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ABOUT Midtown

Midtown is among Houston’s most dynamic mixed-use districts located between Downtown and the Museum District.

The neighborhood is a walkable urban community that is home to nearly 9,000 people. Characterized by skyscrapers and office buildings, Midtown lets residents enjoy the luxurious benefits of living in a culturally diverse area.

The area showcases a wide range of housing styles and designs, the most common of which are new construction townhomes within gated communities.

Demand for luxury apartments and condominiums in the area are still on the rise. There are also a number of single-family homes that range from traditional vintage houses to those with modern, contemporary influences.

Midtown is famous for its vibrant nightlife scene as the area is packed with eclectic bars and a wide array of restaurants. Besides clubbing, residents and guests here get to explore a plethora of options when it comes to recreation – whether that be yoga in the park, live music and concerts, or visiting art galleries and museums.

Midtown is a bustling business center that employs more than 5,000 people.

About 95% of employees here work in white-collar jobs. Nearly 60% are employed in private companies, and about 5% work in government.

The neighborhood has a high population of young professionals and a median age of 33. About 39% of adults in the area have a bachelor’s degree, while about 31% have a master’s degree or higher.

White residents make up about 59% of the neighborhood’s total population. This is followed by Hispanic residents accounting for about 15%, and African American residents accounting for 14%.

The median household income in the area is $81,239.


Vibrant nightlife
Great dining options
Family-friendly recreation
Diverse population
Dynamic community
Art and entertainment
Beautiful parks
Top-ranked schools

Natural Disasters

Midtown has had its share of damage from natural hazards like flooding, intense rainfall, and hurricanes, but it is among the neighborhoods that fare well when such events occur.

The majority of hurricanes and tropical storms occur in the neighborhood and in the Houston region from June 1 to November 30.

In the past, streets in and around the neighborhood were inundated by flood water and flooding also affected a number of public utilities.

There are no reports, however, of flooding or damage to homes.


Midtown is one of Houston’s most accessible neighborhoods as it is strategically located near major roads that include the South and Southwest Freeways and the Gulf Freeway.

Residents also have convenient access to the MetroRail line and bus lines that get them to major employment hubs. The majority of the residents in the area drive their own cars to get to their offices. Others walk, ride a bicycle, or take public transportation.

Driving from Midtown to Downtown Houston takes only about 7 minutes. Bus rides for the same route may take about 25 to 31 minutes.

Crime Rate

Midtown is among the communities in Houston with crime ratings that fare better compared to other neighborhoods in the area.

Overall, the crime rate in the neighborhood is about 2,014 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 22% lower than the national average. Midtown is safer than about 45% of communities in Texas.

Violent crime rate in the area is about 410 per 100,000 residents. This rate is about 8% higher than the national average.

Property crime happens more often in the neighborhood at a rate of about 27% lower than the national average.

One has a 1 in 50 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Midtown.



Homes in Midtown are zoned to the Houston Independent School District.

As the largest school district in Texas, the HISD manages 283 schools serving about 213,000 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Home to multi-award winning National Blue Ribbon Schools and IB World Schools, the district has been recognized for prioritizing personalized learning approaches that motivate students to achieve success in academics and athletics.

Students here benefit from rigorous academic programs and a wide array of extracurricular activities that help them develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

The district is known for promoting diversity, with Hispanic students making up about 62% of the total student population. African American students account for about 24%, while White Students make up about 9%.

HISD has received a Met Standard rating from the Texas Education Agency. In 2018, the district had a graduation rate of 80.9%. It also rose to fame as the two-time winner of the Broad Prize – an award given to recognize the district’s impressive gains in student achievement.


Henry F. MacGregor Elementary School: Serving about 550 students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, the Henry F. MacGregor Elementary School is a magnet school for Science and Music that promotes a strong academic environment where learners build their confidence and discipline. The school’s comprehensive program includes classes in general music, orchestra, guitar, band, violin, and piano. Blackshear Elementary School: Located in nearby Holman Street, the Blackshear Elementary School serves about 494 students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. The school encourages a dynamic learning community where families are empowered to take an active part in the children’s education. The school offers gifted and talented programs, special education programs, and bilingual programs for students.
Gregory -Lincoln Education Center: The Gregory-Lincoln Education Center serves about 726 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The school offers a magnet program for the creative and performing arts that helps students hone their skills in art, dance, band, choir and general music, theater, piano, and culinary arts. The school also has sports classes that cover football, basketball, track and volleyball, and cheerleading. Young Scholars Academy for Excellence: The Young Scholars Academy for Excellence is a public, charter school serving about 175 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The school is well-known for a comprehensive curriculum that highlights the importance of family involvement in the students’ over-all success. Extracurricular activities include classes in dance, basketball, art, creative writing, and mad science.
Houston Academy for International Studies: The Houston Academy for International Studies is a public, magnet school that serves about 487 students in grades 9 to 12. The school is committed to nurturing personalized learning environments where students are empowered to take ownership of their education and contribute to the global community. Students here benefit from interactive learning experiences that prepare them for college and the real world. Students also get opportunities to earn an Associate’s degree while in high school. Lamar High School: The Lamar High School serves more than 3,300 students in grades 9 to 12. Home to the Lamar Texans, the school rose to fame because of its rigorous athletic programs that train student-athletes who have made significant achievements in the world of high school sports. It is also an IB World School that is committed to help students become global thinkers and achievers.
Annunciation Orthodox School: The Annunciation Orthodox School serves about 684 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The school is committed to a curriculum that helps students develop strong character, resilience, and empathy. The challenging environment encourages students to take risks in developing their unique strengths and abilities. The school also offers athletics classes that cover baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and football, among others. St. Stephen’s Episcopal School: Serving about 225 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School is known for its dynamic curriculum that focuses on experiential learning experiences that motivate students to take a deeper look into the world. Students here benefit from programs that nurture their creativity and curiosity, while also training them to be leaders who serve their communities.

