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ABOUT The Flats

The Flats is a growing residential neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio that is close to Lake Erie’s southern shore and known for being an industrial and entertainment center with a long and rich history.

When the Ohio and Erie Canal was completed in 1927, a trade route was brought to southern Ohio that led to fast-paced progress and widespread city growth. Cleveland attracted many Irish and Slavic immigrants throughout the 19th century, and The Flats provided important opportunities to work in steel mills and other industries.

This area was a major contributor to the city’s economy and was Cleveland’s largest consumer of electricity and water throughout the majority of the 20th century. Change occurred in the late 1970s when post-war recessions and production shifts hit.

The Flats experienced many manufacturers closing. That said, this shift encouraged the shift towards entertainment that The Flats is known for. Today, The Flats is renowned for its restaurants, bars, shoreside housing, and music scene.

Largely because The Flats consists of clubs, restaurants, and venues geared towards young adults, The Flats is a mixed-use area that attracts younger residents and professionals more than families.

Upscale residential properties attract affluent residents, and new housing efforts starting in 2010 have led to many new housing options becoming available to residents, which led to The Flats having an economically diverse population.

Around 30% of residents have some formal college education experience or an associate’s degree, while 10% have a bachelor’s degree. 6% of residents have a master’s degree or above.

The median household income is below the national average and comes in at $27K.


Shoreside neighborhood
Great dining options
Good retail options
Art and entertainment center
Beautiful parks
Rich history
Diverse population
Convenient location

Natural Disasters

The Flats is located right on the Cuyahoga River, close to where the river meets Lake Erie. The neighborhood’s location offers beautiful views of the water, but it also makes it vulnerable to yearly flooding. Floods are the most common type of natural disaster to hit the area, and they can do plenty of damage to property.

Other than floods, the neighborhood can sometimes get tornadoes, which rarely do damage. Blizzards are another common event, and they can be expected once every winter. Residents are advised to prepare for heavy snowfall in the winter months.


Cleveland residents have an average one-way commute time of 24.1 minutes, which is just under the national average of 26.4 minutes.

As a Cleveland neighborhood, The Flats enjoys being at the center of many well-connected and frequented roadways. For example, Interstate 90 curves east and south of the neighborhood, and Interstate 77 snakes north of The Flats. Detroit Avenue runs through The Flats, and Cleveland Memorial Shoreway is also easily accessed from The Flats.

It’s a 15 minute drive from The Flats to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and it takes less than 10 minutes to reach Downtown Cleveland by car.

Crime Rate

The Flats has a much higher rate of crime than the average in Ohio, but it has a similar amount to the rest of Cleveland. While the US violent crime average is 22.7 and Ohio’s is 18.4, The Flats’ rating is 84.9. This is on par with the Cleveland average.

Furthermore, the US average rating for property crime is 35.4 and Ohio’s rating is 36.1, but The Flats receives a rating of 85.8. However, Cleveland’s overall violent crime rating is 83 and its overall property crime rating is 84.



As a Cleveland neighborhood, The Flats is served by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, a school system that is overseen by Cleveland’s mayor, who in turn appoints the district’s school board in order to best serve Cleveland’s student population.

While The Flats itself isn’t home to any public or private school campuses, the neighborhood and its surrounding areas are included in the service area of the 2nd largest K-12 district in the state, where student-teacher ratios average at 14 to 1 and the student populations of both public and public charter schools tend to be considerably ethnically and economically diverse.

Specifically, the district is among the top 100 of Ohio school districts in terms of diversity. Likewise, local campuses also feature varied student populations and low student-teacher ratios.

Save for 3 public campuses located north of The Flats, public schools and private campuses are located south of the Cuyahoga River and within short commuting distance of the neighborhood.


