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Los Alamitos City Limits


City Overview: Beyond being only 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Los Alamitos itself has a number of attractive qualities.

Seeing as the city is largely comprised of the Joint Forces Training Base, many of the estimated 11,600 residents are military members or family members of those who serve. Los Alamitos also attracts many young professionals, seeing as the local economy and job market is impressive.

The city has a dense suburban feel, and the majority of residences are rented. With this information in mind, the housing options in the area have high values when compared with national trends, but are still relatively affordable by California standards.

The El Dorado East Regional Park is adjacent to the city, which means that camping grounds, bike trails, fishing spots, and more are easily accessed by residents. The Los Alamitos Race Course is another entertaining venue in the area. The city also has well-rated restaurants, impressive schools, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Top City Highlights

  • Excellent schools
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Popular among young professionals
  • High property values
  • Convenient location
  • Well-rated restaurants
  • Low crime rates
  • Diverse population

Location: Situated in California’s southern corner, Los Alamitos is located in the famous Orange County. The city consists of a total 4.09 square miles.

Close neighbors to Los Alamitos include Rossmoor to the west, Lakewood to the northwest, and Hawaiian Gardens and Cypress to the north. Southeast Anaheim and Buena Park are northeast of the city, and Stanton is situated directly east of Los Alamitos. Westminster and Huntington Beach are southeast of the city.

To give an idea of the city’s location in relation with other notable areas, Los Alamitos is 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles and also less than 10 miles west of Long Beach.

Commutes: Los Alamitos residents 25 years and over have an estimated mean commute time of 27 minutes, which is just under California’s average.

The city’s convenient location lends itself to shorter travel times for residents. Interstate 605 runs through the city’s western area, and Interstate 405 curves west of town to follow the southern border of Los Alamitos. Garden Grove Freeway is situated southeast of the city, and Beach Boulevard runs east of Los Alamitos.

It takes around 45 minutes to reach Santa Ana by car from Los Alamitos, and the commute to Long Beach is around 30 minutes. Additionally, Los Angeles is about a 40 minute drive from the city.

Culture: The population of Los Alamitos tracks around 11,600. 48% of residents are male, and 52% of the population is female.

30% of residents have some college education or an associate’s degree, and another 27% have a bachelor’s degree. 16% of the population has a master’s degree or above.

47% of the population is White, and 28% is Hispanic. 12% of residents are Asian, and 4% are African American. Around 9% of the population are of other ethnic backgrounds.

The unemployment rate is generally about 4%. Meanwhile, the poverty rate tracks around 10.4%. The median household income is estimated to be $80K, and the median individual income is $36K.

Local Government

City Council

The legislative body of Los Alamitos is made up of a 5-person city council. Each member is elected at-large to serve for staggered 4-year terms of office, and members may serve a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.

Council meetings take place regularly on the 3rd Monday of every month at 6PM in City Hall.

Address: 3191 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Phone: (562)-431-3538

Mayor’s Office

The mayor of Los Alamitos is elected annually by the city council among sitting council members. The mayor takes office immediately following the mayoral election, and the mayor then elects a mayor pro tempore.

The city’s mayor works alongside the city council and mayor pro tempore to represent the interests of Los Alamitos residents.

Address: 3191 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Phone: (562)-431-3538

Chamber of Commerce

The Los Alamitos Area Chamber of Commerce is focused on providing opportunities for its members to improve the quality of life in Los Alamitos and the surrounding area through local events, business growth, and civic and community engagement.

With many advantages for local businesses and regular beneficial meetings, this chamber works to consistently support and promote its members.

Address: 3231 Katella Ave. Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Phone: (562)-598-6659


Overview: Los Alamitos Unified School District services Los Alamitos. This school system is rated as the 3rd best school district in Orange County by based on important qualities like academic achievements, teacher qualifications, student diversity, college preparatory programs, and health and safety records.

