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ABOUT Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is a lovely beachfront community that was formed after the discovery of oil in what is now known as the Huntington Beach Oil Field in 1920. As a neighborhood of the much larger Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach covers about a mile long stretch of land right next to the Pacific Ocean. The residents of Sunset Beach are a diverse mix of 641 housing units who enjoy taking advantage of the beachfront attractions and water activities this neighborhood is known for.

The majority of residents rent their properties, and the culture of Sunset Beach is one where civic-mindedness is a top priority. Because Sunset Beach is a small stretch of land just southeast of mainland California, nearby acclaimed schools are a ten-fifteen minute commute away. With the Pacific Coast Highway running through the neighborhood, traveling in and out of Sunset Beach is made simple. This charming, welcoming community is just as lively as it is close-knit.

The residents of Sunset Beach are greatly influenced by the abundant outdoor and beach activities available, in addition to being involved in their community’s outreach and charity connections. The demographics of Sunset Beach show that of the 970 residents, 88.9% are White, 0.4% are African American, 0.6% are Native American, 4.9% are Asian or Pacific Islander, 3.7% are multiracial, and 8.1% are Hispanic or Latino.

Only a small portion of residents have children under the age of eighteen, and 35% of residents are happily married opposite-sex couples. Statistics aside, the lifestyle of Sunset Beach consists of enthusiasm for the community’s parks, beaches, shops, and restaurants.


Friendly community
Beautiful beachfront residential properties
Great local restaurants
Safe and scenic beaches
Involved charities and nonprofits
Convenient location
Culturally diverse population
Reputable local schools

Natural Disasters

Living in a coastal neighborhood means Sunset Beach residents can expect high surf conditions and flooding. Weather moving in from the Pacific Ocean can give rise to other extreme conditions.

High winds and supercell thunderstorms are seasonal occurrences. For quick reference, out of around 500 weather events recorded between 1950 and 2010, about 40% of local weather extremes were thunderstorms.

Although California as a whole has a high earthquake index of 21.80, the local index is 76.51. This data shows that Sunset Beach residents experience a higher frequency of earthquake activity than not just the majority of areas in the country, but many neighborhoods in California as well.


The Pacific Coast Highway runs straight through the entirety of Sunset Beach, which gives the neighborhood easy access to exploring the Californian coast. As the southwest land border of Huntington Beach, commutes between Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach’s other neighborhoods are a quick affair thanks to the Pacific Coast Highway and Warner Avenue connecting through Sunset Beach.

Golden West College is only a fifteen minute drive away, and nearby elementary, middle, and high schools are only a ten to fifteen minute commute. The community is also fifteen minutes away from California I-405, a major Californian roadway that connects to the other cities that make up the beautiful and nationally-ranked Orange County.

Crime Rate

Crime rates in Sunset Beach fall 23% below the statewide average and track about 16% below the national average.

The local violent crime rate per 100K residents is reportedly 211. This falls under both California’s same rate of 447 and the national rate of 381. Specifically, murder and assault rates track well below statewide averages.

Meanwhile, the property crime rate per 100K residents is 1,963. To compare, California’s rate is 2,380, and the same national rate is 2,200. Sunset Beach’s burglary, theft, and vehicular theft rates also compare favorably to statewide averages.

Reported crime in this part of the state indicates a year-over-year decrease of about 7%.


SCHOOLS IN Sunset Beach

While there are no schools within Sunset Beach’s borders, Huntington Beach is home to a number of reputable educational options for children and teenagers. With only a five to fifteen minute commute from Sunset Beach, students can gain access to a range of qualified teachers, nurturing classrooms, and tailored educations that are found further inland. Huntington Beach City School District serves the neighborhoods of Huntington Beach, and each campus strives to live up to driving shared values including high academic standards, the belief children should learn to their best potential, and that collaboration is key.