Clark Elementary School: Clark Elementary School is one of the top public elementary campuses in Cleveland and is within convenient driving distance of The Flats. This pre-kindergarten through 8th grade campus is less than 10 minutes southwest of the neighborhood, has about 620 students, and upholds high proficiency rates in math and reading according to state test scores. Campus International School: Campus International School is about 10 minutes northeast of The Flats by car. This public magnet school serves about 615 students from K through 8th grade and features a low student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. This campus has a diverse student population and impressively rated teachers. McKinley Elementary School: Known for its impressive teachers and incredibly diverse student population, McKinley Elementary School has about 200 students enrolled throughout pre-kindergarten and 9th grade. This campus has a 10 to 1 student-teacher ratio, features a gifted and talented program, and has a 42% student proficiency rate in both math and reading according to state test scores.
Near West Intergenerational School: ranks Near West Intergenerational School as the #5 among the best charter middle schools across the state. This K through 8 campus has a diverse population of 220 students and well-rated teachers with an 11 to 1 student-teacher ratio. State test scores show this campus has a 62% student proficiency rate in reading and a 72% proficiency rate in math. Orchard STEM School: Orchard STEM School is a public pre-kindergarten through 9th grade campus with about 500 students and a 17 to 1 student-teacher ratio. This campus focuses on providing students with opportunities for engineering, design, and innovation with problem-based subject areas. This campus offers support for English language learners and features special education programs.
Cleveland School of Science and Medicine: Cleveland School of Science and Medicine is a 15 minute drive east of The Flats, but well-worth the commute. This high school is the 2nd best magnet high school in the Cleveland area and comes highly recommended. Around 420 students attend this acclaimed 9 through 12 campus, and the school has an average graduation rate of 95%. Garrett Morgan School of Science: Garrett Morgan School of Science is just 7 minutes away from The Flats. This public 9 through 12 campus has around 240 students and an impressively low student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1. This campus earns high marks in terms of teacher qualifications, health and safety records, student diversity, and clubs and activities. MC2 STEM High School: MC2 Stem High School is less than 10 minutes north of The Flats. This school has an 18 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Of about 430 enrolled students, 21% qualify for free or reduced lunches. 77.6% are African American, 9.7% are White, and 7.3% are Hispanic, while the remaining 5.4% are of other ethnic backgrounds.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School: Located around 8 minutes southwest of The Flats is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, which was founded on February 13, 1949. This private Catholic campus is dedicated to creating learning environments where students can grow as scholars and become rooted in the Catholic faith. Students can enroll in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th. Metro Catholic School: Metro Catholic School is less than 10 minutes southwest of The Flats by car. This Catholic pre-kindergarten through 8th grade campus has a 13 to 1 student-teacher ratio and about 575 enrolled students. 32.2% of students are Hispanic, 27% are White, 24% are African American, and 14.5% are Multiracial while 2.3% are Asian.

Real Estate

The Flats Housing 2020

The median list price of properties in The Flats is estimated to be $235K, and the median list price per square foot is estimated to be around $221. In The Flats, homes tend to sell quickly by Ohio standards, though properties in the neighborhood typically sell 4.9% below list price. Ongoing trends indicate that The Flats can be considered a balanced market, so sellers and buyers are on even ground in terms of real estate.

Compared with U.S. housing market trends, the median sales price in The Flats is well under the national median. However, The Flats can be considered relatively high-end by Cleveland standards, largely because of recent multi-million dollar investments made by the city to improve The Flats.

Looking at Cleveland as a whole, appreciation rates fell under national averages between December 2009 and December 2019, which indicates that appreciation rates in The Flats similarly were under 70% of average appreciation rates during this time period.

The Flats Homes for Sale

Because The Flats is largely considered an up-and-coming neighborhood, residential options can be hard to come by compared with other neighborhoods, and properties vary in terms of price points and age.

While single family homes and condominiums can be found in select parts of the neighborhood, the majority of properties in The Flats appear to be rentals. Apartments and condos generally feature industrial appearances, and properties typically consist of 1-2 bedrooms, largely because The Flats mainly attracts single-person households and young professionals.

To give an idea of how rent in the neighborhood stacks up against Cleveland standards, the average monthly rent in Cleveland is about $1,100, and the average rent in The Flats is estimated to be around $1,000. However, areas closer to Downtown Cleveland have an average of about $1,470. Recent trends indicate that the average rent in the city and this particular neighborhood shows little year-over-year change.


Single Family Homes
Detached family homes can be seen as uncommon in The Flats and may be hard to come by. As previously mentioned, more expensive properties are situated closer to Downtown Cleveland, which is north of The Flats. 1 bedroom homes are generally listed around 187K-$200K in The Flats, and 2 bedroom homes can stretch to around $270K and up.
New Construction
Recent efforts to improve The Flats has led to many recently constructed properties that broke ground in 2006 and later years. These 1-2 bedroom properties typically feature modern and contemporary architecture and can be rented from anywhere between $450 per month to $1,200 per month.
1 bedroom apartments can be expected to run for around $1,050 per month, though 1 bedroom layouts may also stretch over $1,400. Likewise, 2 bedroom properties can be found for $1,600 per month and vary above $2,000. 3 bedroom layouts are rare and may be priced at or over $3,150 per month.
High Rise
High Rise properties in The Flats typically feature custom floor plans and high-end furnishings. 2 story layouts with large glass windows can be found with stunning views for around $1,000 per month. With that said, other high rises with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths can be located for around $500 per month, which is a steal.
The majority of condos in The Flats have 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom layouts, though 3 bedroom properties can still be found. A 1 bedroom condo built in the early 20th century may be priced around low points of $150K, while modern condos can be priced around $430K and up or be rented for around $2,850 per month.

