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ABOUT Old Brooklyn

Situated on Cleveland’s western side is Old Brooklyn, a long-standing neighborhood with many great qualities.

As expected of a Cleveland neighborhood, Old Brooklyn has residents from a range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Around 33,000 residents call Old Brooklyn home, and many families are especially attracted to this neighborhood. In fact, Old Brooklyn’s statistics place it as being one of the most diverse and affordable neighborhoods in Cleveland, and this area is also preferable for young professionals.

Residents cite this neighborhood’s sense of community as a major draw, and Old Brooklyn’s classic, old-school atmosphere lends itself well to the friendly vibes of locally-run establishments, restaurants, bars and lounges, and expansive outdoor areas in the area.

With many well-rated nearby retail and entertainment options, residents can easily visit some of Cleveland’s main attractions without spending too much time travelling from place to place. Whether they’re traveling for work or play, Old Brooklyn residents tend to have short and easy commutes.

Old Brooklyn has a population of around 33,000 residents.

32% of the neighborhood’s population has some college education or an associate’s degree. Meanwhile, another 13% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, and 3% of residents have earned a master’s degree or a higher degree.

64% of Old Brooklyn residents are White, and 21% of residents identify as Hispanic. 9% of the population is African American, 2% of residents are Asian, and 4% of residents are biracial or multiracial.

The estimated median household income is $40K. Specifically, 34% of residents make under $25K annually, 24% make between $25K-$44K, 23% make between $45K-$74K, and 19% make over $75K annually.


Ethnically and economically diverse
Affordable cost of living
Good for young professionals
Old-school atmosphere
Welcoming community
Convenient commute times
Multiple outdoor parks

Natural Disasters

Residents of Old Brooklyn are safe from most of the natural disasters that hit other parts of Ohio and its neighboring states. While Ohio itself can get up to 19 tornadoes during tornado season, these tornadoes rarely hit Old Brooklyn or the city of Cleveland.

The winter months can bring very harsh conditions, including at least one blizzard per year. During other times of the year, the neighborhood can get hit by serious storms that bring heavy rainfall. The excess rain can cause the Cuyahoga River to flood, which most often affects the eastern part of Old Brooklyn.


Just under 50% of Old Brooklyn residents report having daily commutes under 20 minutes, and another 40% of residents experience travel times between 25 minutes and 40 minutes in length.

Old Brooklyn residents benefit from having Interstate 480 run through the neighborhood’s southern corner, and Interstate 77 can be conveniently accessed just east of Old Brooklyn. Interstate 90 can be found a short distance north of Old Brooklyn, and Interstate 71 runs north and west of the neighborhood as well.

It takes between 10-15 minutes to reach Downtown Cleveland by car from Old Brooklyn, and the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is similarly a 10 minute drive west of the neighborhood.

Crime Rate

Old Brooklyn has one of the highest crime rates in Cleveland. Per 100,000 residents, the neighborhood experiences about 6,517 total crimes, 1,612 of which are violent and 4,905 are related to property.

Cleveland has a higher rate of crime than the state average, and Old Brooklyn has a higher rate than the city’s average. Per 100,000 people, there are about 5,861 crimes committed in Cleveland while only 2,457 are committed in Ohio and 2,580 are committed in the USA. The average violent crime rate in Old Brooklyn is also higher than the state or city average.


SCHOOLS IN Old Brooklyn

As a neighborhood of Cleveland, Old Brooklyn is served by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

This impressively large school system educates around 40,000 students across the Greater Cleveland area and is headed by the mayor of Cleveland, who in turn appoints a school board in an effort to continually improve the quality of education Cleveland students receive.

This district has pushed for initiatives that have contributed to an increase in graduation rates, and improvement in academic achievement levels across this district’s campuses is also notable. Campuses in Cleveland MSD typically feature small class sizes, as reflected in the average 14 to 1 student-teacher ratio.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District covers almost 80 square miles and includes 68 pre-kindergarten-8 campuses and 39 9-12 high schools, so Old Brooklyn students have multiple options to attend public schools.

However, students are also welcome to attend private campuses in the area as well, seeing as there are excellent religious and Montessori schools nearby.


