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ABOUT Slavic Village

Slavic Village is located on Cleveland’s southeastern side. As one of Cleveland’s oldest neighborhoods, Slavic Village has a long history and a distinct atmosphere.

Slavic Village is currently home to around 28,000 residents, and the population is considerably diverse. Although the bulk of the neighborhood’s residents are young families, Slavic Village also attracts a number of young professionals looking for affordable costs of living and short commutes to entertaining venues in Cleveland and favorable job opportunities.

The bulk of residents enjoy commute times of 25 minutes or less. The housing costs in the neighborhood can be seen as affordable compared with Cleveland numbers.

Slavic Village residents enjoy fast access to the Cleveland area’s many entertaining attractions, such as Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Edgewater Park Beach, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park to name only a few of the many popular and entertaining options.

Additionally, local amenities are well-rated, and residents rarely have to travel far to find fun things to do.

With around 28,000 residents, the neighborhood’s population is roughly split 55% female and 45% male. The median resident age is 26 years of age.

51.1% of residents are Black, and 34.9% are White. 6.2% of residents identify as Hispanic, and 3.9% of residents are biracial or multiracial. 2% of residents are Native American, and 1.9% of residents are of other ethnic backgrounds. 2.5% of residents are immigrants.

Less than 15% of residents have some college education or an associate’s degree. About 10% of residents have a bachelor’s degree. From there, about 5% of the population has a master’s degree or a higher degree.


Diverse population
Affordable cost of living
Convenient location
Short commutes
Educational and cultural venues
Highly-rated restaurants
Multiple nearby outdoor areas
Rich history

Natural Disasters

The west side of the Slavic Village neighborhood directly borders the Cuyahoga River, making it prone to flooding. Heavy storms hit this part of Cleveland yearly, and the excess rain can cause the river to overflow leading to property damage.

Slavic Village can also experience tornadoes, and Cleveland has about 5 to 7 every year. However, it’s unlikely that a tornado will hit or cause damage in the neighborhood.

The only other natural disaster residents watch out for are blizzards. These winter storms usually occur once a year, and they can cause inconvenience as well as dangerous conditions.


20% of residents have a commute time of 25 minutes, and roughly 40% of Slavic Village residents have even shorter commute times. About 10% of other residents have daily travel times that range between 40 minutes and 60 minutes.

Interstate 77, also known as Willow Freeway, can be accessed a short distance west of the neighborhood. OH-43 runs diagonally through the center of the neighborhood. Woodland Avenue is north of Slavic Village, and Interstate 480 runs south of the neighborhood as well.

It takes about 11 minutes to reach Downtown Cleveland from Slavic Village, and Burke Lakefront Airport is also about 15 minutes away from the village by car.

Crime Rate

Slavic Village has one of the lowest crime rates in Cleveland. The city’s property crime rate is an incredibly high 84, but Slavic Village has a low rating of 45.6. Although this rating is higher than the national average of 35.4 and the state average of 36.1, it’s still considered low for Cleveland.

Violent crime is also low in the neighborhood compared to the rest of the city. With a rating of 83, Cleveland is much higher than the US average of 22.7 and the Ohio average of 18.4. However, Slavic Villages averages at 20, making it one of the safest options within Cleveland.


SCHOOLS IN Slavic Village

Public schools in and around Slavic Village are a part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which is directly controlled by the mayor of Cleveland, who appoints the district’s school board.

This school system is one of the most diverse across the state according to, and Cleveland MSD is also in the top bracket of school districts in the state in terms of athletic programming. As the 2nd largest K-13 district in the state, it makes sense that this district services around 40,000 students across the Greater Cleveland area.

Local public schools have average student-teacher ratios of 14 to 1. There are around 70 total K-8 campuses in the district, while 39 other schools in this district are 9-12 campuses. reports that some of the best schools in this district have challenging curriculum, college prep programs, and well-rated teachers.

In addition to public schools, private schools near Slavic Village include religious campuses and Montessori schools.


