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ABOUT South Collinwood

South Collinwood is an eastern Cleveland neighborhood particularly known for its affordability, convenient location, and family-friendly community.

Around 50% of households in this neighborhood have children, and the median resident age is estimated at 36.4. Schools in this corner of Cleveland are respectable, and many fun attractions in the neighborhood are great for all ages.

South Collinwood has a suburban atmosphere, and many parks in the area give this neighborhood a refreshing feel. Also, commuting to and from South Collinwood is a simple undertaking thanks to nearby roadways.

Although South Collinwood doesn’t appear to be one of Clevleand’s most diverse neighborhoods at first glance, the neighborhood is a minority-majority part of the city. With low rent trends and affordable housing options, South Collinwood appeals to people from a range of socioeconomic statuses and walks of life.

With this information in mind, it’s easy to see how South Collinwood attracts many families and young professionals alike.

TOP South Collinwood HIGHLIGHTS

Low cost of living
Family-friendly atmosphere
Many local parks
Nearby schools
Simple commutes
Culturally rich neighborhood
Affordable housing options
Great for young professionals

Natural Disasters

Based on historic trends and recorded events, this area of Ohio is especially susceptible to floods. South Collinwood residents are in close proximity to Lake Erie, and combined with high annual precipitation levels, there’s a high risk of flood conditions.

About 25% of recorded weather events that hit this area between 1950 and 2010 were critical hail storms. Also, about 50% of damaging weather events were thunderstorms and wind storms.

In this part of the country, supercell thunderstorms and weather moving in from Lake Erie may result in tornado activity. For reference, over 40 tornados recorded at magnitudes of 2 or higher hit this area between 1950 and 2010.


Almost 40% of residents in this area of Cleveland have estimated commute times of 20 minutes or less. Meanwhile, another 40% report daily travel times range between 25-35 minutes.

Interstate 90 can be quickly accessed just north of South Collinwood. Also, Interstate 271 is found east of the neighborhood and makes commuting around Cleveland relatively convenient.

St. Clair Avenue largely divides the neighborhood from North Collinwood. Euclid Avenue is another well-connected roadway that residents can reach a short distance south of the neighborhood.

For longer distance travel, Cuyahoga County Airport is roughly 6 miles east. Meanwhile, Downtown Cleveland is 8 miles southwest of South Collinwood.

Crime Rate

South Collinwood’s local crime rates are 42% over Cleveland’s average and 222% higher than the country’s average.

The local violent crime rate is 440% over the national average. While South Collinwood’s violent crime rate per 100K people tracks at 2,056, Cleveland’s same rate is 1,450 and Ohio’s rate is 280.

Property crime rates are 184% higher than the country’s average. The local property crime rate per 100K residents is 6,256. This higher than Cleveland’s rate of 4,412 and roughly triple Ohio’s rate.

South Collinwood residents have an estimated 1 in 13 chance of experiencing a crime. This neighborhood is considered safer than 11% of Ohio’s residential areas.


SCHOOLS IN South Collinwood

Public schools in South Collinwood are a part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which is one of the largest districts in Ohio. With over 40,000 students enrolled across its campuses, Cleveland MSD has one of the most ethnically and economically diverse student populations in the state.

Local public schools generally have average class sizes and student-teacher ratios of 15 to 1. State test scores indicate roughly 30% of students are proficient in reading and math, and gifted and talented programs are offered by Cleveland MSD schools. Also, the district’s athletics programs are well-rated, and various other student extracurricular activities are offered by schools.


East Clark Elementary School is a local pre-kindergarten-8 campus within Cleveland MSD. Other nearby elementary schools include Memorial School and Oliver H. Perry Elementary School, which are also pre-kindergarten-8 campuses. These schools rank about average for Cleveland MSD campuses and have average student-teacher ratios around 17 to 1.
Because Cleveland MSD structures its elementary schools to include higher grade levels, public campuses that serve only middle grades along are few and far between. That said, Hannah Gibbons-Nottingham Elementary educates grades pre-kindergarten-9. Also, Kenneth W. Clement Boys Leadership Academy is a local all-boys magnet school that serves grades pre-kindergarten-8.
New Tech Collinwood High School is the neighborhood’s top 9-12 campus. Ginn Academy, another 9-12 school, is also within South Collinwood’s borders. Ohio’s graduation rate is 84%, and the local graduation rate is 75%. The district’s high schools report an average ACT score of 21 and an SAT score of 1030.
South Collinwood has several private schools, such as East Academy. This kindergarten-8 charter school is tuition-free and has many extracurricular activities for students. Another kindergarten-8 charter school is Lake Erie College Preparatory. Private religious campuses like Saint Mary of the Assumption are also short commutes away for local students.

Real Estate

South Collinwood Housing 2020

The estimated median property value in South Collinwood is about $53K, which is decidedly under the national average. On average, properties in the neighborhood sell after around 100 days.

Specifically, about 47% of properties in this Cleveland neighborhood are valued under $50K. From there, another 42% of South Collinwood real estate varies between $50K-$100K.

Meanwhile, 8% of properties in the neighborhood range more widely between $100K-$200K. About 1% of South Collinwood properties are even more expensive and vary between $200K-$400K. From there, an estimated 2% of real estate in this neighborhood is valued at $750K or higher.

