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ABOUT Hingetown

Hingetown is found within Ohio City, a neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. Situated at the cross-section of Gordon Square Arts District, the Warehouse District, and Ohio City’s Market District, Hingetown attracts many young professionals, families, and liberal-leaning residents.

As a part of Ohio City, Hingetown has a population of about 10,000 residents. Like many other areas of Cleveland, Hingetown has a diverse population both ethnically speaking and in terms of economic status.

Hingetown is known for being within short distance of Lake Erie’s shore, multiple municipal parks, and multiple small shops and quirky stores. Residents frequent top rated restaurants, and this area is also known for historic locations, breweries, and its art scene.

Because of factors like Hingetown’s attractive location, convenient commute times, and its wide range of local attractions and entertainment options, Niche.com rates this residential area as being one of the best parts of Cleveland to live in, which is high praise that is well earned.

Hingetown, a part of Ohio City, has a population of around 10,000 residents.

25% of residents have some college education or have earned an associate’s degree. Another 17% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, and a reported 15% of residents have a master’s degree or higher.

41% of the neighborhood’s residents are White, and 35% of the population is African American. 18% of residents identify as Hispanic, and another 2% of the population is of Asian descent. About 5% of residents are biracial or multiracial.

The estimated median household income of this neighborhood is $38K. Specifically, 46% of residents make under $25K annually, and 30% make between $25K-$75K.


Convenient location
Trendy atmosphere
Historic venues
Great local restaurants
Various retail options
Liberal population
Affordable cost of living
Diverse population

Natural Disasters

Hingetown’s surrounding area has an earthquake index of 0.59, which is less than half of the U.S. index. However, this number shows there is a considerably higher chance of experiencing earthquake activity here compared to other areas of Ohio.

Based on historic trends, Hingetown’s tornado index scores around 220, which is higher than Ohio’s index of 156.02 and the U.S. index of 136.45. This data means serious windstorms and tornado activity are commonplace.

Additionally, thunderstorms account for almost 2/3 of critical weather events that were recorded in the area between 1950 to 2010. Blizzards, hailstorms, and damaging winter weather are also worries for residents.


About 20% of residents report an average commute of 20 minutes, and about 30% of residents report shorter daily travel times. Additionally, another 50% of the neighborhood’s residents have commute times over the 25 minute mark.

Interstate 490 can be accessed south of Hingetown, and Interstate 90 runs east and south of the neighborhood. Detroit Avenue can be accessed on the neighborhood’s eastern side. W 25th Street, Carnegie Avenue, Fulton Road, and Cleveland Memorial Shoreway are several conveniently accessed and frequented local roadways.

It takes less than 10 minutes to reach Burke Lakefront Airport from Hingetown, and Downtown Cleveland is also about a 6 minute drive from the neighborhood.

Crime Rate

Hingetown’s crime rates track higher than the national average. For additional reference, the year-over-year crime rate in the area has shown a decrease of 16%.

Hingetown’s total crime rate per 100K people is estimated to be 5,113, which is under Cleveland’s estimate of 5,861, though higher than Ohio’s estimate of 2,457.

The violent crime rate per 100K residents is 1,265, which is under Cleveland’s average of 1,450. The property crime rate associated with Hingetown is also 3,849 per 100K residents, which is under Cleveland’s estimate of 4,412.

Northern and western parts of Hingetown tend to have lower crime rates than southern areas.


SCHOOLS IN Hingetown

Although Hingetown is a small residential area within Ohio City, Hingetown students are still within short commuting distance of great public and private schools.

Directed by the mayor of Cleveland, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District services the bulk of Cleveland students and educates around 40,000 students across the city’s neighborhoods. Spanning almost 80 square miles, this district is ranked as the 2nd largest school system in Ohio and is headed by a school board that actively takes steps to further improve the district.

Previously known as Cleveland Municipal School District, Cleveland MSD includes 68 pre-kindergarten-8 campuses and also has 39 9-12 high school campuses. To give a general idea of what to expect when considering this district’s campuses, Cleveland MSD schools are generally known for having diverse student populations, great athletic programming, respectable health and safety standings, and favorably rated teachers.

