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ABOUT Spring Branch

Spring Branch is a northwestern Houston district home to around 135,000 residents. This area is especially known for having a low cost of living, convenient daily commutes, and great local amenities.

One of Spring Branch’s attractive qualities is its affordability. This neighborhood’s rent trends are comparably lower than Houston’s averages, and the same can be said for median home values. Housing options in the area are varied, and there is almost an even split of rental properties and owner-occupied residences.

Spring Branch’s location is another decidedly convenient factor. The neighborhood offers fast access to outdoor spaces, shopping malls, restaurants, and additional venues. Spring Branch also includes multiple public and private campuses within its borders. Plus, residents can easily commute to other popular Houston districts.

Spring Branch is considered one of the best areas in the city for young professionals, but young families also are commonplace in this corner of Houston. In fact, 41% of households are families with children.

Overall, Spring Branch’s population tracks around 135,000.

16% of residents have some college education or hold an associate’s degree. An additional 13% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, while 9% of the population have earned a master’s degree or a higher degree.

Roughly 73% of Spring Branch residents are Hispanic or Latino, and 19% of the population is White. 4% of residents are Asian, 3% are African American, and 1% are biracial or multiracial.

The median household income tracks around $63K. An estimated 25% of residents earn less than $25K annually, while another 46% of residents earn between $25K-$75K. From there, 29% of residents earn over $75K annually.


Great for young professionals
Multiple local public schools
Short daily commutes
Several outdoor parks
Diverse housing options
Well-rated restaurants
Affordable cost of living

Natural Disasters

Spring Branch is located in the central-west area of Houston, a region that is highly vulnerable to massive flooding, severe tropical storms, and hurricanes.

The neighborhood is among those that are hardest-hit during intense rainfall events. In the past, the neighborhood experienced above-average flooding that affected homes, streets, driveways, and public utilities.

The neighborhood is working on improving drainage and infrastructure systems to better mitigate the impacts of disasters and better respond to natural hazards.


Around 25% of residents report having 25 minute daily commutes. Meanwhile, another 40% of residents report daily travel times of 20 minutes or less. With this information in mind, commuting to and from the neighborhood can be seen as largely convenient.

Spring Branch residents can quickly access Interstate 10 south of the neighborhood. Additionally, Interstate 610 is found a short distance east of Spring Branch. The Sam Houston Tollway is also conveniently accessible west of the neighborhood.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach Downtown Houston or Houston’s Museum District from Spring Branch. For reference, it also takes roughly 20 minutes to reach Sugar Land by car from Spring Branch.

Crime Rate

Spring Branch is among the neighborhoods in Houston with crime rates that are slightly higher than the national averages.

Overall, the crime rate in the neighborhood is 2,823 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 9% higher than the national average. Spring Branch is safer than about 61% of communities in Texas, and about 35% of communities in the U.S.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 490 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 29% higher than the national average.

Property crime rate, meanwhile, is about 2,333 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 6% higher than the national average.

One’s chances of being a victim of crime in Spring Branch is 1 in 36.


SCHOOLS IN Spring Branch

Spring Branch is served by 3 school districts, but mainly covered by Spring Branch Independent School District. Students living in select areas of Spring Branch are directed to attend Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District campuses or enroll in schools within the Houston Independent School District.

Spring Branch ISD educates around 35,000 students across grades pre-kindergarten-12. This district includes 26 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 4 high school campuses. The Texas Education Agency rates this school district as academically acceptable.

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District is rated as “exemplary” by the Texas Education Agency and educates an impressive 116,000 students. Cy-Fair ISD is a massive district that has 56 elementary campuses, 18 middle schools, 13 high schools, and 4 alternative facilities.

A small southwestern segment of Spring Branch is serviced by the Houston Independent School District, which has many academically acceptable and nearby campuses.

Additionally, Spring Branch provides students with ready access to excellent religious and nonreligious private educational institutions.


