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Sheffield Lake City Limits


History: In the early 1800s, Sheffield Lake began as a part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. Early pioneer settlers hailing from New England put down the area’s agricultural roots, which have lasted throughout the centuries.

Permanent settlement efforts began in earnest between 1815 and 1824, when there were enough residents to officially form Sheffield Township. Multiple homes from this time are still standing today. During this period of time, the agricultural community expanded its interests into dairying and fishing thanks to nearby river settlements.

When 1920 rolled around, Sheffield Township was divided, which led to the creation of Sheffield Lake. Following the population boom Ohio experienced after World War II, Sheffield Lake became a city, but maintained its small-town atmosphere and tight-knit community. In the years following 1940, the population boomed ten times its previous size.

Today, Sheffield Lake is known for excellent transportation, an attractive location next to Lake Erie, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Top City Highlights

  • Green surroundings
  • Lakeside city
  • Good dining options
  • Historic locations
  • Good safety statistics
  • Convenient location
  • Family-friendly
  • Reputable schools

Location: Sheffield Lake, Ohio is found on the southern side of Lake Erie, in the northern section of Lorain County. The city is situated 25 or so miles west of Cleveland, Ohio.

While Lake Erie itself and E Erie Avenue define the city’s northern border, Sheffield Lake’s neighboring cities include Avon Lake to the northeast and Avon to the southeast. South of the city and across Interstate 90 is Sheffield. Hundreds of green acres and preservations are found directly south of Sheffield Lake, and across the Black River lies Lorain, Ohio.

Commutes: The mean commute time for those 25 years and up in Sheffield Lake is about 30 minutes.

Due to the city’s location, traveling to beaches along Lake Erie’s shore is a quick undertaking. Lake Road runs diagonally through Sheffield Lake on the city’s northern portion, which allows for fast access to neighboring lakeside cities.

Additionally, Sheffield Lake’s roadways connect to Interstate 90 south of the city, which allows residents to connect to other Interstates and frequented roadways.

Specifically, it takes about 40 minutes to reach Cleveland, Ohio by car, and a drive from Sheffield Lake to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will take about 35 minutes.

Culture: Out of around 9,000 residents, Sheffield Lake has a smaller community and a more friendly culture than other larger cities. The population breaks down gender-wise into 50.9% being male and 49.1% being female.

As for ethnic makeup, 85.8% of residents are white, while 10.6% are Hispanic. 2.4% are biracial or multiracial, and 0.6% are black. 0.2% of residents are Asian, while just 0.4% are Native American.

21.3% of Sheffield Lake’s population has a bachelor’s degree, and 5% have a graduate or professional degree. The estimated median household income is about $60K, and the unemployment rate is 4.2%.

Local Government

City Council

Sheffield Lake, Ohio operates under a mayor-council form of government. Each elected member of the city council serves for a 4 year term.

In addition to the president of council, there are 3 city council members who are elected at-large. Additionally, there are 4 representatives for each city ward.

Address: 609 Harris Rd, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054
Phone: (440)-949-7141

Mayor’s Office

Sheffield Lake’s mayor is elected at-large to serve for a 4 year term which begins on January 1st following the election.

As both the city’s official and ceremonial leader, the mayor oversees municipal affairs, represents the unified community in governmental proceedings, and sits in on city council meetings on behalf of the city’s population.

Address: 609 Harris Rd, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054
Phone: (440)-949-7141

Chamber of Commerce

With around 600 members, the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers in the Cleveland area.

This chamber’s mission is to promote and protect local business communities in Lorain County. The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce emphasizes networking, education, and continued growth.

Address: 226 Middle Ave., 5th Flr., Elyria, OH 44035
Phone: (440)-328-2550


Overview: Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District is a school system that sees to the education of around 1,700 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District ranks in the top third portion of all 608 Ohio school systems for safety, teacher qualifications, and employment benefits. Out of the 5 campuses within this school district, all are well-rated, have impressive academic achievement records, and are known for solid overall quality.

