Northpark Square


Overview: Northpark Square is a peaceful and well-maintained neighborhood in northern Irvine, CA. The neighborhood attracts families and young professionals alike for its tranquility, security and great location. The neighborhood is conveniently located close to major freeways for quick and easy commuting. Apart from easy travel to and from work, residents who call Northpark Square home also enjoy an abundance of outdoor space. The neighborhood itself has Bella Vista Park and the smaller Bunny Park, and it’s in close proximity to the lush gardens and parks of neighboring Northpark and Northwood. Although there are no shops within the neighborhood, residents of Northpark Square can still enjoy some of the best shopping in Irvine at the nearby Northpark Plaza and The Marketplace Irvine. Both centers are a quick five-minute drive from the neighborhood and offer high-end shopping from trend-setting stores, plus a huge variety of restaurants and cafes.

Neighborhood Highlights

Beautiful parks
Swimming at Northpark Pool
Easy commutes
High-end shopping centers
Family-friendly recreation centers
Safe and secure location

Location: Northpark Square is located in northern Irvine, CA. The neighborhood is next to Culver Drive, which runs all the way through Irvine for easy access to the whole city. Northpark Square is also conveniently located near Route 261, which connects residents to the I-5 for easy commuting to Los Angeles and San Diego. Northpark Square is on the Irvine-Tustin border, and the surrounding neighborhoods include Northpark and Northwood. The neighborhood is close to The Marketplace Irvine and Northpark Plaza, so residents can easily stock up on essentials while enjoying boutique shops, restaurants and cafes.

Commutes: The residents of Northpark Square enjoy close proximity to major freeways for quick, stress-free commutes. Northpark Square runs along Route 261 and connects to the I-5 with Los Angeles to the north and San Diego to the south. The neighborhood is also right next to Culver Drive, so residents have easy access to the entire city of Irvine. Northpark Square is a quick 15-minute drive to the John Wayne Airport, so those who travel often for work can enjoy the convenience of having an international airport in their own town.

Culture: Like the surrounding neighborhoods, Northpark Square is a family-oriented place to live. The neighborhood is tranquil and has plenty of green spaces. Northpark Square is also close to some of the best schools in Irvine, making it the perfect place to raise a family. In addition to families, the neighborhood also attracts young professionals who are looking for a relaxing place to return to at the end of a busy day. Residents of Northpark Square love the outdoors, and the numerous parks are often full of both friends and families playing sports, having picnics and taking walks.


Overview: Northpark Square is located within the prestigious Irvine Unified School District. Although there are no schools found within the neighborhood, residents are still close to some of the best schools in Irvine. Hicks Canyon Elementary, Sierra Vista Middle School and Beckman High School are all within walking distance, and other high-ranking public and private schools are just a short drive away. Parents have their pick of top-rated schools in neighboring Northwood, Northpark and Orchard Hills. These local schools foster a lifelong love for learning by challenging students with a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. From champion football teams to award winning music and art programs, the schools surrounding Northpark Square have something for everyone. Furthermore, the schools in the Northpark Square are staffed by experienced teachers who encourage students to pursue their own interests and to discover new talents.


Elementary Schools

Hicks Canyon Elementary School

Hicks Canyon Elementary is located in neighboring Northpark and is the closest elementary school. The school has programs for students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Hicks Canyon Elementary encourages students to develop creative and critical thinking skills and to collaborate with their classmates. The school offers a well-rounded curriculum as well as a wide range of student enrichment clubs.

Brywood Elementary

Brywood Elementary is located in nearby Northwood, just next door to the beautiful Brywood Park. The school serves children from kindergarten through sixth grade and is a National Blue Ribbon School. Brywood has exceptional academic programs that make young students excited to learn, and students from Brywood are known for taking home awards at the California Science Fair.

Middle Schools

Sierra Vista Middle School

Sierra Vista Middle School is located in Northwood and is the closest middle school to Northpark Square. Sierra Vista is a top-ranking middle school and has programs in language arts, social sciences and mathematics. The school also offers a huge variety of electives, so students can pursue their own individual interests.

