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ABOUT Jefferson

Found in Cleveland’s southwestern corner, Jefferson is a bustling neighborhood with a suburban atmosphere.

Jefferson is in the Kamm’s Corners Statistical Planning Area, and so the neighborhood has an organized feel. Jefferson is less than a 10 minute drive from Lake Erie’s shore, and the location is very attractive to commuters who drive to work across the Greater Cleveland Area.

This neighborhood has low rent trends, and statistics show the neighborhood’s rent has little to no year-over-year increase. Real estate in this neighborhood can be similarly affordable, but the neighborhood tracks as more costly than other Cleveland areas.

Jefferson residents enjoy a range of local venues, including tasty restaurants, spacious parks, and other great attractions. Plus, Downtown Cleveland is a short drive away from Jefferson. ranks Jefferson as the #6 most diverse neighborhood, and also places Jefferson among the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Cleveland. Additionally, around 30% of households in this neighborhood are families.

Jefferson’s population is 18,200. 53% of residents are female, and 47% are male.

31% of residents have some college education or an associate’s degree, and 8% hold a bachelor’s degree. Just 3% of Jefferson residents have a master’s degree or higher.

57% of Jefferson’s population is White, and 18% of the population identifies as Hispanic. 14% of residents are African American, and 5% of residents are Asian. Another 5% of the population is biracial or multiracial.

32% of residents make under $25K annually, 28% make between $25K-$44K, and 23% make between $45K-$74K. From there, 15% make between $75K-$149K, and 2% of Jefferson residents make over $150K.


Favorable location
Convenient commutes
Attractive rent rates
Walkable neighborhood
Ethnically diverse population
Great for young professionals
Various local attractions

Natural Disasters

Because Jefferson does not directly border the Cuyahoga River, it is not as vulnerable to yearly flooding as other parts of the city. However, residents can still be affected by flooding if extremely heavy rain causes the river to overflow. The most common effect this has on residents is damage to personal property.

Ohio experiences tornadoes, the majority of which occur between the months of May and July. Although Cleveland can experience a couple tornadoes every year, it is nothing compared to the 19 per year that mostly affect western Ohio. Tornadoes don’t usually affect Jefferson, and the main natural disasters are extreme storms and winter blizzards.


About 40% of Jefferson residents report a daily commute time of 15-20 minutes, and another 15% of residents have even shorter commute times of 10 minutes or less.

Interstate 90 runs through the village’s northern corner, and Interstate 71 is found in the neighborhood’s southern area. Additionally, Interstate 480 can be conveniently accessed a short distance south of the neighborhood, and the well-connected Clifton Boulevard can be found north of Jefferson.

It takes about 15 minutes to reach Edgewater Park Beach, Huntington Beach, or Downtown Cleveland by car from Jefferson. Also of note is that the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is less than 10 minutes away from the neighborhood.

Crime Rate

Jefferson experiences higher than average property crimes and violent crimes when compared to Cleveland, Ohio and the USA. Per 100,000 people, there are 1,733 violent crimes that occur in Jefferson, compared to 1,450 in Cleveland, 280 in Ohio and 381 in the United States.

Property crime is especially high compared to the national average. There are only 2,200 per 100,000 residents in the US, but there are 5,274 per 100,000 in Jefferson. Robbery, assault, theft and burglary make up the majority of crimes within the neighborhood.


SCHOOLS IN Jefferson

As a neighborhood of Cleveland, Jefferson’s students are educated by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which was previously titled the Cleveland Municipal School District. This well-rated school system has many reputable public schools in the Jefferson area, and there are also multiple established private campuses available to local students as well.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District educates about 40,000 students across the Greater Cleveland Area, and this district has over 100 individual campuses. The bulk of schools in the school system cover grades pre-kindergarten-8, and the second most prevalent type of campus is 9-12 high schools.

According to, public schools in Cleveland MSD are especially known for having considerably diverse student populations, various clubs and activities, educated teachers, and good curriculums. Recent steps have been taken to further improve local public schools to create even better learning environments for students in Cleveland.

There are also several religious campuses and private schools both in and outside of Jefferson.


