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ABOUT Woodbridge

Woodbridge, a lively, urban neighborhood within Irvine, California is constantly rated as one of the best locations to call home in the great state of California. The neighborhood features lovely parks, cozy coffee shops, trendy restaurants, and highly-rated schools for the younger residents of Woodbridge.

While Irvine, CA at large has enjoyed being a multiple award-winning and nationally ranked city for safety and city layout, Woodbridge has distinguished itself as being ranked as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Irvine.

Woodbridge has also been noted for being a superb location to raise a family in the Los Angeles area, in addition to being reviewed as one of the best places for young adults to live in Orange County. With 26,000 residents, Woodbridge is a diverse, largely liberal-minded community with a welcoming spirit, ample job opportunities, and room to grow.

Being part of Irvine, a master-planned city, means that Woodbridge was designed from the beginning to be a safe, welcoming neighborhood with an emphasis on community and the great outdoors. The lifestyles of Woodbridge’s residents are greatly impacted by the ready access to San Diego Creek, a number of beautiful parks, and Woodbridge’s two lakes.

With a median household income of $98,809, Woodbridge’s residents enjoy a comfortable living in a secure, supportive community.Young adults who grew up in Woodbridge praise the village for its close-knit community and friendly spirit, where families can create meaningful and lifelong relationships with neighbors. With beautiful parks, superior outdoor attractions, waterfront entertainment, and commercial entertainment along San Diego Creek, Woodbridge promises ample opportunities to make memories.


Accessible layout
Top rated schools
Beautiful parks
Safe community
Great for families
Diverse food and retail
Culturally rich population
Various housing options

Natural Disasters

Unsurprisingly, earthquakes are a year-round concern for Woodbridge residents. Between 1950 and 2010, almost 150 earthquake events that ranked at magnitudes of 3.5 or higher were reported in the area.

Compared to the rest of the United States, this neighborhood has an exponentially higher risk of being affected by tremors and serious seismic activity.

Additionally, wildfires make up 10% of natural disasters that have hit this part of the state between 1950 and 2010. Woodbridge residents should be particularly vigilant for fire hazards during summer months, heat waves, and droughts. For additional context, 2019 alone saw over 10,000 nearby acres scorched by wildfires.


Woodbridge is perfect for relaxing daily commutes to and from work, school, or pleasure trips. Situated off of the San Diego Freeway, a major Californian highway, Woodbridge is a residential area with a lively commercial and retail center which means fast access to groceries, restaurants, stores, and more.

With Alton Parkway bisecting Woodbridge, travel between Irvine’s West, South, and East villages is a fast affair. With regional and state parks within an hour’s drive, Woodbridge offers quick commutes to experience California’s beauty. Additionally, Woodbridge’s location near the center of Orange County allows for ready access to ample job and employment opportunities.

Crime Rate

Woodbridge has a total crime rate that falls roughly 69% under the national average. Considering ongoing trends, this California neighborhood is seen as safer than 94% of residential areas statewide.

The violent crime rate in Woodbridge is 84% under the national average. Meanwhile, the neighborhood’s property crime rate falls 66% under the national average. In particular, burglary, theft, and vehicle theft rates are notably lower than other areas of the state.

Overall, the local year-over-year crime rate shows a decrease of 4%. For further reference, there is an estimated 1 in 124 chance of being the target of a violent or property crime in Woodbridge.


SCHOOLS IN Woodbridge

Irvine Unified School District, a nationally ranked and highly recognized school district, sets the bar high for each school within Irvine’s villages. IUSD, having earned the title of a California Distinguished School nearly fifty times since 1986, sets great expectations for local educational systems. Woodbridge is one neighborhood that lives up to this standard by featuring acclaimed schools within its borders, eight of which are California Distinguished Blue Ribbon schools.

Within Woodbridge’s four square miles, students enjoy fast daily commutes to top-tier schools, where students receive quality, diverse educations in safe, nurturing environments. From elementary to high school, Woodbridge invests in its educational opportunities and strives to provide young residents with the best education the state of California can give.


Meadow Park Elementary School: services the southwest side of Woodbridge with a student-teacher ratio of 29-1 and 706 students between K-6 grade. As part of the IUSD, Meadow Park is a public school that strives for growth and achievement. Stone Creek Elementary School: is ranked #8 in Best Public Elementary Schools in Orange County and services grades K-6. With 588 students and a 31:1 student-teacher ratio, Stone Creek stands out in diversity, academics, and quality teachers. Eastshore Elementary School: under the umbrella of the Irvine Unified School District, is a top rated public school with 621 students. With an 80% proficiency rating in reading and a 75% proficient rating in math, Eastshore diligently services Westbrook’s northeast area.
Lakeside Middle School: is a part of the Irvine Unified School District. As ranked #17 in Best Public Middle Schools in California, Lakeside serves Woodbridge’s residents by providing quality education for grades 7-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 25:1. South Lake Middle School: is known for diversity, academic prowess, and qualified teachers. With 706 students ranging from 7-8 grade, the student-teacher ratio sits at 25:1. With a gifted and talented program offered, South Lake values individual student learning.
Woodbridge High School: is ranked 8th in Best Public High Schools in Orange County. The school’s 2,447 students enjoy college prep courses, health and safety programs, and a student-teacher ratio of 26:1. With an AP enrollment of 35% and an average graduation rate of 97%, Woodbridge High School equips students with tools for success.
LePort Montessori School Irvine Woodbridge: offers nurturing developmental care for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Leport’s culture is diverse and multi-national, and attendance allows for the option to continue education at Leport’s sister schools in Irvine and Fountain Valley. Mardan School: is proud of its history of fulfilling the needs of special education children in Orange County since 1962. Mardan sticks to its a mission to serve students with emotional, behavioral, and/or learning difficulties and help each succeed in their specialized, alternative school environment. Pacific Academy: is a highly recognized high school with alumni who go on to impact society in positive ways through pursuing higher education and successful careers. Pacific Academy features a number of programs and extracurricular activities that encourage student involvement