As well as public schools, distinguished private schools are also within a five minute commute distance for a range of grade levels. Although a short daily commute is needed, the schools in the surrounding area of Sunset Beach are well worth the drive to ensure that each student receives the education they need to lead a successful life.


Huntington Seacliff Elementary School: is situated at a five minute drive southeast of Sunset Beach. As a part of Huntington Beach City School District, this elementary school’s mission is to support personal and academic development of each child in classrooms so students may succeed outside of their campus. Joseph R. Perry Elementary School: focuses on individuality, responsibility, courage, and diversity. Recently, Joseph R. Perry Elementary School was recognized as a State of California Gold Ribbon School. This public school boasts a reputation for producing critically thinking students that accomplish high academic achievements, in addition to being productive citizens.
Spring View Middle School: is a part of the Ocean View School District, which serves grades from preschool to grade 8. With rigorous curriculum and individual student attention, Spring View Middle School seeks to prepare students for high school and life outside of their campus. Mesa View Middle School: has high expectations for each student. This school uses rigorous and relevant educational experiences to help children become ethical, responsible, productive, and involved citizens. In servicing students grades 6-8, Mesa View Middle School is made up of a diverse and enthusiastic student body.
Huntington Beach High School: was established in 1906, and has since produced driven and passionate citizens with a love of learning. With a community known for being supportive and welcoming, Huntington Beach High School is a great learning environment for students 9-12. Edison High School: is a ten minute drive from Sunset Beach along the Pacific Coast Highway. This educational facility thinks beyond the classroom and seeks to ensure students grow to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and successful individuals. Edison High School is focused on education, preparation, and inspiration.
Grace Lutheran School: lies just to the east of Sunset Beach. With highly creditable instructors, this educational campus services grades preschool through middle school. Grace Lutheran School offers a supportive Christian environment for students to form lasting communities and connections. Saint Bonaventure Catholic School: has specialized in teaming up with parents and primary educators to give students a Catholic Christ-centered environment since 1965. The mission of this Catholic elementary school is to provide students grades 3-8 with a well-rounded education so they will grow academically and spiritually.

Real Estate

Sunset Beach Housing 2020

Sunset Beach largely consists of luxury, economically-sized residential homes. Because of the community’s location right next to the water and the neighborhood’s small square footage, the oceanside views and select real estate have typically been valued between $1-$3.5 million in previous years, though properties could be found up to $4.9 million in the past three years.

As a neighborhood of Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach benefits from the city’s healthy real estate market. For the past five years, the number of property sales consistently moves between 400 and 600 a month, and the median sales price has steadily grown over the last four. More specifically, for the last three years, 4 bedroom properties have averaged at an upwards of $830-$940K, while 2 bedroom properties vary between $450-$540K. Though Sunset Beach is small, its properties are highly sought-after real estate acquisitions.

Sunset Beach Homes for Sale

Sunset Beach mostly consists of residential properties that are free standing and multi bedroom. The majority of residents rent their homes, and homes and condominiums currently on the market consist of 2-3 beds, 2-3 baths, but houses of 4 or more bedrooms and baths can also be found. Condominiums are in small number at Sunset Beach, but may still be available.

Similarly, there are a handful of economically sized, move in ready apartment options ranging from multiple bedrooms to studios located at the north, central, and south areas of Sunset Beach. Because of the community’s location right on the waterfront, the ocean can be seen from virtually any property, which increases value. As a part of Orange County, known nationally for its epic coastline and beautiful weather, residential living in this community is sure to be a sunny affair.


Single Family Homes
Single family homes in Sunset Beach are rare opportunities that typically consist of 2-3 bedrooms and baths. That said, the occasional larger property of 4-5 bedrooms may come on the market. The average home comes with parking available on the curb and one car garage.
Averaging 3 beds and 3 baths, condominiums in Sunset Beach usually consist of around 2,500 square feet. Locations can be found near the harbor and on the waterfront. With modern layouts, facilities, and architecture, these condominiums are typically steps away from a beach.
Sunset Beach apartments can be found in multiple bedroom layouts and studio options. While studio apartments average around 500 square feet with 1 bed and 1 bath, larger layouts consist of 2 beds, 1 bath, and 1,000-1700 square feet.

