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ABOUT Fairfax

Fairfax is a neighborhood of Cleveland especially known for its convenient location, small population, and interesting venues.

Fairfax is home to around 7,350 residents. As expected of a Cleveland neighborhood, the population of Fairfax is decidedly diverse both in terms of ethnic background and economic status. According to Niche.com, Fairfax has the 3rd lowest cost of living out of Cleveland’s neighborhoods. Around 20% of households are families with young children, and the median household income is roughly half of the national average.

Fairfax also has relatively low housing costs, seeing as rent trends generally fall below statewide and national averages. Additionally, the median property value in the neighborhood typically tracks well under national median values.

Apartments.com reports that this neighborhood is generally walkable and bikeable. Residents of this neighborhood enjoy fast access to numerous shopping venues, well-rated restaurants, and various nighttime hotspots. The neighborhood also has a lively community recreation center, sports fields, and several local parks.

Of around 7,350 residents, 48% of residents are male, and 52% are female.

35% of residents have some college education or an associate’s degree. 8% of the neighborhood’s residents have a bachelor’s degree, and 2% of residents have a master’s degree or higher.

95% of Fairfax residents are African American. 2% of the population is White, 1% is Asian, and 2% of residents are biracial or multiracial.

The neighborhood’s median household income tracks around $23K, seeing as 60% of residents make under $25K a year, 21% make between $25K-$44K, and 11% of residents make between $45K-$74K annually. Additionally, another 8% of residents make over $75K per year.


Diverse population
Low cost of living
Low rent prices
Walkable neighborhood
Various nearby venues
Convenient location
Short commutes

Natural Disasters

Fairfax is among the neighborhoods in Cleveland where the risks of damages from natural disasters are relatively lower than the Ohio and national averages.

The neighborhood, however, has had its share of severe storms and flooding that caused considerable damage to properties and public utilities.

Fairfax has also been identified as among those areas with moderate risks for heat-related vulnerabilities. Many areas in the neighborhood have experienced high humidity and extremely hot days.

The neighborhood has been working on efforts to upgrade its multi-hazard mitigation planning and disaster-risk reduction. Initiatives include collaboration among communities for establishing key metrics and improving landscapes and infrastructures.


Over 50% of Fairfax residents have average daily commute times ranging between 20-35 minutes. Meanwhile, roughly 30% of residences report their daily travel time is at or under 20 minutes.

Interstate 77 runs southwest of the neighborhood, and Interstate 490 can be found southwest of Fairfax. Interstate 71 and Interstate 90 are both a short distance east of the neighborhood.

Euclid Avenue defines the neighborhood to the north, and Woodland Avenue outlines the neighborhood’s southern boundary. Other local roadways include Carnegie Avenue and Stokes Boulevard.

It takes about 11 minutes to reach Downtown Cleveland from Fairfax, and Burke Lakefront Airport is similarly about a 15 minute drive from the neighborhood.

Crime Rate

Fairfax is among the neighborhoods in Cleveland with the highest crime rates.

Overall, the crime rate in the area is 8,870 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 244% higher than or nearly four times the national average.

Fairfax’s crime rate is about 51% higher than the Cleveland average. The crime rate is also higher than about 95% of communities in Ohio.

Violent crime rate in the area is 2,194 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 476% higher than the national average.

Property crime rate, meanwhile, is 6,676 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 204% higher than the national average. One’s chances of becoming a victim of crime in the area is 1 in 12.



The Cleveland Metropolitan School District covers Cleveland’s neighborhoods, including Fairfax. This district educates around 40,000 students across its many campuses and spans over 79 square miles, which makes this district one of the largest districts not just in Ohio, but also the country.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District, previously titled the Cleveland Municipal School District, has about 70 pre-kindergarten-8 campuses which serve both elementary-aged students and middle school-aged students. Another 39 campuses are traditional 9-12 high school campuses.

This district’s schools have expanding gifted education programs, various honors courses, and multiple advanced placement options for students. The campuses in this district are largely diverse, and many schools have exemplary athletic programming for their students. The average graduation rate across this district’s high schools is 75%, and the average student-teacher ratio across its campuses is 16 to 1.

Fairfax students also are within short commuting distance of private campuses and religious schools that attract students from across Cleveland’s many neighborhoods.