Orchard Hills Middle School

Orchard Hills Middle School is a short ten-minute drive from Northpark Square in the Orchard Hills neighborhood of Irvine. The school’s fantastic curriculum helps students develop critical thinking skills as well as a lifelong love for learning. Orchard Hills also offers a variety of student enrichment clubs where students can discover new interests and hidden talents.

High Schools

Beckman High School

Located just south of Northpark Square, Beckman is the closest high school to the neighborhood. The school is conveniently located along Bryan Avenue and is within easy walking distance from all Northpark Square homes. The school was labeled a Gold Ribbon School in 2015 and has excellent academic and athletic programs.

Irvine High School

Irvine High School is one of five public high schools in the area and has close to 2,000 students. The high school is a short five-minute drive from Northpark Square in the neighborhood of El Camino Real. Irvine High School is a Gold Ribbon School and is well-known for its exceptional art and music programs.

Private Schools

Irvine Montessori House

Irvine Montessori House is a private Montessori preschool located just across the road from Hicks Canyon Park in Northwood. The Irvine Montessori House helps prepare children for a lifetime of learning by encouraging them to explore different subjects, interact with their classmates and think creatively.

Tutor Time Irvine

Tutor Time Irvine is located in between North Park Plaza and Hicks Canyon Park. This private institution has pre-kindergarten, junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes. Tutor Time also has special programs for infants, toddlers and two-year-olds. Like the Montessori House, Tutor Time prepares students to embark on a lifelong adventure of learning, thinking creatively and collaborating with others.

St. Michael the Archangel Academy

St. Michael the Archangel Academy is a private Catholic school located in Northwood. The school is very small, and students enjoy individualized attention with a 2:1 student to teacher ratio. The school offers programs from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade and has a total of 116 students.


Overview: Housing in Northpark Square is made up of single family homes and a variety of attached homes, including condominiums and townhouses. Most of the homes in Northpark Square were built between 1986 and 2008. The majority of Northpark Square homes are two or three-story units with one to three bedrooms, although some six bedroom homes are available to rent or purchase. Homes in Northpark Square have a modern appeal and are a mix of classical Mediterranean architecture and contemporary California design. Northpark Square homes range in size from about 850 to 3,700 square feet. Each home comes with a small yard or garden, so residents can enjoy their own private green spaces. Other features of Northpark Square homes include private porches, balconies and rear-entry garages. Property prices in the neighborhood range from $600,000 to $1,500,000, but the average cost is $950,000.


Single Family Homes

Northpark Square single family homes have distinct Mediterranean exteriors with modern, polished interiors. Single family homes in Northpark Square are typically two stories with an average of two to three bedrooms, but there are also homes with up to six bedrooms. All single family homes in Northpark Square come with private garages, balconies and porches for added privacy and convenience.


Condominiums are one of the two main types of attached homes available in Northpark Square. They range in size from about 950 to 2,000 square feet and cost an average of $800,000. The interiors are modern with bright, well-designed rooms that maximize the space. Each condominium also comes with a private rear-entry garage.

Town Houses

Townhouses are similar in price to the condominiums, but they have more spacious interiors and often come with private porches or balconies. As with the condominiums, all townhouses come with rear-entry garages. Townhouses are attached units with California bungalow designs and feature bright, modern interiors.

New Construction

Northpark Square was established in 2001, and construction was completed in 2007. Northpark Square is a master planned neighborhood and the newest construction dates back to 2007. The newest buildings mostly consist of single family homes, but there are also a few townhouses available.

If you’re interested in buying a home in this area, check out currently available Northpark Square homes for sale. You can also browse through the entire database of all the available Irvine homes for sale.

