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North Ridgeville City Limits


History: Back in May of 1810, settlers coming from Connecticut came to what was then known as Ridgeville Township, named after a nearby ridge. The official name stayed the same until 1958, but the local post office built in 1829 was titled North Ridgeville.

In 1850, the Old Towne Hall was constructed. 32 years later, the township voted to build a bigger town hall, which led to the newer Towne Hall’s construction.

Towards the later end of 1958, Ridgeville Township became a village. During this time, the first temporary village council and mayor took office in Ridgeville Village Hall.

When the population reached over 5,000 in 1960, the village became the City of North Ridgeville. After this, the first city government was put into place.

Today, the population of around 30,000 residents dwarfs the city’s size in 1960, and North Ridgeville is now one of the fastest growing cities in the Cleveland area.

Top City Highlights

  • Family-friendly community
  • Historic locations
  • Great city parks
  • Safe crime statistics
  • Various restaurants
  • Fast commutes
  • Low cost of living
  • Low unemployment level

Location: North Ridgeville is located towards the far eastern side of Lorain County. The city is roughly 23 miles southwest from Cleveland, Ohio and around 10 miles south of Lake Erie’s southern lakefront.

North Ridgeville is bordered by Avon to the north. North Olmsted is located northeast of the city, next to Bradley Woods Reservation. North Ridgeville’s eastern border is defined by Olmsted.

Additionally, Eaton is directly south of the city. Brentwood Lake is southwest of North Ridgeville, and Elyria makes up the western border while Sheffield defines the southwestern corner.

Commutes: The mean travel time for those 25 years and over in North Ridgeville is about 27 minutes, so commutes are fairly short.

It’s roughly a 35 minute drive to reach Cleveland by way of Interstate 480 or Interstate 90. As for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, the drive from Northridgeville is about 18 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Lake Erie’s shore.

As for the city’s popular roadways, Interstate 480 and Interstate 80 cut through the city to the southeast, and Interstate 90 runs just west of town. Avon Belden Road runs laterally through the city, and Center Ridge Road runs southeast through North Ridgeville.

Culture: Out of over 33,000 residents, 50.5% are male, while 49.5% are female. The median resident age sits at 41.8 years, and the estimated median household income is over $70K.

North Ridgeville’s population is slightly more diverse than comparable Ohio cities. 89.2% are white, while 4.1% are Hispanic. 2.9% are biracial or multiracial, and 1.8% are Asian. 1.5% are black, while 0.2% come from other ethnic backgrounds.

23.6% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or above, and only 11.5% of the population has a graduate or professional degree. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is just 2.7%.

Local Government

City Council

There are 7 members of North Ridgeville’s city council. 3 council members are elected at-large, and 4 city elected officials are ward representatives. The council president is elected out of the 3 at-large members.

Council members serve for 2 year terms, and council meetings are open to the public.

Address: 7307 Avon Belden Road North Ridgeville, OH 44039
Phone: (440)-353-1508

Mayor’s Office

The mayor of North Ridgeville is elected on an at-large basis to serve the city for a 4 year term in office.

The mayor has a hand in shaping the future of North Ridgeville’s community by acting in the interests of residents and representing the people in city affairs. The mayor can attend city council meetings and oversees municipal responsibilities.

Address: 7307 Avon Belden Road, North Ridgeville, OH 44039
Phone: (440)-353-0811

Chamber of Commerce

North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce gives members access to multiple partnerships, opportunities for sponsorships, advertising capabilities, networking events, and more.

Organized in 1976, this chamber focuses on helping local businesses grow through education, outreach, and continued support so that North Ridgeville’s community and economy can continue to prosper.

Address: 34845 Lorain Rd, North Ridgeville, OH 44039
Phone: (440)-327-3737


Overview: North Ridgeville City School District proudly serves over 4,200 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. With a solid academic record, an emphasis in college prep, and great health and safety records, this school district has a lot to offer students.

