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ABOUT Linda Isle

Linda Isle is a island on the Lower Bay of Newport Beach. It has wonderful 106 bayfront homes. As a guard gated community, Linda Isle is surrounded by several coastal shops, entertainment activities, and amazing restaurants. The neighborhood is not too far away from the Bayside Restaurant, where you can enjoy captivating art and soothing jazz music with your meals.

This area also has different nightlife spots such as 3 Thirty 3 Waterfront and A&O Kitchen + Bar for some nightlife fun with your friends. Linda Isle is a great place to raise a family because the area is protected by a guarded gate. This is to keep out unwanted guests and activities. Families feel safe living in this community and choose to go to nearby neighborhoods that have different places and coastal hotspots. This island is close to several different public schools and Newport Beach and each offer a great education.

This island has some of the wealthiest families in Newport Beach. Most of them have large boats and personal docks. The culture of Linda Isle is centered around prosperous and coastal living and family. Many of the families in this neighborhood enjoy being outdoors whether they are sailing on their boats, doing watersports, and driving to nearby recreational parks to play sports or go on hikes.

Linda Isle is all about coastal living and enjoying the environment. Residents get to enjoy the breathtaking and panoramic waterfront views. Aside from doing outdoor activities, people drive to nearby entertainment hotspots and activities.


Waterfront homes
Private, guarded community
Luxurious community amenities
Seaside restaurants
Boutique style shopping
Excellent schools
Stunning water views
Private boat docks

Natural Disasters

There are no significant records of any major or recurring natural disasters specific to Linda Isle, Newport Beach, CA.

The neighborhood, however, is included among the predicted tsunami inundation areas for Newport Beach. Experts say that properties near the water in Linda Isle are expected to be impacted by the wave run-up should a tsunami occur during mean sea level. Near-shore sections of the neighborhood would also be impacted if the tsunami hits during mean higher water.


The only road that is in Linda Isle is Linda Isle Drive. This road circles around the area and eventually leads out of the neighborhood on the left-hand side and turns into Aloha Drive, which is the bridge. This bridge give access to visitors and residents to Bayside Cove and the mainland neighborhoods of Newport Beach.

Aloha connects to Bayside Drive and traveling north will lead to the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), a major north-south state highway that stretches from San Diego to San Francisco. PCH also has many exits for access to other parts of Newport Beach and other cities in California.

Crime Rate

Linda Isle is among the neighborhoods in Newport Beach, CA, with relatively low crime rates. The total crime rate in the area is about 12.7 per 1,000 residents. This is about 73.2% lower than the national average.

Violent crime rate in the area is at 1.64 per 1,000 residents. This is about 63% lower than the California average. Property crime, meanwhile, happens more often in the area at a rate of about 11.7 per 1,000 residents. This rate, however, is still about 40 % lower than the national average.

One’s chances of being a victim of crime in Linda Isle is 1 in 65.



Those who are living in Linda Isle and have students who need to attend primary or secondary schooling, they are several options. Students can enroll in a public school or a private school. The public schools near Linda Isle are within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. These schools range in different grade levels, extracurricular activities, and instruction styles. There are 32 schools and over 22,000 students in total.

Newport-Mesa has twenty-two elementary schools, two middle schools, and four high schools. Also, the district has alternative schooling options for students who need help in get back on track academically and adults who want to go back to school to earn a high school certification. Both the public and private schools have numerous after school clubs and sports as well as enrichment programs. Private schools in Newport Beach are all stellar and offer a more flexible curriculum and more activities.


Harbor View Elementary School at 900 Goldenrod Avenue: Harbor View Elementary School is a public school that serves students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Students who are enrolled in this school are expected to learn subjects such as fine arts, computer science, history, math, writing, and reading. Harbor View school officials and teachers value teaching young student the fundamentals so that they can build on their knowledge and grow as young scholars. Teachers nurture students' abilities and challenge them to activate their creativity and their critical thinking. Harbor View students are able to participate in fun extracurricular activities such as student clubs and recreational and competitive sports. Lincoln Elementary School at 3101 Pacific View Drive: Lincoln Elementary School is a stellar school as it has won several awards for providing great programs including the arts to students. It won the Exemplary Arts Education in 2014. Lincoln Elementary focuses on providing the tools for students to grow in their skills or develop their skills. This school strives to turn elementary students into young scholars in the making. Linda Isle students who attend this school have the opportunity to participate in different fun programs and take more initiative in their education and learning. Not only are students growing academically, but they are also learning emotionally about themselves and their abilities.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: Ensign Intermediate School enrolls students in seventh and eighth grade. It is only a couple of miles away from Linda Isle. This middle/junior high school is a great school for those who want their students to grow academically and also participate in different after school activities. Students are able to build friendships with their peers and a strong respect for their teachers and the staff members at Ensign. The school offers plenty of extracurricular activities that would appeal to any seventh or eighth grade. Ensign Intermediate School has activities such as choir, art, technology, orchestra, basketball, tennis, and more.
Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave: Newport Harbor High School was established in 1930 and has been providing great academic instruction and support to students ever since. This high school accepts student in grades ninth through twelfth. Newport Harbor is a family favorite because of the numerous academic awards it has received and the large amount of opportunities for students to make the best of their high school years. The school has teachers and school officials that challenge students to sign up for internships and take Advanced Placement courses to prepare themselves for the responsibilities of the outside world. Newport Harbor has so many extracurricular activities available.
Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: Carden Hall is a small private school with just over 400 students enrolled. The school provides many competitive sports teams as well as plenty of extracurricular programs. Each course teaches something different to the students that they can use in and outside of school. Students who are in grades kindergarten through eighth can have their parents apply to be enrolled into this school. Carden Hall is faith-based while still providing subject core curriculum. Teachers and other staff ensure that they help teach the students how to use their skills and grow. It has an athletic department with sports including basketball, volleyball, and football. Pacifica Christian High School at 883 West 15th Street: Pacifica Christian High School is another prestigious private school located just a few minutes away from Carden Hall. This is a faith-based high school that teaches Christian values and provides opportunities for students to grow in their spirituality, interests, and in their academics. Pacifica goes above the normal standards and offers plenty of clubs, sports teams, and elective courses for its students to learn and enjoy their high school years. The sports teams Pacifica offers include rowing, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer, and more. Outside of sports, this school has after school clubs such as studio arts, music, dance, theater, and more.

