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ABOUT Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square is Cleveland’s vibrant theater district.

The neighborhood is home to the U.S.’s largest performing arts center outside of New York. It became famous for renovating five historic theaters that date back to the 1920s.

Over a million people visit the area’s glamorous theaters every year to enjoy concerts, dance, Broadway shows, comedy, opera, and children’s programming.

Residents and guests here get to marvel at the GE Chandelier, the world’s largest outdoor chandelier, and the massive marquees that characterize the district. The neighborhood also showcases upscale restaurants and cafes where guests get to dine before and after the impressive shows.

Dubbed as the 24/7 Downtown District, Playhouse Square also showcases office spaces, apartment buildings, retail spaces, and major industrial and commercial facilities – most of which are managed by the Playhouse Square Foundation.

Most of the residential projects in the neighborhood aim to make the area an exciting destination that combines performing arts and affordable commercial real estate.

Playhouse Square is home to about 743 people who contribute to making the district a thriving business, entertainment, and technology hub. The area’s strong arts and cultural scenes continue to generate new employment and revenues from millions of visitors every year.

About 82% of employees in the area work in white-collar jobs. Most of the residents work in the performing arts industry, digital media, software technology industries, sales occupations, accountancy, architecture, and law offices.

The district has a high population of young professionals and artists. About 19% of adults in the area have a graduate degree, and 20% have a bachelor’s degree.

TOP Playhouse Square HIGHLIGHTS

Performing arts district
Upscale dining options
Great shopping
Rich history
Diverse population
Exciting Festivals
Arts and technology education
Good safety record

Natural Disasters

Playhouse Square is one of the safest areas of Cleveland as far as natural disasters go. Flooding is one of the most common types of natural disaster in the city, and floods affect most neighborhoods. However, because Playhouse Square doesn’t directly border the Cuyahoga River, it’s often less affected than other nearby neighborhoods.

Despite flooding not being a big problem, the neighborhood can still get tropical storms and heavy rain. In the winter, blizzards and large amounts of snow are also common. While tornadoes do hit Cleveland on occasion, it’s rare for one to touch down in or near the Playhouse Square neighborhood.


The average one-way commute in Playhouse Square takes about 19 to 20 minutes. This is shorter than the U.S. average commute time of 26 minutes.

Residents of the neighborhood get easy access to a number of public transit options that connect them to other neighborhoods in the Downtown Cleveland area.

The E-line and C-line free trolleys serve Playhouse Square and let residents, employees, and guests go to major business hubs and commercial spots that include Warehouse District, Public Square, and Tower City, the Entertainment District, Cleveland University, Downtown Marriott, Wyndham Hotel, and Hyatt Regency.

Crime Rate

Playhouse Square has a higher rate of violent crimes and property crimes than the rest of Ohio, but it’s the same as Cleveland’s average. The city and the neighborhood both have the same ratings of 83 for violent crimes and 84 for property crimes.

Unfortunately, these figures are much higher than the state and even national average. Ohio gets a low 18.4 rating for violent crimes and the US averages at 22.7. For property crime, the state rating is slightly higher at 36.1 and the national average is only 35.4.


SCHOOLS IN Playhouse Square

Schools in and around Playhouse Square are well-known for integrating the arts with learning, and for fostering partnerships with various performing arts communities.

Many of the schools partner with the Playhouse Square Center to help students learn and grow in any field of theatre interest. Students get opportunities to attend classes hosted by visiting artists or cast members of touring productions.

The classes include training in voice, dance, improvisation techniques, and creating special effects on stage. Students also attend shows, watch street performances, and create various handicrafts.

Playhouse Square Center also offers various personal and professional development programs for teachers to help them incorporate the arts into the curriculum.

While there is an emphasis in theatre and production, the schools in and around the area also adhere to high academic standards that encourage students to nurture their curiosities in science, technology, engineering, and math.


George Washington Carver School: The George Washington Carver School is a nearby school located at East 55th Street. The public school serves about 354 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The school focuses on a system that integrates technology in all learning activities by giving students access to digital devices. Extracurricular activities include chess and robotics classes that encourage students to hone their STEM skills. Intergenerational School: The Intergenerational School is a nearby school located at Shaker Boulevard. The school serves about 250 students in kindergarten through 8th grade. The school maintains smaller classes to help teachers focus on the students’ individual learning styles and needs. It also highlights the importance of peer-to-peer learning and positive reinforcement.
Mary B. Martin School: The Mary B. Martin School is a nearby school located at Brookly Avenue. It serves about 345 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The school is well-known for its focus on extended learning activities and professional development programs that help students improve their skills in the arts. It also gives students opportunities to explore nearby museums and institutions to foster hands-on learning. Marion-Sterling School: The Marion-Sterling School is a nearby school located at Central Avenue and serves about 329 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The school focuses on a leadership-based curriculum that instills in students the importance of discipline and strong character. Extracurricular activities include musical theatre, cheerleading, and basketball.
Promise Academy: The Promise Academy is a public high school that serves about 250 students in grades 9 to 12. The school aims to build a supportive culture that puts the needs of students first by highlighting their individual pace and learning styles. The school also focuses on programs that strengthen high-quality student-teacher relationships Campus International High School: The Campus International High School serves about 450 students in grades 9 to 12. The school focuses on a robust IB core program that prepares students for college by building their leadership and socio-economic skills. The school also highlights the importance of experiential learning methods.
Beaumont School: The Beaumont School is a nearby private, all-girls, IB Catholic school located in Cleveland Heights that serves over 300 students in grades 9 to 12. The school focuses on a diverse learning environment that helps girls develop critical thinking and communication skills. It is also known for its strong athletics classes that train women leaders in various sports. Heritage Christian School: The Heritage Christian School is a private, Christian school serving students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The school is known for having a rigorous academic curriculum with a strong spiritual emphasis. There are also many extracurricular opportunities for students who love sports, visual arts, performing arts, and theater.