Mound Elementary School: Mound Elementary School is a local campus with around 400 students. This school has a low average student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1, and Mound Elementary School is conveniently close to Slavic Village, so commute times to this school are short. Willow School: Willow School is a small campus in Cleveland Municipal School District with around 200 students from varying ethnic and economic backgrounds. This campus is known for its great teachers and its low average student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. This campus has a gifted and talented program and an early childhood education program. Mound Elementary School: Mound Elementary School is one of Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s STEM campuses that includes grades pre-kindergarten-8. This campus has around 400 students and a 17 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Additionally, this elementary school is located within short driving distance of Slavic Village.
Cleveland College Preparatory School: Cleveland College Preparatory School is a K-8 campus with a student-teacher ratio of 22 to 1. This school has a notably ethnically and economically diverse student population. This campus is especially known for having quality teachers and challenging curriculum. Cleveland College Preparatory School is located right next to Interstate 77, across from Washington Reservation. Warner Girls' Leadership Academy: Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy is an all girls school that is a part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. This campus is a pre-kindergarten-8 campus with around 500 enrolled students and a 23 to 1 student-teacher ratio. This magnet campus has a gifted program, and around 85% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches. Fullerton School: Fullerton School is a K-9 campus with around 220 students throughout its grade levels. This campus has a low student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1, and this campus is considered one of the most diverse middle schools in the state. 99% of this campus’s students qualify for free or reduced lunches, and the student population also is considerably ethnically diverse.
Cleveland School of Science and Medicine: Located about 15 minutes away from Slavic Village is Cleveland School of Science and Medicine, which is one of the top campuses in the Cleveland area. This school is well-rated by students, teachers, and parents alike according to, and the campus educates around 420 students. Additionally, this school is known for its college prep programs. Bard High School Early College: Bard High School Early College is a 9-12 campus located about 10 miles west of Slavic Village. This high school stands out from others in the area due to the school’s various student clubs and extracurricular activities, student diversity, and college preparatory programs. Regent High School: Regent High School is a 9-12 school within ready reach of Slavic Village high school students. This school educates around 200 students, and this campus notably has a high health and safety rating according to, which is tabulated according to suspensions and survey responses.
Cleveland Central Catholic High School: Cleveland Central Catholic High School is a local 9-12 Catholic campus. This school has a wide range of well-rated clubs and extracurricular activities, and this campus’s athletics programming is also highly rated. This school has a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1. An estimated 53% of graduates from this campus attend a 4-year college program. Tuition is around $8,500. Holy Name Elementary School: Holy Name Elementary School is a private Catholic institution that educates grades K-8. This school has around 230 enrolled students and an average student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1. About 90% of this small campus’s students are African American, 4.9% are multiracial, and 3.1% are White. Heritage Christian School: Heritage Christian School is about 10 miles west of Slavic Village in nearby Brooklyn, Ohio. This school is a private Christian campus that provides a Christ-centered curriculum for students. reports this campus has a solid academic track record, good health and safety ratings, and a low student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1.

Real Estate

Slavic Village Housing 2020

Slavic Village is a balanced market, seeing as there is an even mix of buyers and sellers in the neighborhood.

Considering that Cleveland’s median property value is under $80K, it makes sense that the bulk of Slavic Village properties are valued under $50K. With that said, the neighborhood’s real estate market widely varies, and certain pieces of real estate in Slavic Village can be worth over $800K. reports about 4,200 properties in the neighborhood are worth under $50K. Another 3,140 Slavic Village properties range between $50K-$100K. From there, 770 pieces of real estate in the neighborhood are worth between $100K-$150K. Another 860 properties in Slavic Village are priced between $150K-$200K.

An estimated 1,025 properties are worth between $200K-$250K. reports 460 Slavic Village properties range between $250K-$300K, and another 335 pieces of real estate are worth between $300K-$400K. Around 700 properties in the neighborhood are worth over $400K.

Slavic Village Homes for Sale

Slavic Village tends to have a homeownership rate of 62%. About 38% of residential options in the neighborhood are rented properties.

The bulk of properties in Slavic Village are single-family detached residences. Apartment complexes are the second most common property type, followed by smaller apartment buildings. About 5% of the neighborhood’s properties are condominiums, so attached housing options can be hard to find.

Because Slavic Village has a long history, the neighborhood has a considerable number of properties built in or before 1939. Additionally, around 50% of the neighborhood’s housing options were constructed between 1940-1969. A number of Slavic Village residences were also built between 1970-1999, and less than 10% of properties in the neighborhood were built in or following 2000.