The average student-teacher ratio of schools in this district is 20 to 1. As for safety numbers, North Ridgeville City School District is in the top half of all school systems in Ohio. This school system is constantly improving and adding new clubs and activities to its repertoire.

North Ridgeville City School District is commonly reviewed well by former students and parents alike. This district is known for helpful, attentive teachers, an emphasis on relationship building between peers, and modern teaching strategies.

This school system includes multiple campuses so that North Ridgeville’s youngest residents can receive a quality education. Plus, a number of nearby private schools are also available.

Elementary Schools

Wilcox Elementary School is the highest-rated elementary school in North Ridgeville. This 4-5 campus has a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1.

Liberty Elementary School is a 2-3 campus with around 622 students and a respectable reputation.

Additionally, Lear North Elementary School and North Ridgeville Education Center are early childhood education centers for pre-kindergarten through 1st grade students.

Middle Schools

West of North Ridgeville is Northwood Junior High, a 6-8 campus with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1 and around 440 students.

Additionally, Eastern Heights Middle School is a short commute away. This campus includes around 450 students from 6-8 grade and has a diverse population.

High Schools

North Ridgeville High School is the city’s 9-12 campus. Composed of over 1,100 students, this school has a great reputation for student achievements and teacher qualifications.

East of the city is Olmsted Falls High School, where around 1,200 students from 9-12 attend. The student-teacher ratio here is 23 to 1.

Private Schools

Ranger High-Tech Academy creates STEM-centered learning environments and features modern curriculum.

Lake Ridge Academy is ranked as the top private high school in Lorain County. This 1-12 campus has great academic records, teachers, and more.

St. Peter School is a private catholic campus that serves students from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade with a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1.


Overview: There are over 12,000 housing options in the city. At 84.9%, the majority of residences are owner-occupied, while 15.1% of residences are rented. Additionally, 4.6% of properties are vacant.

An overwhelming 85.2% of properties are detached single-family residences, while 6.8% of properties are condominiums. Meanwhile, 2.3% of housing options are small apartment buildings, and 4.7% of residences are larger apartment complexes.

As for size, single bedroom residences are harder to find, seeing as just 2.2% of housing options have 1 bedroom. Meanwhile, 17.4% of options have 2 bedrooms, and 54.5% of residences have 3 bedrooms. 23.3% of properties have 4 bedrooms, and 2% have 5 or more.

As for age, a surprising 37.5% of residences were built in 2000 or later. 37.6% of properties were built between 1970-1999, and 20% were constructed between 1940-1969. The remaining 4.9% of residences were built in or before 1939.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes

Single family homes make up 85.15% of housing options, and 3-4 bedroom properties are the most common at 77.62%.

A 2 bedroom home is typically priced around $173K. 3 bedroom properties can be found for around $185K, while 4 bedroom family homes near $265K.

New Construction

Hundreds of homes are built in North Ridgeville each year, which is unsurprising considering the large percentage of homes built after 2000.

In 2010 alone, 243 buildings were constructed at an average cost of $121K. Between 2013-2016, 1,066 properties were built with costs ranging between $126K-$200K.


Condominiums in North Ridgeville can be found in a range of layouts and sizes.

A 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo is typically priced in the $130K ballpark. A 3 bedroom property can be found for $170K and up.

With this information in mind, newer condominiums with more attractive layouts can go for around $190K.


The average rent per month for a 1 bedroom apartment around 475 square feet is $611, while a 2 bedroom, 1,050 square foot apartment averages at $1,029 per month.

1 bedroom apartments can typically be found priced between $585-$895 per month. Meanwhile, 2 bedroom layouts generally vary between $720-$1,200.

Homes for Sale

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List of  North Ridgeville Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  North Ridgeville Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: North Ridgeville real estate is priced around what is average cross United States neighborhoods.

The median value of a residential property in North Ridgeville is around $174K, and at 57.1%, the majority of real estate in North Ridgeville is priced between $117K-$235K. Just 14.1% of the market is made up of properties valued under $117K. With that said, 25.4% of properties vary between $235K-$469K, and 2.8% of real estate range in value from $352K-$469K. 0.5% of the market is priced between $469K-$1,174,000.

