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ABOUT Asiatown

Asiatown, alternatively spelled AsiaTown, is one of Cleveland’s most historic residential areas.

Formerly referred to as Chinatown, Asiatown has a long history that stretches back to the 1860s. This neighborhood is home to many Chinese Americans, but many other ethnic backgrounds from Asia are also present here.

This neighborhood was renamed in 2006 to more inclusively represent the neighborhood’s inhabitants, seeing as this Cleveland neighborhood is home to around 1,200 residents from a variety of walks of life.

Located between Downtown Cleveland and the neighborhood of Goodrich-Kirtland Park, Asiatown’s location can be seen as being considerably favorable, namely when it comes to commuting between central and eastern parts of Cleveland.

In addition to having a particularly diverse population, Asiatown is also known for having a great nightlife scene. Of course, this neighborhood has a strong emphasis on culture, which can be seen through Asiatown’s popular events, annual festivals, local art and theater scene, and many restaurants throughout the neighborhood.

Home to around 1,200 people, 54% of residents are male and 46% are female.

An estimated 33% of Asiatown residents are of Asian descent, and another 26% of the neighborhood’s population is African American. 21% of the population identifies as White, and 15% of residents are Hispanic or Latino. The remaining 5% of residents are of other ethnic backgrounds.

22% of residents hold an associate’s degree or have some level of college education, while 15% of residents hold a bachelor’s degree. Another 16% of residents have a master’s degree or above.

The estimated median household income of this neighborhood is $21K, and 61% of residents earn under $25K annually.


Attractive location
Rich history
Culturally diverse
Great local restaurants
Various nearby venues
Convenient location
Multiple nearby schools
Great nightlife scene

Natural Disasters

Asiatown’s associated earthquake index is 3.17. This number tracks considerably higher than Ohio’s index of 0.16 and the U.S. index of 1.81. Seeing as the surrounding area has a high probability of earthquake activity, residents would be wise to look out for occasional tremors.

The local tornado index also indicates Asiatown is at risk for tornado activity and high winds. As is common for this part of Ohio, thunderstorms and windstorms are seasonal occurrences that are known to cause significant amounts of property damage.

For reference, January brings with it the highest risk of critical winter storms like blizzards, serious snowfall, and ice storms taking place.


Over 20% of residents in this part of Cleveland report an estimated daily travel time of 25 minutes, and about 60% of other residents have travel times of 20 minutes or less.

Immediately accessible local roadways include E. 22nd Street and Rockwell Avenue, in addition to Payne Avenue. Interstate 90 conveniently runs north and west of Asiatown, and Euclid Avenue can be accessed a short distance south of the neighborhood. Interstate 77 and Interstate 490 are also farther south of the neighborhood.

It takes about 5 minutes to reach Downtown Cleveland by car from Asiatown, and Burke Lakefront Airport is about a 10 minute commute northwest of the neighborhood.

Crime Rate

At 4,807.43, Asiatown’s estimated crime index has a higher crime index than both Ohio’s average and the U.S. average.

Asiatown’s crime rates stack as about average compared to all Cleveland neighborhoods. The violent crime rate per 1,000 residents is estimated at 14.56, and the property crime rate per 1,000 is about 44.32.

The odds of being targeted of a violent crime in Asiatown are 1 in 70, and the likelihood of experiencing a property crime are 1 in 23.

The hate crime index is 21.78, which is lower than both Ohio’s index of 32 and the U.S. index of 23.78.



Because Asiatown students live in an eastern part of Cleveland, students in this neighborhood are served by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, or Cleveland MSD. Formerly titled the Cleveland Municipal School District, this school district is considered one of the largest in the state, seeing as it spans 80 square miles.

As reports, campuses in this school district are especially praised for their athletic programming, and many local campuses have AP programming, a focus on college preparatory programs, and notably highly rated athletic extracurricular activities. Although Cleveland MSD has had a turbulent past, this district is taking continued steps to further encourage its campuses to improve their student academic achievement levels.

Considering that this district has around 110 campuses that altogether educate an estimated 40,000 students across Cleveland’s residential areas, Asiatown students are within short driving distance of multiple Cleveland MSD campuses.

Additionally, Asiatown students have the option to attend nearby private schools and well-rated religious campuses.


