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ABOUT Lido Marina Village

The Lido Marina Village area is a lively and vibrant neighborhood to live in. Even if you don’t go far away from home, the beach is only a walking distance away. You cannot beat the many hot spots for watersports, delectable seafood and different worldly dishes, retail stores and shopping centers, and overall beach exploration. Lido Marina Village values the arts and the film industry.

People can either attend the neighborhood’s annual film festival or simply go to the theater to see a movie. If you have a boat and want to make a quick pit stop for a bite to eat, you can go to The Dock for five-star food and service. In the mood for some Italian entrees? Take your family to The Original Mama’s Italian Kitchen for some mouthwatering authentic Italian cuisine. For those who love to sail the ocean blue, Windward Sailing Club offers amazing boat selections.

This area is very sophisticated and full of class. The neighborhood is made up of single-family homes, restaurants, shops, and businesses. Many of the people who live in Lido Marina Village enjoy active outdoor activities because the are surrounded by sandy beaches, water, and amazing climate.People can’t help but to indulge the area around them.

Lido Marina Village residents also participate in coastal and water tours with the visiting friends and family members. It is always an experience when you live in a place like this. It is considered a small neighborhood, so many residents are comfortable with each other.

TOP Lido Marina Village HIGHLIGHTS

Waterfront dining
Historic Lido Theatre
Dynamic harbor views
Charming boutiques
Luxury cruises
Family-friendly recreation
Live Music
Lido’s Kids Boat Fountain

Natural Disasters

There are no significant records of any major and recurring natural hazards that are specific to Lido Marina Village, Newport Beach, CA.

Newport Beach, however, is highly vulnerable to several natural disasters that include earthquakes, tsunamis, and severe flooding.


Because Lido Marina Village is very close to the tip of Balboa Peninsula, people can commute much easier to other neighborhoods and other parts of California. It is not a struggle to drive to the mainland and get to your destination. Some people even work in other parts of Newport Beach or in different cities.

Coast Highway is reached from Lido Marina Village through traveling on Newport Boulevard. If you are traveling northbound on Newport Boulevard, you will connect to the Pacific Coast Highway. This highway runs along the coast of California and reaches as far as San Francisco.

Crime Rate

Lido Marina Village is among the safest neighborhoods in Newport Beach, CA.

Overall, the total crime rate in the area is about 1,400 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 47% lower than the national average.

Violent crime rate in the neighborhood is about 218 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 45% lower than the national average. Property crime, meanwhile, happens more often in the area at a rate of about 1,208 per 100,000 residents. This rate, however, is still about 36% lower than the national average.

In Lido Marina Village, one has a 1 in 62 chance of becoming a victim of crime.


SCHOOLS IN Lido Marina Village

Although there are no school directly in Lido Marina Village, there are plenty of schools in close and surrounding areas fo five miles or less. Whether you have a student in elementary, middle, or high school, there is a perfect place your child. The majority of families who live in Lido Marina Village enroll their student in either a private school or one of the schools within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

Families who choose private schools over public school want more specialized curriculum, more extracurricular activities, and want smaller classrooms. Some want their student to learn the standard subject courses as well as learn faith-based values. Many parents argue that private schools offer more world language classes than public schools.

For parents who cannot afford private schools or want their students to enroll in a stellar secular school, public schools is better. Academic and fun enrichment opportunities are available at Newport-Mesa Unified School District.


Newport Elementary School at 1327 W Balboa Blvd: While this school is located on the Balboa Peninsula, it is still a quick and easy commute from Lido Marina Village. Newport Elementary School is a stellar elementary school. This is a very popular school for elementary students in Southern California to attend. Serving grades kindergarten through sixth, Newport Elementary School values the balance of academic curriculum and programs with fun extracurricular activities. Teacher and staff members are teaching their students at young ages how to manage and prioritize their time wisely. For students who show signs of gifted characteristics, Newport Elementary School has the Gifted and Talented Education Program. Harbor View Elementary School at 900 Goldenrod Avenue: Harbor View Elementary School is successful at providing its students with a variety of meaningful lessons and experiences. Subject courses that students study at this school include technology, art, math, reading, science, and writing. Students are taught how to respectfully and positively interact with their teachers and fellow students. Harbor View Elementary School offers fun clubs and activities after school hours as to not interfere with instruction time. Extracurricular clubs include student government, choir, art, theater, basketball, baseball, track and field, and many more. Students are learning how to become leaders and take initiative to participate in hobbies they enjoy.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: One of the closest intermediate schools to Lido Marina Village and one of the best middle schools in Newport Beach is Ensign Intermediate School. Students who live in Lido Marina Village have the pleasure of enrolling in a school who readily prepares its students for success in high school. Ensign makes it its priority to ensure its students are getting the most out of their classes and programs. Teacher and student relationships are cultivated in a safe environment so that students can express themselves freely. Athletic individuals can participate in Ensign's sports teams such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track.
Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave: Newport Harbor High School is the closest high school within a three mile radius. This distinguished high school was awarded the California Distinguished School award for successful preparing its students for the future in all areas. A recipient of this award must have an amazing arts education, physical and nutritional education, and offering career technical education. Standardized testing scores must be proficient and above in order to be considered. Newport Harbor High School offers many Advanced Placement (AP) courses such as Calculus, Chemistry, Biology and more. Students who enjoy being athletic often participate in this high school's competitive sports teams.
Pacifica Christian High School at 883 West 15th Street: This top-notch faith-based private high school also provides a liberal arts education. Students get to engage secular texts as well as religious ones. They are able to have their own views about how the world is supposed to be. Pacifica Christian High School welcomes students of all cultures and background. It is known as a college-preparatory high school as it offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These course can help students earn college credit towards future university coursework, depending on the subject matter. With a competitive athletic department, students at Pacifica can challenge their stamina and athletic skills. Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: Enrolling students in grades kindergarten through eighth, Carden Hall School is another private school favorite in Lido Marina Village. Families, who desire to enroll their students in an alternative school, will love Carden Hall. This stellar institution has teacher and staff members who only want the absolute best for their students. With both elementary and middle school students in one school, there are only 400 students. Private schools like Carden Hall believe that students work better and excel in their coursework when the classrooms are not as large. Athletic students can play soccer, football, tennis, and basketball at Carden Hall.

