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ABOUT Castaways

Originally built in the late 1990s by Taylor Woodrow, the Castaways neighborhood is a residential area filled with beautiful cape cod single-family homes. Taylor Woodrow is a London-based, large construction company that builds high-quality houses. This community is guard gated, which protects residents from unwanted traffic and guests.

The security also monitors who enters and exits the neighborhood so that residents feel safe and aware of what is happening in their community. There are approximately 119 houses in Castaways. The neighborhood has recreational parks for outdoor sports and activities. While the majority of this area is residential buildings, the close surrounding areas have stellar public and private schools, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, beaches and other entertainment options.

If you’re in the mood for healthy and delicious meals, Cafe Gratitude and Banzai Bowls are great options. You will never get bored of living in Castaways. It is very charming and tranquil.

The culture of Castaways is about family-friendly living. These families are wealthy and value the high-quality life, which is reflected in their homes, community amenities, and the hobbies and activities they participate in. When the people are not working, they are enjoying the outdoors or shop.

The Castaways neighborhood is on the coast near the bay side, so families often go fishing and do different watersports. Families in this area also love going on walks or playing outdoor sports in the parks nearby. This gated community is well-maintained. People living in Castaways are able to enjoy living on inland California while having access to the coast.


Well-rated local amenities
High cost of living
Respectable safety statistics
Great local job market
Excellent nearby schools
Diverse housing options
Welcoming community
Scenic setting

Natural Disasters

Although having an oceanfront location comes with perks, this neighborhood’s geographic position also means that high surf conditions, flooding, and heavy precipitation levels are regular concerns. Although flooding doesn’t sound too dangerous, significant amounts of water damage can quickly add up.

Additionally, thunderstorms and hail storms can move in from the Pacific Ocean and impact Castaways. Although this neighborhood is not considered rural, Castaways can also be affected by seasonal wildfires. While flames may not reach the neighborhood, the local air quality can take a dangerously hard hit from widespread fires.


The Castaways community is bordered by Dover Drive. Dover Drive is a major road that starts in the Bayside Cove neighborhood, runs along the west side of Castaways, and travels north to East 19th Street. Traveling south on Dover Drive will eventually intersect Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

This highway runs from north-south San Diego to San Francisco. Within Orange County, residents and visitors are able to access other neighborhoods in Newport Beach as well as other cities in the county. Within the Castaways community, the streets in the area are Cape Danbury, Cape Andover, Castaways North, and Cape Woodbury Lane.

Crime Rate

The neighborhood’s overall crime rate tracks roughly 10% below California’s average and 1% below the national average.

To give a more specific picture, the local violent crime rate is 62% below the national average. The neighborhood’s estimated violent crime rate per 100K people is 144, which is about a third of the reported national rate.

However, the local property crime rate tracks 9% over the national average. This area’s property crime rate per 100K people is 2,403. For context, this number tracks slightly over California’s rate of 2,380 and the country’s rate of 2,200. This data means Castaways residents have higher than average odds of experiencing property crime.


SCHOOLS IN Castaways

Families living in Castaways have many options when picking the perfect schools for their students. This neighborhood is near both private and public schools for grades kindergarten through twelfth. Students in Castaways are zoned to attend schools that are in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Being one of the largest unified school districts in Orange County, Newport-Mesa has over 22,000 students enrolled in 32 schools.

Teachers and other staff members strive to challenge their students to reach their goals and excel in their classes. They want the students to have a positive impact on their communities and becomes leaders in the world. Parents in Castaways also have the option to enroll their students in private schools for a more flexible education. Most of the private schools in the area offer enrichment programs that aid in student development and address different student needs to help them learn better in their classes.