Campus International School: Campus International School is a public magnet school that educates around 720 students throughout grades kindergarten-8. This campus has a diverse student population and a reported average student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1. State test scores indicate that 57% of this campus’s students are at least proficient in math and 65% of students are at least proficient in reading. Daniel E. Morgan School: Daniel E. Morgan School is a pre-kindergarten-8 campus in Cleveland MSD. This campus is located 10 minutes east of Asiatown and also reports an average 19 to 1 student-teacher ratio. To give an idea of the socioeconomic diversity of this campus’s 250 students, 99% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches.
Clark School: Clark School is located just 10 minutes southwest of Asiatown. This well-rated Cleveland MSD campus educates 580 students across grades pre-kindergarten-8. As state test scores show, this school’s students score exceedingly well on math and reading tests, and this campus also has a notably diverse population and well-rated teachers. Paul L. Dunbar School: Paul L. Dunbar School is a pre-kindergarten-8 campus in Cleveland MSD that is located roughly 11 minutes southwest of Asiatown. This campus reports a student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1, and a little under 400 students attend this campus. Paul L. Dunbar School is among the most diverse middle schools in Ohio, as reports.
MC2 STEM High School: MC2 STEM High School is one a 9-12 campus conveniently located about 3 miles west of Asiatown, next to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for quick reference. This campus has over 400 diverse students across its grade levels and reports a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. This STEM high school also has an impressive health and safety record. Invictus High School: Invictus High School is conveniently about a 5 minute drive south of Asiatown, seeing as this campus is right outside of the neighborhood’s borders. Invictus High School is a public charter school that educates around 420 students across grades 9-12 and is especially notable for its impressive teachers, administration, and health and safety records.
Beaumont School: Beaumont School is situated about 6 miles east of Asiatown. This private all-girls Cataholic campus is rated by to be the #6 best Catholic high school in the Cleveland area. 100% of this campus’s graduates later attend a 4-year college program. This school educates around 340 students, and the campus’s student-teacher ratio averages at 11 to 1. Ruffing Montessori School: Ruffing Montessori School is a Montessori campus that educates around 335 students throughout grades pre-kindergarten-8. Located 7 miles away from Asiatown, the student-teacher ratio of this school is exceedingly low at 8 to 1, and this campus focuses on play-based curriculum and a hands-on approach to learning. Benedictine High School: Benedictine High School is about a 15 minute commute southeast of Asiatown. This all-boys Catholic school is one of the top Catholic campuses in Cleveland, as reports. With overall impressive academic records, diversity, and clubs and activities, this established campus educates around 350 students and has a 11 to 1 student-teacher ratio.

Real Estate

Asiatown Housing 2020

One factor that influences Asiatown’s real estate market is that the vast majority of properties in Asiatown are rented properties. Asiatown properties can be expected to sell after about 40 days on the market.

Specifically to this Cleveland neighborhood, a reported 670 properties are worth under $50K. Another 380 pieces of Asiatown real estate range between $50K-$100K. From there, an estimated 45 properties are worth between $100K-$150K, and almost 90 other properties range greatly between $250K-$300k.

More expensive properties can also be found, seeing as about 50 pieces of real estate in the neighborhood range between $300K-$400K, and about 75 other properties are priced widely between $750K-$1 million.

Between January 2016 and January 2019, the median home value in Cleveland showed little fluctuation, which indicates that Cleveland has a stable real estate market. This means Asiatown real estate can be considered to be a less risky investment than real estate in other U.S. neighborhoods.

Asiatown Homes for Sale

97% of properties in this part of Cleveland are rented residences, so just 3% of Asiatown’s housing options are owner-occupied properties. The vacancy rate in Asiatown varies a good deal and generally tracks high, specifically around 20%.

The bulk of housing options in this Cleveland neighborhood is made up of 1-2 bedroom apartments, and the second most common type of residence in Asiatown is 3-4 bedroom apartments, which is especially notable considering that this area has a small number of detached family homes, a trend that is uncommon among other Cleveland neighborhoods.

Many housing options in Asiatown were constructed after 1939 and through 1969, with properties built between 1970-1999 coming in second in terms of being the most prevalent. Little to no properties in the neighborhood have been built after the turn of the 21st century.

In terms of price ranges, properties in this area of Cleveland generally fall below national averages, and rent trends fluctuate a good deal year-over-year.