Bane Elementary School: Bane Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten-5 campus in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD that educates around 1,000 students. The school’s average student-teacher ratio is 16 to 1, which insinuates that class sizes are slightly larger than average. This campus’s teachers and staff members are especially well-rated, and 98% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches. Kirk Elementary School: Kirk Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten-5 campus located within a short driving distance for Spring Branch residents. This above-average school educates around 950 students across its grade levels and has a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1. This campus offers a gifted and talented program. Around 50% of students are proficient in both math and reading according to state tests. Lee Elementary School: Lee Elementary School is an upstanding pre-kindergarten-5 campus in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD that has excellent student academic records and a diverse population of around 850. To give an idea of the school’s socioeconomic diversity, 64% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches. Also, around 80% of teachers are highly experienced in their field.
Landrum Middle School: Landrum Middle School is a public 5-9 campus within Spring Branch ISD. This school has an average student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1, and around 1,050 students are enrolled at the school. According to state test scores, 30% of students are proficient in both math and reading. For reference, around 85% of teachers are well rated and highly qualified. Northbrook Middle School: Northbrook Middle School is a nearby 6-8 campus with around 880 students and a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1. Many students in Spring Branch are zoned to this local campus, which has exceptional teachers and staff members. For reference, 35% of students score as being proficient in math, while state tests show 28% are proficient in reading. Spring Oaks Middle School: Spring Oaks Middle School is a 6-8 Spring Branch ISD campus that has a diverse student population of around 710. The student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1 is notably low. State standardized tests show around 24% of students are proficient in math and reading. Also, 77% of teachers have at least 3 years of experience in their field.
Stratford High School: Stratford High School is generally rated as being one of the best high schools in Harris County. Around 2,150 students attend this school, and the average graduation rate is 93%. Impressively, the AP enrollment rate is 32%. This 9-12 public school has excellent student academic standing, college preparatory programs, clubs and activities, and athletic programming. Spring Woods High School: Spring Woods High School is a local 9-12 campus within Spring Branch ISD. This reputable campus has around 2,200 enrolled students, impressive college preparatory programs, and a range of clubs and activities. The AP enrollment rate is 26%, and the average graduation rate is 89%. Class sizes are about average, seeing as the student-teacher ratio is 16 to 1. Northbrook High School: Northbrook High School is a local 9-12 campus with around 2,500 enrolled students. The student-teacher ratio is 19 to 1, so classes in general can be larger than average. This campus is known for having good athletics programming, well-rated teachers, and respectable health and safety statistics. The average graduation rate is 83%, and the AP enrollment rate is 11%.
The Regis School of the Sacred Heart: The Regis School of the Sacred Heart is an excellent all-boys Catholic campus that includes grades pre-kindergarten-8. The student-teacher ratio tracks around 6 to 1, so students receive individual attention and care. This highly rated NCEA and NAIS member has excellent teachers, student achievement rates, and a culturally and economically diverse population. Houston Christian High School: Houston Christian High School is an outstanding campus within short driving distance for Spring Branch residents. This Christian school has around 500 enrolled students throughout grades 9-12 and maintains an average graduation rate of 100%. The student-teacher ratio tracks around 10 to 1. In regards to curriculum, the majority of parents and students agree that classes are engaging and challenging. School of the Woods: School of the Woods is one of the most highly rated K-12 campuses in the Houston area. This private school educates around 290 students and has a 7 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Following graduation, an impressive 100% of students attend a 4-year college program. Additionally, students have an average SAT score of 1250 and an average ACT score of 28.

Real Estate

Spring Branch Housing 2020

The median property value in Spring Branch is $360K. Properties in this Houston neighborhood track around the same values of surrounding areas, although Spring Branch real estate does trend higher than Houston’s averages.

Specifically, about 1,300 pieces of Spring Branch real estate are priced under the $50K mark. From there, 730 properties range between $50K-$100K. Another 800 properties are worth between $100K-$200K, while 170 pieces of real estate range between $200K-$300K.

Another 170 properties vary between $300K-$400K, and 100 other properties fluctuate between $400K-$500K. An additional 130 properties vary between $500K-$1 million, and 360 properties are priced over the $1 million mark.

Considering that Spring Branch has a decidedly low vacancy rate, housing is in high demand in this part of Houston. Spring Branch’s real estate market is unique for having more newly built properties than 96% of other US neighborhoods. Additionally, the neighborhood has an attractive mix of rentals and owner-occupied residences.

Spring Branch Homes for Sale

42% of Spring Branch housing options are owner-occupied, and 58% of residences are rented. The neighborhood’s vacancy rate tracks around 3.8%, which is lower than that of 82% of other neighborhoods in the country.

Many Spring Branch Properties were built between 1940-1970, and an even higher number of residential options were constructed between 1971-1999. Following the turn of the 21st century, the neighborhood experienced a boom in construction. Specifically, over 800 new homes were built in Spring Branch following 2000.

A small fraction of residential options in this neighborhood have 1-2 bedroom layouts. It is more common for properties to have at least 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedroom properties are also prevalent. That said, larger properties are equally small in number to 1 bedroom residences.

The majority of the neighborhood’s housing options are single family homes, with apartment complexes and buildings being the second most prevalent type of residence. Comparably, condominiums and attached properties are rare in Spring Branch.


