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ABOUT Newport Shores

The Newport Shores neighborhood is a beach community in the western part of Newport Beach. The area has everything from restaurants to shopping malls to schooling for primary and secondary education to different entertainment options. Living on Newport Shores has many advantages. It is near the Pacific Coast Highway, making commuting to different communities within Newport Beach and cities within California much easier.

Newport Shores has some of the city’s best public schools, which are within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. The private schools in the area are absolutely stellar and provide great curriculum choices and student clubs. Restaurants in the area such as Eat Chow, Cappy’s Cafe, Big Belly Deli, and Cucina Alessá offer casual or upscale dining with great meal options. The Newport Shores neighborhood is near the beach, which is great for people who love to do watersports, hang out in the sun, and enjoy coastal living.

The culture of this neighborhood is centered around the beach life. Newport Shores is very close to the coast, which means residents and visitors frequently go to the beach to enjoy themselves. It is a place to relax, enjoy the beach, raise a family, and live a prosperous life. Newport Shores has trails for bike riding, a swim team, tennis tournaments, different holiday community events, and more. People in the Newport Shore community also enjoy the arts as well as shopping, watersports, and other outdoor activities. Sometimes it has wildlife such as raccoons, coyotes, possums, and swans, especially near the Cana


Waterfront homes
Excellent schools
Luxurious community amenities
Fun community events
Fine beaches
Great surf spots
Boutique shopping
Diverse dining

Natural Disasters

There are no significant records of any major or recurring natural disasters specific to Newport Shores, Newport Beach, CA.

Newport Beach, however, is highly vulnerable to natural disasters that include earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, and severe flooding.


When you need to travel to and from Newport Shores, it does not have to be a hassle. This area is nearby a few major roads that help residents and visitors live their everyday lives without worrying too much about their commutes.

Newport Shores has the Pacific Coast Highway running right through the area near the coast. Pacific Coast Highway stretches over 650 miles north and south. It goes from San Diego to San Francisco, reaching other California cities in between, including Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. Some of the streets in the area include Canal, Colton, Lugonia, 62nd, Lancaster, Walnut, and Seashores

Crime Rate

Newport Shores is among the neighborhoods in Newport Beach, CA, with relatively high crime rates. Overall, however, the total crime rates in the area are not among the highest in California.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 130 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 65% lower than the national average. Property crimes, however, happen more often in the area at a rate of about 1,200 per 100,000 residents. This rate, however, is still about 40% lower than the national average.

One’s chances of being a victim of crime in Newport Shores is 1 in 65.


SCHOOLS IN Newport Shores

Newport Shores families have options when it comes to schools for students in grades kindergarten through twelfth. Students can either enroll in public school or have their parents apply for school at a private institution. Public schools within the Newport Shores area are apart of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. This district has over 30 schools of elementary, middle, and high schools. While there are only two middle schools and four high schools, Newport-Mesa has twenty-two elementary schools.

The district is growing. There are more than 22,000 students enrolled. Schools in Newport-Mesa have great extracurricular activities and different programs that accommodate students who are gifted and those that need extra academic support. Newport Shores also has a few private schools in the area. These schools also have a wide range of after school programs. Also the classroom sizes are much smaller, making it easier for students and teachers to communicate and connect.


Newport Heights Elementary Schools at 300 East 15th Street: Students living in Newport Shores can enroll in Newport Heights Elementary School. This school has over 600 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Teachers and other faculty members strive to create a safe and learning environment for the young students to grow and find out more about themselves. Not only are the teachers great at getting the students excited about learning, but also they are great at teaching the students the curriculum in ways that they can comprehend the material. Among the several after school clubs the elementary students can sign up for, the student council club is the most popular. Newport Elementary School at 1327 W Balboa Blvd: Although Newport Elementary School is located on Balboa Peninsula, Newport Shores is only a couple of miles away from this school. Newport Elementary School serves students up to the sixth grade. This school has different enrichment programs that aid in supporting students whether they have learning disabilities, require accelerated classes, or just need extra help in their students. Also, Newport provides opportunities for students to be able to interact with students and cultivate their talents with extracurricular activities. It also has a Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE). GATE is a program that provides students with gifted or highly gifted abilities classes that accommodate their academic needs.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: Ensign Intermediate School is the closest middle school/junior high school to Newport Shores. It happens to a wonderful school that successfully prepares students for high school curriculum and responsibilities. Ensign provides students with the best classes, sports teams, textbooks, and after school clubs. It has sports teams such as cross country, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The school has a safe environment for students to grow personally and academically. Student can build character and mature as individuals. Many teachers have an open door policy. They strive to develop solid and safe relationships with their student, so the students can have support systems at school.
Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave: Newport Harbor High School is the main high school in the Newport Shores area. High school students are challenged at this school. Newport Harbor is a Baccalaureate World School that cultivates a strong creative and learning environment. Students become scholars and young adults ready for high learning by the twelfth grade. School officials at Newport Harbor value higher education and provide students with college preparatory classes to prepare students for college. Newport Harbor also has career technology program for students who desire to start their careers after they graduate from high school. Also, school has plenty of sports teams and extracurricular clubs.
Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: The Newport Shores neighborhood is less than three miles away from Carden Hall. This private school is one of the best private institutions in Newport Beach. Carden Hall serves students in grades kindergarten through eighth. Parents favor this private school because the administration and teachers genuinely want what is best for each student. Students are able to build friends and academic relationships with the teachers. There are only about 400 student enrolled in Carden Hall. The classroom sizes are less than 20 students per teacher because Carden Hall values supporting each students in the most efficient way. Pacifica Christian High School at 883 West 15th Street: Pacifica Christian High School is a family-favorite for those who want their students to learn academic subjects as well as Christian values. This faith-based school has many different after school clubs, sports teams, and exciting electives. Pacifica Christian High School offers clubs and sports such as soccer, volleyball, rowing, lacrosse dance, music, drama, visual arts, and so much more. This school has a fall play and a spring music each year for family and friends to come and celebrate the talent at the school. It also has one of the most competitive athletic departments in the Newport Beach area.

