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Cinco Ranch City Limits


History: Cinco Ranch is a master-planned community located southeast of the city of Katy in Texas. Home to more than 18,000 people, the neighborhood lets residents enjoy the comforts of resort-style living and the benefits of a peaceful, welcoming community. Cinco Ranch has a good mix of old, traditional and patio homes and modern, contemporary large estates with Spanish and Mediterranean architectural influences.

These homes are located in tree-lined streets and enjoy convenient access to luxurious amenities that include green spaces, water parks, beach clubs, fitness centers, tennis courts, playgrounds, and popular golf courses. The small town is also sought-after because of its proximity to high-performing National Blue Ribbon schools under the Katy Independent School District. Cinco Ranch is also located near major roads and highways, making it easier for residents to head to diverse retail, shopping, and entertainment districts.

Top City Highlights

  • Popular golf courses
  • Upscale dining options
  • Great shopping
  • Top-ranked schools
  • Beautiful parks
  • Luxurious community amenities
  • Exciting nightlife
  • Good safety record

Location: Cinco Ranch is located south of Interstate 10 just off the Grand Parkway and west of downtown Houston. It covers more than 7,500 acres of land. To the north, Cinco Ranch is bordered by Highland Knolls Drive. The Golf Club at Cinco Ranch is located in the northwest. To the west, the town is bordered by Trotwood Lane and parts of the Grand Parkway. The Cinco Ranch High School and Cinco Ranch Water Park are also located in the west. To the east, the neighborhood is bordered by the South Mason Road. The Willow Fork Country Club is also located in the east. To the south, the town is bordered by the Little Prong Creek.

Commutes: The average one-way commute in Cinco Ranch takes about 32.4 minutes. This is longer than the U.S. average commute time of 26 minutes. About 91.1% of the town’s employees drive their own cars to get to their offices. About 6.1% carpool and 1.8% walk to their work stations. The majority of households in the area have two cars. Cinco Ranch is located near major roads that include the Interstate 10, Westpark Tollway, and Grand Parkway. Driving from Cinco Ranch to downtown Houston takes about 33 minutes

Culture: More than 8,000 people make up Cinco Ranch’s workforce and they work to sustain the neighborhood’s thriving business climate. Nearly 96% of employees in the area work white-collar jobs. About 76% of residents work in private companies and about 7% work in government. The most common types of jobs held by residents in the area include management occupations, top executive positions, engineering, and service occupations. Cinco Ranch has a high population of young families with children and a median age of 40. About 49% of the adults in the area have a bachelor’s, college, or associate’s degree. White residents make up about 58.5% of the town’s total population. This is followed by Hispanic residents accounting for 17.8%, and Asian residents accounting for 16.9%.

Local Government

City Council

Cinco Ranch is served by the Houston City Council since the small town is within the jurisdiction of Houston. Together with the mayor, the 16-member council is in charge of enforcing resolutions and ordinances. The council also allocates the budget for local government services. The council members are elected every four years to serve two terms of four years each.

Address: 900 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002, United States
Phone: (713) 837-0311

Mayor’s Office

As the town’s chief representative, the mayor is in charge of ensuring the quality and smooth delivery of government services to residents. The mayor leads city council meetings and organizes activities to keep the residents engaged in government projects. The mayor also signs all local government documents.

Address: P.O. Box 1562 Houston, TX 77251
Phone: (713) 837-0311

Chamber of Commerce

Cinco Ranch is served by the Houston Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. The chamber ensures a healthy business climate for its members and helps them grow their personal and professional networks. The chamber also holds events that connect small businesses to the local government and various civic organizations.

Address: 5100 Westheimer Rd, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 666-1521


Overview: Public schools serving Cinco Ranch are under the jurisdiction of the Katy Independent School District. The district manages 67 schools catering to more than 77,500 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The average student-teacher ratio is 15:1. In 2018, the school district got the top accountability grade of A from the Texas Education Agency. KISD is well-known for having a number of National Blue Ribbon Schools.

Overall state test scores show that about 90% of the district’s students are proficient in math, and about 87% are proficient in reading. KISD also has a diverse student population, with Hispanic students accounting for 63% of the total student body. Schools under the KISD focus on a rigorous academic curriculum that helps students develop their communication, critical thinking, and STEM skills. Students also get opportunities to pursue their skills through sports teams and extracurricular activities.

Elementary Schools

The public elementary schools in Cinco Ranch serve thousands of students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. These schools highlight the importance of personalized learning approaches and hands-on learning experiences to help students explore their curiosities and creativity. Several schools also offer online courses and programs for gifted and talented students.

Middle Schools

The middle schools in Cinco Ranch serve students in grades six to eight and have a wide range of subjects that prepare students for higher education and beyond. Besides rigorous academic courses, the schools also offer fine arts programs that include art, theater, band, orchestra, and choir. These schools also have strong athletics programs.

High Schools

The multi-award-winning high schools in Cinco Ranch are considered among the best in Texas for students in grades 9 to 12. These schools are known for offering advanced courses to help students choose their career paths. Extracurricular activities include classes in technology, visual arts, and volleyball, tennis, and football.

