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Independence City Limits


Overview: Found in Cuyahoga County in the great state of Ohio, Independence is a city that consists of 9.64 square miles and is made up of roughly 7,200 residents. gives Independence an overall A grade, which is calculated with factors that include public schools, housing, diversity, and crime and safety statistics to name a few. With great historic and attractive present-day accomplishments, this city is ranked as one of the best places to live in Ohio.

Based on statistics from the U.S. Census, Independence ranks as #54 out of 345 for best Ohio suburbs to buy a house. Additionally, Independence’s public schools place the city in the top bracket of Ohio cities where education is concerned.

Employment rates are favorable in Independence. Additionally, the cost of living is low compared to Ohio’s average, and job and business growth trends are steady.

Independence is often praised for its family-oriented atmosphere, recreational department, and involved community.

History: The area that later became Independence, Ohio was formed by a glacier on the western side of the Cuyahoga River. The land was first home to nomadic Native Americans, and permanent settlements began in the 1650’s.

Independence became known as an intersection of Native American trails, which became the Muskingum Trail and the Mahoning Trail. In today’s times, Independence still acts as a crossroads with Interstate 77 and Interstate 480.

In 1814, Independence was recognized as a Township. The first ever resident is thought to be Ichabod Lord Skinner, who owned 384 acres of land by 1834. This area, known as “Skinner’s Hill,” later saw the construction of a brick home built by Ichabod’s youngest son, which still stands today.

100 years after becoming a Township, Independence was upgraded to Village status in 1914. After a population boom, Independence became an official city in November of 1960.

Top City Highlights

  • Green views
  • National park
  • Quality schools
  • Good dining options
  • Short commutes
  • Historic locations
  • Various recreational options
  • Good safety statistics

Location: Independence, Ohio is a vibrant community situated southeast of Cleveland.

This city is bracketed by upstanding residential neighborhoods from all sides. Valley View lies to the east, Brecksville makes up the southern border, Seven Hills outlines the west, and Brooklyn Heights defines the city’s northern edge.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, made up of a staggering 33,000 acres, stretches up into Independence’s territory, which makes the east side of the city, especially known for green views and beautiful scenery.

Additionally, offshoots of the Cuyahoga River cut through the center of the city.

Commutes: Interstate 480 and Interstate 77 make up a good portion of Independence’s land area considering that the four-level stack interchange between I480 and I77, referred to by locals as the cloverleaf, is within the city’s northern section. This roadway provides ready access to local commutes and drives throughout the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

Cleveland itself is 12.2 miles away from Independence, and it is roughly the same amount of distance to reach Lake Erie’s southeast side.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport lies 15 miles or so to the west by way of Interstate 480.

Less than 8 miles southeast lies the heart of the county’s namesake, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Culture: Independence’s population is made up of people from a range of backgrounds, which breaks down into 96.6% white, 1.9% Asian, 1.1% Hispanic or Latino, 0.4% African American, and 0.1% Native American.

30.9% of households are families, 61.8% are married couples, and the remainder consists of individuals or elderly residents.

The median age of Independence residents is 47 years. 22.9% of residents are minors, 6.1% are between 18-24, 17.9% are 25-44, and 33.5% are 45-64 years of age with 19.5% being 65 and up.

36% of residents over the age of 25 hold a bachelor’s degree or above.

Local Government

City Council

Independence City Council acts as the city’s legislative branch. The council is made up of 7 members who are elected at large for 2 year terms, starting on January 1st following the election. Each member can serve a maximum of 5 consecutive terms of office.

Address: 6800 Brecksville Rd., Independence, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 524-1008

Mayor’s Office

The mayor of Independence is elected by the general public for a 4 year term. In accordance with the Independence Charter that was adopted in 1958, the mayor retains executive authority over the city, in addition to judicial and veto powers.

Address: 6800 Brecksville Road, Independence, OH
Phone: (216) 524-4131

Chamber of Commerce

The Cuyahoga Valley Chamber of Commerce is recognized as one of Northeast Ohio’s largest chambers. This organization represents 6 communities within the Cuyahoga Valley Region. With such a broad coverage area, the Chamber offers connections to over 35,000 businesses across Northeast Ohio.

Address: P.O. Box 31326Independence, Ohio 44131
Phone: 216-573-2707


Overview: Independence Local Schools focuses on creating purposeful and focused educational environments for students to help students make strategic decisions that impact their futures for the better.

With an emphasis on the local community’s rich history and traditions, the district seeks to improve Independence’s future through educating students with hopes to create a positive impact in their community.

This public school district includes 3 local campuses, which are Independence High School, Independence Middle School, and Independence Primary School. These campuses all come with impressive track records.

The middle school and primary school prepare students for future excellence extremely well, as evidenced by what students accomplish during their high school years. For example, Independence High School has been recognized on the national level as a School of Excellence and is ranked as one of Ohio’s top 100 public schools.

Beyond public campuses, there are also a number of local private schools in Independence and nearby areas.

Elementary Schools

Independence Primary School serves students from pre-kindergarten through 4th grade. The student-teacher ratio is 17 to 1, and grades this campus with an A+.

Hilton Elementary school is south of Independence and educates grades pre-kindergarten through third. The student-teacher ratio is around 18-1.

Middle Schools

Independence Middle School services over 300 students in 5th grade through 8th grade. With highly qualified staff and teachers, this school offers special services and enriching educational experiences for students.

With 632 students, Hillside Middle School is west of Independence and serves grades 5-7. With a good student-teacher ratio, this campus also has solid class sizes.

