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ABOUT North Collinwood

North Collinwood is a scenic and conveniently located Cleveland neighborhood. With lakeside views, short commutes, and a welcoming local community, there’s a lot to appreciate about North Collinwood.

Located roughly 8 miles away from Downtown Cleveland, this neighborhood is conveniently situated for checking out other popular attractions in the city. That said, there are plenty of activities and places to visit in North Collinwood itself. For example, the neighborhood’s lakeside location, reservations, creeks, and local parks are great options to enjoy the great outdoors.

The neighborhood’s estimated cost of living is fairly low compared to both the city’s average and the national average. This area of the city has an economically diverse population, and North Collinwood is commonly described as being largely suburban. That said, residents don’t have to look far to find excellent nightlife venues and retail options.

Altogether, North Collinwood stands out among other Cleveland neighborhoods for its affordability, scenic setting, and overall friendly atmosphere.

TOP North Collinwood HIGHLIGHTS

Lakeside location
Short commutes
Affordable cost of living
Low rent trends
Scenic outdoor areas
Diverse population
Great for young professionals
Welcoming community

Natural Disasters

North Collinwood has a notably high associated earthquake index of 3.17. Because this is over the state’s index of 0.16 and the country’s index of 1.81, residents have a significant chance of experiencing seismic activity.

This part of Ohio has a tornado index of 113.12. While this is comparably lower than the state’s index and the country’s index, recorded extreme weather events indicate North Collinwood residents should still be on the lookout for tornado activity.

The neighborhood is particularly prone to flooding events. Residents may experience seasonal extreme weather such as blizzards and ice storms. Hail storms are also particularly known to hit this neighborhood hard.


Residents report that the majority of commutes from the neighborhood take around 15 to 20 minutes, which can be seen as largely convenient.

North Collinwood is situated just north of St. Clair Avenue, which divides the neighborhood from South Collinwood. Another easily accessible roadway is Interstate 90, which cuts through the neighborhood and allows for simple commutes to other lakeside neighborhoods.

Chardon Road and Richmond Road are both southeast of North Collinwood, so reaching Cleveland’s eastern areas from the neighborhood is also largely convenient.

The Cuyahoga County Airport is also roughly 5 miles east of the neighborhood. Additionally, Downtown Cleveland is roughly a 15 minute drive southwest of North Collinwood.

Crime Rate

North Collinwood’s crime rates track 181% over the national average. Violent crime is 371% higher than the country’s average, and property crime rates are 148% over the national average. However, North Collinwood is still considered safer than 23% of Ohio’s residential areas.

Cleveland’s estimated violent crime rate per 100K people is 1,450, while this neighborhood’s rate is 1,794. The neighborhood’s property crime rate per 100K people is 5,461, and the city’s same rate is 4,412.

There is a 1 in 14 chance of experiencing either a violent or property crime in this part of Ohio. Recent trends show a year-over-year decrease in crime rates by 9%.


SCHOOLS IN North Collinwood

As an eastern Cleveland neighborhood, North Collinwood falls within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s borders. This expansive school system serves about 40,000 students across its campuses. Many CMSD educational institutions rank among the most diverse in the state, and local schools are largely known for their athletic programming and various extracurricular options.

CMSD campuses have an average student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, which ranks about even with the national average. Schools within short driving distance for North Collinwood students offer gifted and talented programming. For quick reference, the average graduation rate is 75%, which is slightly under Ohio’s 83.5% graduation rate.


North Collinswood students can easily commute to two elementary schools within the neighborhood. Memorial School and Oliver H. Perry Elementary School are both local pre-kindergarten-8 campuses. Local elementary schools offer gifted and talented programming. To give an idea of the curriculum, student proficiency rates in reading track around 17%, and student proficiency rates in math are roughly 27%.
Because Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s campuses are generally either pre-kindergarten-8 campuses or 9-12 campuses, middle school options in North Collinwood are Memorial School and Oliver H. Perry Elementary School. Other local options for middle school-aged students include Kenneth W. Clement Boys Leadership Academy and Constellation Schools: Collinwood Village Academy, and Apex Academy.
Although there are no public high schools within North Collinwood’s borders, nearby 9-12 campuses within CMSD include New Tech Collinwood High School, Shaw Hill School, and MC2 STEM High School. These campuses are commonly rated about average for Cleveland. For reference, CMSD high schools have an average SAT score of 1030 and an average ACT score of 21.
The majority of North Collinwood’s private campuses are religious institutions. For example, Saint Jerome Elementary School is a Catholic campus, and St. John Lutheran Elementary School is a K-8 Lutheran campus. Other respected private institutions located nearby include Villa Angela - St. Joseph High School, a 9-12 Catholic campus, and the Goddard School of Highland Heights, an exceptional private preschool.

