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Newport Beach City Limits


Overview: Newport Beach is a coastal city in Southern California that is full of leisure, business, sophistication, and style. It is also where the Newport Harbor lies, which is a semi-made harbor that was created during the early 1900s. Newport Beach has different areas and charming neighborhoods that make up the city. While many of them are on the mainland, some are artificial islands that were formed along the coast. These neighborhoods include Balboa Island, Balboa Village, Corona del Mar, Crystal Cove, Cannery Village, Lido Marina Village, Lido Isle, Newport Coast, Newport Heights, and Balboa Peninsula. Newport Beach has so many activities available, whether you are a resident or a visitor. The city has everything from gorgeous beaches to fine dining to luxury retail shopping to exhilarating watersports. Also, it has one of the best elementary and high schools both public and private in the state. Newport Beach has it all!

History: Before it was considered a municipality in 1906, Newport Beach was originally Indian lands. Settlers came to Newport in the 1800s because they saw the land was available. The name of the city comes from an event that happened in 1870. Harbor pilot Captain Samuel Sumner Dunnells discovered a safe venture with his steamer The Vaquero through the upper and lower bay of Newport. This is where he unloaded his cargo full of lumber and wooden shingles. Agricultural pioneer James Irvine found out about this and him and his family decided to name the newly-found port “Newport Beach.” This city quickly began to develop and grown thereafter when the Pacific Electric Railway was established in 1905. It connected from the southern part of Newport to downtown Los Angeles. More and more people began to populate the city and the scattered settlements were brought together as the City of Newport Beach.

Location: The city of Newport Beach is located in the Southern part of California, near the Pacific Coast Highway. It sits along the coast. Newport Beach is bordered on the north by Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa is a suburban city in Orange County that was once a semi-rural community. Newport Beach is bordered on the northwest by Huntington Beach, a coastal city and one of the most populous ones in the county. Laguna Beach and Crystal Cove State Park border the south of Newport Beach. On the east side of Newport Beach, the city is bordered by the city of Irvine.

Commutes: This city is bordered by two major California state highways: Pacific Coast Highway and California State Route 73. The Pacific Coast Highway, also known as the California State Route 1 (SR 1), is a north-south highway. It runs along the Pacific coastline. SR 1 is noted to be one of the longest routes in California, starting around San Diego and reaches as far as San Francisco. On the other side of Newport Beach is the California State Route 73 (SR 73). This highway runs from Costa Mesa through San Joaquin Hills and San Juan Capistrano. Newport Beach is very accessible.

Culture: The culture of Newport Beach is a combination of creativity, art, leisure, style, and innovative industries. This city has so many retail shops, businesses, country clubs, exhibits, art galleries, festivals, and museums. On the other hand, Newport Beach is filled with so many water sport activities, parks, beach land, and coastal culture that residents and visitors get to indulge. Newport Beach is where urban city meets luxurious suburbia with a large splash of seaside living. People in this city value the finer things in life but still value nature and the little things that make this city special. Newport Beach is breathtaking.

Local Government

City Council

Within Newport Beach, the City Council is operated by a seven members who each live in specific districts within the city. They meet twice a month and discuss general governance as well as finance and use of land. Council members can serve the Newport Beach for up to four years.

Mayor’s Office

The mayor of Newport Beach is Kevin Muldoon. The Mayor is the seventh person and the head of the City Council. Along with the sixth council members, Muldoon is responsible for passing the city ordinance, making local policies, and the city budget. This form of government is called a council-manager.

Chamber of Commerce

The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that promote increase and boost in the city’s economy. It has about 1,000 members. The Chamber of Commerce has committees, five councils, and staff members that work alongside the Newport Beach businesses and the community to help the city grow.


Overview: Newport Beach has great public and private schools that serve students, ranging from grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students either are zoned to attend public schools with the Newport-Mesa Unified School District or decide to attend a private school outside Newport-Mesa. Elementary schools such as Newport Coast and Harbor View are great at preparing the young minds for middle school. Middle schools like Ensign and Corona del Mar Middle set their students up to be able to balance coursework with enrichment programs. The high schools in Newport Beach are mainly college-preparatory and offer courses that prepare students for higher education. Some families in Newport Beach prefer to enroll their students in an alternative school. Outside of the public school district, students can enroll in private schools in Newport Beach. These schools are just as outstanding and offer as many fun after-school activities and engaging class field trips, if not more.

School Districts

Within the area, the public school system available is Newport-Mesa Unified School District. This school district serves both Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. It has 32 schools and over 22,000 students enrolled. Newport-Mesa has amazing schools that provide both stellar core curriculum and extracurricular activities. School officials have found that supplying opportunities for students to get active in sports and enrichment programs can help students become well-rounded individuals with promise. Newport-Mesa Unified School District has a bottom line of teaching students to grow into young adults who have graduated with the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in the world.