Between October 2009 and October 2019, home appreciation rates trended above national averages. During this period, the cumulative appreciation rate was 16.2%, which is among the top 50% across the nation. This number breaks down into an appreciation rate of 1.51%.

More specifically, North Ridgeville’s appreciation rate between October 2018 and October 2019 was 3.49%. Current trends are expected to annualize to 10.38%.

Things to Do

Overview: North Ridgeville enjoys ready access to entertainment options, outdoor retreats, restaurants and nightlife spots, historic destinations, and other great local attractions.

For those craving fresh air and open spaces, North Ridgeville has a lot to offer. There are many local parks, sports fields, and trails to visit within the city. Residents are welcome to play sports, entertain small children, fish, hike, and more. Additionally, Bradley Woods Reservation and Sandy Ridge Reservation are also easily accessed from the city.

Plus, North Ridgeville has a healthy selection of local retail options to browse. Antiques, vintage discoveries, and fashionable clothing options all exist within the city alongside culturally enriching and artistic venues. Ice Mountain, the North Ridgeville Fire Museum, Olde Towne Hall, and Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive In are only a handful of can’t miss attractions.

High quality restaurants and popular nightlife venues are also within easy reach, which makes North Ridgeville the place to be at any time of the day or night.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

North Ridgeville includes multiple large parks with sports fields, play areas, and more.

Frontier Park is a local favorite, and South Central Park consists of an impressive 30 acres. Meanwhile, Shady Drive Complex and the North Ridgeville Soccer complex have other fields.

Additionally, Bradley Woods Reservation is just northeast of town, and Sandy Ridge Reservation is a scenic wetlands destination.


North Ridgeville’s local shops range from antique venues to gift shops and specialty stores.

Blue Barn Shops is a go-to spot for vintage finds, and Antiques On The Ridge is a can’t-miss venue. Additionally, Curvy Consignments has fashionable clothing options.

These stores and more can be found along Center Ridge Road, and nearby shopping malls are a short commute away.

Art & Culture

Beyond Ice Mountain and the North Ridgeville Fire Museum, there are a range of enriching destinations to explore.

Olde Towne Hall Theater is the local performing arts theater, and Elyria Art Depo is an interesting local art gallery.

Additionally, the Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive In Movie Theater opened in 1965 and is still a local favorite.

Night Life

North Ridgeville has a surprising number of nighttime attractions.

Sports fans frequent Bullfrog’s Sports Cafe, and Ace’s Grille has live bands and DJs.

Fuzzy’s Tavern, C Mulligan’s Pub, Lone Tree Tavern, Game Day Tavern, and 83 & Chestnut Pub and Eatery are only a handful of other great local attractions.


North Ridgeville’s restaurants are generally found along Center Ridge Road and Interstate 480.

Nino’s Italian Restaurant makes incredible pasta dishes with housemade sauces, and Gourmé Family Restaurant has a cozy environment and a great menu.

Kim’s Family Restaurant, Little Hong Kong, Fiesta Jalapeños Mexican Grill, All Fired Up, and City Diner are other restaurants that will leave you more than satisfied.


Overview: North Ridgeville consists of around 23 square miles and contains 28 neighborhoods. Distinct parts of the city include Avalon Estates, Countryside Estates, Forest View Crossings, Mills Creek, Pioneer Ridge, and more notable areas.

Speaking in terms of cost of living, the portion of the city south of Interstate 80 contains the most expensive North Ridgeville neighborhoods. Here, the median real estate price is $261K, which is more costly than 89.3% of Ohio real estate.

The area between Avon Belden Road and Mildred Street on the north side of the city is more middle ground territory. The median real estate price here is $158K, which is more costly than 61.3% of neighborhoods across the state.

Lastly, the most affordable neighborhoods are bordered by Center Ridge Road and Mills Road. Here, the median real estate price is $148K, which is more affordable than 43.1% of Ohio neighborhoods.

List of North Ridgeville Neighborhoods

Local Pros

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