The Flats East Bank Cleveland Ohio Neighborhood Guide

The Flats East Bank Neighborhood Guide

Researching The Flats East Bank neighborhood in Cleveland Ohio? Here is a complete guide with the most up to date information about The Flats East Bank neighborhood!

The Flats East Bank Neighborhood Limits


Overview: East Bank of The Flats is a lively neighborhood located in central Cleveland, just west of downtown. It is surrounded on three sides by the water, with the stunning Lake Erie to the north and the Cuyahoga River to the west and south. Most of the housing in the neighborhood is made up of luxury apartments in contemporary buildings. There are also high-value condos available, which can cost well over one million dollars.

The population of East Bank of The Flats is primarily made up of young working professionals in their late 20’s and 30’s. Its central location as well as its close proximity to some of the city’s best bars, restaurants and entertainment venues make it a popular choice for the younger residents of Cleveland. In addition to having a vibrant night scene, the neighborhood is also close to many of Cleveland’s parks and green spaces. Wendy Park on the shores of Lake Erie is particularly popular with locals.

Neighborhood Highlights

  • Hip cafes and eateries
  • Amazing shopping
  • Close to downtown
  • Excellent entertainment
  • Music and nightlife
  • Lakeside parks
  • Great local schools
  • Easy commutes

Location: East Bank of The Flats is in central Cleveland, just west of the city’s bustling downtown area. The trendy neighborhood is bordered by the beautiful Lake Erie to the north, North Coast Harbor and Downtown Cleveland to the east, The Flats and Irishtown Bend to the south and Whiskey Island to the west. The neighborhood is roughly bordered by Front Avenue, West 9th Street, West St. Clair Avenue and Old River Road. The neighborhood is surrounded by Cleveland’s natural beauty as well as its most exciting entertainment venues. The Cleveland Memorial Shoreway also runs through the neighborhood, offering residents fast and easy commutes.

Commutes: East Bank of The Flats is in central Cleveland, close to the city’s downtown and within 10 minutes or less of its many top attractions. Residents can easily walk to local attractions or hop on the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway to explore the rest of the city. Residents who commute for work can be downtown in just over five minutes, and the Burke Lakefront Airport is less than a 10 minute drive from the neighborhood. Those who travel further afield for work can also hop on the nearby I-90 and arrive at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in about 15 minutes.

Culture: East Bank of The Flats is a younger neighborhood made up primarily of single working professionals. Most residents work in Cleveland’s downtown district, making the central neighborhood a convenient place to live. The average age is about 30 and the population is about 80% males and 20% females. Residents earn about $47,000 a year on average and less than 4% of the population lives below the poverty line. The neighborhood is surrounded by restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, and many of the local residents enjoy eating out, shopping and going to concerts. There are also plenty of local parks to enjoy, including the popular lakeside Wendy Park.


Overview: Although there are no schools within the neighborhood, there are many top-rated schools within driving distance. The local public schools belong to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and offer both challenging curricula and enriching extracurricular programs. Many of the public schools in Cleveland don’t have separate elementary and middle schools. Instead, individual schools typically serve students from pre-kindergarten or kindergarten until eighth grade.

Students can prepare to become global citizens at the prestigious Campus International, receive a STEM-based education at Orchard or opt for a more traditional education at Waverly. There are also a variety of private schools that parents can choose from. Metro Catholic School has programs from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade while the nearby Saint Martin de Porres gives high schoolers a faith-based program to prepare them for their future careers or higher educational pursuits. No matter what Cleveland school students attend, they’re guaranteed to receive a quality education from a team of passionate teaching professionals.

Elementary Schools

Campus International

Campus International is a 10-minute drive east of the neighborhood. It’s located on the Cleveland State University campus and it offers students from kindergarten through eighth grade a different learning experience. The school’s curriculum focuses on preparing students to become responsible global citizens. They offer two International Baccalaureate programs, and students can even begin Mandarin instruction as early as kindergarten.

