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ABOUT Gordon Square

Gordon Square is an artistic and diverse neighborhood located only a couple miles west of Downtown Cleveland.

This neighborhood is considered a historic commercial center and is found within the larger Detroit Shoreway area of Cleveland. Gordon Square is conveniently located so that traveling to Lake Erie’s shore or to some of Cleveland’s most famous venues is a straightforward and fast undertaking.

Gordon Square has affordable housing options for residents within its borders. Also, theaters, shopping venues, and eateries in and around the neighborhood are largely well-rated. Gordon Square is commonly known for having a vibrant live music and entertainment scene. Overall, nearby bars and nighttime venues are popular establishments.

In particular, young professionals make up a large number of this neighborhood’s population due to factors like the local job market, low cost of living, and short commutes. Less than 22% of households are families with children. Also, local public and private schools are short drives away from Gordon Square.

49% of Gordon Square residents are White, 24% are Hispanic, and 21% are Afican American. 1% of residents are Asian, and 3% are biracial or multiracial.

Around 40% of residents hold management, executive, or professional job occupations. 34% of residents work in sales or the service industry. Roughly 16.5% of the population are laborers or manufacturers, while less than 7% hold clerical and assistant positions.

Gordon Square’s average income is lower than 80.8% of residential areas across the country. An estimated 77% of children in the neighborhood fall below the poverty line, which indicates Gordon Square’s childhood poverty rate is higher than 99.3% of U.S. neighborhoods.


Artistic atmosphere
Diverse population
Convenient location
Affordable cost of living
Popular among young professionals
Nearby public and private schools
Great dining options
Varied shopping locations

Natural Disasters

As a Cleveland neighborhood, Gordon Square has a notably higher risk of earthquake activity than other areas of the state. Specifically, Cleveland’s earthquake index is 3.17, which is higher than Ohio’s index of 0.16 and the U.S. index of 1.81. With this information in mind, residents would be wise to watch for spikes in faultline activity.

The local tornado index is about even with the U.S. average, though lower than Ohio’s statewide index. However, it’s noteworthy that over half of recorded weather extremes between 1950 and 2010 were tornadoes, serious windstorms, and thunderstorms.

Annual trends show hailstorms, flash flooding, and heavy snows are seasonal occurrences.


In this area of Cleveland, just under 50% of residents report having daily commute times of 20 minutes or less.

Specifically, it takes around 8 minutes to drive to Downtown Cleveland from Gordon Square. Also, Burke Lakefront Airport is around a 10 minute commute from the neighborhood by car. Meanwhile, it takes about 5 minutes to drive to Lake Erie’s shore from Gordon Square.

W 65th Street, Detroit Avenue, and Lorain Avenue are pivotal local roadways. Cleveland Memorial Shoreway can be accessed just north of the neighborhood. Residents can quickly reach Interstate 90, which is a short distance south of Gordon Square. Interstate 71 is also east of the neighborhood.

Crime Rate

Based on historic trends and recent statistics, Gordon Square has a crime rate that tracks as being 22% higher than Cleveland’s overall average.

Seeing as Cleveland is only rated as being safer than 2% of all cities nationally, this area’s crime rate is especially noteworthy. For additional reference, the total crime rate in this corner of the city is 178% above the U.S. average.

The odds of being a victim of either a property crime or a violent crime in this part of Cleveland are 1 in 14. Western parts of Gordon Square have lower estimated crime rates than the neighborhood’s southeastern corner.


SCHOOLS IN Gordon Square

As a small neighborhood of Cleveland, Gordon Square falls within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s reach. The district, which covers almost 80 square miles, is one of the largest school systems in the state and educates just under 40,000 students across almost 70 campuses.

Established in 1836, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District was formerly known as the Cleveland Municipal School District. Recently implemented initiatives and programs have sought to improve the academic performance level of students and raise graduation rates across campuses.

In 2010, the district’s average graduation rate was 22.4%, and in 2018, the rate improved to 74.6%. In addition to AP courses, the Cleveland Public School System also offers The Gifted Education Program in several Cleveland MSD campuses.

Cleveland MSD includes over 60 elementary campuses and K-8 schools, plus over 20 high school campuses. All of these schools are options for Gordon Square students. Additionally, students are within short distance of multiple reputable private schools.


