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La Palma City Limits


Located in California’s well-known Orange County, La Palma is a small city that is routinely classed among the best places to live across the country due to impressively low crime statistics, top-ranked schools, a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, and other excellent qualities.

La Palma has a small town vibe without losing the benefits that come with an urban environment. There are multiple highly-rated restaurants, coffee shops, and outdoor locations in the city and the surrounding areas, and those looking for artistic locations or educational opportunities have several options to choose from.

La Palma’s public schools in particular have solid reputations for academic excellence, so it’s no surprise that the city attracts many young families. However, young professionals also make up a large portion of the population.

Specifically, La Palma is ranked by to be the 80th best California suburb for young professionals out of 525 residential areas. The city’s community is widely economically and ethnically diverse, as well as welcoming.

Top City Highlights

  • Great public schools
  • Variety of restaurants
  • Multiple city parks
  • Good crime statistics
  • Diverse population
  • Healthy economy
  • Involved community
  • Retiree-friendly

Location: La Palma is located on the southwestern border of Orange County and consists of 1.83 square miles. While this city has the smallest area size in the county, La Palma’s location can be seen as very favorable.

La Palma’s immediate neighbors to the west are Hawaiian Gardens, Cerritos, and Artesia. Buena Park defines the city’s eastern borders. South Anaheim is southeast of the city, and Anaheim itself is a further distance southeast. Cypress is south of La Palma, as is Los Alamitos.

On a grander scale, La Palma is less than 20 miles northeast of Long Beach and about 22 miles southeast of Los Angeles, California.

Commutes: The mean commute of La Palma residents lines up with California’s mean travel time of about 30 minutes.

Artesia Freeway runs through La Palma’s northern section of town, which connects to Interstate 605 west of the city and Interstate 5 east of La Palma. Additionally, Beach Boulevard is a short distance east of La Palma, which is a roadway that connects to San Diego Freeway, a well-connected freeway located south of La Palma.

Anaheim is a short 15 minute commute from the city. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Los Angeles by car, and Long Beach is about a 25 minute drive away from La Palma.

Culture: La Palma has a population of over 15,000 residents. 30% of residents have some college education or have earned an associate’s degree, and another 30% of the population has a bachelor’s degree. Another 13% have a master’s degree or above.

46% of residents are of Asian descent, and 26% of the population is White. 18% of the population is Hispanic, while 5% of residents are African American and another 5% are of other ethnic backgrounds.

The unemployment rate tracks around 3%, and the poverty rate is estimated to be 6.6%. The median household income comes in at $91K, and the median individual income is about $36K.

Local Government

City Council

La Palma’s city council is made up of 5 sitting members who are elected on an at-large basis. Each member serves for a 4 year term of office, and the terms are staggered.

The council acts as the city’s legislative body, enacts local laws or ordinances, decides the annual city budget, and handles other business items of the municipality.

Address: 7822 Walker St, La Palma, CA 90623
Phone: (714)-690-3334

Mayor’s Office

La Palma’s city council appoints a mayor to serve for a 1 year term of office. The mayor acts as the council’s chair and represents the council at ceremonial and business events.

The mayor attends city council meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, in addition to overseeing the execution of all city contracts, ordinances, and resolutions.

Address: 7822 Walker St, La Palma, CA 90623
Phone: (714)-690-3334

Chamber of Commerce

North Orange County Chamber of Commerce first formed under the name Fullerton Chamber of Commerce in the late 19th century. The NOCC still believes in supporting economic prosperity, encouraging education, and serving local businesses and enterprises.

The NOCC services La Palma, Fullerton, Stanton, and Buena Park and advocates for its many members in a governmental capacity.

Address: 100 W. Valencia Mesa Drive, Fullerton, CA 92835
Phone: (714)-871-3100


Overview: La Palma’s public education is highly-rated based on factors like the academic standing, graduation rate, teacher qualifications and performance, and other important qualities of each school. Generally speaking, students, parents, and teachers rate local school districts as excellent educational systems.

La Palma has several public school campuses within its borders that are included in different Orange County school districts. Los Coyotes Elementary, Miller Elementary, Steve Luther Elementary, Walker Junior High School, John F. Kennedy High School, and Oxford Academy are a few local schools.

