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ABOUT Eastside Costa Mesa

Eastside Costa Mesa is an upscale neighborhood with access to great shopping, hip healthy eateries, great golfing and a couple of the nation’s most famous beaches. The neighborhood ranges from upper-middle-class to affluent. Eastside Costa Mesa is situated just east of the CA-55 Freeway and has quick access to Pacific Coast Highway.

The neighborhood offers great schooling opportunities at each level of education. It is a stone’s throw from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities in UC Irvine. Such being the case, you can bet that the schools there are equipped to prepare their students for that kind of education.

Eastside Costa Mesa is also a short drive away from some of the best shopping in the world. A little north of the neighborhood is the iconic South Coast Plaza, which is the largest shopping center on the west coast and the highest grossing one in the country. East of the neighborhood is Fashion Island.

Eastside Costa Mesa has much to offer in terms of its culture. It is a neighborhood where the middle-class and affluent live adjacent to each other. The average household income in this neighborhood is slightly over $80,000.

White collar workers make up around 60% of the workforce in Eastside Costa Mesa. Over ⅓ of the adults there have at least a bachelor’s degree, and around 82% of the adults there have some college experience.

Residents in this neighborhood spend about 9% above the national average in every consumer category. Education is where they are the most above average in spending at 11%.

TOP Eastside Costa Mesa HIGHLIGHTS

Great golfing
Illustrious beaches
Natural beauty
Nation’s top schools
World’s best shopping
Quick access to major highways
Sought-after location
Family-friendly atmosphere

Natural Disasters

Costa Mesa’s index of 44.44 is over double the state’s earthquake index. Recorded seismic events and ongoing trends indicate Eastside Costa Mesa residents have some of the highest chances of experiencing earthquake activity than the vast majority of U.S. citizens.

Also, the local tornado index of 53.48 is notably higher than California’s index. This data can be interpreted to mean supercell thunderstorms, high winds, and tornado activity can be expected to occur more frequently in this part of the state.

Out of around 650 weather extremes recorded in the area between 1950 to 2010, about 200 events were floods resulting from high surf conditions and heavy precipitation.


Not only is Eastside Costa Mesa surrounded by beauty, but it also sits in the center of a few important major freeways. The famous Pacific Coast Highway is situated just a little to the south of this neighborhood. This highway passes by some epic beaches such as Huntington Beach in Orange County and Manhattan Beach in L.A. County, just to name a couple.

Also, CA-55 Freeway passes along the western border of Eastside Costa Mesa. At the northwest corner of the neighborhood, CA-55 intersects with California State Route 73. Also, the neighborhood is just a little south of Interstate 405.

Crime Rate

As a Costa Mesa neighborhood, Eastside’s overall crime rate tracks 28% higher than the state’s reported average and 40% higher than the national average. This standing is largely due to the area’s comparably high property crime rate.

The local annual violent crime rate falls 21% below the national average. For additional context, the violent crime rate per 100K people is 301, which is lower than California’s rate and the national rate.

This part of California has a property crime rate that is 51% higher than the national average. The property crime rate per 100K people in Eastside tracks around 3,316, which is higher than both statewide and national averages.


SCHOOLS IN Eastside Costa Mesa

The neighborhood of Eastside Costa Mesa offers excellent educational opportunities. It is worth noting that East Costa Mesa is within close proximity of the illustrious UC Irvine, giving local students something lofty to work towards.

This area also has great schools at the elementary, intermediate and high school levels. Many of the schools that service this neighborhood have received a B rating or better from Niche. Additionally, this neighborhood has a number of magnet schools that are geared towards the arts. Orange County School of the Arts is one such school, and it is rated as one of the top 200 public high schools nationwide.

With so many prestigious and specialized institutes of education within this community, it exudes an air of educational excellence. The children in this neighborhood have the type of access to top-level education that parents everywhere want for their children.


Maude B. Davis Elementary School: Maude B. Davis Elementary School, also known as Davis Magnet School, is the top-rated elementary school in the district according. They have top-notch teachers and staff, and as part of their focus on teaching math, science and technology, every classroom is equipped with Chromebooks for grades 2 to 6 at a 1:1 tablet/student ratio. Mariners Elementary School: Mariners Elementary School is rated among the top 10% of public elementary schools in the state of California. Their principal's message on the school website states that the school is “...a community that is committed to showing Marlins PRIDE…”. PRIDE is used by the school as an acronym for Positive, Respectful, Intelligent, Determined, and Striving for Excellence. Newport Heights Elementary School : Newport Heights Elementary School ranks in the top 15% of public elementary schools in California. According to Niche, 64% percent of the school's students are proficient in reading, and 61% are proficient in math. At the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, the school launched its “Shark Tank” program for student expression through video production, coding and robotics.
Horace Ensign Intermediate: Horace Ensign Intermediate is recognized as one of the best schools for 2019. The school receives an A for its teachers, B+ for its academics and an A for diversity. At least 57% of the students there are proficient in reading, and 51% are proficient in math. El Sol Santa Ana Science and Arts Academy: El Sol Santa Ana Science and Arts Academy is a charter school that offers both elementary and middle school education. Its teachers received an A grade from Niche, and the school gets a B for academics. It is a dual language immersion school where for half of the day students are taught in Spanish, no matter the subject. Douglas Macarthur Fundamental Intermediate: Douglas Macarthur Fundamental Intermediate makes Niche’s list of best schools for 2019. The school lists excellence, citizenship, patriotism and respect for all as its core principles. The school employs a contract between teachers, parents and students to foster multilateral accountability and excellence.
Orange County School of the Arts: Orange County School of the Arts is one of the more prestigious high schools in the nation. Niche gives the school an A+ for its teachers, academics and college prep. It is ranked as the 3rd best school among both charter and magnet schools in California. It also ranks in the top 1% of all CA public schools. Newport Harbor High School: Newport Harbor High School gets an A from Niche for its academics and college prep. It is also a great school for athletics, where the school receives an A-. It has also been recognized as one of the best high schools in the nation. Early College High School: Early College High School is lauded for its teachers. It gets an A+ for them, and a B+ for academics and college prep. At least 75% of the students at this school are proficient in reading, and 45% of them are proficient in math.
Mariners Christian School: Mariners Christian School is a private school located to the northeast of Eastside Costa Mesa. The school has an excellent track record for preparing its students to get into the private high school of their choice. The school also places a great deal of its focus on spiritual cultivation. Page Academy: Page Academy is a private institution that educates children all the way from toddlers to 8th graders. Their toddler rooms are bright and colorful, and the toddlers’ days are organized in a way so as to mix play and achievement of age-appropriate milestones. Futures Academy - Newport Beach: Futures Academy offers education for grades 6 - 12. They apply an unconventional approach to education. Students learn in one-on-one sessions with teachers who focus only on them for that time. Students then come together for group sessions and social activities.

