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ABOUT Oak Creek

Oak Creek is a lively neighborhood located in central Irvine, CA. The neighborhood is home to the prestigious Oak Creek Golf Club and Irvine Valley College. Surrounding neighborhoods include Woodbridge to the west, Turtle Rock to the south, East Irvine to the east and Cypress Village to the north.

The neighborhood is home to families, young professionals and college students who work and study in Irvine and the surrounding areas. The San Diego Freeway runs along the southern end of Oak Creek, so residents can easily travel to Los Angeles, San Diego and the local John Wayne Airport.

Oak Creek is made up of a variety of single family homes, condominiums, townhouses and apartments that range in both size and price. Lush gardens and parks can be found throughout the neighborhood, and residents enjoy spending time outdoors and playing sports at recreation centers.

Oak Creek is a vibrant, multicultural community made up of families, young professionals and students from around the world. Artists and academics come from all over to attend Irvine Valley College, and residents can often find music performances, theater productions and art exhibitions at the college campus. Apart from its bustling community center, Oak Creek has tranquil parks and quiet neighborhoods where professionals can relax after a busy workweek. The neighborhood is also close to some of the best schools in Irvine, making it an ideal place to raise a family.


Diverse and multicultural community
Top-ranking schools
Easy commutes
Boutique shops and restaurants
Parks and recreation centers
Safe and quiet location
Resort-style amenities
Upscale architectural designs

Natural Disasters

There are no significant records of any major and recurring natural hazards specific to Oak Creek in Irvine, CA.

In the past, however, the neighborhood has been affected by inclement weather that resulted in flooding, power outages, and road closures. Wildfires near and around the neighborhood have also resulted in property losses.


Residents of Oak Creek enjoy some of the easiest commutes in Irvine. The neighborhood sits in between the I-5 to the north and the San Diego Freeway to the south. Oak Creek residents can travel quickly and efficiently to Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond. Los Angeles is a short 45-minute drive from the neighborhood and San Diego is just over an hour away to the south.

The John Wayne Airport is a 15-minute drive from Oak Creek, so residents who travel for business can enjoy the convenience of living close to a major airport while avoiding the stress of flying from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Crime Rate

Oak Creek is among the neighborhoods in Irvine, CA, with relatively low crime rates. Overall, the total crime rate in the area is about 753 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 71% lower than the national average.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 43 per 100,000 people. This rate is about 89% lower than the national average. Property crime, however, is more prevalent in the neighborhood at a rate of about 710 per 100,000 residents. This rate, however, is still 68% lower than the national average.

Oak Creek is safer than about 94% of communities in California. One’s chances of becoming a victim of crime in the neighborhood is 1 in 133.



The Oak Creek neighborhood is part of the prestigious Irvine Unified School District. From pre-kindergarten all the way up to high school, students in Oak Creek have the opportunity to attend top-rated public or private schools. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are attending some of the best schools in Orange County. The schools in Oak Creek offer exceptional academic programs and student enrichment clubs led by experienced teaching professionals.

Although Oak Creek Elementary is the only school located within the neighborhood, there are countless public and private schools to choose from in neighboring Woodbridge, University Park and Turtle Rock. The local schools offer well-rounded curricula as well as enriching extracurricular activities that challenge and inspire students. In Oak Creek and its surrounding neighborhoods, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills, to explore their interests and to discover new talents.