Because of La Palma’s convenient location next to major cities in Orange County, the city’s students also have access to impressive campuses within convenient driving distance. Some of the top schools in the area include Clara J. King Elementary and Buena Park High School.

There are also a number of private schools in La Palma. La Palma Christian School, Stepping Stones Christian School, and Beacon Day School are small local campuses that provide specialized learning environments.

School Districts

Buena Park Elementary School District is based in La Palma’s neighboring city, Buena Park. This school system consists of 7 elementary school campuses. Students either go on to attend Anaheim Union High School District or Fullerton Joint Union High School District.

Fullerton Joint Union High School District includes 8 high school campuses, whereas the Anaheim Union High School District consists of 9 high schools and 8 middle school campuses.

Based in nearby Cypress, Cypress Elementary School District services Cypress, Buena Park, and select areas of La Palma.

Centralia Elementary School District has 8 elementary campuses and directs students in La Palma’s area to the Anaheim Union High School District.

List by areas:

Centralia Elementary School District

Buena Park Elementary School District
Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Cypress Elementary School District

Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Elementary Schools

Los Coyotes Elementary School is a K-6 campus in La Palma with 522 students, impressive overall standing, and a 27 to 1 student-teacher ratio.

George B. Miller Elementary School is another excellent K-6 campus that has a student-teacher ratio of 25 to 1.

Steve Luther Elementary School has a diverse student population of around 500 and well-rated teachers.

Middle Schools

Walker Junior High School is a 7-8 campus in La Palma with around 1,150 students and a 28 to 1 student-teacher ratio. 47% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches.

Buena Park Junior High School is a nearby 7-8 campus located in Buena Park with a 24 to 1 student-teacher ratio and around 1,000 students.

High Schools

John F. Kennedy High School is a stellar 9-12 campus with impressive college prep programs and an average graduation rate of 97%.

Artesia High School is west of La Palma and has a 21 to 1 student-teacher ratio and around 1,400 students.

Cypress High School is a top campus southeast of the city with an average 96% graduation rate.

Private Schools

La Palma Christian School is a Christian pre-kindergarten-12 campus with an 18 to 1 student-teacher ratio.

Stepping Stones Christian School is Presbyterian early childhood education campus with around 140 students.

A local special education campus, Beacon Day School has around 50 students throughout grades 2-12 and has a student-teacher ratio of 6 to 1.


Overview: Out of around 5,000 residential options in the city, 69% are owner-occupied properties, and 31% are rented. It is estimated that 2.6% of residences stand vacant.

54.8% of La Palma’s housing options were built between 1970-1999, and 43.5% of properties were constructed between 1940-1969. Only 1.3% of options were built in 2000 or later years, and just 0.4% of housing options broke ground in or before 1939.

As for the type of properties in the city, 70% of residences are single family detached homes and around 22% are apartment complexes. Condominiums are the 3rd most prevalent type of property in the city, and smaller apartment buildings make up the smallest number of housing options.

To give an idea of size, 60.3% of options have 3-4 bedrooms, and 11.7% have 5 or more bedrooms. Just 19.4% of options have 2 bedroom layouts, which leaves 8.6% of properties with 1 bedroom layouts.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes

1 bedroom detached houses are scarce in La Palma. Seeing as the average price of 2 bedroom family homes is $455K, 1 bedroom properties can be expected to fall under this average.

3 bedroom family homes are the most common in La Palma and have an average price of $753K. Meanwhile, 4 bedroom homes commonly go for around $806K.

New Construction

La Palma has a small number of newly constructed housing options, seeing as only 1.3% of residences were built after the turn of the 21st century.

With this information in mind, recently built homes push the average costs of properties upwards. For example, newly built 3-4 bedroom homes can go for $1.2 million or more in the area.


Attached properties in La Palma are considerably less common than apartments or stand-alone houses in La Palma.

To give an idea of what prices to expect, a 2 bedroom condo in the city may be listed for over the $400K mark, and a 3 bedroom condo may be priced around $485K.


On average, a 1 bedroom apartment in La Palma costs $1,800 per month. Larger 2 bedroom apartments average at just under $2,400 per month. 3 bedroom apartments may stretch to $3,800 per month.

To give an idea of size, the average La Palma apartment consists of 842 square feet. Additionally, apartment prices show little year-over-year change.