Paul L. Dunbar

This school is about six minutes south of the neighborhood and serves students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Every part of the school’s curriculum is infused with art, whether it’s visual art, performance art or music. The school uses thematic units of instruction to provide an engaging academic program that helps develop critical thinking and creativity in students.

Middle Schools

Orchard STE

One of the closest middle school options is Orchard STEM. Located in the neighborhood of Ohio City, this school specializes in STEM education. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade work through a curriculum covering a number of topics related to science, technology, engineering and math. The academic program is intense, but the excellent teaching staff keep it fun and engaging.


Students can attend Waverly School in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood from pre-kindergarten until eighth grade. The school offers a more traditional educational experience with a variety of classes and extracurricular programs. The curriculum includes math, science, history, English and Spanish. The school strives to create students who will become leaders and lifelong learners.

High Schools


This high school is located in Cleveland’s Downtown and focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. Students work through a rigorous program that includes plenty of hands-on projects and interdisciplinary courses. The school also partners with businesses in the local community so that students can gain experience outside of the classroom setting.

Garrett Morgan High Schoo

Garrett Morgan is less than 10 minutes west of East Bank of The Flats in the historic Ohio City neighborhood. The school is well-known for emphasizing healthy living and it encourages students to be happy, healthy and well-prepared for the future. In addition to its challenging academic program, the school also has a number of sports teams and extracurricular activities.

Private Schools

Metro Catholic Schoo

Metro Catholic is a faith-based school offering programs from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is 10 minutes west of the East Bank in Detroit-Shoreway. Students work through the school’s intense curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment. The school also has an Honor Society, a number of sports teams, chess club, garden club and more.

Saint Martin de Porres High School

Located 10 minutes east in Cleveland’s St. Clair-Superior neighborhood, the school is an excellent private option for high schoolers. The school offers a college preparatory program for students from every economic background. The school also has a Corporate Work Study Program where students gain work experience with a local business one day per week.


Overview: Housing options in East Bank of The Flats are primarily apartments and condos. As of Spring 2020, the average property in the neighborhood costs about $132,000, compared to about $95,000 in the rest of Cleveland. There are four main apartment complexes located within the neighborhood. The Flats at East Bank is the most popular apartment complex and it has one to three-bedroom luxury apartments available. Apartments in The Flat range in price from about $1,400 to over $3,500 depending on the style and size of the apartment.

Other apartment complexes in the area include Archer Apartment Homes, Bingham Apartment Homes and Bridgeview Apartments. All of these buildings are located in the southern part of the neighborhood. These buildings offer a range of luxury and loft-style apartments. Archer and Bingham are more modern buildings while Bridgeview is a historic Cleveland warehouse.

Housing options

Single Family Homes

There are no single family homes within the neighborhood itself. Most single family homes are located to the west and south of East Bank. There are many single family homes in Tremont and Ohio City that can cost anywhere from $130,000 to over $1.2 million.

New Construction

Most housing options are located in new construction apartment complexes. The newest buildings are high-value condos that have been built as recently as 2018. These are typically two-bedroom condos and can cost more than one million dollars. East Bank is a thriving neighborhood and new properties are still being developed as of 2020.

High Rises

All of the apartment complexes are considered high rises and each building has nine or more floors. The Flats at East Bank, Archer Apartment Homes, Bingham Apartment Homes and Bridgeview Apartments are all high rises located within the neighborhood. The condos on Lakeside Avenue are also excellent high rise options for those who enjoy contemporary open-space homes.


The majority of housing options within East Bank of The Flats are apartments. The main apartment complexes are The Flats at East Bank, Archer Apartment Homes, Bingham Apartment Homes and Bridgeview Apartments. Each complex offers luxury apartments in a variety of sizes and layouts. They also offer a number of amenities such as fitness centers, pools, rooftop decks and more.


There are a number of high-value condos available for rent and purchase within the neighborhood. Condos in the neighborhood are new builds and feature light, modern designs and spacious interiors. Condos on Lakeside Avenue cost about $1.6 million for a two-bedroom two-bathroom property.