Elementary Schools

The elementary schools in Newport Beach typically serve students from grades kindergarten through sixth grade. The subjects that are covered during these grades are writing, reading, social studies, mathematics, and science. Some schools like Harbor View Elementary School and Lincoln Elementary School offer technology and art as required courses. Newport Beach elementary schools go above and beyond to prepare the students for middle and high school. Many of these students participate in some of the sports teams and academic clubs available. Student government, orchestra, theater, soccer, and baseball are just a few of the many activities students have access to.

Middle Schools

Although they cover grades seventh and eighth, Newport Beach middle schools provide many opportunities for these grade levels. Students who attend these schools will enjoy the enrichment activities and programs available to them. Corona del Mar Middle School has set in place GPA stipulations for students who want to do extracurricular activities. This way, students are required to maintain good grades, especially while playing sports or in a after-school club. Schools like Ensign Intermediate School introduce world languages to students, opening a new world for them. Whether your student plays basketball or paints, Newport Beach middle schools can accommodate all.

High Schools

For students in grades ninth through twelfth, Newport Beach has college-preparatory high schools in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. With college in mind, school officials have put in place courses and enrichment programs that will prepare the students for higher education and the workforce. High schools like Corona del Mar High School and Newport Harbor High School offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These subjects can range from biology to language & composition to art history. Along with world languages and career technician education, high schools in Newport Beach have many sports teams. These include lacrosse, water polo, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Private Schools

An alternative to students attending Newport-Mesa Unified School District is for them to enroll in a private school in the city. Newport Beach has several outstanding private institutions that have more flexible curriculum options. Some of these schools are faith-based. Others are considered as independent co-educational and college-preparatory institutions. While some serve students in elementary and middle, others just cater to high school students. Carden Hall is an elementary and middle private school in Newport Beach. It is a faith-based school but also provides secular education. Sage Hill School is a stellar private high school for the young freethinkers.


Overview: Besides its beautiful beaches and coastal views, Newport Beach is known for its magnificent real estate. The city has sophisticated single-family homes, apartments, and high rise condominiums. The state-of-the-art appliances and materials as well as the exterior architecture make each home elegant. From expansive mansions to quaint three-bedroom beach cottages, Newport Beach can accommodate all. Regardless of what type of residential building it is, each one is luxurious and stylish. The closer a home is to the beach, the higher the price will be. Even if the home is farther away from the shore; if the view of the beach is just as attractive. People in Newport Beach love to be able to walk out on their balcony or sit on their patio deck and see the harbor from a distance. It adds to the coastal living experience and makes people feel as though they are on vacation every day.

Housing Options

Single-family Homes

Ranging from large estates and mansions to small beach cottages and luxury mobile homes, Newport Beach has many options for single families. The city only has sophisticated and elegant homes. You will find mansions in neighborhoods like Newport Coast and Lido Marina Village. Homes similar to have wonderful views of the beach. They have multiple suites, gourmet kitchens, large, patio decks, and more. High-end materials for the cabinets, sinks, and countertops are an absolute must. Single-family beach homes and modern cottages in Newport Beach are smaller but still beautiful. They have two-to-five bedrooms with walk-in closets and large oceanfront balconies.


Apartments in Newport Beach are just as luxurious as the single-family houses, just on a smaller scale. Many of them have a individual balcony for each master suite, multiple apartment entrances, and full-sized kitchen appliances. Neighborhoods such as Crystal Cove and Corona del Mar have very upscale apartment complexes. The amenities can include swimming pools, marble-tiled showers, and personal washers and dryers. Even people living in Newport Beach apartments can live in high quality style. One of the best parts about these apartments is that many of them are located in walking distance from shopping centers, fine dining, and beaches.

High Rise Condominiums

Neighborhoods like Balboa Peninsula and Newport Coast are known for having some of the best-looking high rise condominiums in the city. Adding an urban feel to the community, high rises can have multiple bedrooms with full baths and powder rooms for guests. The amenities available in these places are endless. Most of condominiums have open floor plans. This is great for tenants or owners who want to go above and beyond to customize their living spaces as they please. Only high-quality materials are used to build the interior and exterior of these condominiums: marble, granite, finished mahogany, and stainless steel.

New Construction

As the city of Newport Beach continues to grow, newly-constructed homes are being built. Places like Balboa Peninsula, Lido Marina Village, and Corona del Mar have new homes ready for families to buy. Most of them have a modern beach house style and are build to face the ocean. Also, living spaces are more open and windows are larger so they sunlight can shine in more naturally. New homes are being built with larger families and extra guests in mind. Larger patio decks, outdoor fireplaces, and cabanas are being added to these homes to bring the beach to the house.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Newport Beach Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Newport Beach Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: Overall, the real estate in Newport Beach is mostly made up of single-family homes and estates. As you move closer and closer to the shoreline and have better views of the beach, the prices of these apartment and homes increase substantially. Many people in Newport Beach desire to live as closer to the beach as they can without losing any peacefulness. Also, if they cannot find a home close to the beach on the market, many people will find a luxurious oceanfront home with a gorgeous view. Larger oceanfront homes in within the city can be as high as almost $30 million. Estates like these have centered fountains in the walkway, cobblestone, elaborate landscaping, and so many more amenities within the house. Lower priced homes for single-families are $700,000 and sometimes even lower if the home was once foreclosed. These homes still have elegance and have either contemporary or cottage-like architecture.