Things to do

As a neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, The Flats is surrounded by famous venues and likewise includes signature destinations that attract visitors from all over. Acclaimed and award-winning restaurants are found throughout The Flats, and fresh seafood is hardly in short supply. Other venues serve fusion dishes, Italian cuisine, American favorites, and more food that make bellies rumble and customers leave full and satisfied. Likewise, venues known for musical entertainment and incredible live performances are popular in The Flats and are highly-rated among locals. The neighborhood’s rich music scene has deep roots, and its multiple venues live up to the hype. Establishments specializing in late night escapades are also in large number in this part of Cleveland, so bars, taverns, lounges, dance clubs, and more are within short distance. With multiple riverbanks, various walking trails, scenic outdoor areas, historic locations, upscale venues, and can’t-miss destinations, there are many things to do and places to explore in The Flats.
Check out the local music scene
Music Box Supper Club is a concert hall for Americana performances and features riverside views. Meanwhile, The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar is known for having lively performances, extremely talented musicians, happy hour drinks, and a high-energy atmosphere. Other well-rated music spots around The Flats include Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica and Odeon Concert Club.
Spend the day browsing boutiques
The Flats is located right next to Downtown Cleveland and is close to stellar boutiques with unique clothing selections. Intro Boutique, Krush, Wild Cactus Boutique, We Bleed Ohio, Geiger’s Downtown Cleveland, and Gems Boutique are only a few highly-rated independent stores in the immediate area with varied selections and distinct styles.
Enjoy nature at local parks
Dog owners and their furry friends alike have fast access to Downtown Cleveland Dog Park, a fenced waterside location with beautiful views. Then there’s Rivergate Park, a popular scenic destination next to Merwin’s Wharf. Towpath Trail at Scranton Flats also has incredible views, as does Scranton Flats itself.
Enjoy the water with Great Lakes Watersports
This local establishment has 19 single Kayaks and 12 double Kayaks which can be rented for urban paddling. Also, there are 4 power boats that can be rented for enjoyment which can hold anywhere from 10 to 15 passengers. Open from 11AM to 5PM, Great Lakes Watersports is one memorable way to experience Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie.
Visit Shooters On The Water
Shooters On The Water is much more than a waterfront cafe. This establishment serves over 1 million guests annually. Beyond serving fresh seafood, Shooters also has an upper deck with lakeside views, a luxurious private dining room, a stage patio, and multiple dance floors and bars. It’s no wonder that Shooters On The Water is a popular local hotspot.
Ride The Nautica Queen
When you want to enjoy Lake Erie, experience on-board entertainment, and cruise around Cleveland’s lakefront, check out The Nautica Queen. This luxury cruise and dining ship runs from April through New Year’s Eve and features elaborate buffet dining options alongside lunch and dinner cruises. When it comes to touring the area in style, this ship is hard to beat.
Check out the Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Located in a renovated 19th century power plant, The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is more than a destination for school field trips. Aquarium visitors can watch sharks being fed by staff, view glowing jellyfish, and enjoy around 5,000 different species of saltwater and freshwater aquatic exhibits. Plus, adults-only drinking events known as Adult Swim occur after regular operating hours.``
Have a laugh at Improv Comedy Club & Restaurant
Improv Comedy Theater & Restaurant features local comics and recognizable names and acts touring the country, so there’s routinely an entertaining performance set to take stage. Food and drinks can be ordered before the show starts and enjoyed throughout performances. Overall, Improv Comedy Theater & Restaurant has a great atmosphere and is highly-rated among locals and visitors alike.
Take a historic tour with Lolly the Trolly
Trolley tours are an essential way to experience Cleveland’s rich history and vibrant present attractions and venues. This friendly tour and transportation service welcomes sightseers to explore The Flats and other surrounding Cleveland neighborhoods and showcases more than 100 points of interest no matter the weather or time of year.
Dine out at local restaurants
Alley Cat is an award-winning seafood and oysters venue, and Lago is a classy eatery with an Italian menu and a contemporary atmosphere visitors enjoy. Then there’s Beerhead, where over 100 beers can be paired with their unique pizzas. Other local favorites include Backyard Bocce, Coastal Taco, and Dante’s Inferno.


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