Newport Heights Elementary at 300 East 15th Street: With more than 600 students, Newport Heights Elementary School welcomes students from kindergarten through sixth grade. This school is within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Newport Heights only hire teachers and staff that are full capable of connecting with students and efficiently instructing them on the curriculum. Students are in a safe and nurturing environment so they can flourish in their studies. This elementary school has several after school programs including a Student Council Club. Acting as the student government, this club advocates for the interests and rights of the student body. At a young age, these students are learning leadership. Mariners Elementary School at 2100 Mariners Drive: Mariners Elementary School has school administrators and teachers that are dedicated to helping students build character and become well-founded individuals. While focusing on making sure students are learning at the proper grade levels and the following the core curriculum standards, Mariners officials also ensure that students are learning independently and growing into thinkers that can collaborate as well as have their own understandings. This elementary school appreciates the performing arts, especially music of different genres and countries. Mariners Elementary School has the Pacific Chorale Chorus, which is open to all the students and teaches them vocal techniques and music reading.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: The only middle school nearby the Castaways neighborhood is Ensign Intermediate School. This school serves students in grades seventh and eighth and acts as a middle and junior high school. This school successfully gets its students ready for life in high school through challenging them to take on more responsibilities. Because Ensign offers so many engaging after school activities, students learn how to juggle their clubs, sports games, and their studies. Students are able to participate in sports teams including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and cross country. Other extracurricular activities available for students are robotics, choir, band, fine arts, and more.
Back Bay High School at 390 Monte Vista Ave: Because Costa Mesa is close to the Castaway neighborhood, students in the area can enroll in Back Bay High School and not worry about a long and stressful commute. It is only about 3 miles away from Castaway. Back Bay is an alternative education school for student who need help improving their grades. Many of these students used to be homeschoolers. There is a safe family dynamic that is so apparent and makes parents and students feel right at home. Back Bay High School prepares its students for life after graduation by providing extracurricular activities, accommodating instruction, and meaningful community events. Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave: Only minutes away from Castaways, Newport Harbor High School is a great high school that provides stellar educational instruction and an environment that welcomes individuality, personal growth, and academic success. This school was founded in 1930. Newport Harbor offers every opportunity to their students to learn their interests and perfect them. It has enrichment programs, extracurricular activities, and electives for students to add to their high school experiences. Students can enroll in additional classes such as theater, music, visual arts, and computer technology. One of Newport Harbor High School's most popular clubs is their student government, the Associated Student Body.
Pacifica Christian High School at 883 West 15th Street: Castaways is surrounded by several private schools that are great alternatives for families who wish to opt out of enrolling their students in public schools. Pacifica Christian High School is a faith-based private school for students in ninth through twelfth grade. This school is known for its competitive athletic department and the variety of sports teams it offers. Students who enjoy the discipline that sports requires and being active can sign up for sports teams such as soccer, golf, volleyball, rowing, track and field, and more. Along with faith-based instruction, Pacifica offers many liberal arts courses and other secular classes. Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: Carden Hall is known for its small classrooms and variety of extracurricular activities. This private school accepts preschool through eighth-grade students. Although Carden Hall only has about 400 students, this established educational institution excels in providing high-quality instruction and meaningful learning experiences. Students grow as scholars and learners because they are given opportunities to express themselves. Many of the courses give options for students to work in group or by themselves for class projects. Whether students are required to perform, present an oral speech, read aloud poetry, or act out a scene, students have the freedom to showcase what they learn. Page Academy at 657 Victoria Street: Page Academy is a private school in Costa Mesa but is only about three miles away from the Castaways area. The school is not affiliated with a particular religion. This stellar school provides liberal arts courses to its students. Page Academy was established in 1908 and combines traditional teachings with modern technology. Students have access to the technology rooms and a media center to enhance their educational experiences. This private school values STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as well as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). Teachers challenge their students to be active listeners, readers, and learners.

Real Estate

Castaways Housing 2020

The real estate in Castaways is single-family homes. The neighborhood has two-story cape cod homes priced in the millions because this area are highly sought out and the homes have upscale amenities and built near different restaurants and other popular entertainment spots. The homes that were built in the front row of the neighborhood are facing scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, Newport Harbor, and the back bay.

This adds value to these cape cod homes, making them even more irresistible. The high-end single-family homes in Castaways are priced as high as $4.3 million because the amenities these homes have are state-of-the-art. Some of them have an elevator and a private balcony for the master suite. Most of them are facing the bay, giving a perfect view of the ocean. Homes that are lower in price are as low as $2.13 million. These homes tend to be located on the cul-de-sac

Castaways Homes for Sale

The Castaways neighborhood is a aesthetically pleasing area, made up of mainly single-family homes. The homes are mostly cape code in architecture. Cape cod homes in the area have 17th century New England inspirations with simplistic and symmetric exterior designs of a steep roof, single sidings, multi-paned windows, and a central door. Most of them in Castaways are two-stories high.