Things to Do

Overview: Whether you are living in the city or on vacation, Newport Beach has countless activities and places to go to enjoy yourself. This coastal fantasy place offers numerous fine and casual dining restaurants, beach activities, watersports, shopping malls, art galleries, historical landmarks and exhibits. You’ll have so much fun that you won’t mind splurging to spoil yourself with all things Newport Beach. It never gets old, not even for people who have lived in the city for years. Head to Balboa Fun Zone to pay arcade games and ride the ferris wheel. Take a trip to Fashion Island or Lido Marina Village Mall for some high-end and fashion-forward clothing and accessories. Go on a luxurious cruise around Newport Beach with Cruise Newport Beach. Enjoy yourself at the movies and dine in style at the The Lot and New Port Theater. You can even sunbathe on the beach and make sandcastles.

Retail & Entertainment

Movie Theaters

Going to the movies has never been so posh and sophisticated. Many of them in Newport Beach offer both movie and dining options. Places like New Port Theater and The Lot Theater are upscale movie theaters that play new releases and have separate restaurants, offering world-class lunch and dinner dishes.

Recreational Fishing

Almost all of the coastal neighborhoods in Newport Beach have places to fish. People near the beaches have easy access to the public docks. On any given sunny day, you’ll see families and friends sitting on the docks, having laughs and waiting for the fish to come to the bait.


Known for its array of world-class restaurants and quick food shops, Newport Beach has yummy dining options for almost every occasion. If you want delicious specialty donuts, check out Dough Boy’s. For some French cuisine, Zinque has some amazing French platters and quiches. Gina’s Pizza has delicious Italian-style pizza pies.

Art & Culture

Celebrate the art and culture of Newport Beach by going to some of its vibrant and artistic museums and galleries. The Balboa Island Museum and Historic Society has a collection of captivating pieces that reflect the history of Balboa Island. Orange County Museum of Art showcases modern sculptures and painting.

Night Life

Newport Beach has an up-and-coming high-energy nightlife. Whether you want to grab a few drinks with your friends or dance the nigh way, Newport Beach has you covered. Go to the Bayside fo cocktails and piano-playing. For late-night fun, Aqua Lounge is full of dancing, delicious drinks, and amazing music.


Newport Beach is notorious for having some of the best retail shopping malls in Orange County. Fashion Island has fabulous design stores and specialty boutiques. The Lido Marina Village Mall has many chic and stylish shops and boutiques doe the sophisticated. The Corona del Marina Plaza has high-end retail shops.

Parks & Recreation

Whether you go to the Crystal Cove State Park, Corona del Mar State Park, or San Joaquin Hills Park, you will still enjoy your time outdoors. You can bring your family and friends. These parks in Newport Beach have athletic fields, trails, places to barbecue, picnic tables, and tennis courts.

Historic Landmarks

You can check out some of Newport Beach’s most historic landmarks. The Lovell Beach house is an amazing piece of architecture by Rudolf Schindler. The Balboa Pavilion is the last surviving waterfront pavilion in California. You can even visit the beach cottages at the Crystal Cove Conservancy in Crystal Cove.

Boat Rentals

For people who love to sail the ocean, Newport Beach has different boat rentals available. Anyone from active boaters to novices can enjoy. Charter Yachts of Newport Beach has gorgeous yachts available for rent. Windward Sailing Club has a wide range of different sailboats, speed boats, and yachts for fun ocean cruising.


If you want a day of pampering and relaxation, Newport Beach has many luxurious spas for you to choose from. Beesugared Salon and Skin Care is a premier spa that has skin care treatments. Skin Laundry is the perfect place to get supreme facials for problem areas and skin blemishes.


Overview: Newport Beach has many different neighborhoods and areas, each with its own distinct charm. The city has neighborhoods and islands such as Corona del Mar, Lido Isle, Lido Marina Village, Cannery Village and Balboa Peninsula. Newport Beach also has Balboa Island, Balboa Village, Newport Coast, Newport Heights, and Crystal Crystal Cove. People have so many areas to choose from. Each one has landmarks and something valuable to offer. Balboa Peninsula has the historic Balboa Pavilion and great local seafood restaurants. Balboa Village has the famous Fun Zone where you can rent watersport gear or ride the ferris wheel. Corona del Mar is known for its beautiful beach cottages and the Corona del Mar State Park. If you have a passion for film and the arts, you will love Lido Marina Village. Newport Coast also values the arts and even has the Orange County Museum of Art to enjoy modern art.

List of Newport Beach Neighborhoods

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