Forestlawn Elementary School, Brookside Intermediate School, Knollwood Elementary School, Brookside Middle School, and Brookside High School are all public campuses within this district.

The average student-teacher ratio is 18 to 1, and gives this district an overall B grade.With an average graduation rate of 92%, the vast majority of students rank well on standardized tests for reading and math.

Additionally, Sheffield Lake residents also are within short commuting distance of reputable private school campuses.

Elementary Schools

Forestlawn Elementary School ranks as #7 out of Lorain County’s public elementaries. This campus educates 122 second grade students and a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1.

Brookside Intermediate School is a 3-6 campus with respectable teacher qualifications and a diverse student population.

Knollwood Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten through 1st grade campus known for great teachers and curriculum.

Middle Schools

Brookside Middle School is Sheffield Lake’s 7-8 campus. This school has a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1 and a diverse student population of around 260.

About 10-15 minutes northeast of town is Learwood Middle School, which is #3 out of the county’s middle school campuses. This 7-8 campus an outstanding academic record.

High Schools

Brookside High School is a 9-12 campus with around 500 students. This school is known for its diverse population, college prep programs, and health and safety records.

Ranked as #2 of all public high schools in Lorain County, Avon Lake High School is a short commute away from Sheffield Lake. This campus is highly rated and known for excellence.

Private Schools

St. Anthony of Padua School has been operating since 1925. This pre-kindergarten through 8th campus consists of about 250 students.

Northeast of the city is St. Joseph Parish School Avon Lake, a pre-kindergarten through 8th grade campus that has been open since 1954.

In neighboring Avon, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception School is a K-8 campus founded back in 1885.


Overview: There are about 3,500 housing options in the city. 27.7% of properties are rented, 72.4% of properties are owner-occupied, and 9.3% of housing stands vacant.

As is common in Ohio, the majority of residences are single family homes. Here, 81.8% of options are detached houses. Additionally, 14.7% of properties are apartment complexes, while 1.4% of properties are smaller apartment buildings.

To give an impression of how big residences tend to be in Sheffield Lake, 49.3% are 3 bedroom properties. Meanwhile, 22% have 4 bedrooms, and 18.2% have 2 bedrooms. Just 8.1% of properties have 1 bedroom.

As for age, the majority of properties at 49.9% were built between 1940-1969. 37.8% of housing options were constructed between 1970-1999, and 6.2% of properties were built in or before 1939. The remaining 6.1% of properties broke ground in 2000 or later years.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes

A 1-2 bedroom home in Sheffield Lake has an average price of $66K. However, the ballpark price of a 3-4 bedroom family home jumps to $269K.

Considering that the majority of family homes have at least a few decades under their belts, many properties feature traditional and classic architectural styles.

New Construction

Few newly constructed residences can be found in Sheffield Lake, though the turn of the century saw a short-lived uptick in construction.

Specifically, 123 new housing options were built between 2000-2005, with costs ranging between $129K-$166K. From 2012-2017, however, only 9 new construction projects broke ground. Costs ranged between $155K-$350K.


Since the cost of living is relatively low in Sheffield Lake, rent is also under that of comparable cities.

A studio apartment may be found for around $650-$800 per month, and a 2 bedroom apartment can be priced at an upwards of $870 per month. Larger 3 bedroom layouts can go for $1,600-$2,220 per month.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Sheffield Lake Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Sheffield Lake Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: Real estate in Sheffield Lake generally trends under the national average.

With a median home value of $133K, it’s no surprise that 55.2% of real estate in Sheffield Lake is priced between $117K-$234K. The second most common price range is $58K-$234K, seeing as 36.6% of properties are valued in this range. Additionally, 4.5% of properties are valued under $58K, while 2.7% of real estate is priced between $234K-$351K. Additionally, 0.9% of Sheffield Lake properties vary from $584K to $887K.

