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ABOUT Dover Shores

Dover Shores is a wonderful community that has parks & recreation, a private beach, restaurants, art, shopping, entertainment centers, and more. This area has mostly bayfront homes with private docks available. Dover Shores is such a desirable neighborhood because it has so much to offer, and it is a great place to raise a family.

Although it is not a guard gated community, Dover Shores is a safe place, which means visitors from other Newport Beach neighborhoods can freely come to enjoy the parks and beach. It has picturesque and panoramic views of the bay, forests, and wonderful home architectures.

Dover Shores is surrounded by both private and public schooling options for students in grades kindergarten through twelfth. It also is nearby the Newport Aquatic Center, Westcliff Plaza, Banzai Bowls, Kean Coffee, Gratitude Newport Beach, and some other awesome hangout spots. Dover Shores is a well-rounded neighborhood to live in.

The community of Dover Shores is full of individuals and families that appreciate nature, participate in outdoor activities, and explore all of Newport Beach. The area has mainly single families. There are numerous neighborhood amenities that fit a family-friendly environment. Schools, parks with playgrounds, and educational centers are just a few of the many reasons why Dover Shores is all about family fun and education.

On their free time, residents enjoy participating in watersports such as swimming, canoeing, or kayaking, since the neighborhood is near a beach. Also, hiking, walking, and biking are normal activities in the Dover Shores community.


Largely affluent population
High property values
Sought-after properties
Beautiful views
Great for hiking
Private beaches along bay
Walkable neighborhood
Excellent nearby schools

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes are frequently recorded in this part of California, although the majority of events are almost too small to notice. That said, there were 140 earthquakes of 3.5 magnitudes or greater that were reported in this area between 1950 and 2010 alone.

Dover Shores residents also regularly experience damaging hail storms. Supercell thunderstorms frequently hit this part of California. Additionally, this type of weather can develop into tornado activity. For reference, the local tornado index is roughly 43, which is a great deal over California’s same index.

High surf conditions can lead to serious flooding. Similarly, heavy precipitation levels are known to create flood conditions in this neighborhood.


Some of the streets that are within Dover Shores include Skylark Lane, Evening Star Lane, Warwick Lane, Essex Lane, Galaxy Drive, Marlin Way, and Holiday Road. The smaller residential roads in the community connect to one of the bigger roads Mariners, Santiago, Highland, or Dover Drove.

These major streets all intersect and eventually run into Irvine Avenue. Irvine Avenue is a major road in Newport Beach that runs from the Cliffhaven neighborhood to the intersection of Bristol Street North, where Irvine Avenue turns into Campus Drive. Dover Drive connects with the Pacific Coast Highway, which is south of Dover Shores.

Crime Rate

Dover Shores has a slightly higher overall crime rate than the country’s average. When comparing violent and property crime rates, property crime is largely responsible for this neighborhood’s standing. The estimated odds of experiencing either type of crime in Dover Shores are 1 in 39.

Compared with similarly sized neighborhoods, violent crime rates are average. The area’s violent crime rate per 1,000 residents is 1, which is considered even with ongoing national trends.

The area’s property crime rate per 1,000 residents is 24, which ranks higher than the country’s average. This indicates residents have less favorable odds of experiencing a type of property crime.


SCHOOLS IN Dover Shores

Picking the perfect schools for your students does not have to be a struggle when you live in Dover Shores. This community is surrounded by both private and public schools. You will be able to find a school that will provide for your students’ needs. Families in Dover Shores have students who excel in their studies because Newport Beach has a stellar public school district and private institutions that give students the tools needed to succeed.

Students who live in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa neighborhoods are zoned to attend schools in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Since 1966, this educational system has been continuously helping students reach their full potentials. There are 32 schools with approximately 22,500 students in enrollment. Outside of the public school district, parents can choose to enroll their students in a private school. These school near Dover Shores provide individual support and more extracurricular activities.