Los Alamitos Unified School District educates around 10,000 students from grades K-12 across the district’s campuses, and the average student-teacher ratio is 26 to 1. Of course, schools in this district are likewise highly impressive. On average, 73% of students are at least proficient in math, while 81% are at least proficient in reading according to state test scores.

Local schools have gained widespread acclaim for great academic achievements, outstanding athletic programming, well-rated art programs, and other various beneficial clubs and activities. Local schools are routinely named California Distinguished Schools and National Blue Ribbon Schools.

There are also several private schools in Los Alamitos and the surrounding residential areas.

Elementary Schools

There are 6 total elementary schools in Los Alamitos Unified School District, and each is highly rated by, which indicates that local elementary schools have impressive teachers, low student-teacher ratios, and excellent student achievement records, among many other upstanding qualities.

Many elementary schools are National Blue Ribbon Schools and California Distinguished Schools as well.

Middle Schools

Middle schools in Los Alamitos are highly rated by students, parents, and teachers.

There are 2 middle schools in Los Alamitos Unified School District, which are Sharon Christa McAuliffe Middle School and Oak Middle School. Local 6-8 campuses are listed among the best middle schools in the state and educate around 1,200 students each.

High Schools

High schools in Los Alamitos and the surrounding areas are highly rated and have excellent reputations for student success.

The average graduation rate of Los Alamitos Unified School District’s high school is 98%, the average SAT score is 1240, and the average ACT score is 28. Likewise, high schools in neighboring Cypress and Anaheim are also impressive.

Private Schools

There is 1 Catholic private school in the city, St. Hedwig Catholic School, and 2 private preschool campuses, which are Miracle Land Preschool and Mayflower Preschool.

There are many more excellent private schools in the area, namely north of Los Alamitos in Cypress. Other private educational facilities include Christian campuses, Montessori schools, and charter schools.


Overview: The majority of Los Alamitos properties at 57.1% are rented, while 42.9% of residences are owner-occupied. The vacancy rate tracks around 3.1%.

50.9% of properties in the city are single family detached homes, and 8.5% of residences are condominiums and attached properties. Another 17% of residences are small apartment buildings, and 23.6% of residences are larger apartment complexes.

5% of housing options were built in 2000 or later years, and 40.9% of residences were constructed between 1970-1999. 53.7% of properties were built between 1940-1969, and less than 1% of Los Alamitos properties were built in 1939 or during previous years.

5.9% of properties have 1 bedroom, and 38% of housing options in the city have 2 bedroom layouts. 31.1% of properties have 3 bedrooms, and 19.2% of Los Alamitos residences have 4 bedrooms. Lastly, another 5.8% of options have 5 or more bedrooms.

Housing Options

Single-family Homes

1-2 bedroom family homes in Los Alamitos have an average price point of $585K, and larger 3 bedroom family houses average at $970K.

Larger 4 bedroom properties average at $1.2 million. With these numbers in mind, detached family houses in the city can range a good deal above average prices, especially in southwestern areas.

New Construction

Newly constructed properties in the city can vary greatly in terms of price points, size, and other important factors.

Specifically, a recently built 2 bedroom property consisting of around 1,300 square feet can be expected to start at $650K, and larger houses may go for $850K and stretch to over $900K.


Condominiums in Los Alamitos are not very common, especially compared with family houses. However, attached properties can still be found in select areas.

2-3 bedroom condos in the city largely are priced between $525K-$650K, though more expensive 2-3 bedroom options can also be found in the $765K-$860K range.


On average, studio apartments in Los Alamitos go for $823 per month, and 1 bedroom apartments average at $1,748 per month.

Meanwhile, 2 bedroom apartments have an average monthly rent of $1,615, and 3 bedroom apartments average at $1,740 per month.

Overall, apartment rent trends in Los Alamitos show little year-over-year increase.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Los Alamitos Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Los Alamitos Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: The median property value in Los Alamitos is estimated to be $733K. This number is pretty affordable by California standards and is considered to be one of the most expensive medians on a national level.