Single Family Homes
Although single family homes are not commonly listed on the market in this area of Cleveland, detached properties may still be found around an average price point of $48K. Properties consisting of around 1,300 square feet may be priced around $50K, while other more favorably located or more recently built family homes can be priced around $140K.
There are little to no attached properties in this area of Cleveland, so it’s a rare occasion when a condo is on the market. To give an idea of price range, a 2 bedroom condo consisting of around 1,800 square feet may be priced over $200K. That said, other condos in the area can stretch into the $480K area.
The average cost of a 1 bedroom apartment in Asiatown comes in at $1,400 per month. Apartments with 2 bedroom layouts average at $1,970 per month, and these apartments have an average size of 1,300 square feet. Even larger 3 bedroom apartments average at 1,800 square feet and have an average monthly rent of $2,750.

Things to do

Catching a performance at a top-rated theatre, sampling food from around the world, visiting iconic Cleveland museums, and enjoying Lake Erie’s beautiful scenery and refreshing waters are only a few of the many options available to Asiatown residents. By having such close proximity to Downtown Cleveland and University Circle, Asiatown has a location that lends itself perfectly to providing its residents with many things to do that attract visitors to Cleveland from around the world. For example, venues like the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the Çhildren’s Museum of Cleveland, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History are all within convenient driving distance of residents. Additionally, well-rated restaurants, parks, and shopping areas are also abundantly available to visitors of Asiatown and the neighborhood’s residents. This area of Cleveland is rich in locally-owned shops, trendy boutiques, nighttime hotspots, and various hidden gems that give Cleveland its reputation for being a vibrant, diverse, and exciting city to call home.
Catch a baseball game at Progressive Field
Home to the Cleveland Indians baseball team, Progressive Field is also one of the oldest ballparks in Major League Baseball. Besides regular seating options, this ballpark also features standing room options for its visitors and traditional baseball food vendors. Baseball games at this field are sure to make for a fun and exciting outing.
Sample the best local cuisine
Asiatown residents are in a prime location when it comes to finding authentic and highly rated restaurants. Venues like Han Chinese Kabob & Grill, Szechuan Gourmet, Li Wah, Superior Pho, and Wonton Gourmet & BBQ are several of the many local venues that have won awards in Cleveland and are routinely recommended for tourists and locals alike to check out for themselves.
Visit the Asian Plaza
The Asian Plaza is a local venue that packs a big punch. This park is home to the annual Asian Festival, which features incredible food from local vendors, live performances, and high-energy entertainment. Referred to as the heart of Cleveland’s Asian community, this plaza also features a variety of shops and various restaurants.
Visit the Children’s Museum of Cleveland
Located just south of Asiatown’s borders is the Children’s Museum of Cleveland, where the whole family can enjoy an enriching outing. This venue houses Adventure City, which is a 2-story playground with multiple themed play areas. The Wonder Lab is another area where children can enjoy multiple interactive exhibits, and puppet shows are also on the schedule for this venue.
Check out the Cleveland Cultural Gardens
Located just 3 miles east of the neighborhood, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens are about 10 acres of lush, scenic land that is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. This Cleveland location features plantlife from around the world, includes peaceful walkways, and provides the option to get close and personal with birds, caterpillars, and butterflies indiginous to Cleveland.
Catch a show at a local theater
Asiatown is located within a short driving distance of iconic Cleveland performing arts theaters, including Maltz Performing Arts Center, Karamu Performing Arts Theatre, Playhouse Square, Hanna Theatre, Mimi Ohio Theatre, and Allen Theatre. These locations have stunning interiors, and with so many shows happening in this part of Cleveland year-round, odds are that there’s a live performance taking place soon.
Browse the Cleveland Museum of Art
The Cleveland Museum of Art routinely is included among the best art museums in the country, and this venue also attracts a good deal of international visitors. This venue houses over 61,000 works, including art by Andy Warhol, Monet, and statues from Ancient Greece. Even casual visitors who aren’t art fanatics can appreciate this venue’s wide appeal.
Spend time at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has a wide collection of rotating exhibits, so this museum changes with the seasons. This venue attracts history buffs from all over the world and houses over 4,000 human, primate, and dinosaur specimens. This museum hosts regular fun events throughout the week and is home to a planetarium, an observatory, and a restaurant.


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