Mariners Elementary School at 2100 Mariners Drive: Mariners Elementary is within Dover Shores and serves students in grades kindergarten through sixth. This school assess students' learning progress to ensure that they are placed in the proper grades. Building character, teaching students about the world around them, and nurturing student development are the main goals of Mariners. The elementary school instructs students on how to work independently on their coursework as well as teaching them how to work together in groups and distribute responsibilities evenly. Mariners Elementary School has a great performing arts department. It has Pacific Chorale Chorus, where students sing songs in different genres and styles. Newport Heights Elementary at 300 East 15th Street: Newport Heights Elementary School is a large school with almost 700 students within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. It strives to make the community involved in the success of the students through different events and community activities. Kindergarten through sixth grade students are taught about the importance of building positive relationships, character building, adding to a safe environment, and excelling in all classes. Each teacher is equipped with the tools and techniques to effectively instruct their students and have a positive impact on them. Newport Heights Elementary School has activities to help aid students in advancing their studies including additional art and writing courses.
Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: Ensign Intermediate School is the only middle and junior high school within a two mile radius of Dover Shores. This school is a great option because teachers and staff members efficiently prepare the students for the high school years. Students are challenged to take on more responsibilities and juggle school work and after school activities. For those who are interested in being active and competitive activities, Ensign Intermediate School has a great athletic department. Students can try out for sports teachers such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and track and field. Also, they can participate in robotics, choir, and fine arts clubs.
Newport Harbor High School at 600 Irvine Ave: Newport Harbor High School is a popular and outstanding secondary educational institution in Newport Beach. As it is only a few minutes away from Dover Shores, students can commute to this school without a hassle. Newport Harbor is known for welcoming all students with open arms and creating a safe environment for high schoolers to grow personally and academically. The school administration and teachers strive to create opportunities for students to learn rigorous curriculum while challenging them in fun activities. Students who enroll in Newport Harbor have the pleasure of participating in additional programs in the arts and computer science. Back Bay High School at 390 Monte Vista Avenue: Because Costa Mesa is only a few miles away from Dover Shores, students who are in their high school years and need to attend an alternative school can enroll in Back Bay High School. This high school was designed to assist high school students who are in need of improving their grades. Often times, Back Bay High is the school where students are able to start from scratch and rebuild. Students who were in homeschool but failed to produce quality work and grades are referred to this school. Those who enroll in Back Bay High are welcomed with open arms.
Carden Hall at 1541 Monrovia Avenue: With only about 400 students enrolled in grades kindergarten through eighth, Carden Hall fits the bill as one of the most stellar small private schools in the Newport Beach area. Carden Hall has been around for over 50 years. The mission of this school is to help development each student in mind, body, and soul. Carden Hall is a faith-based private school while giving students the opportunity to think for themselves and express their ideas in a respectful manner. Many of the courses offered at this school typically allow students to work independently and in groups to build social skills. Pacifica Christian High School at 883 West 15th Street: For Dover Shores families who have high school students and want to enroll them in a superb private school, Pacifica Christian High School is a solid choice. This high school teaches students Christian values and provides core and elective curriculum with high academic standards. Ninth through twelfth grade students can enroll in dance, music, theater, studio arts, and fine arts classes. Also, students can choose to sign up for a variety of sports teams including volleyball, golf, soccer, track and field, rowing, lacrosse, and many more. Also, they have opportunities for spiritual growth through a variety of faith-based conferences and projects.

Real Estate

Dover Shores Housing 2020

The majority of the real estate is centered around single-family homes. Because of the lot sizes and location of these homes, the costs of them range from a little over a million up to over six million dollars. People are paying for the convenience of Dover Shores and the beautifully-constructed homes. Many homes have private swimming pools and patios, perfect for entertaining guests and family members.

Single-family houses that are higher priced have more luxurious amenities and larger living spaces. Also, ones on the cliffs of Dover Shores or closer to Back Bay are priced at a higher value. As you get further and further away from these areas, the homes are at lower price points. Even so, these homes are closer to major roads like Irvine Avenue and Newport Boulevard, making commutes quicker and destinations more accessible. Many of the area’s entertainment and retail centers are outside of the neighborhood.

