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ABOUT Westpark

Westpark is a small village of Irvine, California with a big emphasis on urban living. As part of Irvine, CA, Westpark contributes to Irvine’s reputation as being one of America’s safest cities since 2005. With ethnic and economic diversity, Westpark offers a clean and quieter atmosphere in relation to other parts of Irvine.

The median household income of Westpark residents sits around $100,100, seeing as the majority of residents work diligently to achieve a comfortable lifestyle. Many businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks are located in Westpark. Irvine Unified School District enjoys a lasting status as a high-quality educational district, and Westpark’s public schools mirror the district’s example.

Westpark sets itself apart as being ranked the 12th best neighborhood to live in Irvine, CA, and is noted for its spacious multi-story family homes and modern apartments. With 13,500 residents, Westpark values its multicultural and welcoming community.

Westpark’s active community consists of young families, university students, and new professionals. As a part of a master-planned city, Westpark was designed from its beginnings to be a well-balanced and prosperous community. Residents of Westpark often enjoy the neighborhood’s few coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and shopping centers. Many have a history of college education and tend towards the liberal spectrum politically.

In addition to the upsides of urban living, residents also reap the benefits of a number of relaxing parks and recreation facilities in the neighborhood. With ample job opportunities in the community itself and within less than a half-hour’s drive from Westpark’s center, Westpark offers a great new start and home for a wide variety of walks of life.


Safe neighborhood
Great for families
Lively nightlife
Top rated schools
Spacious outdoor parks
Vibrant shopping and dining scene
Formally educated population
Economically and ethnically diverse

Natural Disasters

West Park has experienced a range of natural disasters.

Based on weather extremes recorded between 1950 and 2010, thunderstorms account for almost 20% of damaging events. From there, flooding from heavy participation levels and tropical storms account for almost 40% of events.

Droughts and heatwaves are also concerns for this area. This particularly is relevant to West Park residents due to California’s seasonal wildfire risks. West Park in particular has been affected by almost 70 critical wildfires between 1950 and 2010.

Seeing as Irvine’s earthquake index sits at 18.02, this neighborhood also experiences earthquakes exponentially more frequently than other areas of the U.S.


Residents of Westpark enjoy ready access to areas inside of Westpark as well as Irvine’s other villages. With the San Diego Freeway just to the south, main Irvine roads cross through Westpark from the east and west. Main Street, Alton Parkway, Barranca Parkway, and Warner Ave are all popular routes that lead to the signature commercial and business areas of Orange County.

Westpark itself offers a variety of different shopping and eating establishments at all corners, which means residents rarely have to go far for quality retail or dining experience. Being only eleven minutes from the John Wayne Airport, known nationally for its customer friendliness, national and international travel is a cinch as well.

Meanwhile, the University of California Irvine is only an eight minute drive away, which attracts many college students and graduates to Westpark.

Crime Rate

West Park’s overall crime rate is 12% under Irvine’s average. On a larger scale, the total crime rate is 55% below the country’s average.

West Park’s violent crime rate is 89% below the national average. Specifically, the estimated violent crime rate per 100K residents is 40. The neighborhood’s property crime rate is roughly 49% under the country’s average, seeing as West Park’s property crime rate per 100K people falls around 1,123.

West Park’s crime rates place the neighborhood as being more secure than about 92% of other areas in the state. Additionally, there is a 1 in 86 chance of experiencing a violent or property crime in West Park.



Irvine is known nationally for its emphasis on education and groundbreaking records. The Irvine Unified School District cuts an impressive figure, with a number of Blue Ribbon Schools, the highest national recognition achievable for K-12 campuses, and having held the state’s honor of a California Distinguished School forty-eight times since 1986.

The staff and faculty of Westpark are highly educated and dedicated to contributing to each student body’s academic and personal success. Schools in and around Westpark are determined to instill in students a lifelong passion for learning, a drive to always improve, and the desire to positively contribute their homes and communities.


Westpark Elementary School: Westpark Elementary services students K-6. With a reputation for amazing teachers who are helpful, kind, and capable, the staff are attentive and dedicated to their student body. As a part of the Irvine Unified School District, Westpark Elementary meets its high expectations. Culverdale Elementary School: another school that services K-6, Culverdale Elementary School has been recognized as a California Distinguished School for the 2017-2018 academic year. As such, Culverdale seeks to maintain its status through intellectual and collaborative learning.
Plaza Vista School: servicing students from transitional kindergarten through eighth grade, Plaza Vista lives out its mission of shared leadership, intellectual engagement, and personalized support for each student.
Creekside High School: with grades ranging from 9-12 grade, Creekside High School is a part of the Irvine Unified School District. With a motto of “Every day is a new day to succeed,” Creekside’s vision for each student is to gain effective communication skills, cultural awareness, and the abilities needed to pursue a successful career.
LePort Montessori School Irvine Westpark: LePort Montessori’s mission is to equip each student with knowledge, thinking skills, and character necessary to grow into successful adults. With campuses in Westpark that service children from infants to fifth graders, Montessori invests long-term in each student.