Real Estate

Eastside Costa Mesa Housing 2020

Eastside Costa Mesa is a neighborhood of prime real estate. The median listing price for homes in North Eastside is about $825,000. The median listing price for the southern half of the neighborhood is over $1 million. There are also homes in the southern half of the neighborhood that are in the $2 million to $3 million range.

Over the past 5 years, the median sales price for homes in this neighborhood has risen by around 25%. There is a myriad of luxury properties in the neighborhood. The starting price for them is $975,000, and they go up to $3.9 million for mansions. The real estate in this neighborhood is of premium value because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and some great beaches. Eastside Costa Mesa is a short drive away from Balboa Peninsula, Huntington Beach and Corona Del Mar State Beach.

Eastside Costa Mesa Homes for Sale

Eastside Costa Mesa offers different types of houses and communities. North Eastside has one level homes that have been a part of the neighborhood since the neighborhood was built. South Eastside has mini-mansions, condos, luxury apartments and great shopping. There are also gated communities like Cornerstone in South Eastside. Also, 18th street has uber architectural 2 story homes that are close to the neighborhood’s bustling shopping centers on 17th street.

As previously mentioned, 17th Street is the neighborhood’s hub for shopping. There is a vibrant mix of local small businesses that focus on niche products and services. There are also many national chains the area’s shopping centers. Additionally, Eastside is a short drive from Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and great places to eat abound in the area. Both Huntington and Corona Del Mar beaches are within close proximity to Eastside.

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Things to do

Eastside Costa Mesa has much to offer in the way of things to do. It is a short drive from Huntington and Corona Del Mar State beaches as well as Balboa Peninsula. Also, just miles away from the splendid Fashion Island in neighboring Newport Beach. There is plenty of golfing to do with two golf courses near the northern portion of the neighborhood. There are also numerous restaurants to choose from such as Shunka Sushi and Japanese Cuisine and Eat Chow. Eat Chow specializes in delivering classic casual American foods with a gourmet flair to them. There is no shortage of dog-friendly parks. Additionally, there are numerous parks with playgrounds that are safe for children. Also, Eastside offers easy access to the LA Area’s vibrant nightlife. With so much to do in Costa Mesa’s Eastside, it is the perfect neighborhood for the millennial newlyweds, parents of teens and retirees alike.
Segerstrom Center for the Arts
Eastside Costa Mesa is a short drive from Segerstrom Theater for the Arts in the northwest end of Costa Mesa. It is home to great theater, dance and music. The multi-venue campus has even played host to Tony Award-winning performances.
South Coast Plaza
South Coast Plaza is home to some of the best shopping in the world. The best thing about it is that it is only a few miles from Eastside Costa Mesa. South Coast Plaza is the largest shopping center on the West Coast and the highest grossing one in the U.S. at $1.5 billion annually.
Huntington City Beach
Huntington City Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in the country and is a short drive from Eastside. It is dubbed “Surf City” because of its excellent surfing and the 8 million surfers that the beach draws annually.
Newport Beach Golf Course
Newport Beach Golf Course is situated to the northwest of Eastside Costa Mesa. It is an executive golf course with 18 holes consisting of two distinguishably different 9 hole courses. They offer lessons and also have practice courses. Golf well into the night on their lighted courses and practice areas.
Fashion Island
While not quite as robust as South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island still offers some of the best shopping in the Los Angeles Area. Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus and Tommy Bahama are just some of the high-fashion outlets in this shopping center.
Pacific City
Pacific City is a mall that sits right across from the landmark Huntington Pier. This outdoor mall overlooks Huntington City Beach and has stores to get you and your family beach-ready. H&M, Barnabas Clothing Co. and Free People are some of the stores at Pacific City.
Metro Pointe
Metro Pointe is an outlet mall that provides a bit of respite from the high-end South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island. Old Navy, Saks Off 5th and Pac Sun are among the many outlet stores there. Metro Pointe also has its own aesthetic appeal.
Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve
If you are a nature lover, then you will be pleased to know that the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve lives just to the east of the neighborhood. It is an ideal place to hike, jog, cycle, bird watch or just get some fresh air and some quality time with Mother Nature.
Newport Beach International Film Festival
Eastside even has something for the film aficionado. The Newport Beach International Film Festival brings in over 50,000 film fans annually. At this festival, you can see the films that will be the talk of future academy awards ceremonies before most people even know about them.
The Lab Anti-Mall
On the off chance that you get tired of frequenting the great malls in the area, pay a visit to the LAB Anti-Mall. LAB is an acronym for Little American Business. LAB still sees itself as a small business at heart, even with its hip eateries, clothing boutiques and cafes. It is beach bum heaven.


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