Private Schools

There are many private Catholic and private charter schools in Cinco Ranch that are known for promoting spiritual growth and academic excellence. The schools nurture student-centered learning experiences and programs that instill in learners the importance of productivity, responsibility, and community service.


Overview: Cinco Ranch is a suburban, residential neighborhood where about 83% of housing units are owner-occupied. There are more than 5,600 housing units in the area. The majority of housing units in the small town are luxury single-family homes with sizes that range from 1,500 to a little more than 7,000 square feet. Homes have diverse designs and styles – from ranch-style townhomes and old bungalows to modern and contemporary manors and estates with Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.

Most of the housing units in the area were built between 1990 to 1999. There is also a significant number of properties built between 2000 to the present. Luxury homes in the area are located in master-planned communities with convenient access to high-end amenities that include neighborhood pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, gardens, and beach clubs. Prices of homes in the are range from $200,000 to nearly $2M.

Housing Options

Single-family Homes

Luxury single-family homes are the most common types of housing units in Cinco Ranch because the small town has a high population of families with children. These properties are typically one to two-stories high and feature three to six bedrooms and three to eight bathrooms. Most of the homes sit on huge lots with sizes that range from 5,000 to more than 25,000 square feet.


There are a number of luxury apartments for rent in and around Cinco Ranch that have convenient access to biking and nature trails, swimming pools, fitness centers, and upscale dining and retail options. Prices of rents range from $975 to nearly $5,000 a month.

Homes for Sale

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List of  Cinco Ranch Real Estate Listings by Property Types

List of  Cinco Ranch Real Estate Listings by Popular Searches

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Real Estate

Overview: Real estate prices in Cinco Ranch are among the highest in Texas and in all of the U.S. The small town’s accessibility to top-ranked schools, good jobs, and upscale retail and dining options makes it very popular among homebuyers. The median property value in the town is $362,219. This represents an increase of 0.90% from the median property value of $359,000 recorded in 2017.

Between 2014 and 2017, the median home value grew by 7.81% , from $333,000 to $359,000. The median property value in the area is expected to rise by 2.8% within 2021. The median sales price of homes in Cinco Ranch is $391,450. This represents an increase of 8.74% from the median sales price of $360,000 recorded in 2018. Between 2014 to 2018, the median sales price grew by 1.98%, from $353,000 to $360,000.

Things to Do

Overview: Cinco Ranch is the place to be for those who love outdoor activities, water sports, one-of-a-kind boutique stores, and upscale dining options. Those who love outdoor adventures can get their fill of green spaces and hiking and biking trails with scenic views. The neighborhood also has about 10 swimming pools and about three water parks where families and friends can beat the heat by enjoying water games.

Children can also join in the fun and spend time at the spacious children’s playgrounds and gardens. Sports enthusiasts can train hard and challenge their friends at the tennis courts or the popular golf courses. Residents also get to stay fit by taking various fitness classes at the on-site YMCA. Those who want to shop for local, unique finds will love exploring the neighborhood’s one-of-a-kind boutiques. There are also many restaurants in and around the neighborhood to sample excellent delicacies.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Cinco Ranch is home to numerous parks and nature trails where families and friends get to bond over delicious picnics while marveling at the scenic views. There are also fun waterparks, spacious grasslands, a breathtaking lake, and a 167-acre golf club.


La Centerra is Cinco Ranch’s go-to shopping destination. Here is where residents and guests get to explore charming boutique stores and high-end retail shops to find the latest apparel, accessories, and skincare supplies. The shopping center also features festivals and concerts.

Art & Culture

Cinco Ranch is also known for a close-knit community with families who love to bond over art classes, social clubs, and various volunteering opportunities. Those who wish to know more about the town’s rich history can head to the nearby Katy Heritage Society.

Night Life

There are a number of bars, pubs, and dance clubs in and around Cinco Ranch where residents and guests get to enjoy interesting cocktails and happy hour specials. Those who love crafted beers can head to the Baker Street Pub & Grill. The Las Alamedas Mexican Grill and Bar, meanwhile, is famous for its specialty drinks.


Upscale dining options in Cinco Ranch are characterized by hearty and healthy meals and delicious desserts. The Black Walnut Cafe is a crowd-favorite because of its unique handcrafted sandwiches and freshly tossed salads. Those who are up for Southern-style seafood can head to the popular Fish City Grill.


Overview: Cinco Ranch is home to about 26 smaller neighborhoods, with each having its distinct home designs and resort-style amenities. Most of the neighborhoods in Cinco Ranch are located within gated and non-gated communities and feature multiple playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, beach clubs, and popular golf courses. The most luxurious communities include Willow Fork, Cinco Ranch Cinco Forest, Kelliwood Greens, Cinco Ranch Northwest, and Cinco Ranch Southwest.

Prices of homes in these modern communities range from $600,000 to nearly $2M. These properties are conveniently located near country clubs, golf courses, fitness centers, and the Lakehouse Community Center. Some of the neighborhoods that have relatively more affordable luxury homes include the Silver Ranch, Tamarron, Grayson Lakes, and Falcon Ranch. Prices of homes in these areas range from $275,000 to a little more than $500,000. Neighborhoods that are nearest to Cinco Ranch’s top-ranked schools include Falcon Landing, Kelliwood, Cinco Ranch Cinco Forest, and Grand Lakes.

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