Homes for Sale

If you’re interested in buying a home in this neighborhood, we invite you to search homes for sale on our website. You are also welcome to check out the following resources listed below. If you would rather speak directly to a professional and licensed Realtor, feel free to contact Morales Team.

List of The Flats East Bank Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of The Flats East Bank Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: Real estate in East Bank of The Flats is more expensive than in many Cleveland neighborhoods. The average property is about $132,000 compared to the Cleveland average of $95,000. However, luxury two-bedroom apartments and condos in the neighborhood can cost over one million dollars. New properties are still being built and developed as the neighborhood continues to be a desirable location to live.

The neighborhood is especially popular with young professionals due to its lively environment and central location. The real estate options within the neighborhood are apartments and condos that cost anywhere from $1,400 to over $3,500 to rent, depending on the size and location. Single-family homes are available to the south and west of the neighborhood in Tremont and Ohio City. As of Spring 2020, single-family homes within the East Bank zip code cost about $250,000 or $183 per square foot.

Things to Do

Overview: East Bank of The Flats is famous for its lively scene that has something for everyone. Within the neighborhood, you can find a huge selection of bars, music venues and restaurants to enjoy. Just beyond the borders of East Bank, there are countless entertainment venues, parks and more. Take your time sampling the many restaurants and bistros that the neighborhood has to offer.

From seafood at the Alley Cat Oyster Bar to Italian at Lago East Bank and a great happy hour at Margaritaville, you’ll never run out of options. In the evenings, you can grab a drink with friends or catch a show at one of the many local venues. There’s plenty of entertainment within the neighborhood, and Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica and Music Box Supper Club are just across the river. When you want to spend some time outdoors, head to a park or soak up some sun on the shores of Lake Erie.

Retail & Entertainment

Sample the Top Restaurants

The restaurants of East Bank are famous throughout Cleveland. You can find every type of cuisine and enjoy both fine and casual dining experiences. Sample the Lebanese grill one week and enjoy a romantic Italian the next. If you just want a snack after work, there are also plenty of happy hour menus on offer.

Go Bar Hopping with Friends

The neighborhood is popular with young professionals, and looking at the bar scene it’s easy to see why. It’s not easy to settle for one bar when there are so many to choose from. Meet some friends over the weekend and go from bar to bar sampling the wine, craft beers and small plates.

Visit the Shops in Downtown Cleveland

East Bank of The Flats is full of restaurants, bars and cafes, but the nearby downtown has plenty of shops and boutiques to enjoy. Drive five minutes to Downtown Cleveland and spend the day shopping with friends. There are plenty of unique stores selling clothing, beauty products and interior design items.

Watch a Football Game at FirstEnergy Stadium

Cleveland is home to NFL’s Cleveland Browns, and the nearby FirstEnergy Stadium is their home turf. Catch a big game anytime or buy season tickets. The stadium is less than a 10-minute drive from the neighborhood, so watching at least one game a year is a must.

Catch a Show

Besides the excellent bar and restaurant scene, the neighborhood also has some of the best entertainment venues in the city! The Big Bang is a music venue featuring local and international talent. Just across the river, you can find more music and improv comedy at the Music Box Supper Club and Jacob’s Pavilion at Nautica.

Explore the Local Parks

East Bank is close to many of Cleveland’s stunning parks. Settler’s Landing Park and Heritage Park are just five minutes away. Enjoy some beautiful river views, go for a walk or bike ride and get some fresh air with friends or family.

Catch Some Sun

East Bank of The Flats is right on the shore of Lake Erie. Residents head to the lakeside Wendy Park to go kayaking, lounge in the sun and picnic on the beach. You can also rent boats and play on the many volleyball courts.

Spend the Day at the Aquarium

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is less than a 10-minute drive from the neighborhood, just over the Cuyahoga River. The aquarium has hundreds of displays with aquatic life from the Great Lakes and the rest of the world. The aquarium also hosts many events, like Adult Swim, when adults can visit the aquarium after hours and enjoy wine and beer tastings.

Nearby Neighborhoods

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Local Pros

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