Brooklyn Elementary School: Brooklyn Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten-3 campus located right next door to Old Brooklyn. This Brooklyn City School District public campus has a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1 and around 390 enrolled students. Teachers at this school are favorably rated, and students perform well on math and reading state standardized tests. Campus International School: Campus International School is roughly a 12-15 minute drive from Old Brooklyn, seeing as this school is located in Downtown Cleveland. This magnet K-8 campus is known for its diverse population of around 720 students and impressive teachers. This campus has larger class sizes than is typical in the district, and students score highly on state tests in math and reading. Louisa May Alcott Elementary School: Louisa May Alcott Elementary School is a K-5 campus that has a 15 minute commute distance from Old Brooklyn. This campus has a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1 and around 240 students. Teachers at this school are highly rated among parents and students, and this campus’s students perform well on math and reading state tests.
Old Brooklyn Community Middle School: Old Brooklyn Community Middle School is a local charter school that includes grades 5-8. This public middle school campus has around 270 enrolled students and reports an average student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1. This conveniently located campus is especially known for having a diverse population, educated and well-rated teachers, and multiple student clubs and activities. Clark School: Clark School is a pre-kindergarten-8 campus that is conveniently a 10 minute commute away from Old Brooklyn. This school is well-rated among campuses in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and has an impressive student academic achievement record and notably qualified teachers. State test scores indicate that 81% of students are proficient in math, and 61% are proficient in reading. Brooklyn Intermediate School: Brooklyn Intermediate School is a public 4-7 middle school located in nearby Brooklyn, Ohio. This campus is a part of Brooklyn City School District and educates around 380 students across its grade levels. This campus is notably diverse, and 55% of students are proficient in reading, while 48% are proficient in math, according to state test scores.
Old Brook High School: Old Brook High School is a public charter school that educates 180 students across grades 9-13. This local campus has larger class sizes and ranks as one of the most diverse public high schools in the state. Based on the school’s statistics, this campus has a solid health and safety record and a range of student clubs and extracurricular activities. Brooklyn High School: Brooklyn High School is a local 8-12 campus based in Brooklyn, Ohio. This Brooklyn City School District campus is rated above-average for having respectable health and safety records, qualified teachers, college prep programs, and an average 95% graduation rate. This high school campus also has a range of clubs and activities, as well as excellent athletic programming. James Ford Rhodes High School: James Ford Rhodes High School is a local 8-12 school within the Cleveland Municipal School District. James Ford Rhodes High School has an average student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1 and around 1,000 students. This high school has well-rated resources and facilities, clubs and activities, and health and safety records. This campus has an average graduation rate of 70%.
Heritage Christian School: Heritage Christian School is a well-rated Baptist school in Brooklyn, Ohio within easy commuting distance for Old Brooklyn students. This K-12 campus has a student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1, great athletics programming, various extracurricular clubs and student activities, and solid student academic performance rates. A reported 60% of graduates later attend a 4-year college program. The Goddard School of Independence: The Goddard School of Independence is about an 11 minute commute from Old Brooklyn. This private early-education campus is praised for its attentive teachers and staff members, and the campus’s atmosphere is regularly described as being caring and encouraging. This private campus is known for having a wait list, so classes can fill up quickly. Cleveland Central Catholic High School: Cleveland Central Catholic High School is located about 6 miles northeast of Old Brooklyn. This esteemed Catholic school educates around 630 students across grades 9-12. This school prides itself in having small class sizes, excellent student clubs and activities, a solid athletics program, and a diverse student population. A reported 53% of graduates later attend a 4-year college institution.

Real Estate

Old Brooklyn Housing 2020

Generally speaking, the median real estate price in Brooklyn Heights tracks around $125K, which notably tracks under the national average.

To give a more specific idea of the price ranges of real estate in Old Brooklyn, around 3,200 properties in the neighborhood are valued under $50K. Another 7,500 pieces of real estate vary between $50K-$100K, while 2,750 properties are worth between $100K-$150K.

From there, 1,200 properties range between $150K-$200K, and an estimated 320 properties are worth between $250K-$300K. Another 530 pieces of real estate in Old Brooklyn vary between $300K-$400K, and 150 other properties are in higher price ranges and vary between $400K-$500K. About 40 other properties in the neighborhood range even more broadly between $500K-$750K.

Overall, Old Brooklyn can be considered a seller’s market, seeing as there are generally more people looking to buy in the neighborhood than there are listed properties, and listings typically receive multiple offers.

Old Brooklyn Homes for Sale

Around 47% of properties in Old Brooklyn are rented residences, which means 53% of housing options in the neighborhood are owner-occupied properties. The vacancy rate in Old Brooklyn tracks around 12.2%, which ranks above 66% of residential areas across the country.

The bulk of residential properties are single family homes and apartment complexes, with smaller apartment buildings accounting for the next highest percentage of properties. As for attached properties, there are little to no condominiums in Old Brooklyn.

About 75% of properties in Old Brooklyn were built between 1940-1969, and another 21.4% of properties were constructed between 1970-1999, which means there are a very small number of newly constructed housing options in the neighborhood, especially considering under 4% of other properties were built in or before 1939.

About 54% of properties in the neighborhood have 3 bedroom layouts, and about 39% of properties have between 1-2 bedrooms. From there, about 7% of properties have 4 or more bedrooms.