Real Estate

Playhouse Square Housing 2020

The median property value in Downtown Cleveland, where Playhouse Square is located, is $229,450. This represents an increase of 4.77% from the median property value of $219,000 recorded in 2017.

Between 2017 and 2018, the median property value grew by 1.34%, from $219,000 to $222,000. The median property value in the area is expected to rise by 2.9% within 2021.

The office real estate in Playhouse Square continues to boom as more and more tenants seek to get the luxuries of living near a theater district that is also home to major business hubs, upscale restaurants, and retail centers.

Rent prices for studio apartments range from $585 to $1,325. Two to three-bedroom apartments for rent start at $$1,995 and can reach up to nearly $3,000.

In 2019, the average rents in the district ranged from $1,500 to just above $1,250.

Playhouse Square Homes for Sale

Playhouse Square is a cultural and entertainment district where about 60% of properties are occupied by renters.

The district is home to office buildings, retail spaces, bank buildings, and industrial facilities – most of which are owned and operated by the Playhouse Square Foundation. The organization continues with its mission to redevelop the neighborhood and showcase affordable commercial real estate, urban development, and performing arts.

The five main properties in the district are the Hanna Building, the Idea Center, the Bulkley Building, 1309 Euclid Avenue, and 1317 Euclid Avenue.

These buildings feature a minimum of two up to 16 floors and serve as homes to companies seeking to raise their visibility in a prime location. Tenants include major non-profit organizations, sales organizations, law offices, television and radio studios, technology companies, and schools.

Residents here get convenient access to a historic environment, destination restaurants, and conference and training rooms.


High Rises
Construction is ongoing for the 34-story glass apartment tower called the Lumen that is set to redefine Playhouse Square’s skyline. The building will feature 319 apartments, an attached 550 space parking garage with retail space, and amenities like a huge swimming pool, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and grilling stations.
The Residents at Hanna is the district’s most notable apartment building. Tenants here get to enjoy modern design features and unobstructed views of Lake Erie. Amenities include pet-friendly spaces, high-speed internet access, upscale restaurants, fitness centers, and retail shops. Rent prices range from $950 to nearly $2,000 a month.

Things to do

Playhouse Square is all about iconic landmarks, grand marquees, and glamorous theatres. The district draws over a million tourists every year as it showcases its historic theatres that feature a plethora of edgy productions, Broadway shows, musical concerts, dance extravaganzas, comedy exhibitions and many more. The district is also a national center for art education where students and their families get to indulge their curiosities about the field of theatre by joining workshops and productions. Theatre-goers also get to choose from a wide array of upscale restaurants and cafes to enjoy fine dining before and after the shows. Residents and guests also get to marvel at the district’s grand, dynamic signages that make the area a vibrant downtown destination. Playhouse Square is also home to some of Cleveland’s most exciting festivals and events that include dance festivals, comedy festivals, and disco nights.
Historic theatres
The country’s largest performing arts center outside of New York is home to five major historic theatres - the Allen Theatre, Connor Palace, Hanna Theatre, KeyBank State Theatre, and Mimi Ohio Theatre - that have been the subjects of a grand restoration project. Here is where guests can enjoy the greatest Broadway hits.
Iconic landmarks
Grand iconic structures are what make Playhouse Square the vibrant theater district that it is today. Residents and guests would not miss the 20-foot high GE Chandelier - the world’s largest outdoor chandelier that hangs above East 14th street. The retro sign, architectural lighting, and marquees also add to the district’s beauty and opulence.
Idea center
The Idea Center is the district’s leading creativity and technology-based hub. The building houses major design, education, media, and software technology institutions. Its founders envision it as an innovative, collaborative facility where stakeholders work together to bring creative ideas to life.
Upscale dining
Those who want to grab snacks before or after watching the theatre shows can head to the DYNOMITE. The restaurant is famous for fresh, made-to-order burgers and sandwiches. Cowell & Hubbard, meanwhile, is famous for its upscale menu that reflects American, Latin, European and Asian influences.
Those who crave for a good beer selection and the best of Irish favorites can head to the popular Parnell’s Irish Pub. The place is a crowd-favorite because of its intimate and comfortable space. Becky’s, meanwhile, is also a go-to dive bar featuring arcade games and jukeboxes.
Playhouse Square’s ideal location makes it easy for residents and guests to head to major retail shops. The Tower City Center is home to over 70 specialty shops that offer upscale options for apparel, beauty and skincare, accessories and many more.
Festivals and summer events
Playhouse Square also features many festivals and summer events that let people enjoy disco nights, salsa dancing, and many more. The American Dance Festival features workshops for dancers, while the Tri-C Jazzfest features indoor concerts and performances from the best artists in orchestra and jazz music.
Art education
Playhouse Square puts the spotlight on art education for students. The district opens opportunities for teachers, students, and their families to access workshops and matinee performances that will help them nurture their love for the arts. Lessons include dance, voice training, and creating special effects on stage.


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