James A. Garfield Elementary School: James A. Garfield Elementary School is a well-rated campus in Cleveland MSD that educates students in grades pre-kindergarten-8. This excellent campus provides academically challenging environments for students in an effort to create successful scholars. This campus is located within Jefferson’s boundaries and is a particularly sought-after school, considering how quickly enrollment fills each year. Riverside School: Riverside School is a pre-kindergarten-8 campus that has around 500 enrolled students. reports this campus is rated as one of the most diverse public schools in Ohio. State tests show that 50% of students are proficient in reading and 54% are proficient in math. To give an idea of class size, the student-teacher ratio is 16 to 1.
Kenneth W. Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy: Kenneth W. Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy is an all-boys magnet school that is a part of Cleveland Metropolitan School District. This pre-kindergarten-8 campus is located 15 miles away from Jefferson. With only 170 students and a low student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1, this public school is comparably smaller than others in the district. McKinley School: McKinley School is a pre-kindergarten-9 campus in Cleveland MSD with an impressively low average student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1. This campus reports that at least 42% of students are proficient in math and reading, as state tests show. The teachers at this campus are particularly qualified and well-rated, and the students who attend this school come from various ethnic backgrounds.
Washington Park: Washington Park is about 15 minutes east of Jefferson by car. This smaller 9-12 school educates around 270 students and has a graduation rate of 75%. Students who attend this campus, their parents, and teachers praise the campus’s student activities and clubs. This campus also has a notably diverse student population both in terms of ethnicity and economic status. MC2 STEM High School: MC2 STEM High School is a local public high school that covers grades 9-12. Educating around 400 enrolled students, this campus has a 17 to 1 average student-teacher ratio and small class sizes. This school’s average graduation rate is 92%, and as the campus’s name implies, the curriculum focuses primarily on developing students’ understanding in science, technology, electronics, and mathematics. John Marshall School of Engineering: John Marshall School of Engineering is a conveniently located 9-12 campus that is a part of Cleveland MSD. This campus is especially known for its student diversity, applaudable health and safety record, and various clubs and activities according to This campus has a 15 to 1 student-teacher ratio, and teachers are routinely highly rated by students and parents.
Saint Joseph Academy: Saint Joseph Academy is an all-girls Catholic School that covers grades 9-12. This campus is rated by as the #10 Catholic high school in Cleveland based on impressive academic standing, college preparatory programs, and more important factors. An estimated 92% of graduates from this campus later attend a 4-year college program, and the student-teacher ratio is 11 to 1. Heritage Christian School: Heritage Christian School is a Baptist K-12 campus located in nearby Brooklyn. This campus has a low student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1, and an estimated 60% of graduates go on to attend a 4-year college program. Notably, this campus has great student academic achievement levels, various clubs and activities, and a diverse student population. West Park Lutheran School: West Park Lutheran School is a Lutheran pre-kindergarten-8 campus with a convenient location for Jefferson students. This school has an exceptionally low student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1. With a small student population, class sizes are also ensured to be small. This Christian campus has a religious-based and challenging curriculum and an especially close-knit community.

Real Estate

Jefferson Housing 2020

The estimated average property value in Jefferson is $77K, which falls under Cleveland’s median property value and that of Ohio.

On average, properties sell after 56 days of being listed on the market. Jefferson can be seen as having a balanced real estate market, considering that an even split between properties for sale and active buyers can be expected.

Over 3,600 properties in Jefferson are valued under $50K, and 4,520 properties are valued between $50K-$99K. From there, 900 pieces of real estate range between $100K-$150K, and 380 properties are priced between $150K-$200K.

About 300 Jefferson properties vary between $200K-$300K, and 340 pieces of real estate range between $300K-$400K. About 270 properties are worth between $400K-$750K, and 500 other properties located in Jefferson are worth over the $1 million mark.

With these price ranges in mind, it’s understandable that Jefferson has a diverse real estate market and varying real estate appreciation rates.

Jefferson Homes for Sale

An estimated 68.3% of Jefferson housing options are owner-occupied, and 31.7% are rented properties. The neighborhood’s vacancy rate is 11.3%. reports that about 4,860 housing options in Jefferson were built in or before 1939, and around 4,000 properties were constructed between 1940-1959. About 2,640 residences were built between 1960-1999, and there are around 570 properties in the neighborhood that broke ground after the turn of the 21st century.

At 44.6%, most properties in Jefferson have 3 bedroom layouts. About 38% of properties in the neighborhood have 1-2 bedroom layouts. At 15.7%, few properties have 4 bedrooms, and less than an estimated 300 properties in the neighborhood have 5 or more bedrooms, which equals roughly 1.7%.

About 70% of properties in Jefferson are single-family detached residences, and just 5% of housing options are attached properties and condominiums. Around 10% of residences are apartment complexes, and 14% are smaller apartment buildings.


