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Villa Park City Limits


Villa Park is located in north-central Orange County. It was incorporated on January 11, 1962. The cozy, tight-knit town is the county’s smallest city by population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Villa Park had a population of 5, 839 in 2018.

Villa Park was largely an agricultural area in the early 1860s. It was known for producing apricots, citrus, grapes, and walnuts. Citrus ranchers were the town’s earliest settlers and produced its major crop for about 60 years. It is noted that the citrus ranchers left a legacy of protecting the city’s zoning practices and shaping it into the peaceful community that it is today.

Known as the “Hidden Jewel,” Villa Park is characterized by a quaint atmosphere and winding streets that feature few sidewalks and limited street lights. The city’s community enjoys family-oriented services. In 2019, Villa Park ranked 125th out of 526 towns to be one of the best places to raise a family in California.

Top City Highlights

  • Excellent safety record
  • Top-ranked schools
  • Family-oriented activities
  • Unique traditions and festivities
  • Great youth sports programs
  • Great shopping
  • Good dining options
  • Art and entertainment
  • Schools

Location: Villa Park has an area of 2.1 square miles and is located in the center of Orange County. To the north, the city is bordered by E Cerro Villa Drive and Meats Avenue. To the northwest are the Serrano Elementary School and Cerro Villa Middle School. To the west, Villa Park is bordered by Santiago Boulevard and Arden Villa Drive. To the south are the Serrano Water District and Villa Park Elementary School. To the east, the city is bordered by Cannon Street and Sycamore Street. Nearby cities include Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, and Tustin.

Commutes: The average commute time in Villa Park is 22 minutes. This is shorter than the U.S. average commute time of 26 minutes. Nearly 75% of employees drive their own cars to get to work. Other workers carpool, work from home or take public transportation. In 2017, nearly 37% of households in the city had two cars.

Villa Park is near five major freeways. These are the Costa Mesa Freeway, Orange Freeway, Santa Ana Freeway, Garden Grove Freeway, and Riverside Freeway. The city’s central location makes it accessible to tourist attractions in neighboring counties like Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside.

Culture: Villa Park enjoys a thriving economy. The city has an unemployment rate of 2.9%. This is lower than the U.S. average unemployment rate of 3.9%. 90% of more than 2,000 workers in Villa Park are employed in white-collar jobs. Many of them hold positions in management, sales, and business and financial occupations. Job growth in the city over the next ten years is expected to reach 32.8%.

Villa Park’s population is composed of many families with children. In 2017, the median age of residents in the city was 53.1. The city is ethnically-diverse with a high representation of White, Asian, and Latino residents.

Local Government

City Council

A five-member City Council leads efforts and activities to ensure that efficient municipal services are provided to Villa Park’s residents. Either two or three council members are elected by voters every even-numbered year. Council members meet every fourth Tuesday of each month to deliberate on ordinances and resolutions.

Address: Villa Park City Hall, 17855 Santiago Boulevard, Villa Park, CA 92861
Phone: (714) 998-1500

Mayor’s Office

As Villa Park’s chief administrator and official representative, the mayor ensures that all laws and ordinances are enforced to keep the residents safe and protected. The mayor also leads efforts to improve the community’s education and infrastructure. He is also in charge of budget allocation and signing all motions, ordinances, and resolutions.

Address: Villa Park City Hall, 17855 Santiago Boulevard, Villa Park, CA 92861
Phone: 714-600-1916


Overview: There are two public elementary schools in Villa Park. These are the Villa Park Elementary School and Serrano Elementary School.

One public middle school and one public high school are located in Villa Park. These are the Cerro Villa Middle School and Villa Park High School.

All public schools in Villa Park are under the jurisdiction of the Orange Unified School District. These schools serve more than 4,700 students. The Orange Unified School District has a graduation rate of 97.4%, and 100% of its teachers are highly qualified. It is known for programs that advance growth and innovation in academics, sports, and inclusive practices.

25 of the district’s schools have received the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award. This is the most number of schools in Orange County that have received the distinction. The Villa Park Elementary, Serrano Elementary, and Villa Park High School all received the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award in 2016.

Elementary Schools

Villa Park has two public elementary schools, and both of them are highly rated. Villa Park Elementary School has a rating of 10, which means it is better than 91.8% of schools in California. At Serrano Elementary, 55% of 556 students are proficient in reading, while 50% are proficient in math.

Middle Schools

The Cerro Villa Middle School serves 1,082 students in grades 7-8. It has a student-teacher ratio of 25:1. 55% of the school’s students are proficient in reading, while 39% are proficient in math. In 2018, the school earned the Schools to Watch Award.

High Schools

The Villa Park High School serves over 2,000 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 26:1. 67% of the school’s students are proficient in reading, while 33% are proficient in math. In 2019, the school ranked 200th among 1,000 schools as one of the Best College Preparation High Schools in California.