Single Family Homes
Family homes in Spring Branch may have low list prices of $230K, although small detached properties are usually priced around $275K. 3-4 bedroom family homes are more easy to find in Spring Branch and can be expected to have price points around $370K and up. Larger family homes may be listed around $600K and stretch into the $1 million range.
New Construction
An impressive number of properties in Spring Branch were built after 2000, and many 2-3 bedroom housing options start around list prices of $300K. Larger newly built residences can be expected to cost around $385K, and 4 bedroom properties generally range between $415K-$550K. Even more grand properties built in recent years can be in the $650K ballpark range.
Studio apartments in Spring Branch average around $520 per month. Slightly larger 1 bedroom layouts have an average monthly cost of $750. Also, local 2 bedroom apartments average around the $920 mark, while 3 bedroom apartments in the neighborhood come with an average monthly rent of $1,200. Overall, the average monthly rent in Spring Branch is $980.
Affordable attached properties in Spring Branch can be expected to start around the $150K mark. Meanwhile, the majority of 3 bedroom condos tend to be listed around $325K and can range upwards a good deal. More luxurious attached properties in Spring Branch are modern, spacious condos with 3-4 bedroom layouts and price points that largely range between $550K-$650K.

Things to do

Spring Branch residents enjoy having close proximity to popular areas like Downtown Houston and the city’s vibrant Museum District. However, there are also spacious outdoor parks, delicious restaurants, and other entertaining venues that are more close to home. Residents looking to get some fresh air can easily visit beautiful locations like Bear Creek Pioneers Park, Memorial Park, Agnes Moffit Park, Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary, and Buffalo Bayou to only name a few of many nearby options. In Spring Branch, residents are never far from golf courses, sports fields, trails, and verdant scenery. Spring Branch also has a vibrant selection of restaurants, bars, and other promising retail locations. Long Point Road is where to go to find a massive assortment of restaurants and eateries. Also, with so many impressive locally-owned bars, clubs, and lounges located along Washington Avenue, finding an amazing venue to wine and dine for an evening is all too easy.
Enjoy the sunshine at Agnes Moffitt Park
Agnes Moffitt Park has a fun disc golf course, a public swimming pool, and open grass spaces that are perfect for enjoying picnics and great weather. Additionally, this community green space also includes fun play structures for children. With so many different activities available, visitors always have something fun to do at Agnes Moffitt Park.
Play around at Cobble and Spoke
Cobble and Spoke is a local gem frequented by Spring Branch residents. Visitors of Cobble and Spoke are welcome to play any of the venue’s many classic board games and modern favorites. This game-centric venue has regularly scheduled trivia nights and other special events, locally sourced ingredients for food and drinks, and highly rated staff members.
Take the kids to Speedy’s Fast Track
Speedy’s Fast track is a local go-kart venue that has both indoor and outdoor activities fit for the whole family. This highly rated venue includes arcade games, laser tag, a miniature golf course, and of course a fun go-kart track. With affordable prices and great customer service, this venue is sure to delight kids of all ages.
Laugh it up at Houston Improv
Houston Improv is located right in Spring Branch. This venue has open mic happy hour events so visitors can dare to show off their own skills or laugh along with the audience. Houston Improv also has an assortment of tasty snacks and drinks, which makes this local establishment a great option for an outing with friends or a memorable date night.
Check out Texas Rock Gym
Texas Rock Gym is a highly rated bouldering and rock climbing venue within short driving distance for many Spring Branch residents. This well-rated and versatile venue has friendly and welcoming staff members who can assist rock climbers of any experience level to have a great time working out and scaling a number of rock faces.
Visit the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary
The Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary is an 18-acre preserve situated just outside of Spring Branch’s borders. This nearby forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary is privately owned and operated. Impressively, around 10K people annually participate in the sanctuary’s environmental educational programs. Visitors enjoy seeing birds, reptiles, amphibians, aquatic animals, and more in their natural habitat at this beautiful location.
Taste local cuisine along Long Point Road
Long Point Road roughly runs through the middle of Spring Branch. This area is rich in eateries and highly rated establishments that showcase Houston’s diverse culture. For example, Seoul Garden is a popular Korean barbecue house, and El Ultimo Taco Truck is a mobile Mexican eatery. Pollo Bravo specializes in Peruvian fare, while Mambo Seafood has a fresh seafood menu.
Check out Bear Creek Pioneers Park
Bear Creek Pioneers Park is a multipurpose park and wildlife sanctuary located just outside of Spring Branch. This sizable outdoor retreat is home to a wide assortment of wildlife. Bear Creek Pioneers Park includes multiple scenic trails, sports fields, and pavilions available for use. Plus, Bear Creek Roller Rink is a short distance away for visitors.


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