Things to do

Sunset Beach is a premier destination for local eateries, beautiful bays, and entertaining water activities. Boat rentals are readily available at Huntington Harbour Boat Rentals and Anchors Away Boat Rental for a day spent enjoying the waves with friends and family. Local art events take place regularly at local parks and beach properties. The trendy Glow Hot Yoga Studio offers a range of classes and times for flexible fun. Restaurants of Sunset Beach cater to locals and tourists alike by providing top-quality seafood and American cuisine. Additionally, nearby attractions include the beautiful and easily explorable Green Belt, the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, and other Orange County destinations. Sunset Beach’s residents can often be found enjoying the golden sun and white sands this neighborhood is known for. With a perfect mix of laid back atmospheres, vibrant culture, and entertaining nightlife, Sunset Beach and its surrounding area always offers a new adventure.
Visit the Green Belt
The Green belt is a 14-acre stretch of beautiful land that welcomes visitors and dogs alike. This park stretches from the north of Sunset Beach to the southern edge and is known for idyllic scenery, signature sights, and historical locations.
Visit the Huntington Harbour Bay
Part of Huntington Beach lies just to the east on a scenic island stretch. This bayfront community features amazing locations for families to build sandcastles and swim in shallow water. Kayakers and paddle boarders also frequent these waterways. This area is well-protected by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the Huntington Harbour Patrol, and more.
Spend Time at the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach
The Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach is just north of Sunset Beach. Beautiful marsh wetlands are waiting to be explored, and the World War II National Submarine Memorial -West offers an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of those during wartime. If you’re looking for a peaceful and thoughtful afternoon, consider visiting this nearby location.
Partake in the Sunset Beach Art Festival
Annually held on Mother’s Day weekend, the Sunset Beach Art Festival has been a signature event since 1948. Headed by the local women’s group Las Damas, this festival promotes social activities and education. On average, this event generates $30-$40k in funds for charity.
Birdwatch at the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge
As a part of the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge has been in operation since 1972. This location is a critical habitat and migration pitstop for many birds and endangered species. Some frequent visitors include the California clapper rail, Belding’s Savannah sparrow, and the California least tern.
Experience the Historical Downtown Sunset Beach Walking Tour
This walking trail begins at Warner Avenue parking lot and Pacific Coast Highway right at the tip of the Green Belt. From there, the tour moves north. This site features a historic World War II lookout house, Caslin’s “Original” Castle and illegal liquor storehouse, and more.
Explore Local Food
Sunset Beach is proud of its numerous bars and restaurants. One of the many notable eateries in Sunset Beach includes Captain Jack’s, a restaurant founded by none other than Jack Haley Sr., famous surfer. Local seafood cuisine is especially fresh and ready to delight you and your loved ones.
Relax Boatside on the Water
Huntington Harbour Boat Rentals and Anchors Away Boat Rental are top-reviewed services known for friendly staff, affordable prices, and quality boats. Kayaks, paddle boats, and more are available for day rental. Make memories with friends or family and have some convenient fun in the sun.
Get in Shape at Glow Hot Yoga Studio
This secret local gem is the place to be for innovative yoga instruction and classes for all yoga experience levels. A diverse list of class offerings, encouraging staff, and great facilities make this yoga studio a unique experience for body and mind.
See What’s Going on at the Marina
Pete’s Landing Marina services the residents of Sunset Beach and their boat docking needs. The marina’s managers run a tight ship in keeping their facilities clean, visitor-friendly, and tranquil. Additionally, new restaurants and attractions are popping up in the marina. This location offers a quiet space for walking along the water and enjoying the less-traveled side of Sunset Beach.


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