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Cypress City Limits


History: Cypress, California is an urban community with a premier location in Orange County that attracts many families and young professionals alike.

The first settlers to call the land home were the Gabrielino, which was a Native American faction of the Tongva people. The land traded hands to Spain until 1821, when Mexico won its independence and officially owned the land. The United States gained what would later become Cypress after the Mexican-American War.

Originally nicknamed Waterville, the village was later incorporated as Dairy City in 1956. However, following World War II, the land’s focus shifted from dairies to farming and ranching. In 1981, the city of Cypress was officially inaugurated.

Today, Cypress is known for having highly rated schools, low crime rates, and a diverse population of about 50,000 residents. With multiple community parks, local attractions, and short commutes to Disneyland, Cypress has a reputation for being a great place to live.

Top City Highlights

  • Urban setting
  • Great schools
  • Varied parks
  • Short commutes
  • Family-friendly
  • Low crime rates
  • Multiple local attractions
  • Diverse population

Location: Cypress is a city in California’s southern area and is located in Orange County’s northern section.

The 6.62 square miles that comprise Cypress are bordered by La Palma to the north. Buena Park is northeast of Cypress, and Southwest Anaheim is east of the city. Stanton, Garden Grove, and Westminster are southeast of Cypress’s center. Los Alamitos and Hawaiian Gardens are both west of Cypress.

Los Angeles is situated about 25 miles northwest of Cypress. Also, the city is 13 miles north of Bolsa Chica. About 8 miles away is Seal Beach, the nearest beach to the city.

Commutes: Residents 25 years and up in Cypress have a mean commute time of just under 30 minutes, which is especially convenient considering how long other commutes in the state can be.

Cypress is situated a short distance east of Interstate 605 and is west of Beach Boulevard. Interstate 405 and Garden Grove Freeway are south of the city, whereas Artesia Freeway and Interstate 5 are north of Cypress.

Additionally, Long Beach Airport is under 20 minutes away from Cypress, and Long Beach itself is less than 30 minutes away by car. Plus, it takes about 40 minutes to drive to Los Angeles from the city’s center.

Culture: Of about 50,000 residents, an estimated 3% are unemployed, and about 5.9% are below the poverty line. 51% of the population is female, while 49% is male. The median individual income is about $38K, while the median household income is $90K.

As for racial diversity, about 40% of residents are White, and 33% are Asian. 20% of residents are Hispanic, 4% are African American, and 3% are biracial or multiracial.

33% of residents have little college experience or an associate’s degree, and 26% have a bachelor’s degree. Another 15% of the population has a master’s degree or a higher degree.

Local Government

City Council

The city council of Cypress is comprised of 5 members, which breaks down into 3 council members, the mayor, and the mayor pro tem.

The council convenes on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. The council members are elected at large, and the mayor and mayor pro tem are selected by the council among its sitting members.

Address: 5275 Orange Avenue Cypress, CA 90630
Phone: (714)-229-6699

Mayor’s Office

The mayor of Cypress is elected by the city council from its current members and works alongside a mayor pro-tem to represent the municipality’s residents in all official capacities.

The mayor serves for a 1 year term of office and attends monthly city council meetings to act as the chief of council.

Address: 5275 Orange Avenue P. O. Box 609 Cypress, CA 90630
Phone: (714)-229-6699

Chamber of Commerce

Since 1915, the Cypress Chamber of Commerce has supported both large and small local businesses and works to improve the city’s community and economic prosperity.

With dedication and continuous effort, the chamber takes action to connect business owners with government representatives, creates long-term relationships, and fosters networking and promotional opportunities for members.

Address: 9200 Valley View St, Business Building #9, Room 101 Cypress, CA 90630
Phone: (714)-484-6015


Overview: Cypress is known for having top-tier schools, and students throughout the city benefit from multiple highly-rated school districts seeing to their educational needs.

Cypress Elementary School District includes 6 elementary schools in the city, all of which are well-rated. Margaret Landell Elementary School, Frank Vessels Elementary School, A.E. Arnold Elementary School, and Juliet Morris Elementary School are the best overall early education campuses in the city.

Los Alamitos Unified School District supplies Cypress students with middle schools and a high school campus that rank well on a statewide level. Sharon Christa McAuliffle Middle School, Oak Middle School, and Los Alamitos High School have overall A+ ratings on, which indicates each school is excellent.