Single Family Homes
i.Smaller 1-2 bedroom detached properties aren’t as commonplace in Old Brooklyn as larger properties, but can still be found for around the $100K ballpark range. Meanwhile, 3-4 bedroom family homes are more typical and can be expected to go for around $130K and up. That said, more affordable options can also be found on the market.
Although new construction in Old Brooklyn is practically nonexistent, there are select lots of land available to buy and build additional residences. To give an idea of price ranges, a 735 square foot lot can be expected to go for $10K-$25K, and a piece of land over 1,100 square feet may be priced around $50K.
Old Brooklyn Studio apartments have an average of $450 per month, and 1 bedroom apartments average at $580 per month. Also, 2 bedroom apartments average around $660 per month, and 3 bedroom apartments can be expected to cost less than $1,000 per month. That said, other apartments in Old Brooklyn can have higher price points and more modern amenities.
Keeping in mind that condos are rare in this part of the city, 1-2 bedroom condos in Old Brooklyn can be expected to consist of about 1,500 square feet and be listed around $185K-$200K. Smaller 1-2 bedroom condos with less favorable locations and around 1,000 square feet may be priced around $90K.

Things to do

Old Brooklyn residents can visit tasty local restaurants, browse family-owned shops, and explore many established and fun neighborhoods with ease. Old Brooklyn is home to the Cleveland Metropolitan Zoo and also features multiple neighborhood parks, so residents don’t have to travel far to find a great spot and enjoy some fresh air. Additionally, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is an easy drive away from the neighborhood, and other great locations in Cleveland’s western corners are similarly short drives away. Old Brooklyn is located near incredible bars, lounges, and clubs, in addition to multiple retail destinations, museums, and art galleries, so residents of all ages with a wide range of tastes can find great places to visit in the immediate area. Plus, with Downtown Cleveland only 10-15 minutes away from the neighborhood, many more venues like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium are also available options for Old Brooklyn residents looking to find something to do.
Enjoy the Local Nightlife Scene
Old Brooklyn residents have watering holes, lounges, sports bars, and more to explore. Murphy’s Law is a highly recommended traditional Irish Pub, and Dina’s Pizza & Pub has a unique atmosphere and fun options for visitors to sample. The Old Brooklyn Social Club has a homey, welcoming atmosphere, while Shade Nightclub, Kenny’s Tavern, and Steelyard Tavern are several lively local venues.
Visit Veterans Memorial Park
Located in neighboring Brooklyn, Ohio, Veterans Memorial Park is about a 7 minute drive from Old Brooklyn. This park has well-maintained walking trails, a playground area for younger visitors, baseball fields, basketball courts, a covered picnic area, and more amenities for visitors to enjoy. This park has great safety ratings and provides a convenient and welcome retreat from urban atmospheres.
Shop Around Local Retail Spots
Old Brooklyn residents can enjoy quick drives to Ridge Park Square, Memphis Fulton Shopping Center, and Broadview Shopping Center to find recognizable national chains. However, local malls can’t outshine this area’s stores and boutiques. Local top-rated shopping spots such as The Glass House, Fashion Boutique, Live, and The Urban Thrift include unique assortments of clothes and novelty items.
Visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Located 16 miles northeast of Old Brooklyn is Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a 33,000 acre sanctuary for native wildlife and plants. With beautiful views of the Cuyahoga River, vibrant forests, and winding trails, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park has special events and activities for visitors. This park is a stunning location to visit at any time of the year.
Check Out the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Seeing as the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is within Old Brooklyn’s borders, it makes sense that visiting the zoo is a popular option for residents looking to enjoy a day outside. This expansive zoo has regularly occurring programs and fun events for visitors, and there are multiple educational opportunities as well and options to get up close and personal with friendly animals.
Enjoy Lake Erie at Edgewater Park
Edgewater Park is about a 15 minute drive north of Old Brooklyn. This noteworthy lakeside park includes multiple beaches, a great fishing pier, scenic picnic areas, play structures, and more for visitors. The famous Cleveland sign is found at this park, in addition to Edgewater Beach House, The Pier Grille & Bait Shop, and Edgewater Yacht Club.
Bring the Family to Memphis Kiddie Park
A straight shot 8 miles west of Old Brooklyn is Memphis Kiddie Park. This highly rated local amusement park features family-friendly attractions and safe roller coasters that kids of all ages can enjoy. This park also has a fun train, a mini-golf course, and live performances to entertain visitors.
Practice Your Swing at Washington Learning Center Golf Course
It takes about 10 minutes to reach Washington Learning Center Golf Course from Old Brooklyn. This 9-hole golf course is based in nearby Newburgh Heights and has friendly, helpful staff members. This easily-accessible golf course also has a driving range visitors are welcome to use, and visitors frequently agree that this course is a great place to practice golfing skills.


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