. The square footage of a home similar to this can be about 15,000 feet with three or more levels. Custom-made chandeliers and state-of-the-art movie room only give the mansion rich and posh feeling to the environment. The price for single-family homes in Crystal Cove can be as low as $4.8 million. These on the lower price range have classy amenities including custom fireplaces, French doors to the balconies, and central courtyards. Add in a breathtaking ocean view and you will be set for life!

Things to Do

Overview: Whether you are shopping at the Crystal Cove Shopping Center or dining at the Pelican Grill, Crystal Cove has got you covered. The fun activities you can do in this neighborhood are endless. Many of your name brand retail shops are within walking distance from one another. Banana Republic, Pier 1 Imports, and Aprilsnow are just to name a few that people in Crystal Cove love to go to. With so many restaurants in the area, you can choose from casual to upscale, depending on the occasion. For those who are active outdoors, you can drive to the Crystal Cove State Park and camp, hike, or run the trails. Even if you are not active, you can simply just enjoy the view. If you love the environment and want to help conserve the parks, head over to the Crystal Cove Conservancy. Also, enjoying the beach is always an option too.

Retail & Entertainment

Retail Shopping

The Crystal Cove Shopping Center has both exclusive boutiques and popular name brand retail stores. Boutiques like Novecento Boutique, Aprilsnow and Atelier 7918 are luxury boutiques with popular brands and high-quality accessories. Banana Republic and Gap stores are in the shopping center as well, if you are looking for familiarity.

Recreational Fishing

If you don’t want to spend money and want something to do with your family and friends, you can go fishing. As Crystal Cove is very close to the shoreline and the Pacific Ocean, you won’t have any problem catching bluefin tuna, California halibut, Pacific bonitos, opaleye, and more fishes.


Those who love being in and by the ocean will enjoy watersports in Crystal Cove. Balboa is only few miles away and services all of Newport Beach with watersports gear and equipment. You can go kayaking, skimboarding, surfing, and more. And if you already own your own gear, even better!

Recreational Parks

One of the largest parks in Crystal Cove is the Crystal Cove State Park. With over three miles of gorgeous coastline, this state park is great for hikers, trail blazers, explorers, bikers, or people who just love to enjoy the amazing views of nature. It makes many outdoors activities so engaging.

Environment Preservation

If your an experienced environmentalist or just someone who values conservation, the Crystal Cove Conservancy is the perfect place for you. This nonprofit organization provides protection for the Crystal Cove State Park and maintaining the park environment. The staff members care about the native inhabitants and the historical beach cottages.


Crystal Cove has numerous choices when it comes to dining options. From casual to high-class, you are bound to find the perfect eating place. The famous Pelican Grill is known for its classy five-star menu. For a more casual spot, head to the ’40s-style chain diner Crystal Cove Shake Shack.

The Historic District

The Crystal Cove Historic District is comprised of stunning rustic cottages on the coast, dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. It is considered one of the last examples of early 20th century Southern California coastal and residential development. These cottages are available for rentals from studios to one-and-two bedrooms.

Collecting Hidden Water Treasures

If you’re on the beach and want to find something amazing in the ocean, you might come across beautiful sea glass that is worn by the saltwater. They are slightly polished and come in colors such as amber, white, green, and blue. Some people even make jewelry from these gems.

Crystal Cove Beach Bazaar

During the year, Crystal Cove has a bazaar arts and crafts show. This annual bazaar has local artisans who hand-craft ceramics, jewelry, and wooden items. Some even paint or do photography for patrons who are interested in visual arts. Plus, there are so many crafts activities and yummy refreshment available.

Beach Movie Nights

In the summer in Crystal Cove, people love to enjoy classic movies on the beach. Whether you’re with your significant other, friends, or family, you are going to enjoy yourself. Hearing the waves crash against the shore as you watch a good movie just gets you in the relaxing mood.

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Local Pros

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