When it comes to high school education, Anaheim Union High School District makes sure that students in Cypress have access to enriching academic settings like Oxford Academy, Cypress High School, and John F. Kennedy High School.

Additionally, there are multiple private schools in Cypress.

School Districts

Cypress School District serves just under 4,000 students and feeds into Anaheim Union High School District, which is located in neighboring Anaheim.

Cypress School District is known for having impressive teachers, a great record for academic achievement, and excellent health and safety statistics. The student populations across this district’s campuses tend to be ethnically and economically diverse, and generally each campus has varied clubs and activities for students to participate in.

Because Cypress School District consists of 6 elementary school campuses, students living in Cypress may also attend Los Alamitos Unified School District, which is rated as the #3 best school district in Orange County.

List by areas:


Cypress Elementary School District


Anaheim Union High School District


Los Alamitos Unified School District

Elementary Schools

Margaret Landell Elementary is a K-6 campus located in Cypress known for having involved and educated teachers.

Frank Vessels Elementary is another local K-6 school with about 680 students and a student-teacher ratio of 24 to 1.

Additionally, A. E. Arnold Elementary is a third K-6 campus in the city with an incredibly diverse student population and high academic achievement levels.

Middle Schools

Lexington Junior High School is a short commute from Cypress. This 7-8 campus has a 28 to 1 student-teacher ratio and about 1,375 students.

Oak Middle School is a short drive west of Cypress. This 6-8 campus is #31 out of all California public middle schools according to and is overall highly rated.

High Schools

With a student-teacher ratio of 28 to 1, Cypress High School has a diverse student population of about 2,735. Impressively, the average graduation rate is 96%.

Oxford Academy is just north of Cypress’s borders. This 7-12 campus is rated to be #5 out of Orange County’s public high schools and has a high average graduation rate of 95%.

Private Schools

Wisdom Mission School is an impressive Christian 6-12 campus where 100% of graduates later attend a 4-year college.

Grace Christian School is a K-8 campus with a diverse student population and a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1.

St. Irenaeus Parish School is a Catholic K-8 campus with about 350 students and a 17 to 1 student-teacher ratio.


Overview: Out of about 15,850 housing options in Cypress, 67% are owner-occupied and 33% are rented properties. An estimated 2.6% of properties are vacant.

Just 5% of residences in the city were built after 2000, while 46% of properties were built between 1970-1999. Another 48.2% of housing options were constructed between 1940-1969, and just 0.7% of properties in Cypress were built in or before 1939.

Unsurprisingly, about 63% of housing options are single family type residences, while about 17% of residences are condos and attached properties. Another 15% of residential options in the city are apartment complexes, and about 4% of options are smaller apartment buildings.

Seeing as the average household size in Cypress is 3, it makes sense that the majority of properties at 66% have 3-4 bedrooms. Another 8% of properties have 5 or more bedrooms, and about 20% of residences have just 2 bedrooms. This indicates about 7% of options have 1 bedroom layouts.

Housing Options

Single-family Homes

Seeing as the majority of family homes in Cypress have 3-4 bedrooms, 1-2 bedroom detached properties can be hard to find. With that said, 1-2 bedroom family homes in the city on average are priced around $400K-$472K.

3 bedroom properties have a ballpark range of $630K, and 4 bedroom detached properties have an average price of $771K.

New Construction

Recently constructed houses in Cypress run on the more expensive side of the city’s price spectrum.

For example, a 2 bedroom newly constructed house can run for $660K, and a 3 bedroom property can cost anywhere from $860K-$970K. With this information in mind, exceptions can be found to these price ranges and be found for lower sums.


Because 3 bedroom properties are more prevalent in the city, smaller 1-2 bedroom condominiums in Cypress are in short supply. Such layouts may cost around $390K or stretch to an upwards of $860K.

Meanwhile, larger 3 bedroom condos vary greatly from price points of $480K to upwards of $880K depending on qualities such as the property’s age and square footage.


Studio apartments have an average rent of $2,100 per month in Cypress, and 1 bedroom apartments have an average price of about $1,680 per month.