12.4% of real estate in the city is worth over $1.2 million, and 23.1% of properties vary from $927K-$1.2 million. Another 20.7% of properties range between $618K-$927K, and 13.8% of real estate is valued between $494K-$618K. 19.8% of properties in Los Alamitos are worth between $371K-$494K. Lastly, around 10% of properties in the city are worth under $371K.

Real estate appreciated a total of 40.96% in Los Alamitos between December 2009 and December 2019, which equals an average annual home appreciation rate of 3.49%. This rate places the city’s appreciation in the top 20% nationally, which indicates that investing in Los Alamitos real estate can be a solid long term choice.

Things to Do

Overview: Los Alamitos is a quaint city within convenient driving distance of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and other frequented cities in Orange County. However, there are also local gems and stellar venues closer to home.

Los Alamitos Race Course, a well-known horse racing track, is in nearby Cypress, and El Dorado Park West is directly west of the city. Golfers will feel right at home at the Navy Golf Course, and Knott’s Berry Farm is a classic theme park located a short distance northeast of the city.

Los Alamitos also has many excellent shopping areas and retail spots around town that cater to a range of tastes. History buffs will be delighted by Los Alamitos Museum Association, and a number of performing arts theaters in the area means that thespians have many venues to check out. Additionally, the city’s dining options and local bars are as varied as they are well-rated.

All in all, there’s always something to do in town.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Golfers are welcome to enjoy the Navy Golf Course’s 18-hole layout. Additionally, El Dorado Park Golf Course, El Dorado Nature Center and El Dorado Park West itself are west of the city, as is Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden.

If a waterfront outing would hit the spot, the coast is less than 15 minutes away by car.


Local shopping malls include Market Place Shopping Center, The Shops At Rossmoor, Eastgate Plaza, and Bloomfield Ball Plaza.

Additionally, other local shops include Army & Air Force Exchange Services, Dymondz Boutique, Denim Bar, Los Alamitos Kids Resale, and Blue Moon Boutique.

Art & Culture

Los Alamitos Museum Association works to preserve local history stretching back to before California was a state, and El Dorado Nature Center provides educational opportunities for visitors.

Other creative spots and interesting venues around the city include Cypress Civic Theatre Guild, Act Out Mystery Theatre, and Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Night Life

The Pub at Fiddlers Green has happy hour specials and outdoor seating, and Griffins Grill is a top-rated local sports bar. Starting Gate has theme nights, and Boon Docks Cocktails serves quality beverages.

Other favorite spots to grab a drink in Los Alamitos and neighboring cities include venues like The Sportsman, The Brew Kitchen Alehouse, and Mugshots.


Many great restaurants are located along Los Alamitos Boulevard and Katella Avenue.

Katella Deli is a bakery and restaurant, and Coconut Rabbit serves excellent Thai cuisine. The Potholder Cafe P4 specializes in breakfast foods, and Gourmet Pie & Cafe’s menu is full of American classics.

Other excellent eateries include Xtreme Sushi Restaurant, Maderas Steak & Ribs, and Hof’s Hut Restaurant & Bakery.


Overview: There are 8 neighborhoods in Los Alamitos, and generally speaking each part of town is safe and walkable. On the whole, southeastern areas have a higher cost of living than northern areas, and central neighborhoods tend to be the most affordable areas of Los Alamitos.

Southeastern neighborhoods have a median real estate price of $1.1 million, which is more costly than 88% of California areas and 97.6% of residential areas across the country.

Northern neighborhoods tend to be more affordable, seeing as this corner of the city has a median real estate price of $733K. Even so, this tracks as more costly than 58.1% of California neighborhoods and 84% of neighborhoods in the U.S.

Central areas are considered to be the most affordable, seeing as these neighborhoods have a low median real estate price of $570K. This is more affordable than 53.8% of California neighborhoods, though still more expensive than 84.7% of neighborhoods nationally.

List of Los Alamitos Neighborhoods

Postal Codes

List of Los Alamitos Zip Codes

Local Pros

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