Students in Hingetown also are welcome to attend nearby religious campuses and other private institutions in surrounding areas.


Paul L Dunbar Elementary School: Paul L Dunbar Elementary School is a local campus that educates around 390 students across grades pre-kindergarten-8. This campus’s students score favorably on state tests, and Niche.com reports that this public school has one of the most diverse student populations in the state. Marion C. Selzer Elementary School: Marion C. Selzer Elementary is a pre-kindergarten-9 school in Cleveland MSD that has a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1 and around 415 students. Although it’s common for this district’s schools to be diverse, Niche.com ranks this campus in the top bracket of schools across the state in terms of diversity. Teachers here are also notably hardworking and involved.
Clark School: Clark Elementary School is situated less than 10 minutes south of Hingetown. This campus serves grades pre-kindergarten-8 and has around 580 enrolled students. With a below-average student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, this campus maintains a solid academic achievement record and has highly rated teachers and staff, as Niche.com reports. Walton School: According to Niche.com, Walton School exemplifies how diverse student populations are in Cleveland Metropolitan School District. This campus is located about 5 minutes south of Hingetown and reports an average 16 to 1 student-teacher ratio, and this school’s smaller class sizes lend themselves well to teachers providing students at all grade levels with individual attention.
Lincoln-West High School: Lincoln West High School is found a short distance south of Hingetown. This campus educates around 340 students across grades 9-12 and is especially highly rated by Niche.com reviewers due to the school’s excellent clubs and student activities, in addition to the school’s notably diverse student population, solid academic standing, and overall high quality. Garrett Morgan School of Science: Garrett Morgan School of Science is a public high school situated a short distance west of Hingetown. This 9-12 campus educates around 220 students and is especially notable for its small class sizes, well-qualified teachers, and respectable health and safety records. This school has a 75% graduation rate and an average 11% AP enrollment rate among students. Cleveland High School for the Digital Arts: Cleveland High School for the Digital Arts is a public 9-12 campus within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. This campus educates around 320 students and has an average 14 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Students have a range of clubs and activities they are welcome to participate in, and this campus also maintains a respectable health and safety record.
Saint Ignatius High School: Saint Ignatius High School is a private Catholic campus based in Ohio City, so Hingetown students can enjoy short commutes to this top-rated all-boys campus, which reports an average 100% graduation rate, high student SAT scores, and impressive ACT scores as well. Students and parents specifically applaud this school’s athletics programming and college preparatory programs. Metro Catholic School: Metro Catholic School is a private Catholic campus that educates around 600 students between grades pre-kindergarten-8. This school has a low student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1, and the campus’s teachers and administrators are routinely applauded for challenging students academically. Students can also partake in multiple clubs and enriching activities. Cleveland Central Catholic High School: Cleveland Central Catholic High School is a Catholic 9-12 school with a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1 and around 630 enrolled students. Niche.com highly rates this campus’s varied student clubs, extracurricular activities, and sports programming. Additionally, a reported 53% of graduates from this school later attend a 4-year college program.

Real Estate

Hingetown Housing 2020

Real estate in Hingetown can range quite a bit, seeing as many pieces of real estate fall well below national median values, while other properties are worth over $1 million.

City-Data.com reports 1,435 properties are worth under the $50K mark, while 1,350 other properties range between $50K-$100K. About 670 other pieces of real estate range between $150K-$250K, and around 100 other properties are worth between $250K-$300K. From there, 135 properties are worth between $300K-$400K, and 70 properties range between $400K-$500K.

Another 100 properties in this part of Cleveland are worth between $500K-$750K, while 40 properties are priced between $750K-$1 million, and another 315 properties are valued over $1 million. Altogether, this neighborhood has an estimated median real estate price of $302K.

Ohio City’s housing market is considered balanced, since there are equal amounts of active buyers and listed properties, so it can be surmised Hingetown is also a balanced market.

Hingetown Homes for Sale

Niche.com reports 76% of properties are rented residences, which indicates 24% of housing options are owner-occupied properties. This western Cleveland neighborhood has a high vacancy rate of 13.8%, which tracks above 71.2% of other residential areas in the country.