Louisa May Alcott Elementary School: Louisa May Alcott Elementary School is a 5 minute drive west of Gordon Square. This K-5 campus educates around 240 students from a range of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The majority of students are proficient in math and reading according to state test scores. To give a general idea of class sizes, the average student-teacher ratio is 17 to 1. Clark Elementary School: Located 5 minutes south of Gordon Square, Clark Elementary School is an impressively rated nearby pre-kindergarten-8 campus. State test scores indicate that 71% of students are proficient in math, and 52% are proficient in reading. Around 580 students attend this school. The average student-teacher ratio is 15 to 1, which is about average compared to national trends. Marion C. Seltzer Elementary School: Marion C. Seltzer Elementary School is roughly a 6 minute drive west of Gordon Square. This pre-kindergarten-9 campus has a diverse student population of around 415. Class sizes are larger than average, considering that the average student-teacher ratio is 19 to 1. 87% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches, and around 90% of teachers are highly experienced.
Orchard STEM School: Orchard STEM School is about a 6 minute commute away from Gordon Square. This Cleveland MSD campus educates around 480 students throughout grades pre-kindergarten-8. The average student teacher ratio sits at 21 to 1, which is larger than the national average. The student body is socioeconomically and ethnically diverse. For reference, 90% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches. Menlo Park Academy: Menlo Park Academy is a well-rated and tuition-free K-9 campus situated south of Detroit-Shoreway. This charter middle school is one of the top-ranked in Cleveland. Around 600 gifted students attend this campus. To give an idea of the curriculum, 94% of students score as being proficient in reading, and 91% of students score as being proficient in math.
MC2 STEM High School: MC2 STEM High School is less than 10 minutes away from Gordon Square. This Cleveland MSD school has a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1 and a 92% average graduation rate. 26% of the campus’s 400 students qualify for free or reduced lunches. This school specializes in athletic extracurricular activities, and 33% of students participate in multiple clubs and organizations. Garrett Morgan School of Science School: Garrett Morgan School of Science School is a 9-12 campus located in nearby Ohio City. This campus has a diverse student population of around 220 and reports an average student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1. This school offers a gifted and talented program, and the AP enrollment rate is 11%. 70% of teachers have years of experience in their field. Charles A. Mooney School: Charles A. Mooney School is 5 miles southeast of Gordon Square and is within short driving distance. This 9-12 high school has impressively rated teachers, clubs and activities, and health and safety records. Around 320 students attend this campus. To give an idea of class sizes, the average student-teacher ratio is 15 to 1. The school’s average graduation rate is 75%.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School is a local private school that educates grades pre-kindergarten-8. Around 270 students attend this private campus, which has been open since 1949. The curriculum is centered around imparting religious values and lessons to students. Teachers and staff are attentive and nurturing, and students report feeling safe and welcome on campus. Urban Community School: Urban Community School is a well-rated Catholic campus that educates students in grades pre-kindergarten-8. This school is within easy commuting distance for Gordon Square students and is an NCEA member. Urban Community School educates around 500 students. The campus reports having an average student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1, which means class sizes are slightly larger than average. Metro Catholic School: Metro Catholic School is a Catholic pre-kindergarten-8 campus within easy driving distance for Gordon Square residents. Around 575 students attend this campus, where the average student-teacher ratio is 13 to 1. The teachers and administrators of this school are particularly well-rated, and the campus’s curriculum is noted as being both challenging and engaging for students.

Real Estate

Gordon Square Housing 2020

Gordon Square’s real estate market consists of rental properties, owner-occupied housing, and a large number of commercial properties. This makes sense considering the neighborhood’s status as a commercial center of Cleveland.

The median real estate price in this area tracks around $110K, which falls solidly below the national average. This number places Gordon Square’s market as being more affordable than that of 65% of Ohio residential areas and 81% of U.S. neighborhoods as a whole.

Between December 2016 and December 2019, this Cleveland area experienced a steady uptick in the year-over-year median sale price from a low of $226K to a high of $302K. The median price per square foot tracks around $126.

Although Detroit-Shoreway is a balanced market due to there being an even mix of buyers and sellers, Gordon Square could be seen as a buyer’s market. Considering that the vacancy rate in this neighborhood is high, the demand for housing in Gordon Square is relatively low.

Gordon Square Homes for Sale

Gordon Square’s housing options are considered largely affordable compared to both national and local trends. 66% of properties in the neighborhood are rented residences, and around 34% of properties are owner-occupied. The vacancy rate tracks around 20%, which tracks higher than about 85% of neighborhoods nationally.