From October 2009 to October 2019, the average annual home appreciation rate fell below national averages, considering that the appreciation rate was only 0.56%. This rate is under 70% of neighborhoods across the United States.

From October 2018 to October 2019, trends shifted; the appreciation rate was 1.73%, which is still lower than most American cities. However, ongoing trends may lead to appreciation rates that annualize to 10.38%.

Things to Do

Overview: Sheffield Lake is a community that values its nearby green retreats, verdant parks, lakeside views, and welcoming atmosphere, not to mention its friendly venues and local attractions.

Sheffield Lake’s residents frequent over 10 city parks that are scattered throughout the city’s area, from lakeside locations to inner-city retreats. Additionally, Black River and French Creek Reservation are quickly accessed by residents.

As for retail options, Sheffield Lake shoppers frequent Shoreway Shopping Center, Erie Outfitters, and locally-operated convenience stores. When residents have an itch to explore chain stores or larger shopping malls, more options are readily accessed by popular nearby roadways.

As a part of Lorain County, this city also has a variety of art and cultural attractions within a short distance. Plus, the city includes a number of great restaurants and bars.

Sheffield Lake enjoys a slower, more leisurely pace that is a welcome change from the fast-paced neighboring cities in the greater Cleveland area.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

There are 11 local parks and nature retreats in Sheffield Lake, including Sheffield Lake Public Boat Ramp and Beach and Frensh Creek Nature Center. Lakewood Beach Park, Memorial Park, and Shell Cove Park are only 3 notable locations.

Just northeast of town is Aqua Marine Golf Course, and stunning views of Lake Erie can be enjoyed throughout Sheffield Lake’s northern portion.


Shoreway Shopping Center is a frequented local retail area for Sheffield Lake residents.

Fishermen can find all their necessary gear at Erie Outfitters, and Apple’s Market and Brownie’s Market are two local convenience stores.

Other shopping areas in neighboring cities include Oakwood Plaza and Sheffield Village Plaza.

Art & Culture

In addition to being a haven for book lovers, Lorain Public Library hosts local events and community clubs.

Just east of town is the 103rd OVI Civil War Museum, a peaceful outdoor area that attracts Civil War buffs.

History fans can also visit the Lorain Historical Society – Moore House Museum in neighboring Lorain for local history.

Night Life

Dock’s Tavern is right next to Lake Erie’s shore and is known for good food and cold drinks.

Risko’s Tavern is a cash-only venue with happy hour specials and bar games.

Veterans of Foreign Wars is known to be a casual place to relax or host a local get-together.

Sheffield Lake is also a short distance from other nighttime venues.


On top of popular national chains, Sheffield Lake also has multiple locally-owned restaurants.

Favorite venues to grab a bite to eat with friends or family include Gus’ Steak & Ale, Doughboy’s Pizza & Wings, and Driftwood Cafe. All three restaurants have great reviews, welcoming atmospheres, and yummy dishes.

Thanks to the city’s location, other nearby restaurants are within a short driving distance.


Overview: Since Sheffield Lake consists of only 2.48 square miles, there are only 2 distinct neighborhoods to speak of. With Harris Road as the vertical divide, Sheffield Lake can be split into eastern and western neighborhoods.

The area west of Harris Road is the most expensive half of Sheffield Lake, considering that the median real estate price here is $133K. Even so, this number is more affordable than 51.1% of other Ohio neighborhoods and 73% of neighborhoods across the country.

Meanwhile, Sheffield Lake’s eastern portion is even more affordable, seeing as the median real estate price is $111K. This is less expensive than 63.1% of Ohio residential areas and 80.2% of cities and towns in the United States.

All in all, Sheffield Lake is a friendly city with a low cost of living. Although the neighborhoods may be small, they are peaceful and family-friendly.

List of Sheffield Lake Neighborhoods

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