Single Family Homes
In Jefferson, 1-2 bedroom family homes have an average price point of $72K. 3 bedroom family homes are the most common type of property in the neighborhood, and residences of this size have an average price of $85K. Similarly, 4 bedroom properties generally range above the $90K mark. However, some 4 bedroom properties can be found for around $75K.
New Construction
Newly constructed homes in Jefferson can be hard to come by, seeing as they make up a small percentage of housing options in the neighborhood. Recently built properties with 3 bedrooms generally can be expected to start around $130K and range upward to $260K. Meanwhile, newer housing options with more favorable locations or additional bedrooms can range around $300K and up.
On average, studio apartments in Jefferson cost $480 per month. Slightly larger 1 bedroom apartment layouts in the neighborhood have an average cost of $560 per month. Meanwhile, 2 bedroom apartments in Jefferson average slightly higher at $670 per month. It’s also of note that apartment rent has little year-over-year change in Jefferson.
Keeping in mind that attached properties in Jefferson make up 5% of options in the neighborhood, 1-2 bedroom condos in Jefferson can be expected to go for around $330K, though more affordable options for around $60K may also be found. Additionally, larger 3-4 bedroom condos can be commonly priced around $530K and up.

Things to do

Jefferson is known for having a quiet, residential atmosphere, but the neighborhood also has lively venues and is located near vibrant attractions in the Cleveland area. Fans of shopping will be delighted by many locally-owned venues that range from vintage stores to modern couture. Additionally, department stores and national chains can be found within convenient commuting distance of Jefferson. Being a part of Cleveland means that iconic destinations in the city and across nearby areas are also around 15 minute drives away from Jefferson. Whether checking out the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, splashing around Lake Erie at Edgewater Park, or enjoying various golf courses sounds great, memorable outings are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Jefferson. Jefferson also has a range of restaurants residents enjoy frequenting, and local bars and clubs are as entertaining as they are popular. If a more quiet, solitary retreat is preferred, there are also expansive parks, hiking trails, and preserves nearby as well.
Visit Jefferson Park
Jefferson Park is 12 acres of outdoor space that is found at the heart of the neighborhood. This outdoor park has 8 tennis courts for visitors to enjoy, a playground structure for kiddos, and various picnicking areas to spend much deserved time in the sun. Additionally, Jefferson Park is routinely the designated location for community concerts, festivals, and annual events.
Browse Local Shops
Multiple boutiques and retail spots can be found along Lorain Avenue and throughout other nearby areas as well. Specifically, The Mission Boutique, Coven, Chelsea’s Costumes & Vintage Clothing, and Geiger’s Lakewood are several of the multiple highly rated shops and established stores within short driving distance of the neighborhood.
Make a Trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium
The Greater Cleveland Aquarium houses a diverse set of aquatic ecosystems and animals, and some marine exhibits are interactive. Additionally, this aquarium houses a mock research vessel, and the venue is less than 15 minutes away from Jefferson by car. With entertaining and enriching programming and shows, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium can make for a wonderful outing for all ages.
Bring Your Furry Friend to the Lakewood Dog Park
Lakewood Dog Park is a popular venue both among four-legged visitors and their owners. Located 4 miles northwest of Jefferson, this dog park is highly rated among locals and situated right next to the Rocky River. The fenced park features multiple benches and amenities for canine visitors, and the entrance and exit is a double door, which adds extra security.
Sample Fresh Produce at the Kamm’s Corner Farmers Market
The Kamm’s Corner Farmers Market provides a space where farmers in the Northern Ohio area can bring their homegrown produce to market, and visitors are welcome to sample a gamut of veggies, fruits, and other artisanal favorites. Located at the corner of W. 168th and Albers Avenue, the Kamm’s Corner Farmers Market takes place on Sundays when the weather permits.
Visit the Museum of Divine Statues
The Museum of Divine Statues is a unique nearby attraction within convenient driving distance for Jefferson residents looking for an enriching and even spiritual outing. The Museum of Divine Statues has a vast collection of religious church statues and historic relics that have significant cultural relevance.
Enjoy Lake Erie at Edgewater Park
Edgewater Park has a range of fun activities for its visitors. The famous Cleveland Script Sign is located in the park’s western corner and perfect for photo opportunities. Edgewater Beach House is an open-air venue where visitors can snack and enjoy a few drinks. Edgewater Beach is a signature attraction, and The Pier Grille & Bait Shop is another local staple.
Expand Golf Skills at Big Met Golf Course
Big Met Golf Course is located in nearby Fairview. This conveniently located golf course consists of 18 holes of varying difficulty levels and was founded back in 1926, so this location has a bit of a history. The putting greens are well-maintained, and golf course visitors can also visit the venue’s classic clubhouse and terrace restaurant.
Catch a Show at Blank Canvas Theatre
Blank Canvas Theater is a local performing arts theatre situated only 10 minutes away from Jefferson by car. This independent theater puts on community productions and entertaining plays in a small, intimate setting, and this welcoming venue also houses unique and eclectic art displays that give the theater a unique appeal and a special tie to the local creative community.
Visit Animals at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Located just 12 minutes east of Jefferson is the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, a destination fit for all ages. This well-known and highly rated zoo houses exhibits from all over the world and offers the chance to get up close and personal with a range of friendly critters. The zoo also provides educational shows and entertaining programs for visitors.


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