Dover Shores Homes for Sale

The Dover Shores community is in the Upper Newport Bay area in Newport Beach. This area is full luxury single-family homes. The architecture of these homes range from contemporary to European style to bungalow. The neighborhood has a mixture of homes that are as old as the 1950s up to the 2000s. Many of the older single-family homes have either been rebuilt or renovated with new appliances and features.

There are many different floor plans for families to choose from. Dover Shores is well-known for its homes facing the Newport Beach Back Bay area and the private beach for residents to enjoy. It is such a high-quality neighborhood. Because most of the homes are built for larger single families, there are no townhomes, apartments, or condominiums in Dover Shores. The homes will have as many as six bedrooms and as little as three bedrooms with a maximum of five bathrooms.

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Things to do

Dover Shores is such a great place to live because residents and visitors have easy access to so many of the features that make this neighborhood so desirable. There are various retail stores, cafes, restaurants, educational centers, and art studios and galleries nearby. Those who live or visit Dover Shores love to go to the Back Bay Beach or North Star Beach when they do not want to travel four miles south to the well-known Newport Beach Municipal Beach. Finding a great place to eat is not a problem in this neighborhood when there are so many places nearby such as Gratitude Newport Beach, Kean Coffee, Pancakes R Us, Banzai Bowls, and more. Also, outdoors families enjoy living in Dover Shores because it has several parks for sports, walking, biking, and children playgrounds. Watersports is another popular activity in the community because it has beaches, perfect for surface water activities.
Near Dover Shores are plenty of casual and upscale restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy. Gratitude Newport Beach has delicious and healthy vegetarian options. W Cafe & Restaurant is a great breakfast spot that serves comfort food. Other places include The Pizza Bakery, Kean Coffee, La Cave, and Chixy Natural.
Along with shopping centers, Dover Shores is close to different retail boutiques. You can shop at Westcliff Plaza, Bayside Shopping Center, and Westport Square Shopping Center. They have both local and name-brand retail stores. Red Balloon has designer clothing for women and children. Jarbo is a stylish and upscale women's clothing store.
Residents and visitor of Dover Shores frequently participate in watersports activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, canoeing, and surfing during the summer months. The neighborhood has its own beach. If you want to go to a larger beach and rent some water sports equipment, head to the Newport Beach Municipal Beach.
Nightlife Spots
Within a few minutes, you can be near several popular nightlife spots that Dover Shores residents love to go. These exciting places include Pie Society Bar, Wild Goose Tavern, The Burro Room Cocktails, and The Harp Inn. Pie Society Bar is known for its tasty cocktails and its speakeasy-style environment.
Recreational Fishing
Back Bay Beach is within Dover Shores neighborhood, so you might find residents and visitors on the beach, recreation fishing with their friends and family. It is such a quiet and relaxing place. The area has different type of fish you might catch such as whitefish, tuna, white sea bass, and more.
Fine Arts
The Dover Shores neighborhood is near the Balboa Performing Arts Theatre and the Newport Theatre Arts Center (NTAC). Both theaters produce different captivating plays throughout the year and is open to the public. NTAC only puts on five productions during the year. The plays are shown from September to July.
The Dover Shores neighborhood has different cruise companies that offer boat rental and hosts events on their larger boats. Companies such as Hornblower Cruises & Events and Electra Cruises have great live performances and wide food selections. People who book cruises boats for private events have hosted parties and wedding receptions.
The community has tons of different fitness and yoga studios. For those who like to workout to stay fit or to get fit, Dover Shores has places such as Ra Yoga, VirchyBike, Core Reform Pilates, Body by Lifestyle Fitness, and Lightning Fit. Many of these places have certified personal trainers.
Parks & Recreation
Whether you want to take your children to a playground, go for a hike or take a bike around a trail, Dover Shores has some beautiful parks in the surrounding areas. The parks nearby include Mariners Park, Castaways Park, Newport Harbor Park, Heller Park, Harper Park, and Galaxy View Park.
Water Tours
The Dover Shores community has water and sailing tour companies such as Lively Schooner Sailing and Watts on the Harbor Cruises. These companies are all-weather compatible and offer different types of cruises. Lively Schooner Sailing offers affordable sailing lessons while enjoying the great scenic views of Newport Harbor and the bay.


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