Homes for Sale

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List of  La Palma Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  La Palma Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: The median property value in La Palma is estimated to be over $745K, which is impressively high on a national level, but doesn’t rank among the most expensive median property values in California.

60.5% of La Palma real estate varies from $612K-$918K, and another 12.2% of properties range between $918K-$1.2 million. 1.5% of real estate is worth above $1.2 million. Meanwhile, 13.3% of properties range from $490K-$612K, and 7.7% of real estate falls between $367K-$490K. Just 4.8% of real estate is priced under $367K.

Largely between December 2009 and December 2019, La Palma’s home appreciation rates have been some of the highest in the country. During this time period, real estate appreciated 47.96%. This placed La Palma in the top 20% of appreciating residential areas nationally.

However, current appreciation rates are anticipated to annualize at a little over 3%, which shows a marked decrease from previous years.

Things to Do

Overview: La Palma is widely considered to be one of the best cities to live in California thanks to La Palma’s many attractive qualities, such as the city’s scenery, impressive restaurants, family-friendly atmosphere, and varied local attractions.

Multiple city parks are well-maintained and feature open areas that are ideal for picnics, spontaneous outings, and outdoor sports. Expansive nearby locations include Don Knabe Community Regional Park and Forest Lawn. If local options don’t satisfy, the iconic Disneyland Park is a short distance away in nearby Anaheim, California.

Since La Palma is surrounded by other popular Orange County cities, it’s no surprise that La Palma has many shopping malls and retail destinations within short driving distance. Plus, countless stand-alone boutiques and independently-owned gems are only a hop, skip, or a jump away.

Nearby bars, lounges, and taverns are sure to entertain well into the night and early hours of the morning, and there’s always a fantastic restaurant to visit and enjoy quality food.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Central Park, Denni Street Park, and Mackay Park are several parks in short commuting distance for La Palma residents. Additionally, Don Knabe Community Regional Park is just west of the city, and Forest Lawn is likewise southwest of La Palma.

Disneyland Park itself is only 15 minutes away from La Palma, which makes for a convenient and memorable day trip.


La Palma Convenience Center and La Palma Plaza are 2 local shopping malls with very convenient locations.

Additionally, Lincoln Valley View Shopping Center, Shops At Buena Park, Buena Park Place, and Anaheim West Shopping Center are all around 10 minute drives from the city, which means that many popular options are within easy reach of La Palma residents.

Art & Culture

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Foundation is a recognizable performing arts theater located in La Palma. This theater’s stage has seen many outstanding performances and is scheduled to house many more to come.

Buena Park Historical Society, Kansas School House, and Los Alamitos Museum Association are only a handful of the many museums in neighboring cities.

Night Life

La Palma’s convenient location means that multiple highly-rated hotspots are within short distances of the city.

Cliff’s Hideaway is a cocktail bar north of the city, and Campus Billiards Craft Beer & Sports Bar is a popular spot known for its giant theater screen.

Jeanie’s Dirty Martini, Odyssey Hookah Lounge, Izakaya Sojuya, and Pang Pang Karaoke are several other frequented venues.


Local restaurants are sure to leave visitors wanting to come back for more delicious food.

A’Roma Ristorante has a romantic atmosphere and classic Italian dishes. Known for its diverse menu, Soy Tofu is ranked as one of the best Korean restaurants in California.

La Capilla Mexican Restaurant, Cachi Cafe, Str8 Up Tacos, and Mhat Korean Restaurant are also notable eateries.


La Palma’s southern neighborhoods are considered to be the most affordable areas in the city to live in, while northern neighborhoods have a higher cost of living. The most expensive areas of the city are centrally located.

Neighborhoods situated in or close to the city’s center have a median real estate price of $771K, which is more expensive than 70.6% of California neighborhoods and over 93.3% of neighborhoods on a national scale.

Neighborhoods north of El Rancho Verde Park have a median real estate price of $745K, which is slightly more affordable than central neighborhoods, but is still more expensive than 68.5% of California residential areas and 92.7% of neighborhoods nationally.

Lastly, neighborhoods south of La Palma Avenue are the least expensive in the city. Here, the median real estate price is $705K. Even so, this tracks as more expensive than 63.1% of California neighborhoods and 90.7% of neighborhoods across the United States.

List of La Palma Neighborhoods

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