Fairfax Elementary School: Fairfax Elementary School is a local pre-kindergarten-5 campus with around 330 enrolled students and a considerably low 12 to 1 student-teacher ratio. This well-rated campus is largely known for its challenging curriculum, educated and highly recommended teachers, and high student proficiency rates in both math and reading, according to state test scores and reviews on Niche.com. Roxboro Elementary School: Roxboro Elementary School is located in neighboring Cleveland Heights. This pre-kindergarten-5 campus is rated as the 2nd best standout elementary school in the Cleveland area by Niche.com based on this campus’s well-rated teachers, excellent academic achievements, and diverse student population. This campus has around 310 students and high proficiency rates in math and reading. Willow Elementary School: Willow Elementary School educates about 200 students across its grade levels. This local elementary school has a student-teacher ratio that averages around 14 to 1, and the student population is rated as diverse by Niche.com. Students attending Willow Elementary School have the option to take part in gifted and talented programming and participate in various clubs and activities.
Kenneth W. Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy: Kenneth W. Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy is an all-boys magnet school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District located within convenient driving distance for Fairfax students. This above-average public school campus has around 170 enrolled students throughout pre-kindergarten-8 grade. The campus has various student clubs and extracurricular activities, as well as a low student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. Roxboro Middle School: Roxboro Middle School is a nearby 6-8 middle school in University Heights. This campus has around 615 enrolled students from varying ethnic backgrounds and economic statuses. State test scores indicate that around 45% of this campus’s students are at least proficient in math, while 48% are at least proficient in reading. This campus also has favorably rated teachers and staff.
MC2 STEM High School: MC2 STEM High School is a 9-12 high campus in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District with exemplary health and safety records, a diverse student population, and an average student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. With 400 students, this campus has a graduation rate of 92%. Students have an average SAT score of 950 and an average ACT score of 20. Washington Park: Washington Park is another local 9-12 public high school based in nearby Newburgh Heights. This campus has a 15 to 1 student-teacher ratio, and with around 270 students, this high school is notably smaller than other campuses in the district. This high school’s average graduation rate is 75%, and Niche.com rates this campus’s clubs and activities favorably. Cleveland Heights High School: Cleveland Heights High School is a 9-12 high school situated in Cleveland Heights. This campus is especially known for its student diversity, qualified teachers, well-rated clubs and activities, and emphasis on college preparatory programs. This campus has an average graduation rate of 85%. Students have an average SAT score of 1070 and an average ACT score of 23.
Cleveland Montessori School: Located east of the neighborhood, specifically situated in Cleveland’s Little Italy, is Cleveland Montessori School. This early childhood education campus follows Dr. Maria Montessori’s approach to curriculum in an effort to educate and guide children to become independent scholars with empathetic, compassionate, and curious natures. Benedictine High School: Benedictine High School is rated as the 4th best all-boys high school in the Cleveland area according to Niche.com. This established campus receives overall excellent reviews and ratings for its athletics programs, college preparatory emphasis, advanced courses, and diverse clubs and activities. This campus has a student-teacher ratio of 11 to 1 and an average 100% graduation rate. Cleveland Central Catholic High School: Cleveland Central Catholic High School is a local Catholic 9-12 campus with around 630 enrolled students. This religious campus is one of the most diverse in the state, and its athletic programming is especially highly rated. The campus has an average 12 to 1 student-teacher rate, and its teachers are highly rated among parents and students.

Real Estate

Fairfax Housing 2020

According to City-Data.com, the bulk of residential properties in Fairfax fall well under statewide and national averages.

Specifically, a reported 1,505 pieces of real estate in the neighborhood are worth under $50K. Another 820 properties range between $50K-$100K. From there, 185 pieces of real estate in Fairfax range between $100K-$150K, and 275 properties are valued between $150K-$200K.

About 30 other Fairfax properties range from $200K-$250K, and 70 properties are worth between $250K-$300K. Another 130 pieces of real estate in the neighborhood range from $300K-$400K, and 160 properties are priced between $400K-$500K.

Fairfax is largely a buyers market, considering that there are typically more houses available on the market in the neighborhood than there are active buyers.

In terms of appreciation rates, Cleveland neighborhoods in Fairfax’s neck of the woods generally have annual appreciation rates around 2.50%. This number tracks under the majority of real estate appreciation rates across the country.

Fairfax Homes for Sale

Niche.com reports that 59% of properties in the city are rented residences, while 41% of housing options in Fairfax are owner-occupied properties. The neighborhood’s vacancy rate tracks around 10%.

To give an idea of rental costs in the neighborhood, the median rent in Fairfax falls just under $590 per month according to Niche.com. That said, other larger residential options in Fairfax have an average monthly rent of $1,000 per month.