Real Estate

Midtown Housing 2020

The real estate market in Midtown continues to boom as investors and homeseekers are drawn to the neighborhood’s ideal location and diverse range of housing options.

The median home value in Midtown is $308,847. This represents an increase of 27.6% from the median home value of $242,000 recorded in 2014. Between 2015 and 2016, the median home value in the area grew by 3.2%, from $308,000 to $318,000.

In 2019, the median sales price of homes in the area was $319,000. This was a growth of 36.3% from the median sales price of $234,000 recorded in 2010. Between 2014 and 2015, the median sales price of homes in the area rose by 8.6%, from $321,000 to $348,500.

In 2019, the median sales price per square foot in the area was $188. This was an increase of 20.5% from the median sales price per square foot of $156 recorded in 2013.

Midtown Homes for Sale

Midtown is a bustling mixed-use neighborhood that is home to a wide variety of housing options.

The neighborhood is home to more than 4,000 housing units. About 88% of the properties in the area are renter-occupied.

The majority of homes in the area were built in 1939 or earlier. There are also significant numbers of properties that were built between 2000 and 2009, and from 2010 to the present.

Newly constructed multi-level townhomes and luxury condominiums are dominating the housing scene in Midtown. Most of the area’s townhomes are located within gated communities and sit on lots with sizes that range from 1,500 to about 3,000 square feet.

There are also a number of single family homes in Midtown that feature a variety of housing styles and designs – from traditional and patio homes to those that reflect modern and contemporary influences.

Midtown also features high-rise buildings and affluent apartments that showcase luxurious amenities.

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Things to do

Midtown is one of Houston’s most culturally diverse areas, and thousands of tourists visit this sought after place to discover its artistic complexes, lively nightlife, diverse shopping, and exquisite restaurants. Nightlife in this neighborhood is unlike any other - it’s the perfect place to be for those who love parties and clubbing. From eclectic dance clubs to crazy dive bars, there are a plethora of options for beers, cocktails, and nights of fun and play. The area is also famous for top-notch brunch places and trendy restaurants that showcase the best of comfort foods, a wide selection of vegan treats, and fresh and unique dishes. Fans of live music will not get enough of the neighborhood’s hotspots that showcase world-renowned artists. You would not want to miss the best shows that feature both local and famous bands. There are also a number of beautiful parks for nature lovers who yearn to explore green spaces and unwind with scenery. As for shopping, the area features a wide array of vintage and antique finds.
Midtown is the place to be for those who do not want to run out of options when it comes to chill spots, specialty cocktails, beer, and tasty food. This famous beer garden is a crowd-favorite because of its expansive patio, eclectic mix of art, and a curated selection of 25 craft beers on tap. Axelrad also features delicious cocktails, a grove of hammocks, live music, comedy shows, and movie screenings. The Alley Kat Bar & Lounge, meanwhile, is for those who wish to dance the night away.
Little Saigon
Midtown is home to Houston’s Little Miss Saigon and is famous for showcasing the best of Vietnamese eateries. Mai’s Restaurant is a must-try for those who love late night pho and spring rolls. Les Givral’s, meanwhile, is also an excellent choice for fans of banh mi.
Midtown is home to Houston’s top-notch brunch places for those who wish to have delicious mornings. The Breakfast Klub is critically-acclaimed because of its award-winning comfort foods that include chicken and waffles, and bacon and eggs. Weights + Measures, meanwhile, features a bakeshop that is sought after for its best-tasting rosemary garlic rolls, cranberry walnut bread, fresh croissants, cinnamon rolls and many more.
Midtown is strategically located near premier shopping centers in Downtown Houston but residents here need not go far to look for quality vintage and antique goods. Those who are looking for vintage home decor should head to the Adkins Architectural Antiques. The Tinderbox Craft Collective, meanwhile, showcases art and craft items from local artists.
Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston
Those who wish to enjoy spectacular performances should catch a show at the Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MATCH). The 60,000-square foot complex brings together Houston’s finest performing and visual arts groups that deliver the best of dance, comedy, and musical shows.
Continental Club
Fans of an eclectic range of live music should not miss a night at the Continental Club. Here is where residents and guests check out up and coming local bands or be amazed at world-renowned artists that include the likes of U2, the El Orbits, and Shelly King.
Fire Museum
This museum is the perfect place to be for families and friends who wish to get a deeper understanding of the remarkable work that firefighters do everyday. The museum pays tribute to the legacy of firemen through exhibits that showcase antique fire service artifacts and educational activities that tackle the importance of fire and life safety.
Station Museum of Contemporary Art
Residents and guests who want to get in touch with their artistic side should not miss the Station Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum gained popularity because of exhibits that highlight social, political, and economic content. The museum showcases the works of local, national, and international artists that have made big statements and social campaigns.


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