Just under 50% of properties in this part of Cleveland are 2-4 unit apartment buildings, which is a higher rate than about 98% of all other neighborhoods in the country. This neighborhood also contains larger homes that have since been renovated and converted into multi-resident housing. Duplexes and condominiums are also commonplace in this corner of Cleveland.

Because Gordon Square is a historic part of the city, it makes sense that many housing options have been around for a substantial number of decades. Around 78% of residential real estate in Gordon Square was constructed in or before 1939, which is a higher percentage than about 99.4% of residential areas across the U.S.

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Things to do

Gordon Square residents are short walks away from a range of boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, artistic spaces, and outdoor locations. Gordon Square itself is home to multiple art galleries, cultural venues, and performing arts theaters. Capitol Theatre, Cleveland Public Theatre, Near West Theatre, and Blank Canvas Theatre are only a few of the many incredible local venues well worth checking out. Gordon Square is also located less than a mile inland from Lake Erie, so fans of the great outdoors can easily enjoy waterfront activities. Multiple nearby bars, restaurants, and lounges also means there’s always somewhere fun to visit. Plus, shopping locations found both in and just outside of Gordon Square provide a wide variety of options for shopaholics. Downtown Cleveland is a short drive away by taking Route 2, and many other iconic Cleveland neighborhoods are also within easy traveling distance. Famous destinations like Edgewater Park, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium are close at hand.
Catch a show at Capitol Theatre
Capitol Theatre is the only historic movie theatre on Cleveland’s western side. This iconic venue has regular showings of blockbuster movies, high-quality indie films, and special events and screenings. Plus, the venue’s long history offers an enriching learning experience for visitors. With so much going on at Capitol Theatre, there’s something for everyone at this mainstay Gordon Square venue.
Visit Maelstrom Collaborative Arts
Maelstrom Collaborative Arts is an innovative live performance venue that stages original productions and premiers of all sorts. Genre-bending performances put on by this venue range from classical plays to modern, game-based shows. Additionally, the venue houses engaging dance performances. Maelstrom Collaborative Arts offers visitors a uniquely extraordinary and memorable experience.
Take a mural walking tour
There are multiple vibrant murals that can be easily accessed along Detroit Avenue. Whether you’re looking for a great spot to take Instagram pictures or you’re aiming to take in the neighborhood’s artistic culture, these murals are sure to delight. Found between 74rd Street and 52nd Street, murals created by local artists include abstract patterns, modern color-blocking, and thought-provoking portraits.
Sample local eateries
Gordon Square is known for having a wide range of innovative and delicious eateries that can satisfy any craving. XYZ the Tavern has many whiskeys and an American-themed menu, and Gypsy Beans is a cozy bakery and cafe with light portions. Happy Dog serves up creative hot dogs, while Ninja City Kitchen and Bar is a favorite contemporary Asian establishment.
Enjoy the sun at Michael J. Zone Recreation Center
The Michael J. Zone Recreation Center is less than a 5 minute drive south from Gordon Square by car. The Michael J. Zone Recreation Center is a multipurpose venue that includes a playground area for children, a dog park for four-legged household members, seating areas for picnics and birdwatchers, and trails for joggers and walkers.
Explore 78th Street Studios
With over 60 individual art galleries and music studios, 78th Street Studios is Northeastern Ohio’s largest fine arts complex. The 170,000 square foot venue schedules tours for the public. Additionally, each 3rd Friday of the month is a special district-wide event known as Third Fridays, which allows visitors to personally interact with artists, musicians, producers, and local vendors.
Make a family trip to Talespinner Children’s Theatre
Talespinner Children’s Theatre is a family-friendly performing arts theatre that specializes in imaginative and innovative shows. This lively venue seeks to encourage creative expression in local artists as well as those in the audience. Shows are known to incorporate acrobatics, live music, puppetry, and other disciplines. Creative performances also aim to cross socio-economic and cultural barriers to engage all visitors.
Play around at Superelectric Pinball Parlor
Superelectric Pinball Parlor is a local arcade and gaming destination that offers a nostalgic throwback experience. This venue has retro games and more modern setups alike that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Beyond games, this venue also has a kitchen and bar, which means anyone can have a great night out on the town at this venue.


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