The bulk of the neighborhood’s properties were constructed between 1940-1969, and about 25% of Fairfax’s residential options were built in or before 1939. A small number of residences were constructed between 1970-1999, and an even smaller number of properties were built in or after 2000.

The bulk of properties in this neighborhood are single family detached homes, and there are little to no attached residences to speak of in Fairfax. Large apartment complexes and smaller apartment buildings account for a small amount of housing options in Fairfax.

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Things to do

Although Fairfax itself doesn’t have many flashy venues to speak of, Fairfax has a charm all its own and has a location that is only minutes away from a wide range of entertaining and intriguing attractions. Fairfax residents can visit multiple retail spots, the bulk of which are located along Euclid Avenue. With Downtown Cleveland’s many shopping destinations only minutes away, residents are never far from recognizable chains, big department stores, and specialty shops. Outdoor enthusiasts can visit Fairfax Park for a nearby dose of fresh air. Plus, protected wetlands and Cuyahoga National Park itself are within short driving distance of the neighborhood, and there are many golf courses throughout Cleveland’s neighborhoods as well. Of course, the Greater Cleveland Area is also rich in museums and cultural venues. Cleveland History Center, International Women’s Air & Space Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and the Cleveland Museum of Art are only a few of the many fantastic options in the area.
Visit the Karamu House
The Karamu House, also known as the Karamu Performing Arts Theatre, is one of the oldest African American theaters in the United States. This local venue hosts various annual events such as community productions and colorful festivals that celebrate and keep the neighborhood’s vibrant African American history front and center in present times.
Explore Little Italy
Little Italy is one of Cleveland’s most popular neighborhoods, and Little Italy is conveniently only a short commute about 3 miles northeast of Fairfax. This lively and culturally rich neighborhood is home to many classic Italian bakeries, pizzerias, cafes, and formal restaurants, in addition to independent art galleries, murals, monuments, and local parks.
Browse Local Boutiques
Boutiques in nearby Cleveland neighborhoods have various aesthetics, so there’s likely a local store to match any taste in fashion. Evie Lou is a mainstay for casual womenswear, and Wild Cactus Boutique is worth a drive west of Fairfax. Blanc Boutique Cleveland is an upscale venue north of the neighborhood, and Our Favorite Things Boutique & Event Center has colorful options.
Take the Family to the Children’s Museum of Cleveland
The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is a family-friendly local museum that over 100,000 visitors explore each year. This venue has a wide range of interactive exhibits that spark the curiosity and the adventurous natures of children while encouraging learning while playing. This inclusive venue is also accessible to differently-abled children.
Visit Fairfax Park
Fairfax Park consists of 4.5 acres of land. This local venue features an indoor pool and sauna, a comfortable sundeck, various baseball fields, a gymnasium, play structures, a game room, and more, so it's no wonder that residents frequent this site. This park is also friendly to furry household members, so long as canine visitors are kept leashed.
Visit the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is less than 10 minutes away from Fairfax by car. This venue has intriguing activities that all ages are welcome to enjoy. This iconic Cleveland attraction has many exhibits that cover the natural world. There are also enriching and educational programs and shows covering everything from early life on the planet to recent space exploration.
Enjoy the Cleveland Botanical Garden
The Cleveland Botanical Garden features a 17,000 square-foot glasshouse that includes a replica of Madagascar’s spiny desert and a Costa Rican rainforest. Visitors are welcome to take in the garden’s vibrant greenery and enjoy the garden’s verdant scenery. The garden is also involved in forestry and environmental research efforts and initiatives, which makes this location equally beautiful and enriching.
Catch a Show at the Agora Theater & Ballroom
The Agora Theater & Ballroom is a 5 minute drive away from the heart of Fairfax. This entertaining venue is a live-music destination that houses various rock-centric events and performances. The venue also includes a bar and a simple menu. The Agora Theater & Ballroom is routinely highly rated by local guides and praised for its variety of shows.
Spend Time at Cuyahoga Valley National Park
The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a half hour’s drive south of Fairfax. This national park consists of 33,000 acres of protected, serene land with a scenic railroad, hiking trails, and biking paths. Whether birdwatching sounds perfect or exercising in the great outdoors would hit the spot, Cuyahoga Valley National Park can be an ideal retreat from urban living.
Check Out the Cleveland History Center
The Cleveland History Center of the Western Reserve Historical Society has exhibits that relate to family history, the area’s past, and cultural events. This venue’s exhibits are widely varied, and there’s also a kid-friendly section of the museum that’s great for kiddos to play in.


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