As one of Cleveland’s up and coming neighborhoods, many of the residential options in this part of the city were built after 1939, and another large percentage of properties were constructed between 1940-1969.

This neighborhood contains a large number of apartment complexes, and single family homes are also commonplace in this corner of Cleveland. Condominiums are not as prevalent, but can still be found.

Few residences were built after the turn of the 21st century, which indicates that the bulk of housing options in Hingetown are at least a few decades old. However, because Hingetown is ramping up efforts to keep up with the modern world, more new properties can be expected to become increasingly available in time.

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Things to do

Local parks, signature art galleries, famous museums, vibrant nightlife destinations, tasty restaurants, and so much more are readily available to Hingetown residents. Outdoor enthusiasts in Hingetown can easily spend the day at the well-known Edgewater Park, hike along the Cuyahoga River, enjoy Lake Erie’s waters, or spend time at a range of other outdoor areas where biking trails and picnic areas are waiting to be enjoyed. Anyone looking to scratch that shopping itch around Hingetown also have a wide variety of local boutiques well worth visiting, regardless of whether vintage fashion is preferred or modern trends are worth hunting out. Being a part of the Ohio City neighborhood also means Hingetown residents have ready access to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and all that Downtown Cleveland has to offer. Hingetown residents frequent local coffee shops, art galleries, and live music venues. Community events are regularly scheduled, so there’s always something happening just around the corner.
Visit Jukebox for fun community events
Jukebox is Hingetown’s go-to neighborhood bar. This casual watering hole has live music events, a great sampling of locally-sourced dishes, and happy hour food and drink specials. Of course, Jukebox also regularly hosts fun community events like poetry reading nights, trivia contests, and brunch events. Jukebox is a top pick for social gatherings and for checking the pulse of Hingetown.
Sample cuisines around the world
As a part of Ohio City, Hingetown is located near diverse restaurants that serve American, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and French fare foods. Crop Bistro specializes in modern dishes, and Momocho Mod Mex has authentic Mexican flavors. Kan Zaman Restaurant and Hookah Lounge is where to go for Middle Eastern dishes, and Bruno’s Ristorante & Catering supplies Italian fusion.
Visit the Great Lakes Brewing Company
The Great Lakes Brewing Company is the first craft brewery in Ohio, and this brewery has set a high bar of excellence for its competitors across the state. This iconic local brewery has won the Great American Beer Festival’s first place prize and features original selections like Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Christmas Ale, and the Burning River Pale Ale.
Enjoy Edgewater Park’s lakeside views
Edgewater Park is where visitors can find the famous Cleveland sign, and this park is also home to Edgewater Pier, Edgewater Yacht Club, and Edgewater Park Beach. Park visitors can walk the venue’s winding trails, enjoy the well-maintained beach, explore Lake Erie’s waters while on a boat, or simply take in the incredible views that Edgewater Park is known for.
Shop around local retail spots
The Dean Rufus House of Fun is an eclectic local venue, and Wild Cactus Boutique is another Instagram worthy shop. Xhibition has a modern, trendy selection, and Avalon Exchange is where thrifters love to frequent. Other local stores like Salty Not Sweet and Room Service are also well worth a visit to see what’s trending in the local fashion scene.
Spend time at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium
The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is located right on the northern edge of Ohio City’s borders, so this excellent Cleveland attraction is within short commuting distance for Hingetown residents. This awe-inspiring nearby aquarium not only houses thousands of fish and a wide range of exhibits, but also offers educational programming, shows, and options to get up close and personal with fishes.
Explore the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is roughly a 10 minute drive from Hingetown, so this venue is a can’t-miss destination to visit. This museum houses music memorabilia and popular culture exhibits throughout history. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame also puts on live performances and is family-friendly, so visitors of all ages are welcome to explore this museum’s areas.
Tour local art galleries
This neighborhood has a vibrant art scene, seeing as there are multiple nearby art galleries that local guides rate 5/5 stars. Transformer Station is an eclectic art museum located in a 1924 train station, and SPACES houses modern work from local artists. The Paul Duda Gallery, Doubting Thomas Gallery, and Something Different Gallery are other venues worth checking out.


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