Real Estate

Westpark Housing 2020

Newly-awarded for the 13th consecutive year as the Safest City of 250,000 or more in the United States of America, Irvine is a nationally-ranked residential living area. As a village of Irvine, Westpark contributes to Irvine’s reputation as being one of the top places to live in America.

Over the last five years, the median sales price of a one bedroom residential property has remained largely consistent under $500k. Meanwhile, larger family homes have shown a decrease in median sales price over the last three years: the median sales price of homes with four or more bedrooms have, on average, sold for $100k less than the preceding years.

With apartment and homes located on the riverfront and manicured parks, residential properties usually sell within a month of hitting the market.

Westpark Homes for Sale

Westpark mostly consists of large single family homes of superior value, but there are also sophisticated and modern apartments and condominiums available throughout Westpark’s village. Homes currently on the market generally sell at an upwards of $1,000,000 due to prime real estate locations.

Westpark homes typically feature Californian style architecture and consist of two stories, with ample garage, driveway, and lawn space. Family homes typically consist of 3-4 bedrooms and 4 baths, but can range to an upwards of 6 bedrooms and 5 baths.

Condominiums often feature patio spaces, pool access, and 2-3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Condominiums also range around the $500,000 mark. Meanwhile, apartments feature a variety of floor plans ranging from 1-2 bedrooms and 1-2 baths and rent between $2,245 and $1,945, depending on location and square footage. Apartments can be found in South, East, and North Westpark.

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Things to do

Westpark is home to multiple parks, walking and hiking trails, and destinations that children, teens, and adults are welcome and invited to enjoy. Westpark’s location offers a variety of local attractions just waiting to be explored, from shop and retail options to exploring the great outdoors. Family-friendly swimming pools, amphitheaters, golf courses, and other fun activities are only a hop, skip, or a jump from any corner of Westpark. If you’re looking for a local, open-space mall to explore, Westpark Plaza is the place to go. When you want to find a relaxing, simple retreat into nature, Westpark’s many parks are open and safe at all hours. Westpark offers a range of activities for daytime and nighttime excursions, so there’s always something new to do.
Enjoy Westpark Plaza
Visit Westpark Plaza to find a great place to explore shops, stores, and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a locally owned and operated business or a familiar chain, Westpark Plaza features a number of brands waiting to be discovered. Conveniently located along San Diego Creek off of Alton Parkway, Westpark Plaza offers brilliant views and a safe, welcoming environment.
Explore Bill Barber Memorial Park
With spacious play areas and multiple athletic fields, including baseball diamond and tennis courts, Bill Barber Memorial Park also features an amphitheater. Located near Westpark City Hall, this park is the perfect place for get-togethers and a nice, relaxing outing. Community events are hosted at this location constantly, so check the local calendar for upcoming events for a special treat.
Check Out Toddler Swimming Lessons
For families with younger members, toddler-friendly outings are a must. San Mateo Park offers swim lessons for little tikes in a quiet, smaller community pool setting. With a lifeguard on staff and a compact swimming area, keeping track of children is made easy. Well maintained and staffed, San Mateo Park has a safe and friendly atmosphere.
Walk the San Diego Creek Trail
The San Diego Creek trail is a long stretch that runs right next to the San Diego creek through the middle of Westpark. This trail will lead you right through the city’s riverside restaurants and shops and make for a scenic and refreshing outing at any time.
Golf at Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course
Only an eight minute drive away from Westpark is Irvine’s first public golf course. Rancho San Joaquin Golf course first opened in 1964 and features year-round events. Whether you’re looking to enter a tournament or put around the green, this golf course is a great option for a personal or family outing.
Bike Through Culverdale Wilderness Park
Culverdale Wilderness Park features trails that run through the entirety of the property. If you’re looking for a quality bike ride that will have wind racing through your helmet, the Freeway Trail cuts a winding path through this wilderness park and trails up the San Diego River.
Catch a Movie at Edwards Westpark 8
With multiple screens and newly-released films, Edwards Westpark 8 features plush seating and fully-stocked concession stands. Locally operated, the staff constantly look for ways to service Westpark’s moviegoers. From Bollywood to Hollywood, this theatre offers a variety of titles and makes for a perfect evening spent with friends and family.
Cool Off at San Paulo Park
With a refreshing pool and a separate jacuzzi, San Paulo Park offers a relaxing retreat. Trees line the small property, and a dedicated staff keeps the facilities clean and fully-functioning. With the option of renting the small property on the table, San Paulo Park is a wonderful location for everyday play and special occasions.
Find Something for Everyone at San Marino Park
This beautiful park features play structures, walking trails, shaded seating areas, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and free parking. Whether you’re looking to walk your dog or enjoy a nice picnic, San Marino Park is a great fit. This beautifully landscaped park is the solution to not wanting to compromise what activities an outing will consist of.
Strike Out (In a Good Way) at Irvine Lanes
Since its opening in 1981, Irvine Lanes has entertained visitors with quality bowling accommodations. College students, young families, and adult get-togethers alike all enjoy cutting edge technology and lanes. With a delicious menu featuring old classics and new favorites, Irvine Lanes is just a one minute drive from Westpark’s south border.


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