Real Estate

North Collinwood Housing 2020

Considering that North Collinwood’s median property value is about $65K, the majority of pieces of real estate in this part of Ohio are largely affordable. To compare, the estimated national average is $185K, and Cleveland’s average is about $105K. This area’s median price per square foot is estimated at $48.

About 30% of properties in this neighborhood are valued under $50K, while 48% of housing options range between $50K-$100K. Another 20% of North Collinwood residences are priced between $100K-$200K. Notably, roughly 1% of properties in the neighborhood vary broadly between $400K-$750K.

North Collinwood is typically labeled a seller’s market. Because the market is somewhat competitive, there are more active buyers than there are properties for sale, and properties usually receive multiple offers. For quick reference, pieces of real estate in the neighborhood sell an average of 3% below the list price. The reported average amount of time it takes for properties to sell is 33 days.

North Collinwood Homes for Sale

Roughly 64% of North Collinwood residential properties are rentals, which means about 36% of housing options in the neighborhood are owner-occupied.

With such a large amount of local properties being rentals, rent trends are especially of note. About 40% of properties cost $500 or less per month, and 49% of properties range between $500-$1,000 per month. About 11% of housing options in North Collinwood range between $1,000-$1,500 per month.

North Collinwood has a sizable number of smaller apartments and detached houses. Lakeside properties in this area of the city are generally more affordable than other Cleveland housing options with great views of Lake Erie.

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Things to do

Beautiful outdoor venues, lakeside views, fun activities, and unique locations are all within quick reach of North Collinwood residents. North Collinwood has a number of charming parks that would make for great family outings or destinations for dog owners. Meanwhile, Euclid Beach Park offers visitors activities like swimming, boating, fishing, and more. Other nearby waterfront locations include the Northeast Yacht Club and Wildwood Park. Beyond the perks that come with being a lakeside neighborhood, this area of Cleveland also has diverse local dining options and popular nightlife venues. Simply put, there’s somewhere fun to check out in North Collinwood at virtually any hour.
Check out the Cleveland Public Library
The Cleveland Public Library was established back in 1869, which makes visiting this local venue all the more enriching. Beyond its impressive selection of books and films available to visitors, the Cleveland Public Library also offers a range of public events and educational classes. The library’s staff is known for being friendly and accommodating, and visitors of all ages are welcome.
Explore Wildwood Park
Wildwood Park is located right along Lake Erie’s shoreline. Avid anglers frequent this local venue, as do birdwatchers. This location also has a boat launch, which means spending time on Lake Erie is especially convenient. Visitors can enjoy picnic areas and pavilions near designated play areas for children, so this park is especially great for fun family outings.
Explore Waterloo Arts District
North Collinwood encompasses the Waterloo Arts District, a vibrant local area that is known for its art galleries featuring work from local artists. Additionally, live music venues and performing arts theaters have excellent events and shows lined up. Annual festivals are also regular occurrences in the Waterloo Arts District, so an entertaining event is almost certain to be happening soon.
Catch a game at Humphrey Park
Humphrey Park is where to go to enjoy pick-up baseball and basketball games, as well as scheduled sports events.The sports fields are well-maintained, and various covered seating areas are also available to visitors. This outdoor location’s walkways are also popular among dog walkers. Meanwhile, young families frequent the park’s playground area.
Spend time at the Northeast Yacht Club
With a 3,800 square foot clubhouse and a 3,000 square foot pavilion, it’s easy to see how the Northeast Yacht Club can offer much more than simply boat storage options. This yacht club hosts events and annual celebrations that are fun for all ages. Live music, grill-offs, and water sport activities are regular occurrences at this local destination.
Catch some sun at Euclid Beach Park
North Collinwood is home to Euclid Beach Park, the previous site of the Euclid Beach Amusement Park. Now, this 650 foot beach includes shaded picnic areas, a stunning observation pier, and a pavilion that is available for reservations. Swimming, suntanning, and other beach activities are all possible at this local outdoor retreat.
Sample local cuisine
Cleveland is known for its diversity, and restaurants in this area of the city reflect the population’s various cultures. Italian restaurants like Scotia’s Italian Eatery and Congin’s Italian serve classic dishes. Meanwhile, Erie Jamaican Kitchen features authentic cuisine and rich flavors. Muldoon’s Saloon & Eatery is where to go for pizza, BBQ, and a diverse beer selection.
Hike along Euclid Creek
Euclid Creek winds its way through North Collinwood’s eastern area and cuts through Euclid Beach Park. The 2.5 mile creek is ideal for enjoying convenient and geographically interesting hikes. Walking along the creek takes visitors right by stops like Bluestone quarries and CCC Camp. Peaceful views, wooded hillsides, and rock-lined areas are sure to be enjoyed when following this creek.

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