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Westlake City Limits


History: Westlake is a small city in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. First settled in 1810, the city was originally part of Ohio’s Dover Township. Westlake was settled on the Connecticut Western Reserve when two families traveled to the land by oxcart.

One of the first men to arrive was a Leverett Johnson, who cleared the land that would later become Westlake and became the city’s first pioneer. More settlers arrived in 1811, and the area grew into a small settlement full of cattle, horses, sawmills, orchards and even a blast furnace.

Westlake was initially a much larger city, but parts of it were seceded through the years. In 1901, the northern parts of the city became Bay Village and in 1912, the southern part became a portion of North Olmsted. The residents of the city named the remaining areas Dover Village, and it was known as that until 1940, when it was renamed Westlake.

Top City Highlights

  • Galleries and art centers
  • Excellent restaurants and cafés
  • Fabulous shopping
  • High ranking schools
  • Stunning parks
  • Playgrounds and recreation centers
  • Historic centers and landmarks
  • Country clubs and golf courses

Location: Westlake is in western Cuyahoga Township in northern Ohio. The charming city sits right next to Lake Erie, just south of Bay Village.

Apart from Bay Village, the surrounding towns include Fairview Park, Rocky River, North Olmsted, North Ridgeville and Avon Lake. Westlake is one hour north of Akron and a mere 30 minutes west of Cleveland, making it a convenient place to live and commute from.

With the Rocky River Reservation just a short 15-minute drive away from the city, residents of Westlake can enjoy beautiful hikes, bird watching and fishing.

Commutes: With Akron a one-hour drive from Westlake and Cleveland a short 30 minutes away, commuting from Westlake for work or leisure is easy and convenient.

The city is surrounded by popular travel routes, with the Northwest Freeway running through the northern section and Route 20 farther south. There are also plenty of roads that take you north to the popular Route 6, including Dover Center Road, Crocker Road, Canterbury Road and Clague Road.

For those who travel further afield for work, the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is conveniently located just 20 minutes from central Westlake.

Culture: Westlake residents are mostly working professionals and families, with an average age of 47. The average household income in Westlake is about $83,000, a much higher figure than the Ohio average of $52,000.

The average value of a house in Westlake is substantially higher than that in the rest of Ohio, and residents of Westlake tend to work in roles related to sales and management or as top executives.

The majority of Westlake residents have a high school diploma and a little over 50% hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Local Government

City Council

The Westlake City Council meets every month on the first and third Thursdays at 8 p.m. Residents are welcome to attend these meetings to discuss concerns and possible legislation. Residents can also access City Council meetings dating back to 1910 on the website or by contacting the office via email.

Address: 27700 Hilliard Blvd, Westlake, OH 44145
Phone: 440-871-3300

Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Residents and visitors are welcome to schedule a meeting with the mayor to discuss any issues, questions or concerns. They can also email the office or read through the mayor’s monthly newsletter.

Address: 27700 Hilliard Boulevard, Westlake, OH 44145
Phone: 40-871-3300

Chamber of Commerce

a) The closest Chamber of Commerce is the West Shore office located in Olmsted Township. The West Shore Chamber of Commerce serves businesses in Olmsted Township, Cuyahoga County and the surrounding areas. Local businesses are invited to join the chamber to work towards a sustainable and vibrant future of commerce.

Address: 30119 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070
Phone: 440-835-8787


Overview: estlake falls under the prestigious Westlake City School District. The city is home to highly rated public and private schools that serve children from pre-kindergarten all the way up to high school.

With three Montessori schools, religious k-12 schools and plenty of private and public options, residents are able to choose from a variety of teaching methods and affiliations. More and more families are moving to Westlake so that their children can receive a quality education in a safe yet stimulating environment.

Westlake might be a small city, but it’s full of top-rated elementary schools like Dover and Hilliard. There are also inspiring high schools where students can discover performing arts, sports, science and more.

Apart from the public schools, families can choose from the numerous Montessori schools, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Westside Christian Academy and Primrose School of Westlake, to name a few. No matter where families choose to live in Westlake, high-quality schools are never far away.

Elementary Schools– Public elementary schools in Westlake include Westlake, Bassett, Dover, Hillard and Holly Lane. These schools serve children from kindergarten through 4th grade and help foster a lifelong love of learning by introducing students to a range of subjects and extracurricular activities. Private elementary schools in Westlake are also available and are mainly affiliated with a religion.

Middle Schools– After elementary school, Westlake children attend Dover Intermediate School for fifth and sixth grade followed by Lee Burneson Middle School for seventh and eighth. Apart from their excellent academic programs, these schools also allow students to discover new passions and talents by providing them with a range of after-school clubs and activities.

High Schools– Aside from the private schools, the only high school is Westlake High School. Westlake has been continuously ranked as one of the top 10 schools in Northeast Ohio. It offers honors and advanced placement courses as well as international baccalaureate and college credit plus programs. Students can also get involved in its award winning technology and engineering departments.

Private Schools– Private school options start with preschool. The Montessori schools and the Primrose School of Westlake offer alternative learning programs for children aged two to six. For older children, families can choose from Westside Christian Academy, Magnificat High School, Lutheran West High School and Al Ihsan School, to name a few.


Overview: With its population just over 32,400, Westlake has about 14,800 houses. Housing options in Westlake include detached single family homes, townhouses and apartments. About 26% of residents rent their homes, and the average rent as of September 2019 was $1,940 a month.