Oak Creek Elementary: Oak Creek Elementary is located in southern Oak Creek next to Dovecreek Park. Oak Creek is a California Distinguished School with programs from kindergarten through sixth grade. Students at Oak Creek receive a well-rounded curriculum and can choose to participate in a variety of extracurricular clubs and activities. Eastshore Elementary: Eastshore Elementary is located next to Firwood Park in Woodbridge. The school serves children from kindergarten through sixth grade and is a California Distinguished School. Eastshore understands that each student is unique, and the school aims to meet the needs of individual learners so that every student has the chance to succeed.
Rancho San Joaquin Middle School: Rancho San Joaquin Middle School is located along Michelson Drive in the neighborhood of University Park. The school serves students from seventh to eighth grade and helps them prepare for a successful future in high school and beyond. In addition to their normal classes, students are also taught the importance of respect and social responsibility. Lakeside Middle School: Lakeside Middle School is less than a ten-minute drive from Oak Creek in neighboring Woodbridge. Lakeside offers an extensive list of courses, athletic programs and extracurricular clubs. Students leave Lakeside with the confidence and knowledge they’ll need to succeed in high school and college.
Woodbridge High School: Woodbridge High School is a public high school located in the central Irvine neighborhood of Woodbridge. It is one of five public high schools in the Irvine Unified School District. The school offers fantastic academic and college-prep programs as well as exceptional art, music and athletic clubs. University High School: University High School is a ten-minute drive from Oak Creek in University Town Center. This public high school has about 2,600 pupils and offers top-rated academic and extracurricular programs. Students can choose to pursue their individual interests in one of the school’s many art, music or athletic clubs.
Mardan School: Mardan School offers an alternative education program for students of all ages. Mardan School operates under the belief that all students are unique and require individualized learning plans in order for them to succeed. The school aims to provide students with a positive and supportive community that they can rely on. Pacific Academy: Pacific Academy is a top-ranking private school located in Woodbridge. The school has middle school and high school programs as well as a Chinese immersion program for students from kindergarten through sixth grade. With its cross-disciplinary curriculum, Pacific Academy encourages students to explore their interests and discover new talents.

Real Estate

Oak Creek Housing 2020

The average list price for homes in Oak Creek is around $660,000 with an average of $484 per square foot, but there are some homes available for as low as 480,000. Oak Creek is a neighborhood mostly made up of renters, with only 43% of residents owning their home. Rent in Oak Creek costs an average of $2,800 a month for a two-bedroom unit.

Sale prices for houses have increased steadily over the past five years, however, the number of sales have been steadily decreasing. This trend is due to the higher number of renters in the area and not to the area’s popularity. Oak Creek is still considered in high demand with many people moving in to the neighborhood for its convenient location and vibrant community.

For those looking to sell in Oak Creek, houses tend to spend an average of two months on the market before selling at very close to the asking price.

Oak Creek Homes for Sale

Oak Creek homes consist of a variety of single family homes, condominiums, townhouses and apartments. The diverse community that makes up Oak Creek is directly reflected in the homes that are available. Apartment complexes are dotted around the neighborhood, offering deluxe apartments with exceptional amenities.

Most single family homes can be found around Dovecreek Park and Oak Creek Community Park. Housing is more affordable in Oak Creek than other parts of Irvine, with an average list price of $680,000. Renters in the neighborhood can expect to pay an average of $2,800 a month for a two-bedroom unit. Most home are two stories and have three to four bedrooms.

Those looking for a home in Oak Creek can choose from a huge range of styles. Many of the condominiums, townhouses and apartments feature distinct Mediterranean designs, while the family homes have a classic California feel.


Single Family Homes
Single family homes in Oak Creek are exceptionally well-designed. They feature classic California architecture with bright, modern interiors. Most homes are two stories and have two to three bedrooms, but there are larger homes available with up to five bedrooms.
New Construction
The Oak Creek community dates back to 1999, but the neighborhood is still continuing to be developed. New construction continues in Oak Creek, and the newest homes were built in 2018. These new homes include three to four bedroom single family homes, condominiums and townhouses.
Apartments in Oak Creek feature Mediterranean designs with influences coming from Spain and Italy. There are five major apartment complexes in Oak Creek, and each complex has its own distinct style. Most apartments are two-bedroom units, and residents can enjoy the numerous amenities and recreation centers that come included with rent.
One to three-bedroom condominiums are available to rent or purchase in Oak Creek. Each condominium comes with a private rear-entry garage for added convenience and privacy. Residents also enjoy private balconies or porches as well as well-organized interiors that maximize on space.
Oak Creek townhouses are similar to the condominiums, but they often have more bedrooms and more spacious interiors. The townhouses are attached home units and they feature either Mediterranean or classic California designs. As with the condominiums, all townhouses come with rear-entry garages as well as private porches or balconies.