Real Estate

Woodbridge Housing 2020

As a neighborhood of Irvine, CA, Woodbridge contributes to Irvine’s nationally-ranked real estate market, economic growth, and housing market attractiveness. For the 13th consecutive year, Irvine was awarded the Safest City of 250,000 or more in the United States of America.

As a nationally-recognized city for being one of the best locations in the country to raise a family, Woodbridge is proud of its history and present standing. The median rent per month is $3,250 with price per square foot ranging around $513, which is an 8% increase from the same period last year.

Recent market trends indicate a -3% year-over-year drop in median sales price, while median rent per month indicates a 2% rise. Although there are houses available in Woodbridge for around the $440,000 mark, the median sales price for single family residential homes in Woodbridge in the past year was $700,000. With lakefront, riverfront, and regional park views, residential properties usually sell under a month of being listed on the market.

Woodbridge Homes for Sale

Woodbridge is composed of two residential segments, North Lake and South Lake. Walled off from Irvine’s other neighborhoods by a continuous, 20-foot-high Privet hedge and featuring two lakes, Woodbridge’s signature aesthetic gives the feeling of being closer to nature while being in the heart of urban living.

The majority of the village features New England Cape Cod style architecture with a suburban layout. While Woodbridge is mostly comprised of luxury residential family homes, modern apartment complexes are available for rent. Homes range from market values of $440,000 to $1.4m and vary between multi-story condos and separate family homes.

Typical residential spaces have ample room for parking, spacious driveways, and multiple-car garages. With a healthy economy and high market value, Woodbridge welcomes new residents.

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Things to do

Woodbridge offers the perfect balance between the benefits of urban living and a cohesive residential area. With a reputation for being a safe, laid-back village, Irvine has plenty of activities to entertain young adults and families during the day with parks and an exciting variety of restaurants. Woodbridge features diverse food markets and festivals year-round. Woodbridge’s nightlife also offers entertaining options along Barrancia Parkway and San Diego Creek, where commercial properties showcase a range of opportunities to make a night out one to remember. Whether you explore Woodbridge’s local shopping mall, hike through Mike Ward Community Park Woodbridge, or partake in the light water activities found along the waterfront, Woodbridge is a hotspot for activities around-the-clock.
Enjoy North and South Woodbridge Lakes
Visit either of Woodbridge’s artificial lakes for day or nighttime trips. Visitors can explore the pedestrian trails and enjoy light water recreation like swimming with lifeguard supervision and renting pedal boats, sailboats, and even hydro-bikes.
Explore Beach Lagoons
Woodbridge has fresh-water swimming pools with sand beaches that empty into Woodbridge’s lakes. In Woodbridge, you don’t have to drive to the Californian coast to get the full beach experience: fun in the sun is only five minutes away.
Walk the Bridge
Come see the neighborhood’s namesake for yourself. The large footbridge is located in the center of the village and offers sights of Woodbridge’s lakes and landscape. Anytime is a good time to get great views and fresh air.
Check out Community Parks
Facilities like the Mike Ward Community Park, are located north of South Lake. Parks like this one feature volleyball and basketball courts, along with picnic tables and play structures for children. With lakeside views, parks make for a picturesque outing
Practice Tennis with the Pros
Woodbridge is a haven for tennis fans. Courts are conveniently located around Woodbridge and include South Lake Tennis Club and Tennis-Experts LLC. Locals enjoy well-maintained tennis courts and a sports store on each location. With friendly service, expert help, and multiple courts, tennis has never been so fun.
Spend Time at Woodbridge Village Center
Woodbridge’s newly remodeled center for shopping is an elegant, modern compilation of shops, stores, and restaurants with stunning outdoor views. Embodying Woodbridge’s signature community vibe, the Village Center enjoys a safe, inviting atmosphere day or night.
Swim at Local Pools
If you prefer something smaller for the kiddos or a less-trafficked water option, check out local swimming pools like Springvale pool. With clean, well-maintained restrooms, sauna, and other facilities, pools offer a more relaxing, people-only option to water activities.
Experience Lakeside Plaza
Right off of Barranca Parkway and parallel to the Woodbridge Village Center, Lakeside Plaza presents its visitors with additional opportunities to browse local shops, explore Woodbridge on foot, and enjoy cafes. With free parking, Lakeside Plaza also has convenient access to North Lake.
Treat Your Dog to Something Special
Woodbridge is equally friendly to its four-legged residents. As a pet-friendly village, it offers ample opportunities to treat your dog to a quality walk. North Lake Park is only one of many options available for your furry friend to enjoy the community with you.
Play Ball!
With free parking, the Mark Daily Athletic Field has been named one of the best places in Irvine to watch and play field sports. From soccer to baseball and softball accommodations, the Mark Daily Athletic Field has everything you and your family need to have a great game.


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