The reported median price per square foot in South Collinwood is $26. Because there is usually an even mix of buyers and sellers in this real estate market, South Collinwood is considered a balanced market. Trends indicate that South Collinwood properties are typically sold for about 15% below asking price, with the sale-to-list price ratio being about 85%.

South Collinwood Homes for Sale

South Collinwood housing options are largely affordable and diverse. 40% of residences in the neighborhood are owner-occupied properties, and 60% of residences are rentals.

Because most residents live in rentals, rental prices are of note. To give general idea, the median monthly rent in South Collinwood is $740. At 83%, the vast majority of rentals in the neighborhood range between $500-$1,000 per month. Another 9% are more affordable and priced under $500 per month. About 8% of rentals range between $1,000-$1,500 per month.

For reference, attached properties are rare in this part of Cleveland. The majority of housing options are either family homes or apartment buildings.


Single Family Homes
Family homes are one of the most common housing types in South Collinwood. The vast majority of detached properties in the neighborhood have 1-2 bedrooms, and price points for these residences are usually under $50K. Houses with 3 bedrooms or more can generally be found for around $75K.
New Construction
Few properties were built after the turn of the 21st century in South Collinwood. However, the neighborhood’s newly built properties tend to be more affordable than recently constructed properties in other Cleveland neighborhoods. New residences can be priced around $75K-$100K, with few properties reaching amounts closer to the $250K range.
1 bedroom apartment layouts in South Collinwood start around $550 per month. 2-3 bedroom apartment layouts can run for around $850 per month. Other sought-after apartments in South Collinwood can reach costs around $1,000 per month. Few larger apartments in the neighborhood are priced over the $1,000 mark.
There are a small number of attached properties in this area of Cleveland. 1-2 bedroom condominiums can be expected to go for less than $50K. 3 bedroom condominiums tend to start around $50K-$65K. Additionally, South Collinwood attached properties with 4 or more bedrooms may be found for around $100K-$125K.
Although there is little recent construction in South Collinwood, there are lots of land available for new development. Small lots can start around low prices of $5K, but it’s more common for lots to be worth around $20K-$40K in this part of Cleveland.

Things to do

South Collinwood has many locally-owned and operated restaurants and places of interest that make for excellent outings. Plus, local parks and reserves mean enjoying some fresh air is always a convenient option for residents.This neighborhood’s family-friendly venues range from playgrounds to indoor sports complexes. Whether playing basketball, baseball, or volleyball sounds ideal, a nearby sports area is sure to fit the bill.Enjoying scenic sites is easy in South Collinwood, seeing as outdoor areas like RJ Taylor Park, Euclid Creek Park, and the Euclid Creek itself can all be found in this neighborhood.Additionally, local museums and the neighborhood’s library branch offer even more enriching activities.
Visit the Cleveland Public Library - Collinwood Branch
The Cleveland Public Library - Collinwood branch is a conveniently located and welcoming library. Established back in 1869, this library regularly offers public events and classes alongside an impressive selection of books and movies. This public library has great seating areas to enjoy curling up with a good book, and its service is exceptional.
Enjoy the weather at local parks
There are multiple small and well-maintained parks scattered throughout South Collinwood. That said, there’s likely an outdoor area nearby no matter the location within the neighborhood. Graphite-Bronze Park and RJ Taylor Park are both popular venues for young families and joggers. Additionally, Euclid Creek Park can be found in the neighborhood’s northernmost corner.
Take the family to Neo Sports Plant
Found just northeast of the neighborhood is NEO Sports Plant, a highly rated sports complex perfect for a day trip. This venue has a number of indoor sports areas, including sand volleyball, basketball, and axe throwing. The staff is welcoming and helpful, and a stocked bar means the whole family can have a great time.
Walk along Euclid Creek
Euclid Creek can be found in South Collinwood’s northern area, where the creek makes its way through Euclid Creek Park. This treelined creek is roughly 2.5 miles long, and its clear paths makes it a great choice for a nice outdoor excursion without straying too far from South Collinwood.
Shop around the Farmer’s Market
Found along 15000 Woodworth Avenue, this neighborhood’s Farmer’s Market is highly rated among both residents and visitors. This charming local attraction is a great choice for supporting local businesses. Small businesses and venders gather at South Collinwood’s Farmer’s Market to set up temporary booths and showcase their products that range from farm fresh vegetables to baked goods.
Make a trip to Euclid Creek Reservation
The Euclid Creek Reservation is situated just east of South Collinwood. This clean and scenic reservation includes walking trails and sports areas. Visitors are welcome to swim or fish at this nearby reservation, and multiple picnic areas mean there’s plenty of shaded seating. This outdoor venue is also ideal for seasonal sports like sledding.
Enjoy locally-owned restaurants
South Collinwood is home to many restaurants that serve authentic dishes. For example, Original Grill has a classic homestyle menu and vibrant flavors, and Bourbon and Bones The Smokehouse has tasty BBQ options. Harold’s Kitchen Soul Food Cafe features a wide selection of classic comfort foods. Meanwhile, Lady Luck MTS Bar & Grill serves traditional pub fair alongside tasty drinks.
Learn local history at the Euclid Historical Museum
The Euclid Historical Museum is a short drive away for South Collinwood residents looking to learn more about the area’s history. This small museum is well organized and preserves the area’s history through multiple exhibits and charming displays. The museum’s knowledgeable staff makes getting familiar with the area’s history a pleasure.

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