More spacious 2 bedroom layout has an average cost of just under $2,000 per month. Meanwhile, 3 bedroom apartments in Cypress have an average monthly rent of $2,492.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Cypress Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Cypress Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: Cypress properties have an estimated median value of about $690K. However, this number doesn’t place Cypress’s real estate market among the most expensive in the state.

48% of the real estate market is priced between $617K-$927K, and another 19.7% of properties are priced between $494K-$617K. 10% of real estate in Cypress varies between $370K-$494K, and just 6.5% of the city’s real estate is worth under $370K. 13.8% of more higher-end properties are worth between $926K-$1.2 million, and 1.9% of real estate in Cypress is even more costly and worth over $1.2 million.

Between largely December 2009 and December 2019, Cypress real estate appreciated 54.07%. This number can be annualized at an average rate of 4.42% per year. During this time period, Cypress had one of the greatest appreciation rates across the country, which implies that Cypress real estate will continue to be investments that generally pay off well.

Things to Do

Overview: Cypress, California has an exciting blend of venues, restaurants, and attractions that can make any day special.

Fans of the great outdoors have multiple nature parks, local outdoor areas, and El Dorado Nature Center to explore, in addition to local golf courses and dog parks. While Disneyland attracts a lot of attention especially since it is only a short drive from the city, there are multiple local gems that can steal the spotlight.

When it comes to shopping, residents have various venues to choose from. Farmers’ markets are a regular occurrence in the city, and local boutiques have varied and exciting options to browse. Beyond boutiques, Cypress Plaza and Cypress Plaza Shopping Center are 2 distinct shopping malls in the city, so recognizable chains and brands are never far.

As for art and culture, Cypress’s convenient location means residents are only a short distance away from enriching locations. Plus, the city’s nightlife and restaurant scenes never disappoint.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Cypress has many options to appreciate great weather and natural beauty. Specifically, Oak Knoll Park is perfect for a picnic or outing with the family, and Cypress Community Center is ideal for working out.

Arbor Dog Park welcomes dogs and their owners, and Navy Golf Course is highly recommended by visitors. Plus, Disneyland is only a short drive away.


Cypress has a number of popular local boutiques that are well worth browsing, including New 2 You Consignment Boutique, Fashion Friends, and Fashion Avenue to only name 3 unique and popular options.

Then there’s Cypress Plaza Shopping Center and Cypress Plaza, which are 2 shopping malls with various national chains and recognizable brands that residents frequent.

Art & Culture

Cypress Civic Theatre Guild is a local performing arts theatre, and Cypress Art League showcases select works. Additionally, Los Alamitos Museum is a nearby museum that preserves local history.

Another enriching location a short distance from Cypress is the El Dorado Nature Center, where visitors can learn about the 105-acre park’s lakes, flora, and fauna in the visitor center.

Night Life

With many young residents, it’s no wonder that Cypress has a vibrant nightlife scene.

Odyssey Hookah Lounge is a local favorite hangout spot, and Campus Billiards and Sports Bar is where to go for cheap drinks and a game of pool. Chain Reaction showcases live music, and Jeanie’s Dirty Martini’s dance floor attracts a fun crowd.


Sushi, Indian, American, and Italian are only a few of the many different types of well-rated and delicious eateries in Cypress.

Local favorites include Café Hiro, which is a local restaurant that serves up both Japanese and French dishes. Plus, the Sandwich House specializes in Vietnamese favorites, and Joe Schmoes grills classic American cuisine.


Overview: Cypress can be divided into 23 neighborhoods, which include Acacia, Bloomfield, Orangewood Estates, and Sunshine Tract to name only a few.

The most expensive part of town is bracketed by Orange Avenue, Moody Street, Ball Road, and Dennis Street. This section of town has the highest median real estate price in the city, which is $1,090,561. This is more expensive than over 87% of California neighborhoods and over 97% of neighborhoods across the country.

Generally, the city’s southern neighborhoods are more affordable, seeing as the median real estate price in southern corners of Cypress is $670K, although this is more costly than about 63% of residential areas in the state and about 90% of cities and towns across the United States.

Some of Cypress’s most affordable neighborhoods are to the west, seeing as this section of the city has a median real estate price of $602K. Even so, this still tracks above around 53% of other California neighborhoods.

List of Cypress Neighborhoods

Local Pros

List of Cypress Local Pros