Real Estate

Newport Shores Housing 2020

The majority of the real estate in Newport Shores is single-family homes. All of the these homes are priced in the millions because they are so close to the beaches and to the Pacific Coast Highway. It is so easy for people to commute from one neighborhood to the next within Newport Beach as well as to other cities in California. Newport Shores single-family homes can be priced as high as $2.8 million.

Homes in this price range have more bedrooms and bathrooms; they also are closer to the ocean. Homes that have a private pool and other additional amenities such as outdoor, built-in barbecue pit or and outdoor spa. They might be more expensive if they live on the outskirts of the neighborhood and families have their own docks for their boats. Homes can be priced as low as $1.24 million. These homes have less bathrooms and bedrooms and are located further away from the water.

Newport Shores Homes for Sale

Most of the homes are facing the coast. The Newport Shores neighborhood has 440 homes. There are single-family homes as well as multi-family homes in the area. This area is perfect for small families that are growing. Unfortunately, the community does not have apartments, townhouses, or condominiums. Many of these homes were built in the 1950s and 1960s, but have been renovated or remodeled with contemporary architecture.

There is not very much room for new construction of homes. Newport Shores is a well-sought out community because of the beautiful homes with Canal views and easy beach access. Also, people love this community because it has so many entertainment and retail options, just minutes away.

Some of these stores and restaurants are walking distance. Newport Shores has many home association amenities for the community including tennis court, beach volleyball, a courthouse, a play area for children, and a BBQ area.

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Things to do

Besides the wonderful homes, great school system, and welcoming neighborhood culture, Newport Shores is surrounded by restaurants, nightlife sports, a movie theater, shopping centers, and more. It has opportunities for people to go to the beach to go swimming or participate in beach sports or watersports. Residents and visitors can also go to the community parks and take their children to the playground or go for a walk. Those who enjoy watching new releases can go to The Lido Theater with their friends and enjoy concession snacks. People who are interested in taking tours around Newport Beach, whether they are long-time residents or not, can sign up for water tours and upscale cruises. Whether you are in the mood for a cheeseburger, sushi, tacos, or a filet mignon, Newport Shores has plenty of dining options from formal to informal settings. This neighborhood is home sweet home to families who enjoy quiet but have access to the city life.
Newport Shores has amazing restaurants for every occasion. There are numerous ethnic-inspired restaurants minutes away from the neighborhood. These dining places include Eat Chow, Spaghetti Bender, A Restaurant, Fuji Yama, Carnitas La Villa, Cucina Alessá, Newport Fresh, and many more. Also, people love to eat at The Original Mama D's Italian Kitchen.
People in the community participate in watersports, especially since Newport Shores is so close to the beaches and the ocean. They love to parasail, jet ski, swim, surf the waves, and go canoeing near the canal. While some have their own equipment, others can rent from Balboa Water Sports.
Parks & Recreation
Whether you are with your friends, with your family, or by yourself, you can enjoy the parks in Newport Shores. The neighborhood has parks in the area including, Newport Shores Park, West Newport Park, Newport Island Park, and Sunset Ridge Park. Newport Shores has a mixture of nature and recreational parks.
Less than five miles away is the Lido Marina Village. This shopping center is upscale and full of sophisticated clothing, accessories, and skin and hair treatment stores. Within the Newport Shores area, people have easy access to boutiques such as Monom, Newport Beach Kitchen Cabinets Design, Frog House, and Surf Shades.
Movie Theater
The Lido Regency Theater, or the Lido Theater, is a movie theater that has been in business since the late 1930s. This theater shows the new releases of both mainstream and independent genres. Many premiers of skateboarding and surfing independent films were shown at the Lido Theater. It has comfortable seats and delicious concession snacks.
Balboa Fun Zone
As Balboa Peninsula is only a few miles away from Newport Shores, people enjoy taking the family to Balboa Fun Zone. This is an outside amusement area on the boardwalk. It has arcade games, yummy refreshments, Segway and bike tours, and more. The famous Balboa Ferris Wheel is at Balboa Fun Zone.
Recreational Fishing
Since Newport Shores is near beaches and public docks, people often go fishing with friends and family on their free time. If you do not want to fish on the public docks, you can take your boat out on the water or go deep fishing. Newport Shores has many options.
Water Tours
Davey's Locker Whale Watching & Sportfishing is a popular company nearby Newport Shores that has great water and marine life tours. Residents and visitors enjoy these tours because the tour guides are knowledgeable and charismatic. People can learn about about the marine life including whales and dolphins in Newport Beach.
Cruises are very popular in Newport Shores because you can book a large ship to host your own events. Cruise Newport Beach is only a few miles away and offers different cruise ships for wedding receptions, birthday parties, and retreats. These cruises can have live music, great ocean views, and decadent meals.
Nightlife Spots
When you want to go out on a night on the town, the Newport Shores area is near some great bars and nightlife spots. People enjoy going to places such as Newport Beach Brewing Co., Malarky's Irish Pub, Baja Sharkeez, Woody's Wharf, and Cassidy's Bar & Grill. People can have fine wine, crafted beers, and cocktails.


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