From September 2014 until September 2019, houses have appreciated by 25.4% and house prices continue to rise monthly. Most homes were built in the 1980s, however, there are older homes as well as new builds available to rent or purchase.

The majority of Westlake residents own their homes, and a little under 25% of all property is rented out. Westlake properties come in a variety of styles and designs.

There’s everything from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom high-value family homes. There are apartment complexes throughout Westlake, and the city’s main neighborhoods are Bretton Woods, Canterbury Manor, Crocker Park, Lands End and Laurel Woods.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes– Single family homes in Westlake are higher value homes with large lots and private yards. Homes typically have three to five bedrooms with two to four bathrooms. These homes come in a variety of styles and typically range from about $130,000 up to $500,000.

New Construction-New constructions in Westlake are high-value, larger single family homes. These homes typically have three to five bedrooms and range in price from about $400,000 to over $1,300,000. New constructions in Westlake were built as recently as 2018 with new homes currently being built in 2019.

High Rise– As of 2019, there is one high rise building in Westlake that houses luxury condominiums. Westlake Condominiums has 120 units that cost an average of $165 per square foot. The high rise includes a variety of amenities, including a pool, a fitness center and laundry facilities. Residents of Westlake Condominiums enjoy amazing views of the city and of Lake Erie.

Apartments– There are apartment complexes throughout Westlake. The largest facilities are Westown Gardens, Brendan Court Apartments, Winfield Commons Apartments and Crocker Park Living. Apartments typically have one to three bedrooms and can cost anywhere from $750 a month up to $3,600, with the average rent being $1,940.

Golf Course– Homes near Westlake’s Lakewood Country Club are high-value single family homes. These homes have between three to five bedrooms and two to four bathrooms. Although they come in a variety of styles and designs, homes near the Lakewood golf course range in price from about $400,000 to about $900,000.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Westlake Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Westlake Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: The average cost of a home in Westlake, Ohio, is $270,500 as of September 2019. Real estate in the city is increasing in value steadily, and homes appreciated by 22.3% from 2009 to 2019 and by 25.4% from 2014 to 2019. On average, real estate in Westlake is 32 years old, however, there are new constructions available and new homes are still being built as of 2019.

The median rental price for property in the city is $1,940, which is slightly higher in comparison to the rest of Ohio. About 25% of real estate in Westlake is rental property. Westlake continues to be a desirable city to live in, and both house and rental prices are predicted to continue to rise.

Home sales are pending within about 40 days of listing and they typically sell for 3% below their listed price.

Things to Do

Overview: Westlake is a bustling city with plenty of restaurants, shops and cafes to enjoy. The local Crocker Park is full of shops and eateries, making it the perfect place to get some retail therapy or to just relax and people watch.

There’s also an IMAX movie theater in the shopping center showing all the new release films. For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors, the Bunns Lake Wildlife Area and the Bradley Woods Reservation are located in the southwestern part of the city.

Westlake is also just a short 10-minute drive from Lake Erie and the picturesque Huntington Beach. Local sports enthusiasts have their pick of country clubs, with Lakewood, Westwood, Meadowood and Hilliard

Lakes all located in Westlake or within a five-minute drive. The city’s main country club is Lakewood, and it offers members an 18-hole course and practice greens as well as a swimming pool complex, four tennis courts and a fitness center.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation– There are plenty of lush parks and nature reserves for Westlake families to enjoy. Bunns Lake Wildlife Area and Bradley Woods Reservation are located in southwest Westlake and have plenty of walking trails and lookout points. Residents can also head to Lakewood Country Club or Meadowood Golf Course for golfing and swimming or to play a game of tennis.

Shopping– Crocker Park is the go-to shopping center in Westlake. The complex is full of high-end stores and boutiques where you can find anything from clothes to books to sporting goods. Crocker Park also has grocery stores, fitness centers, restaurants and an IMAX movie theater.

Art & Culture– Westlake has a vibrant art scene with many prominent galleries and studios open to visitors. There’s also an active Arts Council that promotes local art and organizes workshops and classes. Apart from the visual arts, there is the Westlake City School Performing Art Center where residents can catch dance performances, concerts, plays and musicals.

Night Life– The night life in Westlake is mainly made up of bars and restaurants. Residents can enjoy casual American sports bars, British style pubs and Spanish wine bars. For a more laid back experience, there’s a Dave & Buster’s, which features classic American food and fun arcade games.

Restaurants– There are plenty of restaurant options in Westlake that will satisfy every taste and budget. Crocker Park is home to everything from cafés to casual lunch spots to fine dining. Visitors can enjoy sushi, steak, Lebanese-American eats, Mexican food and more.


Overview: The main neighborhoods in Westlake are Bretton Woods, Canterbury Manor, Crocker Park, Lands End and Laurel Woods.

Starting in northwest Westlake, Crocker Park is home to about 2,300 people. The average rent is about $1,000 and the average income is slightly higher than that of Westlake.

Lands End is a much smaller neighborhood in western Westlake with a population of nearly 100 and an average rent of about $1,200.
Bretton Woods is located in the southwestern part of the city. There are about 1,100 residents and the average rent is a little over $1,200.

Laurel Woods in eastern Westlake is the city’s largest neighborhood. Home to over 3,800 people, the neighborhood is also the cheapest with an average rent of $676.

Lands End and Crocker Park are the most desirable neighborhoods in Westlake due to their higher end housing options and their proximity to shops, restaurants and recreation centers.

List of Westlake Neighborhoods

Local Pros

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