Real Estate

Lido Marina Village Housing 2020

The real estate in Lido Marina Village is made up of mostly single-family homes. These homes in the area differ in floor plans, price points, style and architecture, and amenities. The luxury single-family homes can be priced as high as $8.65 million. These types of homes are located near the coastline, which is a very popular spot where residents desire to live.

People want their elegant home to be even more special with a spectacular view of the beach and ocean. People are willing to pay for that. For larger families, multiple suites, commercial-like gourmet kitchens and multiple-car garages are important. No one wants to fight for space.

Every family member should have their own bedroom and living area. On the other side of the spectrum, real estate in Lido Marina Village has homes priced as low as $2.3 million. These tend to be smaller but still have great amenities and space.

Lido Marina Village Homes for Sale

The Lido Marina Village area is compiled of mainly luxury single-family homes and a few upscale apartments. Beside the magnificent views of the beaches, these homes in the area are just as breathtaking. They are practically pieces of art that residents get to occupy. Multiple-car garages, gourmet kitchens, and master suites with walk-in closets are just the icing on the cake.

The exteriors of these single-family homes are so elegant and sophisticated. The apartments in Lido Marina Village are very few, but the ones that are there are spectacular. The countless amenities would make you feel like you were living in a hotel, not an apartment. Some apartments have multiple bedrooms and can have families live in them comfortably.

Most of them have open floor plans, great for customizing of the living spaces. Instead of going out to the public beach, some apartment complexes have private access to the beach.

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Things to do

This small neighborhood has so many fun things to do and great places to eat. It is surrounded by restaurants, retail stores, beaches, and walking and biking trails. You can swim or just allow the tides to wash up on you. You will never get bored in Lido Marina Village! Relaxing on the beach is one of people's favorite pastimes. If you want to be active on the beach, you can play a game of beach volleyball, catch, or make a sandcastle with your kids. People more into watersports enjoy sightseeing on the water and being active. Lido Marina Village has many different restaurants to choose from. Whether you are meeting friends for dinner or going to a formal meeting at a restaurant, this neighborhood has it all. People who are feeling adventurous go on a cruise around Newport Beach or go on water tours to see the ocean's most amazing marine life.
People have opportunities all summer season to sign up for cruises. Cruise Newport Beach is a popular company that has the most lovely cruise ships in the city. Lido Marina Village residents and visitors can even book events on the cruise. Some have even had wedding receptions and birthday celebrations.
Lido Marina Village is nearby numerous high-quality restaurants. Check out ht Newport Beach Brewing Company for its famous beers, pizza, and other meals. If you love Italian food, The Original Mama D's Italian Kitchen has one of the best menus. Woody's Diner has the best burgers in Lido Marina Village.
Retail Shopping
The Lido Marina Village Mall has some of the best upscale and sophisticated retail shops in the area. Finding fashionable activewear just got easier with Sweaty Betty. Looking for some quality, vintage-styled shades, head over to Warby Parker. This mall even has the upscale Australian skincare and fragrance store Aesop.
Regency Lido Theater
Do you enjoy going to the movies? Well, the Lido Regency Theater in Lido Marina Village is here for you. This movie theater always has the new releases as well as classic independent films available to watch. Along with independent films, this theater also shows critically-acclaimed foreign films with subtitles.
Water Tours
Even if you have lived in Lido Marina Village for years or if it is your first time in the area, water tours are super exciting. During the summer months, companies like Davey's Locker take out a group of people on a boat to do some whale and dolphin watching.
Newport Beach Film Festival
More than 50,000 fans all over the world come to the annual Newport Beach Film Festival. This event is nearby Lido Marina Village and lasts eight days. Over 350 films of different genres are shown. People of different walks of life can come together and share a similar interest: cinema.
Fitness Centers & Gyms
If you're not really an outdoor person but you still want a workout, Lido Marina Village has several fitness gyms in the area. The most popular one is Curl Fitness. It has top-notch weights and equipment. If you enjoy cardio, sign for a spin class, yoga, or a Zumba class.
Do you have an important event or a date coming up soon? Then book your appointment at TReSs Apothecary + Salon. This salon not only gives you the desired hairstyles you desire, but also they teach their clients about how to maintain their hair. It has makeup application and tutorial services.
Recreational Swimming
If you’re not into sports fishing but want to catch something as a great pastime, recreational fishing is always a great option. It's not competitive and there's no pressure to catch anything. Whether you have your own boat or you rent one, you can just sit and enjoy the scenery.
Many people in Lido Marina Village like to do watersports since the neighborhood is so close to the coastline. You will probably see friends and family members kayaking, skimboarding, or just splashing around in the ocean. If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent from Balboa Water Sports.


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