Real Estate

Overview: Property prices in Northpark Square range from $600,000 for a one bedroom condominium to about $1,500,000 for a single family home with multiple bedrooms. The average rent for a Northpark Square home is $3,000, and rent price has steadily increased over the past five years. Property prices have gone up by an average of $300,000 over the past three years, and Northpark Square continues to be a desirable place to live. Real estate in Northpark Square is in high demand due to the neighborhood’s safe reputation and close proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego. The average list price for homes in the Northpark Square neighborhood is $950,000 and they cost an average of $431 per square foot. Property stays on the market for about 69 days before selling for close to the asking price. Property owners in Northpark Square can expect to pay an average of $10,000 in property taxes and $150 in homeowner’s association fees every year.

Things to Do

Overview: Northpark Square is a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by lush gardens, family-friendly parks and premier shopping centers. Residents have countless options for picture-perfect picnics and family barbecues. The neighborhood has plenty of basketball and tennis courts where athletes can practice their skills and challenge each other in friendly pick-up games. Residents can also go swimming all year round at the local Northpark Pool. For those who’d rather swim in the ocean than in a pool, Newport Beach is 25 minutes by car where you can catch some waves at The Wedge or relax on Corona del Mar State Beach. For another exciting day trip, Limestone Canyon is just a short drive away with its stunning natural beauty and challenging trails. Northpark Square is also located next to some of the best shopping in Irvine with The Marketplace Irvine right around the corner. Residents can shop the latest trends from top brands and enjoy a meal at one of the boutique restaurants and cafes.

Retail & Entertainment

Go shopping

Head over to the Marketplace Irvine for boutique stores from trendsetting brands. Residents of Northpark Square don’t have to travel far for some great retail therapy at the best shops in Irvine. The Marketplace Irvine is located just over the border in Tustin and is a quick five-minute drive from Northpark Square.

Picnic at Bella Vista Park

Bella Vista Park is a lush park in the middle of Northpark Square. With green grass, quaint gazebos and plenty of grilling areas, Bella Vista is the perfect park for a family picnic. Soak up some sun and enjoy a weekend picnic with friends and family.

Swim at Northpark Pool

Adults and children alike will enjoy swimming in the junior Olympic-size Northpark Pool. Whether you’re looking for a place to swim a few laps or just need somewhere to escape the summer heat, Northpark Pool is open to residents all year round.

Grab a coffee at Cafe 350

Cafe 350 is a quaint, no-frills cafe that the whole neighborhood loves. The cafe offers delicious coffee as well as breakfast, lunch and a variety of sides. Catch up with friends over lunch or devour a new book over a cappuccino. Cafe 350 is the perfect place in Northpark Square to relax and reboot.

Play a game of pick-up at Northwood Community Park

Northwood Community Park is just down the road from Northpark Square in neighboring Northwood. The park is full of pristine tennis courts and basketball courts, so you can get some fun exercising while challenging friends to a game of pick-up.

Hike along Peters Canyon Trail

Peters Canyon Trail runs along Northpark Square’s western border and is the perfect place for hiking, running and biking. Follow the trail through northern Irvine or just take a relaxing walk along the neighborhood. This scenic route is the perfect place to unwind after a busy week.

Pamper yourself at Northpark Plaza

Pamper yourself by indulging in a spa day at Northpark Plaza. Get a manicure at Happy Nails and Spa before heading over to Massage Envy to enjoying a luxurious full-body massage. At Northpark Square, a relaxing day is just a ten-minute walk from home.

Take a day trip

Northpark Square is conveniently located along Culver Drive and Route 261, so residents have easy access to Irvine and the surrounding areas. Pack some food and head out to Limestone Canyon Regional Park or take the 25-minute drive and relax at Newport Beach.

Wine tasting at Pozzuoli Vineyard & Winery

Pozzuoli Vineyard & Winery is 15 minutes from Northpark Square in the neighboring area of Tustin. The winery offers tasting sessions featuring the exceptional wine from the Pozzuoli family vineyards in Paso Robles. Schedule a wine tasting with your friends and enjoy five wine samples plus snacks and music.

Play Golf at Tustin Ranch Golf Club

Tustin Ranch Golf Club is a premier golf club less than ten minutes away from Northpark Square. The club has an 18-hole course and is open from 5 AM until 8 PM. Anyone can book a time to play, but members receive special discounts and priority on certain tee times.