Things to do

There’s always something to do in the bustling community of Oak Creek. The neighborhood is located in central Irvine, close to shopping centers, parks and the Irvine Valley College. Residents can go swimming and explore the outdoors, or relax with a day at the spa and a picnic. For art and music lovers, the local college campus offers a variety of theater productions, dance performances and art exhibitions for all to enjoy. Residents of Oak Creek are true nature lovers, and the neighborhood has its fair share of beautiful parks and scenic trails. Bike along Shady Canyon Trail, go golfing at Oak Creek Golf Club or relax at the community park. For those who want more of an adventure, Laguna Beach is a short 20-minute drive from the neighborhood with its breathtaking coastline and unique wilderness park. Apart from the outdoors, residents of Oak Creek can check out Woodbridge Village Center for some of the best shopping in town.
Golfing at Oak Creek Golf Club
Oak Creek is home to the prestigious Oak Creek Golf Club. The club features a scenic 18-hole course set amid the beautiful Irvine countryside. Members of the club also have access to the driving range, the luxurious spa and high-end dining areas.
San Diego Creek Trail
Enjoy a relaxing walk through Oak Creek along the scenic San Diego Creek Trail. The San Diego Creek runs through the neighborhood, and the Creek Trail allows residents to follow a pleasant path along the water. This is the perfect walk to help you unwind after a busy day.
Weekends at Oak Creek Community Park
Oak Creek Community Park in central Oak Creek is the perfect place for a family picnic or a game of pick-up. The park offers a variety of eight picnic tables, two playgrounds, two soccer fields and a baseball diamond. There are also eight barbecue areas, so you can pack prepared food or choose to grill your own.
Relax Lounge Reflexology
Head to Relax Lounge Reflexology for a luxuriously calming experience. The center offers the best foot massages in town at an affordable price. Whether you want an hour of body work or just a quick foot rub after a day of shopping, Relax Lounge Reflexology is the place to go.
Catch a show at Irvine Valley College Art Center
Oak Creek is home to Irvine Valley College, and their premier Art Center is not to be missed. Catch shows from rising student talent as well as a variety of professional touring artists. The Art Center offers theater and music productions, art exhibitions, dance performances and more.
Yoga at CorePower Yoga Studio
Residents of Oak Creek love sports and fitness, and that love is reflected in the high number of athletic fields and recreation centers throughout the neighborhood. Do what the locals do and start your day with a challenging and satisfying yoga class at CorePower Yoga in Woodbridge, the area’s favorite yoga studio.
Shopping at Woodbridge Village Center
Enjoy some serious retail therapy while staying close to home. With Woodbridge Village Center less than ten minutes away, Oak Creek is close to some of the best shopping. The shopping center features boutique shops as well as delicious cafes and restaurants.
Go swimming
Like in other Irvine neighborhoods, Oak Creek is home to many swimming pools. Residents of apartment complexes and gated communities have access to their own pools, but there are also numerous pools that are open to the public. Check out Falling Star Pool in Woodbridge, or take your children to a swimming lesson at local Waterworks Aquatic.
Ride a bike along Shady Canyon Trail
The Shady Canyon Trail is located just south of Oak Creek on the other side of the San Diego Freeway. Follow the trail through southern Irvine or take a shorter ride along the Quail Hill Loop trail. Enjoy the beautiful Irvine countryside and the local wildlife that calls it home.
Day trip to Laguna Beach
Residents of Oak Creek can take a last-minute day trip to Laguna Beach any day of the week. The Laguna Freeway runs along Oak Creek and allows residents be in Laguna Beach within 20 minutes. Go shopping, hike through the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park or just relax on the beach.


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