This gated community does not have any apartments, townhomes, or condominiums. Castaways single-family homes range in size from 3292 to 4211 square feet. Most of them will have as many as five bedrooms and as little as three bedrooms. Currently, this neighborhood does not have any newly constructed homes because it is such a small community with only 100 homes already built. Within the Castaways community, there are more than 10 original floor plans that include dens, which allows people to choose a home design that best suits their needs.

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Things to do

Whether you are a resident or a visitor staying in the Castaways neighborhood, you will find something fun and exciting to do. The surrounding area has so many options. Those in Castaways can go shopping at some of the most popular shopping centers in the city or grab a bite to eat at some delicious restaurants. Castaways has both casual and upscale dining options. If you want to have a night of fun, you and your friends can hang out at nearby nightlife spots that have tasty drinks, live music, and a great social environment. People who enjoy the great outdoors have so many options. Castaways is close to several recreational parks where people spend their time exercising outside. This lovely neighborhood is also near the bay, where people can walk along the waterfront. If you enjoy watching new releases, the Castaways area is not too far from some movie theaters.
Castaways is surrounded by some fantastic restaurants whether you are looking for a good burger or some specialty dish. Some restaurants in the area include The Pizza Bakery, Gratitude Newport Beach, Xanadu Cafe, Mozza Newport, SOL Mexican Cocina, and more. This area has Italian, Mexican, and American food options available.
The Castaways neighborhood is close to great shopping centers and retail stores such as Fashion Island, Corona del Mar Plaza, Harbor View Shopping Center, Westcliff Plaza, and The Monogram Store. You will be able to find some of your favorite clothing stores like Forever 21, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Bonobos, and more.
Nightlife Spots
If you want a fun night out on the town, Castaways is just a few miles away from a few of Newport Beach's hot spots. People who live in the area enjoy spending some of their nights at places like 3 Thirty 3 Waterfront, Shamrock Bar & Grill, and Back Bay Bistro.
Recreational Fishing
To do some recreational fishing with some friends or family is not difficult when you live in Castaways. The neighborhood is near the bay. Also, you can drive two miles south to Balboa Peninsula to fish on some of the docks available to the public. It is a fun past time!
Less than three miles away is one of Newport Beach's most popular beaches. Balboa Peninsula is right on the coast. Many people enjoy surfing, jet skiing, skimboarding, swimming, and even playing a game of volleyball. If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent them from a watersports rental company nearby.
Art & Culture
There are several different art galleries and studios near the Castaways neighborhood. ArtVivendi is a gallery that showcases international contemporary pieces that focus on Latin American culture. Timree is a fun art studio that offers art classes and summer camps for the youth. Lahaina Galleries hosts Hawaiian fine arts exhibits.
Movie Theaters
Catching a movie with a couple of friends is normal Castaways. As it is so close to Costa Mesa, it is only a ten-minute drive to Triangle Cinemas to watch the new releases in the movie theater. You can also watch new movies at The Lido Theater or The Lot.
Because this neighborhood is on the bay near Newport Harbor, people living in Castaway have access to the different cruise agencies and boat rental companies in the area that hosts cruise events. The popular companies include Cruise Newport Beach, Hornblower Cruises & Events (South Location), and Watts on the Harbor Cruises.
Country Clubs
For those who are interested in signing up for a membership at a country club to enjoy the many amenities and perks, the Castaways neighborhood is close to a couple of them in Newport Beach. These elite country clubs include Big Canyon, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa Golf Course, Balboa Bay Club, and Santa Ana.
Parks & Recreation
There are many scenic and recreational parks in the Castaways area. The Castaways Park has beautiful waterside walkways. The Mariners Park has a children's playground and fields to play sports. Other parks include Cliff Drive, Newport Harbor, and Galaxy View. Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve has biking and hiking trails.


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