Real Estate

Linda Isle Housing 2020

The majority of the real estate in Linda Isle is single-family homes. The homes in this neighborhood are priced in the high millions is because this area is very exclusive. Homes within a gated or guard gated community tend to be on the higher side of the price spectrum.

Also, the majority of these homes have their own private docks for their boats and for them to go fishing. Luxury has a price in Linda Isle. The single-family homes can be as high as $28.6 million. The rooms tend to be much larger, built within the last few years, and have about seven rooms.

These homes might have a larger dock to accommodate more boats and a garage that can hold more than three cars. The Linda Isle single-family homes that are cheaper can have a price as low as $5.33 million. The homes within this price range are on the interior of the island.

Linda Isle Homes for Sale

The Linda Isle neighborhood consists of 106 large single-family waterfront homes. This area is a very luxurious and private community, filled with wealthy and sophisticated families. Each home on this island has its own personal dock for their boats. The island is shaped like a horseshoe on its side. Some homes were built as early as the 1950s.

Most of them have been remodeled. Linda Isle started off as a resort on an island and changed into a residential neighborhood after the island was incorporated into Newport Beach in 1954. This island does not have any condominiums, apartments, or townhomes. Also, there are no newly constructed homes in the works, as there is not enough real estate area for new homes on this island.

Residents living in this area are in close proximity to Bayside Cove and Balboa Island, where much of the coastal shopping centers and restaurants are located.

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Things to do

Although Linda Isle is a small residential area, the surrounding parts of Newport Beach offer so many engaging activities that are great for when people have free time. Living on an island has its perks. Many residents and visitors go recreational fishing or travel to the beach for some watersports. Also, Linda Isle is close to some coastal restaurants that range in different types of meals and settings, whether you want an upscale restaurant or a place that is a bit more casual. There are places that serve Italian, American, Asian, Mexican, and more. Some places even have sweet treats and ice cream for a sweet tooth. Shopping at the mall is another fun pass time, especially at the Lido Marina Village mall, which is only about two miles away from Linda Isle. A night out on the town is nothing out of the ordinary for those who go to nightlife spots.
Recreational Fishing
The Linda Isle community has private docks for each home, making it easy for families to do some recreational fishing. It is a great pass time to sit and relax, fish, and marvel at the beauty that Linda Isle offers. You can even take your boat out on the water for fishing.
Linda Isle has fun participating in watersports. For those who don't have their own gear, they can buy equipment from Southwind Kayak Center Rental Base and Island Paddleboard. All of these companies are within five miles of Linda Isle. People in the area enjoy jet skiing, paddle boarding, skimboarding, surfing, parasailing, and more.
This neighborhood is around plenty of restaurants and beach food stands. These restaurants include Bayside Restaurant, Free Range Cafe, Galley Cafe, Sapori, Picante Martin's, Trattoria Restaurant, and more. Free Range has great burgers and other popular American dishes. Picante Martin's is a casual and counter-serve Mexican cuisine restaurant.
There are shopping centers such as Bayside Shopping Center and Lido Marina Village that have everything from spas to dining areas to clothing store to accessory shops. There are shops such as Bailey44, Cynthia Rowley, Claire V, Marine Layer, Warby Parker, and Planet Blue. There are upscale and affordable stores.
Nightlife Spots
The nightlife in the surrounding area of Linda Isle is continually booming. The nightlife spots near the area include A&O Kitchen + Bar, 3 Thirty 3 Waterfront, Shamrock Bar & Grill, and more. Whether you want some live performances or a quiet and relaxing setting, you will find what you're looking for.
Captain Newport Luxury Boat Rentals, Hornblowers Cruises & Events, and Cruise Newport Beach are a few of the companies near Linda Isle that sail around Newport Beach. Many of these cruises serve fantastic food and showcase live performances. People in the area can book events on these boats for different occasions.
Segway Tours
One of the best perks about living on Linda Isle is being located near Balboa Peninsula. Neighborhoods near the Linda Isle community like Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island have Segway tours. You can rent this personal vehicle and travel along the boardwalk, just enjoying the lovely view of the beach.
Water Tours
Whether you have been living in Linda Isle for years or just moved to the community, water tours are still fun and great to participate in on your free time. Newport Fun Tours and Davey's Locker Whale Watching & Sportfishing Tours are great water tours for you to explore the active marine life.
History & Culture
The Balboa Island Museum is about a mile away from the Linda Isle neighborhood. The museum hold much of the Balboa Island history. It has exciting exhibits and tours, explaining how the island came to be and the people who founded and established it. The Balboa Island Museum was founded in 2000.
Movie Theater
This island has movie theaters that is close by such as Edwards Big Newport 6 & RPX and the Lido Theater. You can watch the mainstream new releases of films and enjoy concessions snacks with your friends and family. The Lido Theater, also known as The Regency Theater, also shows independent films.


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