To give an idea of size, 2-3 bedroom properties make up an estimated 70% of housing options in Slavic Village, while 20% of properties have 4 or more bedrooms and 10% of the neighborhood’s residences have 1 bedroom layouts.

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Things to do

Slavic Village is an established neighborhood of Cleveland with a lot to offer its residents. Although this neighborhood is known for being largely residential, its location being just 15 minutes away from Downtown Cleveland means that Slavic Village’s residents have many highly rated and varied options to enjoy their time in the Greater Cleveland area. Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation, Children’s Museum of Cleveland, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and Garfield Park Nature Center are some of the recognizable parks and recreational venues in the area, not to mention the expansive Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Slavic Village residents also enjoy quick access to boutiques and shopping areas like Broadway Shoppes, Harvard Plaza, and Harvard Village Shopping Center to only name 3 of the many available options. Additionally, restaurants, bars, and clubs in the area are as well-rated as they are diverse. With so many parks, museums, entertaining venues, and more, it’s no wonder that residents enjoy so much time outside of their homes.
Enjoy the local nightlife scene
Slavic Village is located near incredible bars, saloons, and more. Wooden Nickel Saloon and Bum’s Saloon are entertaining local venues with fun atmospheres. Mj’s Cafe has ambiance and great drinks, and VSP Lounge Inc. is a highly rated local cocktail bar. Other popular spots around the neighborhood include Your Place & Mine, Brown’s Tavern, Margies 66, and Good Times Cafe.
Visit Garfield Park Reservation
Garfield Park Reservation is a protected wetland habitat located a short distance southeast of Slavic Village. This expansive reservation includes a nature center, picnicking areas, birdwatching locations, and various walking trails, in addition to beautiful creeks. Visitors enjoy the serene, wooded scenery, wildlife sightings and often return to find a peaceful retreat from urban environments.
Learn about local history at Czech Cultural Center Museum
Slavic Village has a rich history, and Czech Cultural Center Museum offers a valuable look into the past. This location acted as a community hall for Czech immigrants when it was constructed during the late 1800s. Today, this venue showcases the cultural histories of the Slavic and Czech people who populated the area in previous years.
Test your luck at MGM Northfield Park
MGM Northfield Park is about a 25 minute drive from Slavic Village. This establishment is a renowned racetrack that hosts over 200 harness racing events annually. In addition to being a racetrack, MGM Northfield Park also includes the Trackside Lounge, a modern sports bar with 3 dozen flat screen TVs and various sporting events.
Visit Edgewater Park Beach
Edgewater Park Beach is a prime location northwest of Slavic Village to enjoy fun in the sun. This lakefront venue is ideal for swimming, playing beachside sports, enjoying a picnic with family and friends, or simply taking in the view of Lake Erie. This park consists of 2,400 square feet and includes a dog-friendly area and kayaking access.
Browse local art at Elevate Gallery
Elevate Gallery is a local art outlet found southwest of Morgana Park that showcases works from artists in the area. Collectors frequent this spot to view fresh, unique pieces. Additionally, this venue puts on regular events open to the community, such as movie screenings, live music events, and more.
Check out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is an iconic destination in Cleveland, Ohio that showcases instruments, artifacts, and memorabilia from the best of pop culture. This museum also puts on live performances and is family-friendly, so visitors of all ages can be entertained and learn something new at this stunning venue found right on Lake Erie’s shore.
Laugh it up at Improv Comedy Club & Restaurant
Improv Comedy Club & Restaurant is located near the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. This comedy club puts on regular events and engaging shows, and visitors are also welcome to enjoy a variety of cocktails and happy hour drinks, in addition to dinner. Whether local comedians or famous stars are set to take the stage, this club is sure to entertain.
Enjoy the greens at Washington Learning Center Golf Course
Located in the Washington Reservation is the Washington Learning Center Golf Course, a 9 hole golf course situated near Newburgh Heights. This golf course is accessible and enjoyable for golfers of all levels, and there is also a driving range available. Visitors especially enjoy practicing their golfing skills on this course and getting some fresh air out on the greens.
Make a trip to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is only a 13 minute commute away from Slavic Village. This venue is a stellar option for the whole family to browse exhibits and catch a range of educational shows. Home to over 3,000 animals, this zoo has a wide collection of wildlife and interactive opportunities available for visitors of all ages.


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