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About The Project: project has raised quite a few challenges. The nature of Kristina’s target audience happened to be more sophisticated than ordinary consumers in the Orange County real estate market. After a thorough analysis, Real Estate Bees’ digital marketing team have concluded that in order for Kristina to properly convey her luxury brand identity and to intelligently appeal to her high-end clientele’s needs, she needed a website that is capable of solving all the challenges that were identified.

Step 1 – Custom Website Design:

REB website design team’s primary objective was to come up with a visually-stunning, authentic, user-friendly, engaging, and reputable design that will appeal to Orange County’s high-end luxury clientele. In addition, REB’s team needed to figure out how Kristina Morales could differentiate herself and stand out in the ultra competitive Southern California’s luxury real estate market by providing her customers with a unique and one-of-a-kind value proposition that none of her competitors do.

Real Estate Bees’ web design team came up with an authentic, luxurious, beautiful, engaging and user-friendly website design that appeal to high-end luxury clientele. We came up with a user-friendly, visually-appealing and information-rich layout design for neighborhood pages where Kristina provides her clientele with useful local information thereby positioning herself as a local market expert.

Finally, to give Kristina Morales an additional competitive edge over her competitors, we came up with a one-of-a-kind property layout design which Kristina can offer her high-end clients to showcase their luxury properties in the most stunning way. To see full website design case study, visit this Kristina Morales design presentation.

Step 2 – Additional Revenue Stream:

Countless hours have been spent on developing a back-end system that integrates with the leading national home service providers’ platform Youthful Home, which opened up a brand new monitization opportunity for and created an additional revenue stream.

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