High Schools

U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Gerber Analytics, and the Daily Beast have recognized Independence High School for outstanding excellence. In addition to this school’s impressive track record, the low student to teacher ratio is 1 to 13.

West of Independence, Normandy High School serves students from 8th grade through 12th and consists of roughly 1,400 students.

Private Schools

St. Michael Church School is a Catholic campus found on the east side of Independence that educates grades pre-kindergarten through 8th.

To the west, St. Anthony of Padua School is another private Catholic school that consists of over 200 students from grades K-8th.

South of Independence, St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy educates students from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.


Overview: Property values in Independence, Ohio vary depending on location within the city. For example, lower-valued housing options are generally clustered to the south and west sides of the city with prices nearing $200K-$400K. Meanwhile, housing options valued around $700K are typically found on the north side of the city, with exceptions being found to the southeast.

Households in Independence that consist of families come in at around 74.2%, which means that the majority of housing options in the city are geared towards accommodating single families. From properties with history to newly constructed units, Independence has a range of available options for households with a number of members.

Additionally, there are multiple apartment buildings with a variety of square footage and bedrooms options to match varying incomes.

As a seller’s market, there are more people looking to live in Independence than there are housing options to go around, which indicates that Independence housing is a hot commodity.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes

Average home prices vary depending on size. Independence houses with 1-2 bedrooms range between $59K and $158K, and fluctuations depend on which area of the city the properties are situated.

Larger properties trend upwards, with 3 bedroom homes averaging in at $192K and 4 bedroom properties averaging near $235K.

New Construction

New housing construction is a common occurrence in Independence. From 2013 to 2017 alone, there were 78 buildings constructed, with 31 being built in 2017 specifically.

The average costs of newly constructed housing options range between $263K to highs of $418K.


Renovated apartments with stunning views can be found off of I480 and include 1-3 bedroom suite offerings. Prices start at $600 and range upward to over $1,000.

Other apartments can be found near I77 and range between 1-3 bedroom layouts. These options vary between $295 and $640 per month.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Independence Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Independence Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: ranks Independence as #18 in places to buy a house in the Cleveland area, which is a good opinion shared by many according to Independence’s healthy real estate market and recent trends.

For a number of years, Independence’s residents have overall preferred to own their properties rather than rent, considering that 93% of residents own their properties compared to the 7% who rent.

From January 2015 to January 2019, Independence properties have shown a steady increase except for a short-term dip from October 2016 to March 2017. In January 2015, the average home value was $202K, and the average home value in January 2019 was $233K, which displays a steady rise.

The city’s housing market is a seller’s market, which means there are generally more buyers than there are homes listed for sale. This indicates Independence offers more advantages for sellers and has a promising future.

Things to Do

Overview: Independence, Ohio is well-known for schools and safety ratings, but also makes a name for itself for being home to a range of available entertainment options, attractive restaurants, and great local amenities.

The most obvious nearby attraction is Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where visitors can enjoy nature at its best by exploring nature trails, hike across hills, or enjoy waterfalls and creeks. Additionally, Independence’s beautiful city parks are scattered throughout its neighborhoods.

For those who prefer to explore the great indoors, Rockside Corners Shopping Center is open for business and can meet any shopping craving. For those looking to express themselves artistically, Independence Community Theater performs shows fit for the whole family. Meanwhile, Historic Hall serves as the city’s museum.

As for nightlife and restaurant options, there are too many to name. Club Impulse, Slyman’s Tavern, and Tavern of Independence are popular attractions, and there are many locally owned-and-operated restaurants within Independence’s boundaries.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Being next to Cuyahoga Valley National Park has its obvious advantages for outdoor retreats. From hiking trails to scenic views, this national park has it all.

Elmwood Park and Valleywood Park are additional, smaller parks within the city that provide green retreats to residents and visitors alike.


The Rockside Corners Shopping Center is found on the northern side of the city and features a selection of restaurants and chain department stores.

Another local shopping option, Something White is a local bridal wear showroom that features one of a kind dresses for that special day.

Art & Culture

Preserved by the Independence Historical Society, Historic Hall showcases the city’s unique and vibrant history.

Independence Community Theater has live performances and a variety of shows throughout the year. Offerings include both dramas and comedies, in addition to American favorites.

Night Life

Club Impulse is an expansive cocktail lounge that features live music attractions.

For those looking for a casual hangout area, Slyman’s Tavern provides American grub and a selection of tap beers.

Tavern of Independence is a locally-owned establishment with top quality cocktails and service.


Independence has a range of restaurants that cater to all tastes and cravings.

Alladin’s Eatery, Angie’s Pizza, China King, Delmonico’s Steakhouse, Honey Baked Ham, OHIYO68, and ZoUp! are only a few recognizable establishments in Independence that attract great reviews and returning customers thanks to delicious menus and all-star staffs.


Overview: Ranked as the 210th largest Ohio community, Independence can be divided into two main sections based on most expensive property values.

Divided horizontally by Chestnut Road and Stone Road, the south section of Independence is the most expensive area, while the northern area is the least expensive.

The median real estate price of southern Independence comes in at $284K. This number stacks up as being more expensive than 91.3% of Ohio neighborhoods, and more costly than 63.6% of neighborhoods on the national level.

Meanwhile, the northern section of Independence found between Willow Street and the Ohio College of Pediatric Medicine has a median real estate price of $230K. This puts this area at being more expensive than 85.3% of neighborhoods in the state and 54.6% of neighborhoods on the national scale.

Regardless affluence level, housing supply in Independence neighborhoods is extremely tight considering that many people view Independence as a great city to live in.

List of Independence Neighborhoods

Local Pros

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