Overview: Villa Park is an affluent suburb of Los Angeles where residents enjoy the small town feel. 98% of the homes in the city are owner-occupied. The city is largely zoned for single-family residences. Almost all of the 2,000 homes in the city are built on half-acre lots. Nearly 48% of the houses in the area have four to five bedrooms.

Nearly 61% of homes in the area were built from 1970 to 1999. Modern homes in the area feature wide backyards, three to four garages, huge swimming pools, and sports courts. Newly constructed homes also have outdoor fireplaces and living rooms. Currently, there are about 20 homes for sale in the area with an average listing price of $1,798,000.

In 2017, the median household income in the city was $142,628. This was an increase of 8.56% compared to the median household income of $131,386 recorded in 2016.

Housing Options

Single Family Homes

Villa Park is zoned entirely for single-family homes. The residential units in the city have an average lot size of 20,000 square feet. The average price per square foot is $470. Newly-built single-family homes in the city feature expansive kitchens and energy-efficient upgrades like solar roofs, and Nest learning thermostats. Prices of homes range from $850,000 to $1,950,000.

Homes for Sale

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Real Estate

Overview: Real estate prices in Villa Park are some of the highest in California and in the U.S. In 2019, the median property value in the city was $1,278,348. This was an increase of 18.4% from the median property value of 1,080,000 recorded in 2017. From 2016 to 2017, the median property value in the city grew by 4.85% from $1.03M to $1.08M.

Nearly 55% of properties in the area have prices that are greater than $1,185,000. Prices of homes in Villa Park have appreciated 42.13% since 2000. This represents an average annual home appreciation rate of 3.58%. There are about 20 luxury homes for sale in the city with prices that range from $998,800 to $2,274,000. Most of the homes feature 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom amenities to 7-bedroom, 6-bathroom amenities.

Things to Do

Overview: Villa Park is Orange County’s smallest city by population, but the peaceful town offers residents and guests of all ages a wide range of recreational, social, and cultural activities.

The town center is the only one of its kind in the city. As everyone’s go-to spot, this place is where anyone gets all the chances to run into a friend or neighbor and get to know them better. Plus, they can do this while roaming around the 11-acre town center and discover hair and nail salons, restaurants, and specialty shops.

Villa Park also has a longstanding tradition of boosting its local youth sports and programs. Kids of all ages and skillsets can join various sports camps that offer training in basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming, and many more.

For those looking to advance philanthropic activities, Villa Park is home to a number of community service organizations that give residents opportunities to volunteer and serve the youth, adults, and seniors.

Retail & Entertainment

Parks & Recreation

Families and friends in Villa Park get to maintain a tight-knit community by participating in various fundraising events and festivities. For the youth, they can join the Villa Park Little League, National Junior Basketball, and week-long summer camps in the city’s schools. Those who love biking and horse riding get their fill of the city’s scenic neighborhoods.


As a favorite community hangout, the town center is home to the Ralph’s Market where residents get most of their grocery needs. Residents and guests can also shop for skincare items, sports apparel and gym equipment, jewelry, flowers, and beauty supplies.

Art & Culture

For those who love to feel the holiday spirits, Villa Park hosts some of the most interesting traditions that date back to the 1800s. Residents get artistic with decorating more than 50 cars, golf carts, boats on trailers, and many other vessels during the annual Dry Land Boat Parade. The city also hosts picnics, runs, and Halloween fests for residents.

Night Life

Villa Park features a number of bars and restaurants where residents enjoy the good ambiance and great music while reliving their younger days. The city’s elementary schools also hold fun outdoor family movie nights that feature loud music, fun games, and exciting treats.


Villa Park’s Town Center offers a range of dining options for residents craving for Asian, Italian, and Mexican food. Bagel Me is a popular hangout spot for elementary and middle school students. Bagels, donuts, and pizzas are some of the residents’ all-time favorites.


Villa Park features some of the finest residential communities that are home to heritage, luxury, and ranch-style homes.

Cerro Villa Heights is one of the city’s most famous suburban neighborhoods. Most homes in Cerro Villa are exclusively owner-occupied. These properties have spacious four to seven bedrooms. The median real estate price in the neighborhood is $1,314,695.

Somerset homes is an exclusive gated community in Villa Park. Amenities of the homes in this neighborhood include family-game rooms, banquet rooms, and libraries. Villa Park Orchards is a 9.8-acre neighborhood with 32 homes. The properties range from 2,500 to 3,000 square feet and feature first floor dens, atriums, and master retreats.

Martinique Court is a 10-acre property with 16 luxury heritage homes. The neighborhood features homes with one to two-story designs and four to six bedrooms. Havenwood Farms have 70s luxury homes with fireplaces, wet bars, and breakfast rooms. Other amenities include wine cellars and walk-in laundry rooms.

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